Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 3rd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya and his daughter begin the hunger strike

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 3rd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratibha telling that Kanhaiya has so much against us in his heart. Kanhaiya says he will give the fittest reply to the ones who do injustice. Kunti says how will kids be hungry. Kanhaiya says I know I will be a child always, but will have hunger strike. Kunti says kids are on hunger strike as they don’t want to drink milk. Kunti asks Kanhaiya not to sit on hunger strike. Kanhaiya says I have to anyhow. Buddhi asks Dhairya about their sisters. Kanhaiya comes to them and says he needs to talk to them. He asks girls not to sit on hunger strike. Buddhi says they are fighting against injustice. Kanhaiya says it is not wise to be stubborn. Buddhi gives him reply refusing to his words. Kanhaiya says so you will not agree. The girls bring the placards and sit on the hunger

strike. They refuse to drink it and asks them to agree to their demand. They refuse to stop the strike until their demands are met.

Pratap and Khatru have kachori while Kanhaiya is about to start hunger strike. Kanhaiya asks them why is he having them. Khatru asks him to have many kachoris before hunger strike. Kanhaiya refuses and asks who called this chaat guy here. Khatru says jije called him and asks him to sit on hunger strike. Kanhaiya looks on.

Prema tells Pratibha that they shall listen to kids. Pratibha says wah? What an idea. She says our kids shall not be angry and pretends as talking to toys. Prema says I am here. Pratibha says I am talking to you only and says you are kids’ toys. Prema says they can get nutrition in some other thing also. Pratibha says we shall not agree to kids’s demands. Prema says we shall take care of their happiness. Pratibha says shall we get their names removed from school and says if we agree now then they will make us agree all life.

Kanhaiya begins the hunger strike. Khatru, pratap and others eat kachori and cheer for Kanhaiya. Joshi says our neta’s idol will be here. Kanhaiya says you can’t force us and asks him to agree. Dhairya sees laddo and banana. Her sisters ask her not to look at it else they have to drink milk forever. Pratap cheers for Kanhaiya. Joshi says you don’t know about my reach. Joshi asks him to eat kachori and break his fast. Kanhaiya gets up, takes kachori and gives in Joshi’s hand. Khatru says Kanhaiya bhaiyya ki jai. Shakti asks her sisters to think as they have to drink milk always. Girls thinks elders don’t care about them and must be eating. Prarthana tells Kunti that kanhaiya and kids are on hunger strike. Kunti says we can’t agree to their demand. Shakti calls Kunti and others and tells that Surili fainted. Prarthana and Kunti come there. They see Surili fainted. Prarthana pretends to faint. Surili gets up being worried and get caught. Kunti scolds them. Pratap asks Kanhaiya why did he ask kachori guy to take his stall somewhere else. Joshi comes there and says idol will be brought here in sometime.

Dhairya tells that she can’t resist now and is seeing laddo everywhere. Buddhi says they will agree, we shouldn’t agree.

Buddhi says we will not drink water also now. Kunti feels bad and says Prema was right. Pratibha calls for food mela to make them tantalize for food.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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