Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 20th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti Seeks A Solution From Bhole

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 20th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kanhaiya with Pratap goes to jewelry shop to buy gold for Kunti. Jeweler asks how com he is here. Pratap jokes to find a girl. Jeweler asks if he wants jewelry for his wife. Pratap says for a woman who gives tensions to her bahus. Kanhaiya asks to show some jewelry which Maiya will like. Jeweler shows necklaces. Kanhaiya asks to shows something traditional and not modern. Pratap jokes to show her Ajjanta Ellora caves and leave her there itself.

Kunti prays Bhole/Shivji and calls him. He emerges and asks why she remembered him today. She says he knows everything, she gifted necklace to Ganeshji by mistake and promised him to gift 11,000 rs. Bhole thinks and says it is less and walks aside. Kunti says she will gift 21,000 rs. Bhole says it is less. Kunti says 31,000, then

51,000 that is very high amount for 2.5 lakhs necklace. Bhole says he did not mean money, he mean her faith is less, Ganeshji likes faith and not money..

Kanhaiya walks out of shop saying Maiya will not like these. Two thugs notice him, call jeweler and say he will get old jewelry to sell in the evening. Jeweler informs Kanhaiya and asks to come in the evening. Kanhaiya asks not to sell it to anyone else. Thugs reminisce stealing Ganapati pendal money and jewelry box.

Pratibha checks grocery bill and finds 101 rs less. Panjeri says she did not add didi’s agarbati’s bill. Pratibha sees Prarthana wearing only 1 earring and asks reason. Prarthana says she gifted 1 earring to Ganeshji.. Someone informs that Ganeshji’s pendal’s money is stolen. Kunti rushes there with her bahus and asks Sarla if thief stole even necklace. Sarla says yes. Jokergiri continues. Kunti reminisces promising Bhole to gift 51,000 rs and says she will gift. Sarlas says her 1100 rs are not enough. Kunti says 51,000 rs. Sarla asks if she is fine and asks Bahus if they fed her medicine or not, she has lost her mental balance. Kunti says she is not joking.

Kunti reaches home. Kanhaiya enters and gives her jewelry box. She opens it and finds earring. Panjeri sees that and says it is didi’s. Pratibha also says same. Prartana comes hiding her earring. Panjeri says no need to hide it and shows earring. Kunti asks why did she put earring in god’s gift box. She says she took mannat to get her necklace back and can even sacrifice her life for her. Kunti blesses her. Pratap says then thief stone earring and neckacle also. Kanhaiya says thief sold earring to jeweler and jeweler sold it to me, so neckacle will be with jeweler now… Kunti returns to pendal and gifts 51,000 rs. Sarla chants her name. Kunti asks not to. Jokergiri continues..

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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