Kundali Bhagya 3rd October 2019 Written Episode Update: Prithvi tries to befriend Preeta

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Kundali Bhagya 3rd October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Her son points at Karan asking her to call him, she explains that they will go after she completes the interview, then she asks Preeta the collage where she completed her study, Preeta is about to answer.
Her son goes to Karan saying that he is his biggest fan and wants to take a photo with him, he requests Karan to come and take it with his mother as she has a phone, Karan goes to her mother and takes a selfie with her mother and him, they also ask Preeta to join them but she insists that she doesn’t like sports so is not interested in taking any selfie, Karan also mentions that he was wrong as Preeta is not really Preeta, they both however compel them to take a selfie together., Karan leaves after taking the selfie.
When he leaves the interviewer asks if she knew Karan before, Preeta

even refuses to have met him, they both again start the interview.
Karan stands beside the pool in frustration, Prithvi sees him so goes to stand beside him, Karan sees him after which they both stand face to face, Karan asks what he is doing here, he taunts him saying that he will be here for the leisure because he has no work, Prithvi tries holds Karan’s hand but he warns that if he touches him again then he will break it.
Prithvi explains that he married Preeta after saying romantic things then he left her after his marriage, Karan mentions that he only speaks with those who are up to his standards, Prithvi mentions that he has to answer for the lives he has destroyed which are of his and Preeta, Karan angrily responds that he is fed-up of him and Preeta so does not want to fight with them. Prithvi responds by saying that he has taken his wife, Karan says that he did this because he wanted to take revenge as Preeta and him have destroyed his family so he took revenge for their actions as they cannot also live happily I he was not allowed to. Karan mentions that he thinks that what he did was right and so will also put him behind bars once he finds proof of his involvement in the accident of his father.
Prithvi thinks that he was wrongly blaming Preeta as he felt that she also wanted to marry Karan but he has now confirmed that Preeta also wanted to marry Prithvi so now they can once again marry each other and live a happy life, he plans to take her family into confidence after which he will be able to marry her.
The interviewer asks Preeta where her previous job was , she responds but has to leave for her son, Prithvi walks beside Preeta then seeing the opportunity presents flowers to her, she is also very shocked to see him, he exclaims that it is said when one sees the person he is thinking off is a good sign, Prithvi mentions that he came to know what has happened with her, she responds by saying that she doesn’t want to even talk of it as it was a horrible moment of her life, he apologizes saying that he can become a true friend of her, she gets upset saying that she is aware that he has also a broken heart after what happened at the wedding and so his heart also broke, this means that they cannot remain friends as long as there is a hidden past between them both, Prithvi mentions that he does not need any time but wants to make her realize that he will always remain a true friend, Prithvi leaves while Preeta is left standing.
The interviewer comes saying that her son will not allow her to do any work so is it possible that they complete it in her room, she agrees.
Karan reaches his room but is upset thinking that he never even collected his keys, a maintaince boy comes mentioning that he is a big fan of Karan and is hopeful that they take a selfie, Karan mentions that he will comply but first needs to get into his room, the employee provides him with a master key using which Karan enters his room,.
Preeta also sits with the interviewer, where she asks the reason for leaving her previous job, Preeta responds that she left it because of some misunderstandings.
Her son asks for the mobile, she searches for it but is not able to find it, Preeta then gives him her phone, she asks Preeta the date for her marriage, she gets focused, she responds that if she got married recently then she will not be able to focus at her work, seeing how Preeta is she responds that she would have been married some time ago as otherwise she would have bangles, the son apologizes saying that he has dropped her phone.
Preeta along with everyone are shocked to hear the gunshots being fired, the robbers ask everyone to place their phones with them, Preeta wonders what will be happening as they heard gunshots, they ask everyone to keep their hands back, they ask everyone to sit down, Preeta requests them to remain in the room as she will look for what has happened.

Precap: Preeta explains that what the robbers are going is known as they are bad people but he pretended to be a friend did what should not have been done.

Update Credit to: Sona

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