Kya Hua Tera Vaada 6th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 6th May 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 6th May 2013 Written Update

Bulbul arrives the wedding venue with Mona and the family, and she is very happy. Mona is waiting for Rano, she tells Bulbul don’t know why she is taking so much time in the parlor. Mona gets emotional and tells Bulbul that she is looking very beautiful. Jatin comes and tells Mona that the groom family will be arriving soon. Mona asks Bulbul to rest. After Bulbul leaves, Mona tells Jatin that she can’t believe it’s Bulbul’s wedding today.

Bulbul’s sisters tell her that Vihaan will faint today seeing her.. she is looking that beautiful.

The baraat comes and Mona goes there and everyone is dancing in the baraat. They get surprised and shocked when they don’t find Vihaan in the car.

Bulbul’s sister goes and tells her. Bulbul

says he likes playing game.. he must be wanting me to go down. She goes downstairs.

Jatin is trying to call Vihaan, but he is not picking up the phone. Jatin asks Harsh and he says I made him sit in the car and I don’t know either where he went. Bulbul comes and Mona tells her to go her room. Bulbul says, no I will stay here. Bulbul goes to dadi and asks her where is Vihaan. She wonders if anything happened to him. Right then Vihaan enters and says, I am here Bulbul.

Vihaan enters with Anika and they are married. Everyone gets shocked!

Anuskha also comes with Vihaan and Anika.

Harsh asks him what is all this? Jatin asks him what is Anika doing here? Vihaan is all quiet. Bulbul is in a big shock and cannot believe what she is seeing. She quietly leaves from there.

Anuskha asks everyone, why are you all surprised? Haven’t you seen a groom and a bride before? By now you all would have understood it.. if not, then I will tell you. They have got married. Jatin gets angry and asks what kind of marriage? Anuskha says, this is a true wedding.. they went to mandir and there’re witnesses too. She tells them, leave all this.. they have came here to take your blessings. They take blessings from the elder, but everyone turns away their faces.

Anuskha now goes to Mona and asks her, won’t you give blessings to them? Mona is crying. She tells her even Vihaan was confused why I brought them here.. but today it’s Pradeep’s daughter’s wedding and daughter takes bidaai from her father’s house. So therefore, Anika’s bidaai should be from here. Vihaan is surprised finding out the truth. He recalls Bulbul telling him that her father destroyed her and her mother’s lives. Anuskha asks Mona to go and give blessings to them. Mona goes to them, and instead giving blessings, she slaps Vihaan. She asks him, why did you do this? What did Bulbul do that you punished her? Didn’t you think about her for once? Didn’t you think how she would feel seeing you two like this? The girl who was going to get married to you, you gave her this? That girl loved you more than anyone, so I won’t curse to you.. so please leave from here.

Anuskha says, what did you think that Vihaan would marry girl like Bulbul? Mona asks her to shut and says, only lucky parents get daughter like Bulbul.. which you won’t understand.

Now Jatin gets angry at Vihaan. He asks him why did you do this with my daughter, Bulbul? Vihaan is not saying a word. Jatin looks at Anika and asks Vihaan, because of this girl (Anika).. who betrayed you. I gave you support.. and you broke my daughter’s heart in return? Why did you do this.. and that too with the girl who taught you how to live. You used to say her that everyone is not a betrayer.. and today you betrayed her. I have gone through bad time in my life.. but what you gave me today.. there can’t be anything worse than that. I don’t want to see your face.. get out from here.

Anuskha interrupts and asks Jatin, why are you being so rude? i didn’t bring them here so you all can shout at them. Here everyone is shouting at them.. strange people.

Vihaan’s dad apologizes Jatin and everyone else for what Vihaan did. Jatin tells him we’ve been good friends, but whatever happened today.. can affect our friendship. Anuskha again interrupts and says, I don’t want funeral type environment on my daughter’s wedding.. let’s do her grah pravesh.

Precap: Both Bulbul and Vihaan going somewhere, and they open door together and their hands touch and they look at each other.

Update Credit to: dtb

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