Kya Hua Tera Vaada 7th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Mona wakes up with a phone call. It was Anu. Anu says that time has passed away but the memories still remain n she can’t forget so easily what all happened to her. Now she will suffer for what all Anu has gone through then.


Anu hangs the call as Anika called her out. Anika keeps on asking her to whom was she talking to. But Anu doesn’t open her mouth n says its some old relation.

Anika later says as Vihaan n his family are coming for finalizing the marriage date n all, she want Anu to ask them that her marriage venue should be in harbor deck (forgot the name) otherwise she won’t marry him. Anu tries to convince her but she is determined. Anu says if they won’t agree, she will fulfill her wish. Balbir comes n say that the guests have started arriving.


Mona was shocked n was in a state as if she saw some nightmare. She tried to find from customer care reg. the call but they hanged saying they can’t do that. Mona was paniced n thinks what Anu want’s now.

Rajvir bangs the door n Mona asks what’s he doing so late but he goes into the room n locks the door. Bulbul comes shouting at him n bangs the door till he opens it. She drags him out n scolds him for all that he has done. Mona n rest are confused n ask what he has done for which she is reacting so furious.

Bulbul says that he has teased a girl, harrassed n wanna make her sit in the car with his friends. He has used Mona’s car for that. All the guys are drunk too. Mona was taken aback n so do the rest of the members. None believes that Rajvir has done something like that n support him.

Bulbul says she has evidence n the girl herself has complained to them n they have taken the video of all the guys. In that chaos, Mona shouts to stop. She questions Rajvir if he has done anything as such. He stands frightened n finally after shouting he agrees. He then says its not his mistake its the girls mistake to be there in that time n also with that short dress and all.

Mona slaps him tightly and asks where did he learn all this n what kind of friends does he have. He is not even 18 to drive a car either. Nani (Mona’s mom) supports Rajvir n blames the girl. Mona stops her and shows Rano n says she is his sister n she too wears short dress. She doesn’t find anything wrong in that as she has right to wear what she likes. Every girl has ri8 to wear what they like then why does men see them badly.

She questions Rajvir what will he do if something like that happens to Rano. She then shows bulbul n says she work day n nights n what if she is in such situation. Nani asks her to speak all well. But Mona doesn’t listen to her. She says she never complained to God for her life n she saw all up’s n down’s in her life n struggled alone to bring them up. Today she feels bad to see Rajvir like that n she failed in her upbringing (Parvarish). She hits him so very badly. Nani again stops her.

Suhasi n rest ask Bulbul to give the cassette to them. But Bulbul says she gives only to Mona. She then says now its in Mona’s hand whether she will punish Rajvir n rest of the guys or support him n let go others to scotfree. She says now its in her hands that they (Bulbul n Rano) can face any thing darely n even all the girls of their age. She must take decision n punish Rajvir by taking him to Police Station so that girls like her won’t face such problems n it should start from their home. She places the video cam in Mona’s hand n ask her to take ri8 decision. Mona is in dilemma.

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