Kya Hua Tera Vaada 28th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 28th February 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 28th February 2013 Written Update

B shouts at waitress n says she will go n get money from ATM. But the waitress says she can’t let her go. B goes to V and asks for paying money . V starts his punch dialogues asking if she knows him? They were sitting separately and they didn’t even had a chat then how can he pay for her.

B tries to be over smart but couldn’t with his punch dialogues. She says is he didn’t pay, she must clean the stuff n all. V asks if he can announce for a breaking news – B, the editor of news channel cleaning stuff . B fumes n asks him to pay n says plz. He asks why she ignored him. B aplogize. He asks her to smile but she makes weird smile face instead. He says he taught her to smile n she again forgot. B smiles n they pay bill and leave.

Rano asking Rohan why was he ignoring her. He replies just like that n he knows if she is angry on him, he can make her smile too for which Rano smiles too .

Mona reaches to hospital n proceeds to ICU n was surprised to see Jatin alright n talking to some one. she calls him out n he too was taken aback. M says she was told that he was in hospital n that too in ICU she was scared. Jatin says he works for charity n also some social work n checking if all is going well. He says B is not aware of this so its not her mistake at all. He says he was taken aback seeing her here n she must rest indeed. Mona is a bit embarassed n they both leave from there.

Rano n Rohan in a lonely place. Rohan behaves badly with her n tries to kiss her. Rano slaps him n runs from there n stops seeing Anu’s car. Anu asks her what’s going on n gives left right to Rohan n slaps him too n asks him to leave from there. Anu offers lift to Rano but she isn’t ready. finally she manages n Rano goes with her.

Jatin apologize Mona who came even in such pain. He wanna get her medicine but M says she will have generally with food n they go to have something in the cafeteria. While J goes to get medicine, M orders for sandwich n informs the same. She says she must go home soon as her right eye is blinking n she senses something bad. J asks what’s all this. M says he will understand when he has kids. They pick up the sandwiches n leave.

Rano showing directions n Anu says she knows n she has dropped them in school then. Rano may forgot but she isn’t. Though Mona n her fi8 is on, but she still loves Rano. Rano confused. She drops her n then gives a evil smile.

Rano goes in n B starts that her bak bak abt her plan flop but stops seeing Rano sad. Rano hugs her n says they must stay with them who loves them more. Rajbeer makes them laugh as the characters are changed btw them .

M n J’s lil convo abt life n hobbies and all.

When reaches home, B was explaining R&R all that happened n how she felt embarrassed. Both of them tease B m Mona prays god to keep her kids happy as always.

Precap: Didn’t see any or I may have missed..

Update Credit to: swethasyam08

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