Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 29th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Panchaal sisters strive hard to win the challenge

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 29th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kunti asking Buddhi and Dhairya to go to shop and other girls to handle home. Buddhi and Dhairya are shocked. Kunti says lalla have become a boy so you have to handle the shop. She calls Kanhaiya and asks him to come home. Kanhaiya says Prema told that she is dismissing this test. Kunti scolds him and asks him to listen to his mother. Kanhaiya checks Prema’s message and tells Kunti that Prema asked him to let the test go on. Kunti asks what? Kanhaiya says I will obey you and ends the call.

Buddhi and Dhairya come to shop. Khatru asks Kanhaiya to let the owners sit on the chair. Kanhaiya stands infront of the girls. Dhairya says how we will run the shop. Buddhi asks her not to worry and believe on her intelligence. Kanhaiya says he did business of 1100 since

morning. He tells that lets play. Shakti and Surili think that they are trapped. Shakti says why we couldn’t see the work. Surili says how mummies do the work. They tell that they will clean the house fast. Prema and Pratibha come there running playing football. Shakti and Surili look on as the house get dirty.

A woman comes to the shop and tells that the saree is torn. Khatru says I will give you some other saree. Woman says she wants her money back. Khatru says you have to talk to owner of the shop. Khatru says they are owners and show them Buddhi and Dhairya. Woman says these kids. Buddhi says they are grown up now.

Shakti and Surili scold their mummies. Pratibha says when you make the hall dirty, then we clean it. Prema says we don’t scold you, but make you understand nicely. Pratibha says we have to go to terrace and play. Prema says lets have some fun. Surili and Shakti look on upset, seeing the stains on the floor and sit. Prema says we shall end the test. Pratibha says they will learn this teaching all life. The woman asks Buddhi and Dhairya to return the money 1000. Buddhi asks her to calm down and says we will think something. Woman says this is not the school test. Buddhi says we are not kids. Dhairya offers laddoo to her. Woman says you have kept the girls seated here, so as to fool the customers. She shouts asking people not to but saree again from this shop. Buddhi says sorry and gives the money. Woman asks Khatru to have shame and leaves. Buddhi tells Khatru that they didn’t sell this saree to the woman and says they will not bear the loss. Khatru says this happens in business. Buddhi and Dhairya get upset.

Chanchal massages her legs and asks Shakti to bring money given by Kunti. Shakti gives the money. Chanchal counts the money and says this is just 300 and asks where is the money. Shakti says she had chat of Rs. 300 along with her friends. Surili comes singing song in mic and says she got it ready in just 150 Rs. Chanchan says we have just 300 Rs left now, and we have to buy lunch and dinner now. They think to call Buddhi. Buddhi asks Dhairya not to ask for more drink till evening. Kanhaiya is eating chips and cool drinks. Buddhi says they are left with no money. Chanchal calls Buddhi. Buddhi tells everything and tells that no customer came till today. Chanchal says our condition is more worse than you. She says we have just 300 Rs, and have to make arrangements of lunch and dinner. Buddhi tells that they will have some sales till evening, else elders will call them children. They decide to handle home and celebrate Dhairya’s birthday. They use their piggy bank and counts the money. Buddhi says we have to do something to call the customers in the shop.

Dhairya says what to do. Buddhi asks her to come out. She calls the people to buy their saree. Khatru tells Kanhaiya that shop is in safe hands, and says kids will run the shop well. Kanhaiya feels proud of his daughters and asks Khatru to ask them to come back. Khatru says customers will not come if they ask them. Buddhi asks him to go and says we will handle. Dhairya calls the ladies and tells that today is birthday. Buddhi asks why are you sharing personal info with them. Ladies tell that today is the birthday of one of the lady and they came to buy sarees. Buddhi asks them to come. The girls count and tell that the money is 850 Rs. Chanchal asks Surili to buy cake and gift for Dhairya. Shakti says she will do decoration.

Shakti tells that mummies had bursted the balloons. Surili says she lost the money in the shop and couldn’t buy gift for Dhairya. They blame each other for them incapability to celebrate Dhairya’s birthday.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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