Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Evan Plans Fishy With Dev’s Help Against Abeer, Amla And Maliks

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 15th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amla recalls Dev apologizing to her. Abeer comes to her and offers her tea, says he made it. It is not hot like her anger, but still good. Amla is crying and smiles hearing him. She takes the tea. Amla tells Abeer, why did Dev come and says she don’t want to see his face and don’t want him to be around, whenever he comes infront of her, she feels pain and don’t want him in her life. She says she got peace in her life with much difficulty. Abeer hears her and holds her hand pacifying her. Amla rests her head on his shoulder and cries. Abeer keeps his head on hers.

Mahi is combing her hairs. Evan says we both compliment each other well and says they shall go for a candle light dinner so that they can understand each other. He keeps her hand on his shoulder. Mahi says I understand you very well as your wish will never get fulfilled and asks him to stay away from her. Evan says he wants their marriage to look authentic and asks what did she think? Mahi asks if he remembers why they got married.

A fb is shown, Evan tells Ritu and Mahi that Rishan and Suveer did wrong with them and it is really not acceptable. Ritu says if you think I will melt down hearing you badmouthing about them then you are wrong. Evan says no and tells that he wants to help them to take revenge, and says Rishan is cheating them since years, our enemies are same, I have a plan. He asks Mahi to marry him. Mahi is shocked and asks what does he mean. Evan says contract marriage, just to show off. He says this is the best way to take revenge, Rishan and Suveer’s ego will get hurt. Our revenge will be fulfilled. Mahi asks when she shall marry him. Evan looks on. Fb ends. Mahi tells Evan that she is going for dinner and asks him to have food and sleeps.

Abeer stops the courier guy and asks him to take the stuff back. Courier guy shows the address. Dev comes and says it is my stuff. Abeer asks him to take his stuff and leave. Dev says I have no home or place to go. Abeer says this is not your house, just go. Dev says I am helpless. Abeer says I don’t trust you, if you try to get closer to Amla then I will kill you. Dev asks do you really think that I will hurt Amla and says he has been working with the people who hurt her, and now he feels hatred on self, now he has left job at Maliks. He says he has no home and this is his other family. He will be happy if his stuff comes to any use. Amla says we don’t need this stuff, asks him to take it or throw it. Mando says we will keep it and tells that we can use it. Amla says she don’t want his stuff and goes inside. Abeer asks him to pick the things and go. Dev says where I will take these stuff and asks him to give some days so that he can take it back. Mando says ok, let it be here.

Amla comes back and asks Mando why did she allow him. Mando says he is apologizing, don’t you have humanity, he shot a man for you. Abeer says you are thinking about him and not about Amla. Dev comes again and says he came to return some stuff to Amla. Mando says your favorite RD Burman. Amla looks at the CD’s and asks Dev to stop. Dev thinks I know you can’t stop yourself seeing this. Amla asks him to come, lift the box and take it back with him. She asks him to throw it, sell it or give to someone. Dev says you are refusing this, don’t you value this. Amla says no and asks him not to come again. Dev goes. Abeer follows him.

Evan asks Rishan to ask what he is thinking and not to suppress his feelings. Rishan says what to ask, nothing. Evan says stress is not good in this age, and says may be you also gets heart attack like my father in law. Everyone looks on. Evan gives him water and tells that they will come as their connections is long. Rishan asks what do you mean and says we are Maliks. Evan says yes, we are Maliks and I am Thakur Saheb’s damad. He says they are coming from Delhi. It Dept guys come and tell Rishan that IT Dept has realized his stuff and unblocked his back accounts etc. He says anyone can sign as a guarantor whose personal and financial situation is credible, on whom we can trust, you will be happy that someone from your family is ready to become guarantor. Mahi comes there. IT official says she is your guarantor and asks her to sign. Mahi signs on the papers.

Evan says I have important work and excuses himself. Abeer follows Dev. Dev calls Evan and tells him something. He throws the CD’s in the garbage. Abeer is shocked and thinks he was crying and talking big about the stuff, I am sure that you have planned something big. Amla tells Karuna that she is sure that Abeer went following Dev. Karuna calls him. Abeer rejects the call. Karuna calls Abeer. Abeer picks the call. Amla asks where did you go? Abeer says I am coming home, Amla asks did you went following Dev. Abeer looks on.

Evan meets Dev and asks what happened? Dev says Amla is not agreeing. Evan says you can’t convince that poor girl. Dev says she don’t want to listen to me, what is my mistake. Evan says your mistake is that because of you, my all plan is ruining. Abeer hears them and is shocked.

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  1. Morteza Sheikhsofla

    m really grateful to zindagi channel for saving us from worst indian serials that goes on for years and years without logic and real story. Love fatmagul and each and every pakistani serials to the core. Indian serials are the worst. Fatmagul has a unique story with solid casting.Thank u zindagi!!

    1. anay bangalore

      Y know there is something called google please use it. Fatmagul is a Turkish serial not pakistani.

    2. for kind information zindagi is an indian channel mind it


    1. Finally Amla got peace by resting on Abeer’s shoulder..????????

    2. Mahi you are in big trouble.. Evan is 100% even more is back stabber..??????

    3. Dev thought seeing Dev’s stuff or RD burman, Amla will go with him(like really) ??????????

    4. Amla is now know abeer thinking, like a true lover ???

  3. Fami

    So Amla forgives and moves on with Abeer faster there is nothing vulgur or flirting seen…afterall he s her husband, not rapist; she believes. Fatmagul was tough character in every aspects….if she hold long time grudge towards kerim and couldn’t see his support I can’t blame her even.. As time runs she too turns lover not a victim.( she fell in love in 5-6 months as per my view) .When karuna asked for filing case Amla refused bcs she prefers peaceful life.Abeer also wants same…till this time they didn’t think abt justice. Why peopl think a victim should be in trauma alwas and can move on only aftr a year atleast… We can’t evaluate others based on a fiction character -fatmagul!!!

    In real life victims of someone’s cruelty are not facing same problems, not responding in same way… Many Of them never comes in news…
    Here Amla seems right in her decision… She can’t unseen what all real Abeer did for her, in a way he loves her more than Dev did.. M not convinced of his innocence yet…if other 3 r guilty he too….he s equally involved in the crime… But Amala has sweet heart that can forgive him…. If Dev won’t turn evil Amala will forgive him too
    I was wrong to mention ‘shyness doesn’t suit to her’…its better to call shy than flirt!!!!
    M glad that Amla accepts her love bcz of Abeer’s sincerity & honesty…. not out of jealousy and insecurity aftr seeing his ex -gf

    1. Aleya.marzan

      U r soo much correct n love u for this comment.

  4. arey yaar mai ne apna hostar delete kerdiya….low space ki wajhe say….but I want to see kkhak full vedio episode….can anyone suggest me where I can see the full episode of kkhak except on hostar and TV……..any site,or app,or any other ways…….THANK U GUYS….

  5. God forbid,,,I pretend I didn’t read others comments.wel ,must appreciate cvs for not deceiving themselves toomuch nd moving on from love scenes to revenge concept.i thought the unconditional love nd romance saga that started during Ganesha navaratris will b continued till durga navaratris nd on the 10th day( which is the deadline to this epic show too???) they will end this show on a happy note with amla who could overcome her trauma nd fears of that darknyt nd abeer who could overcome his guilty conscience about being the first one to held her nd pointd her out to his friends (ofc seems none of them has such feelings till now) cvs didn’t do so.they have many more dragging scenes to torture .long live kqhak though it has very less time ??

  6. Aleya.marzan

    Finallllllyyyyyyyyyyyy ambeer unites n amla left that crap. Mahi is in danger.

  7. Fami

    I liked both shows..but got disappointed by several scenes in fg, so I was looking forward to see how Indian version s going to handle it….
    Fatmagul and Amla are never same, only similarity is both are rape victims.The way both characters’ life and mentality set is vry diffrnt.Kerim we saw was totally diffrnt person from the novel.. Turkish writers knew nobody wil love Kerim if he was portrayed same as in novel… Same way Indian writers did good job by making Amla a sweet girl where fatmagul was tough and arrogant.
    Can’t forget how fatmagül ignored Mukkadas while she tried to stop fg going out alone in nyt jus bfr rape…she was very arrogant and run all the way alone to meet mustafa.. Where Amla has been portrayed as nice and obedient .,she tried to wake up her bro ,when failed she took riksha of a familiar person…,it was fate against her that rickshaw broke down halfway and she had to take steps alone…fg should hav not to b that much adamant towards her elder sis-in law especially being the lead protagonist… Mukkadas was spot helping in works along with husband nd fg too…. Bt we nvr seen mandakini helping In any job they does for livings….alwas keeps money with here &taunts Amla…stil Amla always obeyed her considering her elder bhabhi..Amla started objecting mandu only aftr she made Amla get married to Abeer by deceit…

  8. Fami

    All of the rapists had drugs that nyt, they wer shown drowsy & Abeer cudnt evn open eyes well and stand on his foot….where karim was seen eyes wide open without evn blinking, standing firmly , watching everything his frns do with the girl And fell unconscious whn he reached to her….i can’t swallow that!! …. Beren Saat s a good actress.I watched on screen how a victim feels and reacts as she acted in a capable way …In Kqha I saw a victim jus bfr my eyes as if I was present at the Hospital…. The trauma, Pain, tears of Amla, bhao, abeer and Dev wer very touching….how they broke down completely made a strong weeping inside us…. They wer not acting but performed like in real life…in betwn if there r a few illogical script doesn’t make the whole show crap… Both fg and amla dramas lack common sense in several scenes, dialogues,..

    Pankhuri’s expressions were better than Beren saat for my eyes…I felt several times Beren wasn’t a good choice for the role..not just her other casting also I prefer from Amla version. viewers hav diffrnt concept and opinions.. We had seen better actors than fg team, they r not even above average. May b for some Indian viewers fatmagül’ün suçu Ne is wonderful show. Most of the viewers worldwide know fatmagül was never a perfect drama. No wonder its imDb remained 5.5 in both seasons where Amla got 8.7…. Grt!!!!

    Indian writers will change the script in best way wherever Turkish did nonsense…. I wish I could see those in coming episodes and point out differences..
    Kqhak also left us with questions like, who are the couple who drived bablu singh’s jeep.., how Amla can wear central dancer’s dress and dance when no other dancers know her…,why Amala didn’t reveal all names to mahi..,how some props and settings r arranged in jus seconds., why Dev works for Evan aftr he hurted Amala twice.. I don’t have any clue yet….

    1. Fami,there exists a drug called rophynol commonly called the “date-rape” drug….when u consume this drug u will be able to see everythin happening around u but u wont be able to move ur body nd after some time u will black out nd fall unconscious nd the next day u wont remember anythinf tat had happened the previous night/day… is called the date rape drug bcoz it is being used by those blo*dy savages?? to rape women nd girls leaving them unconscious.

    2. Fami

      Hi, I commented earlier also medical science can’t predict exact behavioural changes of drugs in humans… Kerim would have been stop his friends when they turned animals…. They were active but under the influence o agree… Non of them would do rape if they were conscious… Here what Turkish writers did big mistake by sparing Kerim alone from being rapist in an attempt to make him innocent and viewers love him… Novelist was more aware of such things than miniscreen writers ( they did it to get viewers only)…and novelist let Kerim also rape her..
      We saw in dramas they recollect everything happened previous day also… I dnt know much abt the influence of drugs on any living body to clarify my own doubt… Abeer telling Amla ”if he was in senses he wudnt do like his frns did” – m never gonna beliv that…. Did Amla believe it??? I conclude ‘No’.. But she s happy tht he didnt atleast and he loves ,cares and fights for her

  9. arey yaar kon tho reply karo for sites or any way to see kkhak serial or vedio episode except in hotstar and TV…plz help me yaarr……..

    1. Sisira,ys I answerd less bcz I preferd silence nd peace.thank u

  10. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Not enough time to give this serial justice… so many unanswered questions… The Malik case… The Amla Abeer romance… The Mahi Suveer storyline… 2-weeks is certainly not enough time… StarPlus needs to evaluate their options and make justifiable decisions…

  11. Wel no wonder fgsc got 5.5 out of 18 reviews
    7 to 8 members gv 10 nd 4 to 5 members gv avrg 5 or 6 nd the remaining 5 to 6 members gave 2 or 3 which r against the plot ,the rape victim falling in love with her rape witness,which z exactly followed by the remake.must appreciate everyone is mature enough nd unbias to identify the flaws n their best..
    If these pple followed ths remake ,I m sure ,they mould have mentioned the same flaw as both shows have de same storyln

    nd kqhak got 8.7 out of 3 gave his review in April ,meansvwatching the starting episodes ,which r too good,even I would have given the same review at tht person vinodyadav doesn’t like both shows nd one other person gave 10 in July,must appreciate him for his patience nd his love for de show which z already slightly diverted in my opinion ofcourse it’s his choice.i m noone to comment abt HS choice…
    In both shows the plot is same but presentation is if we have to discuss abt de plot,yz the original plot itself.has it’s.iwn flaws.which z exactly follwed by better nt to mention the story.ys I dislike.the presentation of kqhak .like someone mentioned on imbd in his own words ,’Speaking of the plot, I understand that people have become very interested – and even seem to enjoy – in that the story develops around a horrifying rape event; and most thrill about how the main character slowly overcomes adversity against all odds in a place where women have very little going for them in terms of making their own decisions, while not letting tragedy suppress her sensibilities and her desire for love, something that in itself is quite admiring and inspirational. ” ,Which I couldn’t find in the remake….nd the change happened in over nyt that I couldn’t digest

  12. In my opinion,none of us z giving genuine review,as we r giving our reviews based on de presentation not on plot.if I have to vote for someone’s review,ys I prefer this review which I found on imbd as de best one nd I also feel the same exactly for mustafa

    Was not connected to realistic.

    Author: snehal-66078 from India
    23 January 2017
    *** This review may contain spoilers ***

    If I was from Turkey I wouldn’t watched this serial because I’d know that they’re ultimately and purposely going to show love story of leading pair and for that they shown Mustafa as a villain.Many misunderstanding created between Mustafa&Fatmagul purposely so that story can go ahead and Kerim will get Fatmagul and Fatmagul without using her brain fall in love with Kerim who watched her being raped and didn’t save her.He’s drunk and took drug,he don’t rape but watching his 3 friends raping her,did nothing to save her how can it possible and Fatmagul forgive him,any sane woman won’t do that.In starting when Fatmagul was in police station now here in reality someone is getting chance she’ll tell reality to police about rape incident and to clear misunderstanding happen to Mustafa but Fatmagul never did that,this was done deliberately to show twist and turn.She always took Mustafa name,for him she married Kerim because he shouldn’t go to jail after killing Kerim,but in reality no sane woman will marry for her lover,she’s raped,she’s in trouble,she needs him,instead of helping her if he’s doubting on her,she’d say by marrying Kerim I’m turning doubt into proof for Mustafa that I was actually having affair with Kerim while I was engaged with Mustafa.Kerim knows that Fatmagul married him to save Mustafa,Kerim also said the same thing afterward but in returned when Fatmagul was in love with Kerim she say Mustafa was going to kill Kerim,now she forgot why she married Kerim or she always wanted to marry Kerim since she saw him upstairs where they came face to face where Vural was also standing but she couldn’t do anything because she was engaged with Mustafa,Kerim wasn’t giving her way to go when Kerim&Vural were upstairs,now here no decent man will stop any woman way and after that again finding her alone,stopping her,asking useless questions in function.Kerim always took advantages of this when he came to know Fatmagul isn’t now interested in Mustafa,he said he won’t divorce her,after that when Fatmagul throw scarf in water he brought rings,he say Mustafa always tries to separate us,he wrote letters to show how true he is and what Kerim did he also did the same thing he surrender himself to police to show how true he is.Here they’ve shown Fatmagul felt jealous after knowing about Kerim English girlfriend before Kerim surrender himself to police,to clear misunderstanding happen to Fatmagul about him&Vural meeting and Fatmagul said to Kerim that she fell in love with him after he surrender himself such a liar she is!When Fatmagul called Mustafa,Asu answered his mobile but Asu never clear misunderstanding happen to Fatmagul when Fatmagul stayed at her home,Mustafa was beaten up and nobody was there to help him so he went there.Fatmagul throw Mustafa’s large wooden case thought he is having affair with Asu and he betrayed her for Asu,but this misunderstanding Fatmagul never cleared with Mustafa even after coming face to face for 5 times,half-truth is always danger,watch to know in detail,don’t miss single episode,story has gone ahead by neglecting this small but important things,this story is about how misunderstanding can make life miserable but only for Mustafa not for Fatmagul because she got her own house as she always wanted,she never loved Mustafa,she only wanted her own house,Mustafa burned their house,if not Mustafa she’d option of Kerim over Mustafa,Kerim a loving husband,rich family background of Kerim living abroad,she wasn’t ashamed of discussing honeymoon plan with Kerim who was responsible for her life changing incident.If she can’t forgive Mustafa how could she forgave Kerim.After rape incident Kerim was still hurting Fatmagul by saying useless things about her&Mustafa and after that saying sorry and demanding forgiveness and Fatmagul always forgiv

  13. Kerim forgave his mother Enise,father,Meriam but he never said to forgive Mustafa,all were having misunderstanding but got cleared has shown in serial,Kerim,Asu,Meriam,Mukaddes etc.were all selfish people they all knows there’s misunderstanding happen between Fatmagul&Mustafa but they never tried to clear and reunite them,that why Mustafa wrote in his last letter when I returned to you after knowing the truth you didn’t forgive me,you were having Kerim,you chose Kerim over me,actually at that time only there was chance for Mustafa to lodge complaint about 3 rapists and Kerim as he witness rape and didn’t save her.In reality anybody will do feeling regret and to repay whatever he done wrong with her,but that wasn’t shown here because they wanted to show main actor as a hero for her,then he wrote no one tries to reunite us,I hate this life that brought us on this path,it’s very touching.When Mustafa die Fatmagul say she want to start her new life as if new Fatmagul is born,its means she always wanted Mustafa to die selfish woman.Mustafa die for her but she has no value for him that why when she saw Mustafa grave she seems to be angry as if she hasn’t forgiven him even after his death.Meriam request Fatmagul to forgive Kerim but not to Mustafa.Meriam got Kadir,Emre got Esma,Kerim got Fatmagul,and Asu got Mustafa all due to Fatmagul got raped and Kerim didn’t save her,if not story would be definitely different.In last two episodes there’s many flashback creating confusion,could be shown in present form after returning from honeymoon.Story could be better,realistic if she hadn’t forgave both Kerim&Mustafa and showing love story with a new person with twist and turn within 2yrs,they could show their main actor Engin Akyurek as new person and Kerim role could have given to another actor or they could also show Kerim is reuniting Fatmagul&Mustafa it would have been better role for main actor.Maybe with another title it’s shown or not,I don’t know,if they want they can show season3 love story of Fatmagul’s daughter Enise and Mustafa’s son Murat and Fatmagul accept their love as she did wrong not forgiving Mustafa and that why he was force to do unknowingly wrong thing ahead,wanted to add more review,also about Yasaran family,Meltem but can’t due to limitation of words. ////

  14. Fami

    I never knew viewers hated fatmagül and entire plot this much…. Sisira, By copying this, u let know those who havnt watched fg- that all the time u wer not genuinely telling fg is precious, Indian makers ruined original plot..etc., if this s best review for u… I took it as huge criticism from the writer anyway…now some commenters will assume there s not much difference btw these 2 dramas… Indian writers changed script several times to better logic and also they too filled some unrealistic stuffs & dragged full week during Ganesh celebration…. Those who watch every shows with no love and no hatred can see all best-worst script in it… I like both dramas… I quit very moment if I hate any show when there s nothing good to watch…& Wil continue watching whn there s a little shit and more goodness…

    Can’t even assume ur side bcs u said u will return favor to channel by watching their unrealistic show…. Ur eyes and mind s filled with hatred to Kqhak,… Why so when u too admit snehal’s criticism to fg as ”best review”???

    Its my pleasure to correct you imDb rating and review are not same dear.., rating of 5.5 was calculated out 4k votes for fg in all 5 years…. 3 years ago whn I watched fg it wa 3k and 5.5 remained same… Many viewers were unhappy with the storyline turning to lovestory…. I dnt know why u couldnt feel it… I too felt less justice and more fg’s love feeling…. Now u r blaming amla for same reason too.. I’m Still believing Fg’s climax would hav been done better… And hope kqhak will do better….

    1. Ok it means you just mentioned the rating with out reading any reviews.r8.i don’t know dt site b4,read your comment nd visited it.but I read all.the reviews.ofc there rfe viewers who dislike the show ,what is so special abt that.eveey show has lovers nd haters.fg is not an exceptional.i never said abt fg plot.may b u didn’t read my comments.yes I genuily lv fgsc for its casting,direction nd everything abt the show.kqhah Bing an official adaptn shouldn’t have deviated frm de originl one tiomch.i think you didn’t get what wanted to say.i don’t think you ppl deserve any genuine reviews??.those who are die hards fans of kqhak cannot like fgsc??….
      Ok leave it….I shouldn’t have considered you a genuine analysr.its my mistake.i admit….you can adore what you like..ys I agree with snehsls review bcz me too feel de same plotwse nd mentiined the same about dev in my cimments.whtevr leave it hr
      Nd you can check the link how the imbd rating works.hope u r smart enough to figut it out

  15. Fami

    U said it right ”every show has lovers and haters”’ then y some of u comment kqhak lovers idiots, stupids,buffoons…..??
    Anybody abused you for telling fg s precious, only fg had real acting and kqhak actors r worst??
    I came to this page very late.. Since then I criticized for illogic seen and praised kqhak for doing better than fg in some scenes… M not a fan of this show… I only object you whn u say Indian version ruining ur precious story.. On what basis u tell so when Fg itself deviated a lot frm main plot and dissapointed a lot of Turkish viewers itself…. I can’t see that much change in Amla from fg except a few… U once said Turkish writers stick to the plot amid fgkerim fans wish to see romance more….. That’s a misunderstanding Sisira…, I had seen makers did a lot craps which were less interesting to watch… Several episodes of season 2 passed totaly blank and fg’s romance..
    You r saying others using fake ids….I dnt know any how what s the purpose of that.. Kkhavit,sisira,repenzel aren’t they same?? If not forgive me for asking!! If someone doesn’t like ur choice don’t comment their taste is not good as u…, instead explaining y u loved ur choice will b more sweet…. I too liked fg.. Both shows I don’t prefer watching same episodes again…. Am not a fan of any shows.

    1. Ok ok .calm down .I got it.

  16. Fami

    Jus correcting previous comment… ” I can’t see much change in Amla from fg except a few..” !!! Here I meant shows not characters…. Characters r very different to each other.

  17. Wel seems none of us z ready to think others pov.i want to end this debate in silence even though I can clarify ur doubts regarding my names nd other it helps none of us better to prefer silence nd peace.thank you

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