Kundali Bhagya 6th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sarla asks Shrishti to come to City Hospital

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Kundali Bhagya 6th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rakhi explains that the rituals they are about to do and they both have to do a ritual in which they have to find the ring, dadi stops her and says that she will explain it, she explains that it is a ritual of deciding whop will rule the couple, if it is the girl then she will rule over the boy and vice versa, they starts it and Rishab takes out the ring, Rakhi rejoices but Sanjana stops her saying that they have three turns left, Rishab also takes out the ring the next time while it is Sherlin the third time, Dadi orders Rishab to win the last time as he is the husband, Rishab tries to leave but is stopped by Rakhi and he also wins the last time, Sanjana receives a call and gives it to Sherlin saying that it is her aunt, She picks it up.
Raj is on the other side of the phone call, he explains that Preeta got to their layer and she took her mother with her even when he hit her very hard on the head, she however survived and is admitted in the City hospital, she immediately runs from the Mandap, Sanjana covers for her.
Sherlin is walking ion the hall and constantly calling Prithvi but he however doesn’t pick the call, She finds him and asks him why he was not picking the call, he explains that he cannot pick the call of her mother because she does not like him, he also tells that it was Mahesh who brought him back saying that he cannot leave and will only go after attending the wedding.
Karan comes from the hall and is looking with Shrishti and Samer, they are searching for Prithvi and Sherlin, they go separate ways a, Sherlin says that she has to tell him that Preeta ran away with her mother na dis in the city hospital so she told Raj to go and kill her,
Sarla is standing in front of the room and is worried, the doctor comes out and says that they have no blood and she must arrange for AB blood group, she think s and says that she will call her so then calls her but Shrishti however says that she will not talk with her, Sarla however asks her to come to city hospital without talking with anyone, Sameer comes behind her and ask what is the matter she however thinks what Sarla said and without telling anything to him runs from the hall.
Karan comes inside and is very angry she asks the reason why they are together and what is the reason she is seen with Prithvi every time, he knows that she has no self-respect but she should have considered their family’s honor, Prithvi tries to defend them however Karan is very frustrated and is not listening to anything that they say.
Karan pulls her hand saying that he will expose her right now, she pulls free and says that she is aware of the fact that he along with Preeta were trying to find the truth of her, she explains that the time has passed and if he thinks that he can do anything against her than eh must go but she must tell her that she has become the wife of Rishab with each and every legality so he cannot do anything, and also did not see Preeta because she challenged her threatening her with all sorts of things, so she might have gone and hid somewhere, He is not able to listen to any word and warns to expose them, even without Preeta. Karan says that she is a very foolish girl, Sherlin say that she does not know what type of a man he is because he is trying to use a girl to get top her so that means he is not a man, Karan yells saying that he is now going to expose her, she warns that he cannot do what he wants so she can also do what she wishes and is not scared of him or anyone else.

Precap: Karan is very frustrated saying to Sameer that it is all because of Preeta had she come on time than he would have not been standing there listening to Sherlin’s bullshit, Shrishti gets very emotional saying that she will not leave Sherlin for trying to kill Sarla, but she stops her asking her to first save Preeta.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Leisa s morris

    This show is a piece of a shit.since this show began d cast has been trying to stop prithvi and sherlin yet we c d wedding of rishab and sherlin so wat is this show really about? Now to save face dey will have to accept sherlins baby who is not rishabs else sherlin will humiliate them and dey all deserve it especially rakhi. U telling me all d tings sherthi has done noone could unmask them? I know its d writers doing but y dey gotta make d cast so dumb and d evildoers so smart? Y is it in dis serial nothing is ever solved? Stuepsi just hate dis serial thk god i just read updates from time to time

  2. I just don’t understand how such Shit piece of Show is running with High TRPs. The evils are victorious & the good ones are getting screwed all the time. It had been some 500 episodes & still the Hero & heroine can’t figure out they’re in love with each other… Just because you’ve a smokin’ hot actor & a sugar candy actress, you can rule the Idiot Box..
    Last Words: Band karo is “Tatti” Ko saalo

  3. sunanda pallapati

    dirty stupid drama. I already told.I already stopped seeing this fools drama. this should be at the last in trp list.who ever is the writer he is definitely must be having mind st of that dirty prithvI. no one will get this kind of evil thoughts.

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