Kya Hua Tera Vaada 22nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 22nd April 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 22nd April 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Anushka’s residence
While anushka instigates alok about filing the case against mona, and get the property papers so that they can have something to show to the lawyers. Alok says that they lost everything in the fire. Anushka laments to herself on her bad luck, that her own caused fire caused her such problems.

Later, To scare anushka, alok talks on the phone, saying that they should send in the CD and its copy, one to mona and one to them. He asks if the face of the person who burnt the hotel, is clearly visible in the cctv footage. Anushka who’s walking by, is startled to hear this, and indiscreetly sits down to hear more. Alok says that the person guilty of this fire, would be placed in the jail for 10 years, which is befitting for her.

Anushka remembers her days in the jail. Anushka is shit scared to hear this. After canceeling the call, anushka is asked by alok about her tension. She asks who was he talking to. Alok says that the police have found a cctv footage of the person who burnt the place, it looks like a hefty criminal, and they can now find out who asked him to do this. He asks if she’s happy to hear this. She pretends to be happy, but flees instantly from there. Alok is happy to see her discomfort.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s office
while bulbul pretends to be very aloof and distant to him, Vihaan takes pleasure in bulbul’s discomfort and extends hands to be friends. Bulbul agrees non chalantly. Vihaan says that he needs her help as a friend. He forcefully drages a clueless bulbul, out of the office.

Scene 3:
Location: Mona’s residence
Mona dresses up, with great effort. But she breaks down, while taking the sindoor in her hands, remembering her marriage with pradeep and every romantic memory associated with it. she keeps the sindoor back on the dressing table. she takes pradeep’s photo and sits on the bed.

Mona talks to pradeep’s photo that till this day, she had been shying away and avoiding to talk to him, but today she would tell him the reason for that. she says that she felt she could live her entire life in his memories, and she was doing, til jatin came back in his life, as a true friend, stood tall by her side, without any conditions just to lend support. She says that she kept thinking that there was no future to this relationship, but when jatin put sindoor on holi, she felt very happy, and she felt his presence around blessing her for this new life. She says that she was in doubt whether her closeless to jatin, would mean distance from him. She asks him what should she do, as he’s always shown her the way. Just then, with a sudden gush of winds, while picking up the sindoor container, the wind splashes some of it on her forehead, and she thinks that she got pradeep’s answer. Determined, she fills her forehead with vermillion.

Scene 4:
Location: In the market, in a saree shop
While bulbul is irritated, vihaan asks her to try on a saree for him, so that he can make good choices, and he didnt have anyone else to help him make a choice. While the shopkeeper assumes that bulbul is with vihaan, he intentionally clarifies that they are just friends, and casually intentionally jokes about it. the shopkeeper apologizes, and vihaan himself starts selecting colors for sarees. Vihaan gives her a red saree, a very bridal couture.

Bulbul is happy to gaze at herself, looking beautiful in the mirror, draped in the saree that vihaan picked for her. Vihaan begins to say, how beautiful. She says that she doesnt like it at all. Just to tease her, vihaan asks the shop keeper to pack it, as if it looks so good on her, then it would look extra beautiful on th girl, who deserves it, and is the rightful owner, referring to his would be wife, the woman of her dreams. Bulbul is irritated, and vihaan is happy to see his plan woking.

Scene 5:
Location: Mona’s residence
Mona hesitatingly tells bulbul to come along with her on vihaan’s special day, as he considers her as his friend and they also work together, and also jatin wants to introduce them as his family, to his known ones. She says that whatever family is left, they should support him. Mona’s mother says that bulbul would get hurt, and hence they should let it be. Bulbul remembers vihaan’s words at the saree shop. She agrees to go with them, and goes inside to dress up. While bulbul goes inside, mona and her mother smile at each other, to see their plan working.

Scene 6:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Mona and her family are greeted by jatin and taken inside. Vihaan again irritates bulbul, when he mentions her as beautiful, and then refers to his would be wife. He says that he used to believe in love, but it didnt realllyt work out the way he wanted it to, therfore instead of loving and then marrying, he now wants to marry and then love. as he excuses himself, Bulbul wonders how distant they have grown so suddenly, and yet she still likes him and cant even tell him. The screen freezes on her sad face.

Precap: Bulbul overhears the would be wife of vihaan, talking to someone on the phone, as to how she’s marrying vihaan just for the sake of his money and reputation, and societal status. Bulbul is upset to hear this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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