Kya Hua Tera Vaada 24th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 24th April 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 24th April 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Lonavala and Anushka’s residence
Alok and the kida rehaving a party at anushka’s house, while anushka keeps frantically calling him. alok picks it up, and tells that satish told that the person has kept in in some other dustbin, next to a lamppost at some distance from the cottage. the kids enjoy her dilemma. Anushka says that she would find it out, despite alok telling her to come back, as they dont need the cd anyways. After cancelling the phone, anushka and anita get on a search.

They increasingly start getting frustrated. Finally they find the dustbin, and anushka is overjoyed. She rummages through the garbage, with great difficulty bearing the stink. finally she finds the CD.

Scene 2:
Location: Jatin’s residence.
Vihaan welcomes his family, and his dad, and jatin tells vihaan to show them his wife, as they have heard much about it. But they show their interest in seeing mona, first who they have heard so much about, from jatin, throughout the year.

While vihaan shows bulbul to granny, binita standing behind her thinks that they are in fact talking about her. Bulbul also turns back to find binita standing and thinks that vihaan and his granny are talking about. Bulbul overhears binita again talking about minting money. as her mood gets upset, mona advises her to enjoy and not bother, as his famiyl is here and they are there to take care of him. She leaves.

While vihaan’s father doesnt approve of the plan, his family and mona support it. Mona says that this is being done for her benefit only, and hence they are doing this to bulbul. Vihaan’s father says that now aftre mona convincing him, he has full faith in their plan. he also asks jatin and mona to start addressing each other on a first name basis, removing the unnecessary JI tag, as they are tied in a very strong bond, thats above formalities. Mona and jatin shy away, while vihaan smiles.

The family begins to start the ring ceremony, with vihaan and binita seated togther. Bulbul watches them from a distance, upset at what she sees. As she goes, she is caalled by mona, but bulbul doesnt listen. Binita’s voice stops her midway. Binita says that she wants to ask vihaan some questions before exchanging the ceremony. she asks who would vihaan stay with, and what would happen to his business, and would he give her full freedom. Bulbul stops her barrage of questions, and confronts her sking how dare she ask such questions from vihaan. She says that she knows why is binita marrying him. they get into a verbal arguement. Bulbul gets into a barrage of introduction about vihaan, that comes out of the feelings that she feels for him. When binita asks about bulbul, bulbul asks her to ask this question from vihaan, but then answers it herself saying tha she’s the girl that vihaan loves, so much so, that evn after rejection from her, he cares for her, rather than himself. Mona is happy to hear this from him. she says that she never intended to even befriend him, but ultimately fell in love with desperately, and now cant live without him. They get into a scuffle as to who’s marrying vihaan, and how one’s the past and the other’s the present. Bulbul breaks saying that she wants to marry him, and not wants anything else from him, not even the bangles that dadi gave binita, and that she just wants her blessings. When a girl calls out binita as her mother, bulbul all the more reprimands her, but vihaan tells that binita is in fact an actress.

Bulbul finds out from vihaan that it was in fact all a setup, to get her to confess her love to him. He tells that this entire thing was a drama. While vihaan smiles, bulbul looks on disbelievingly. Vihaan asks for permission to take her away for some time. While bulbul still cant fathom that she was being played, vihaan drags her away from there.

Scene 3:
Location: Anushka’s residence
Anushka finds a cartoon movie on the CD, while playing it in her room, and is very shocked. Anika is shell shocked. Anushka finds this inexplicable. She decides to go and talk to alok. Whilst she is going, anika says that theey look like fools to hav found this, after what they went through. Anushka angrily leaves.

Scene 4:
Location: vihaan’s residence
Vihaan shows her his room, and hugs her, saying that it would be theirs now. they talk romantically, while she keeps teasing on his poor poetry. She says that his acting hurt her bad. He apologizes for it, but says that he didnt want to lose her, and hence had no other option. She calls him childish. He says that he’s very happy, as someone’s words became true today. He says that he wants to show her something. He takes out a piece of cloth, that she had tiued his hand with once, when he was heart broken for anika, and gave him immense support. He says that he never saw the girl’s face, but she gave him the spirit to move on. Bulbul tells him that girl was her onle. Vihaan cant believe the irony of life. He says that he knwos she’s seen lots in her life, and she is very deeply affected by what happened to her mother and father, which is the cause of her not being able to trust anyone. He asks her to trust him once, where he just promises a simple one, that he would always be with her every step of the way, forever and ever. Finally bulbul hugs him saying that she doesnt need anything more. The screen freezes on their romantic embrace.

Precap: Bulbul is surprised to see MARRY ME written, in lit diyas, and vihaan joins him from behind, proposing her, going down on his knees. Bulbul looks on disbelievingly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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