Kya Hua Tera Vaada 13th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 13th March 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 13th March 2013 Written Update

M – Mona; A- Anu, V – Vihaan, B – Bulbul, R – Rano, As – Alok Singh, J – Jatin, Rb – Rajbir


B shocked to see V as Ruea n in tears. when V asks if She won’t wish him, she wishes him n he thanks her. B says she must thank him for shattering her trust again. V confused.

M n n As talking to Rb’s principal to take him back but she says she can’t. She makes all kinds of excuses n says they can’t be blamed for what happened to Rb. They leave n Rb understands what happened in the school. M says she smells something fishy as the Principal never did so.

B reaches home n a lil convo btw her n Rb reg. trust n lie.

A gives gifts to R n she is full happy. she later finds money in the bag A gifted n rejects but A insists that the credit is R’s as she got good deals. R reluctant but takes it n leaves.

B submits her resignation to J but he says V is taking care of all this. V enters n she gives the same to him. V says they accept while J looking at him all confused. V signs n says as company rule, she must serve for 1 month notice n then they will accept the resignation. B leaves.

M making sure every one gets the lunch box n J says he wanna talk to her. In J’s cabin, he says that he talked to Rb n he sounds fine. M says he is trying to be normal. But she thought of finding abt the Uni. but the Principal was numb on this.

J says they have some plan to expose such Uni. n calls V in. He introduces both to each other. M congratulates V for the charge he took. V informs they are trying to do a sting operation n help all those families which have gone through this. M says they also need to cover the school Principals n teachers who are making parents to take such action. V says its a good idea. M also says she wanna take this sting operation as no one can suspect her. After a thought both V n J accepts.

M in the Rb’s Principal cabin tensed n a cam. in her bad. She says Rb isn’t getting any admission but she must have good contacts all over n need her help. She is ready to pay any amt. Principal asks how will she manage? M says she is getting ransom for apt. re-development n she will divert that to Rb’s education. Principal calls someone n asks the same. She gets reply for Newzealand Uni n she goes to get the printout while M notes down the no. she dialed.

Precap: same precap as yesterday… M slapping A n a cat fi8

Update Credit to: swethasyam08

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