Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 1st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya, a Thief?

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 1st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratibha’s Tauji Tejpal looks at Pratibha’s family trying to wear wigs. Pratibha panics thinking he saw everything and tries to stop him. He says she knows he cannot see without specs. She signals them to hurry up. They all wear wig and stand normally. Tauji wears specs. They all make him sit. Pratibha asks what will he have in lunch. Pratap in popatlal’s voice gives a long list of menu followed by Khatru. Tauji asks who spoke. Kanhaiya says Ramlal spoke. Jokergiri continues. Tauji gets convinced. Pratibha says in old age, they entertainment themselves with food and asks him to go and rest till she prepares food. He leaves.

Kanhaiya scold Khatru that because of him, Tauji would have doubted them. He says they should continue drama till tomorrow until Tauji leaves, else Tauji will disown Pratibha. Khatru suggests they should act as going to picnic and inform Tauji that their bus drowned in water. Pratibha does not agree. Kanhaiya says it is god’s wish that maiya wet to Faridabad for 2 days and Tauji came here, he will leave before Maiya comes. Kanhaiya then leaves for work. Kunti calls him and asks to take him back home as her cousin sister is not treating her well and not ready to give even bedsheet to wear. Kanhaiya says she should wait her nephew Bunty’s wedding and return only after giving her ashirwad. His phone battery drains and phone switches off.

Pratap’s jokergiri continues with Tauji. He calls Tauji with different names. Tauji panics in anger. Kanhaiya returns home to take back his cloth bag when Tauji catches him and shouts thief. Family gathers. Pratap does his jokergiri and asks to leave Pratap as he is not a thief. Tauji asks who is he then. Kanhaiya says he is tea shop owner and brings tea here since years. Tauji insists to show bag then. Khatru starts his drama and acts as trying to suicide. Pratibha silently replaces clothes with tea flask and informs Tauji that bag had tea flask..

Precap: Kunti returns home and is shocked to see old age home board, walks in and asks old people to get out. Tauji asks who is she. She says she is owner of this house.

Update Credit to: MA

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