Kya Hua Tera Vaada 9th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 9th January 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 9th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Everyone greets Rajbir.. and Monas mom.. says.. her son will be a big man ..when he goes abroad! She inquires about his diet and Suhasi offers to teach him to cook..! Monas mom says..she will teach all to him! Mona goes aside with her moby ..!

Baba lulu says.. Anu is naughty… she wont go to India..!He says.. he did all to free her from jail n keep her here.. so they wont go back there at any cost..! Anu ..says..Mona has ruined her life. .but she isnt going back for that..she is going back for Anikas wedding..! He rues how he will save her if she goes to prison coz of all Mona-Anu face offs! She puts her scarf around his neck and pulls him around and says…she wants that Anika gets married where her roots are.. and that Vihaan wants the marriage there so she had to relent..! Babu lulu refuses ..! Anu says for Anikas sake.. ! She lures him saying once Anika is gone..only she and he will remain ..! They will get all privacy etc..! She asks him..ok? He says.yes..! Anu goes off! Baba lulu says.. Baba lulu ban gaya ullu!

Jatin calls Mona ..! He asks if they are ok.? He says..he heard they were in the police station..! Mona says.. they are ok.. and at home..! Mona asks where he is ..and Jatin her home.. in the parking..! Mona comes to Jatin and Jatin asks if there is a problem and Mona says..its a family issue ..n resolved now! Jatin asks she could call him and Mona says..she can fend for her family..! Jatin offers to help but Mona says.. that to help her..he should not come like this at this hour.. especially since he is her daughters boss..! Jatin says.. Mona is thinking wrong..! Mona n she knows he is genuine.. but his method to help is not fair.. some issues should be family issues..! She says..good nite n leaves..!

At the dinner table.. all are busy eating…! Mona comes and .. says..that only 10 days are left.. for Rajbeer to leave..! She asks Bulbul to teach Rajbeer how to live.. and asks Alok to teach him how to save money..! Rano says.. Mona to save her tears.. coz once he leaves..she is gonna breakdown..!

Part 2

In the morning… Mona is praying to Babaji ..! She marks a date..reminding her of Rajbeers date to leave..! She looks at Rajbeers childhood clothes and remembers childhood days..! Alok and Rajbeer see Mona lost in watching them..! Suhasi comes and cheers her up saying..those wont fit..!

Anikas packing going on as well ..! Her friend shows her th saree ghunghat but she is not interested..! Everyone at home fret with Rajbeers clothes..! Mona looks at Pradeeps pic ..! Anu is marking her diary too and Babu lulu comes and says.. Darling.. India..! Rano comes and is surprised to see Rajbeer in kurta.. from the temple..! At night.. Rajbeer looks at all the family pics..! He clicks a pic..! Anika cooks dinner for Vihaan..! Vihaan is excited.. ..! She asks him how it is and he says..awesome..! Anika tastes and says..its ewww.. ! She rues ..she does not know how to cook even..! Vihaan gives her a boquet of roses and says.. I LOVE U! Rajbeer leaves a sorry card for Bulbul ..! Anu cries looking at Pradeeps pic…! She swears to make Mona pay ..for her deeds..!

Part 3

Mona asks if Rajbeer has taken meds.. and Rano says..there are chemists are there too ..! Mona chides Rano..! She asks if he took honey and Rajbeer says..if she had her way..she did pack the whole house..! Alok tells to hurry up .. as it will get late..! Rajbeer tells Rano ..he will miss her masti..! Mona-Bulbul break down..! Rajbeer says.. to Bulbul she is very nice.. just like Mona.. he respects her.. and knows she loves him .. even if she chides him..! He says..sorry .. and pulls his ears! Bulbul says..sorry and tells him that he has to take care of himself ..always..! Rano says.. now once Rajbeer leaves she will have to take additional scolding from Bulbul. .! Bulbul asks all to stop crying as Mona will breakdown and she says..she is smiling and then breaksdown..! She tells Rajbeer that .. seems her past is going to make her future..! He bends and takes Monas blessings..! Mona hugs him..! Rajbeer hugs all and goes..and they all wave to him ..!

Right then Anu arrives in Mumbai..with Babu lulu … Vihaan and Anika..! Mona says..she is feeling scared..that something will happen..! Anu is asked how many days she is planning to stay and she says.. dunno ..many things are to be done..! Bulbul asks her to calm down..! Mona prays for Rajbeers safety..! Anu says.. Monas past is back..!

Precap — Anu and Rajbeer walking in the same alley they bump into each other and Rajbeers passport falls on the floor and Anu returns it to him!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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