Kya Hua Tera Vaada 27th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 27th February 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 27th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Bulbul is sitting on her chair at home and lost in thoughts! She asks Rano for advice! Rano n Rajdeep are taken aback! She says..its about some girl in her office..its a serious issue! Bulbul says that there is a girl.. Rajdeep asks..if she is pretty? Bulbul! They ask a name n Bulbul is quiet n he says.. Maina! Bulbul coz of a colleague.. this Maina is doing weird things.. like getting sad when the guy doesnt come to office or feeling jealous when the guy is talking to some other girl! She says.. Maina has mood swings.. too coz of this ..sometimes happy or sad.. or emotional.. but the guy keeps walking around one girl all the time! Rano says.. Maina sounds stupid! Rajbeer agrees! Bulbul says.. its a serious problem for her.. n Rano says.. her problem is that Vihaan goes around with Maira! Rajdeep asks if Bulbul is in love? Bulbul says.. love is stupidity! Rano says.. Bulbul isnt in love.. only wants to teach the guy a lesson! She suggests Bulbul not to talk to Vihaan.. and ignore him! Bulbul is all excited n goes to sleep..! Rano tells her not to even dream about the guy! Rano says.. Bulbul is so simple! Rajdeep asks Rano from where she got money for the expensive i-phone? Rano says.. no need to discuss! Rajdeep goes to sleep..and Rano rues about why her friend Rohan is not receiving the call..!

Next day morning Rano tells Bulbul that she needs to look pretty too .. to take revenge in a better way! Rano does Bulbuls makeup..! Bulbul packs two tiffin boxes but Rano says.. no giving attention n takes away the other tiffin box! Rano wonders why Rohan has not replied to her messages.. n if he is fine? Rano calls Aneesha.. n asks if Rohan called? She says..he did! Rano is taken aback..! She concludes that Rohan is avoiding her. but why?

At the office.. Vihaan is busy working.. n Bulbul goes past him ..without talking to him..! Bulbul fumes seeing that Vihaan is ignoring her..! Another guy from the team comes to Bulbul and apologises for the fish pond game of previous nite! Bulbul says..its ok ..! The guy says..but how come? Bulbul times.. one forgets that one is a grown up! She asks the guy to smile.. n make her smile too..! She asks the guy to show her ..the cartoon he made of her.. ! He goes to get..! He shows to her the thing.. n its pic of three Bulls .. n it goes.. BULBUL ..! She asks..who made it? She asks him to crack a joke n he says ..Sunny is the expert..! The guy gets sunny in Bulbuls cabin ..n he cracks some jokes …like what is the.. opposite of Jogeshwari? Sunny says.. Jogesh-dont-worry! He says opp of NagPanchami .. Nag dun punch me! Bulbul is laufing n Vihaan watches..! She notices Vihaan not looking at her..!

Part 2

Bulbul checks on Vihaan n wonders ..that Vihaan is not even looking at her.. since morning..though she kept ignoring him! Vihaan comes to Bulbuls cabin n says lunch time and what Mona has made? Bulbul says.. her mom din she is not well! Vihaan says. .thank god. .n that.. he can go to lunch with Maira! Bulbul is left speechless! She walks past Vihaan n then fires.. the guy who had played fish pond with her..! She says.. the guy owes her lunch n he agrees! She says Sunny Side Up restaurant.. where Vihaan is going too..!

At the restaurant.. Bulbul n the guy spot Vihaan – Maira n invite them over to join for lunch..! They do join .. ! Vihaan n Maira.. chat..n Maira asks..what is best dish n he says. butter chicken! The guy who was with Bulbul gets urgent call n has to rush.! Maira too gets an urgent message.. n has to rush for bridal makeup trials..! Bulbul says.. Maira should she needs make up. .! Vihaan signals Maira to leave..! Bulbul n Vihaan are left at the table n Vihaan glances at Bulbul ..who keeps looking away! Vihaan says.. HEY BEAUTIFUL .. Bulbul thinks its for her.. but its for the waitress..! He asks for menu n then praises the waitress ..n suggests to be an actress..! Bulbul is fuming..! She tells Vihaan that he is sick n disgusting. flirting..with any girl despite having a g.f! He suggests Bulbul to hook up with a good looking waiter!

Part 3

A waiter tells Vihaan-Bulbul that their happy hour has started n they will get a free drink n then if they order a combo will get discount! Bulbul says..she is not with Vihaan n will be sitting separately! Vihaan orders the combo offer..! Bulbul gives her order.. ! She gives her card to swipe .. but the machine is not working.. so Vihaan offers to help but Bulbul shooes him off..!

Mona calls Bulbul n she says..Jatin is in hosp..! Mona is worried.! She decides to check on him..! Rano goes to meet Rohan… wondering why he is ignoring her! Mona asks to check about Jatin in the I-care hosp..! She is told he is in ICU!

Precap — Rano slaps Rohan n says..he is sick..! Suddenly … as Rano turns to walk she comes in front of Anus car..! They stare at each other..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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