Kundali Bhagya 7th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Mahira shows Karan a fake letter from Preeta

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The episode starts with Pawan come in the room. Prithvi was unconscious. Pawan smiles that Bhai looks so handsome. He ties Janki’s hands so that she can run away easily. Pawan congratulates Prithvi the last few hours of his bachelor life. He then leaves to plan for his wedding. Janki wakes up and finds Prithvi there. She wonders why she always comes across Prithvi. She wonders why he is unconscious. She smells closer to his face and says she is drunk. She curses Prithvi and Pawan both. She kicks Prithvi in her fury because he brought Preeta here to marry her. She curses that Prithvi must die bachelor. She wishes Karan realizes his true face and come to save Preeta. She prays that Shrishti comes here, they need to take Preeta. She cries and prays for safety of Preeta.

Karan goes looking for Preeta. He dials her number, but it was unanswered. Maira comes from behind and says she wore the dress, applied sindoor and met people as his wife; this made him so disgusted that he told her to leave. She convinces that Preeta has left home. Karan tells Maira to shut up and leave, Preeta did not leave the house. Maira complains that he always takes Preeta’s side when she had brought the NGO. She says she went to Preeta’s room; her saree was ready on bed but Preeta was not there. She wore the dress so that his family is saved from disgrace. Karan tells Maira not to decide for his family, he will protect the family. He turns to leave. Maira tells Karan to see the letter at least.

Preeta struggled with her tied feet. Pawan tells her not to do this. Once she is married, they will untie her. Preeta says Maira told him that Prithvi wants to marry her, not Prithvi himself. Pawan says his mother also says that Prithvi wants to marry her. Preeta says Prithvi wanted to marry her once she was unmarried. Pawan says Maira, his mother and even his heart verdicts Prithvi’s wish. He tells Pandit to read the wedding vows. Pandit says he does not know how to marry anyone. The goons hold Pandit at gun point, and he agrees.

In the corridor, Maira held a letter from Preeta to Karan. She reads that even Prithvi’s name is also written in the letter. Preeta has left and will not return. She requests Karan that she will be an ideal wife, and daughter in law. Karan repeats his No again. He tells her to stop this stupidity. He does not like Preeta. Their marriage was forced. Now, Maira can also not force herself into his life. Maira cries that she loves him a lot. Karan replies he does not love her at all. Sherlin comes out and tells Maira what this way is to handle the situation. Sherlin warns Maira that when Preeta returns her truth will be out. So, then they will make up that Preeta married Prithvi.

Karan stood upstairs and hears the guests excited to meet Karan’s bride.

In the room, Sherlin pours Maira wine so that she forgets her pain. Maira cries that Karan does not recognize her as his wife. Sherlin convince Maira that Karan has his limitations, he must be cautious of police and NGO women. Both ladies blame each other of using each other. They decide to end the fight. Sherlin says Maira do everything so late. If she kills Mahesh now, it will shift everyone’s attention to Mahesh and borrow Preeta time to stabilize. Maira says her marriage can not be delayed for a year. Mahesh will only die after her marriage. She gulps the bottle of wine so that she can relax herself and think clearly. She was determined not to insult Karan in front of everyone.

Karan walks downstairs thinking about Maira’s fake letter. He grabs a drink from a waiter and gulps it down. Sarla asks Karan about Preeta’s whereabouts. Karan replies none. He walks to Rishab. He looked tensed. Rishab was worried for him. Karan tells Rishab to stay with him in a hug till the party ends. Rishab wonders what happened. Sarla was worried. Sherlin comes behind Maira who had come to the party in veil. She grabbed a drink, and everyone spot her gulp it down.

PRECAP: Pawan was excited about Prithvi and Preeta’s marriage. Maira tells Sarla that Preeta has run away with Prithvi. Sarla slaps Maira.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Can’t anyone ask…how no one else knows anything about Preeta but only you? You and Preeta can’t see eye to eye but have have a letter from Preeta? Karan is acting like a little girl. Where is kareena? She should ask all the million questions now!

    1. My take on this is how can sherlin still be pregnant and not even a fake bump is being used.

  2. this show cannot get worst than this.

    Just end this nonsense.

  3. Why is sherlin pregnant still?

  4. Amal


  5. why is sherlin still pregnant

    1. Verma4

      it’s Ekta’s serial. Sherlin can hold it for another 2 years.

  6. Read it every six months the story would move like one week. In two year Sherlin would make baby.

  7. Verma4

    Maira, how low can you sink. Why would you be throwing you Duck lips in front of that good for nothing Karan. You blo*dy screaming little pitch.

  8. karan that maira telling lies I now that.
    sarla you salp the maira face properly don’t leave him you can do it than you ask maira where is the dr preeta than you came know that.
    maira if sarla gets upset for you maira keep it your mind all the Luthra family gets shock because of maira.
    maira you should leave the Luthra House now see what I will do now if Karan comes to throw the Luthra House Karan don’t waste the time.
    karan you do it.

  9. Nooooo 100 yrs

  10. maira if you do like this in the special episode we should not came to Luthra House understand that please leave the house mind your language remember it.
    be careful.
    keep it your mind.

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