Kundali Bhagya 4th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Karan and Preeta reach the doctor’s office

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Neil’s brother asks Prithvi if he got into some big trouble, he says that there is a lot of trouble in front of him and he must act first, he then ends the call saying that he will talk to him later. Karan says to Preeta that he will walk behind her, she says that she will walk behind him because then he will not be able to tear her Dupatta. They both walk up the staircase, he ask the reason she buys the Dupattas.
Shristhri asks Sameer to give her the charger because she has to listen to the audio that she made, She sees photos in his hands and asks him if they were the photos in the Slam book, he agrees and she takes them after seeing them she says that Sherlin is a very intelligent girl and she wonders if God made her or was she created by the Devil.
Shristhri picks up the phone and

after opens is much dishearten to hear that only a few seconds of the conversation were recorded. Sameer consoles her, he wonders where Karan is and also asks for Preeta’s whereabouts, she says that Preeta might be in Dadi’s room. They both go out and bump into Akshay who is going back, Shristhri does not feel good after talking to him and confirms from Sameer if he understood what Akshay said.
The doctor after doing the checkup comes back with Sherlin. She says that she has to inform Sherlin of some important matter, the doctor says that Sherlin cannot abort the child now, Sherlin gets angry and start yelling at the doctor. The doctor answer’s that if she goes forward with the abortion then she will not be able to survive the procedure and will die. Sherlin is shocked and she says that she must go forward with the pregnancy and no matter what happens, she must give birth to this child and must tell her family members. The doctor says that her pregnancy will be clearly visible a lot early then the other cases, she thinks that Prithvi will get very angry after hearing this.
Prithvi rushes into the hall, Karan and Preeta walk just after him, Karan’s fans surround him and ask for a Selfie and he agrees. Prithvi finds the time to hide, Preeta gets angry and walks towards the reception, Bhavna when sees Karan asks for his selfie and autograph, she does not listen to Preeta, Karan agrees to both her terms if she answers Preeta’s question. Bhavna tells her that Sherlin is here again and with the doctor, Prithvi hears their conversation and thinks that he must do whatever it takes to get Sherlin out of there because if they see her then their plan will be over.
Bhavna comes to take a selfie with Karan and asks Preeta to be aside, she does not like it and asks Bhavna to stop it as her phone’s memory will get full, they both leave.
Prithvi finds a place to hide and then calls Sherlin’ the doctor picks up the phone and he says all of the things that are happening and that she must get on with the abortion and ask the doctor to hurry, doctor hearing this gets angry and says that he is a very selfish man. He is trying to kill a child who is not even born and if he calls Sherlin again then she will have him arrested, Prithvi apologizes to her. Sherlin comes back after changing and she tells he that her phone rang an she picked it up, Sherlin asks her for the name, she says that she did not see it and if Sherlin is in some sort of problem then she should tell her as she will help her, Sherlin is very confused and agrees with her.
Karan asks Preeta if she got jealous when Bhavna was taking photos with him, she says that she can never be jealous if some girl takes a photo with him, she feels sorry for the poor soul who thinks that he is hot as she never felt like this for him, he does not believe her.
Preeta walks ahead and he follows her, pulling her aside he pulls her very close to him and tries to romance with her in every way but she is not moved, she again leaves and he again pulls her saying that there is really nothing between the n and they should finish their work.
The doctor gets a call and walks outside, Sherlin immediately calls Prithvi and starts yelling at him as he should look before saying anything but he strops her and says that Karan and Preeta are coming to the doctor and she must do anything to stop the doctor from saying anything in front off them, she asks him for advice, he says that’s he must pretend that she is single troubled soul and that the doctor must help her.
Karan and Preeta reach the doctor’s office, she says that he must not go ahead and ask the doctor anything as there are some rules for the hospital, he says that he is aware and they knock on the door, Sherlin starts to panic after hearing the knock on the door.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Just like we all know is that the evil will win again.

    1. Mona146

      this is sequel of kumkum bhagya ofcourse what can u expect?

  2. Hmmm. Schemes and dreams of Sherlin and Prithvi. When will these shameless characters be exposed and Rishab and Preeta be saved from ruin.

  3. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Sona

  4. I’ve had enough of the Sherlyn/Prithvi melodrama – it’s dragging on and on and on. It’s time for a new storyline but these writers seem creatively bankrupt.

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