Kundali Bhagya 29th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Karan confronts Rishab and Preeta in the hospital

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Rishab is driving when Kavya seeing the candy pops insists on buying them, Rishab agrees to stop the car and requests Preeta to step out in the market while he parks the car since there is a lot of traffic, Preeta asks the person to make a fresh and starts showing it to Kavya how they make it, Rishab comes to pay the bill when Preeta mentions she did not like it since he has not make a big one, Rishab asks him to make another big one, they both start looking at the stall meanwhile Kavya runs away into the market, Preeta and Rishab both start rushing for her when they are not able to find her, kavya reaches the middle of the road where she hurts herself so calls to her parents, Karan notices the cries of her so he rushes with all his might hopping over the cars so he can save her, he manages to pick her just as the truck is about to hit her, Preeta rushing to him appreciates him for saving their daughter but Karan replies that they both call themselves as parents when they left their child on the middle of the road, he questions what kind of parents are them but he must say they are not even worthy of being called as parents, Karan leaves with Kavya when Rishab and Preeta try to stop him, she asks him to bring the car.

Karan is looking at Kavya when he apologizes that whatever she is going to suffer is because of her parents, Kavya mentions she is really scared when he asks her to hold his hand tightly since then she would not suffer any pain, he asks what is her name so she replies her name is The Kavya Luthra, karan recalls how he would also introduce himself as The karan Luthra even in front of the guests, Kavya informs she did not feel any pain after holding his hand, he asks what is the name of her father so she informs he is Rishab Luthra, kavya steps down mentioning that her father would give him a bonus since he saved her, Karan sits asking if she thinks that he works for her father, kavya replies that everyone works for her father including the fathers of her friends and even the guests that come to the party, she asks if they would not admit her to the hospital since she doesnot like the smell of the medicines.

Preeta is panicking in the car questioning where is Kavya, Rishab assures her there is nothing to be worried about since he promises to bring Kavya back safe and sound, Rishab spots the car so asks the driver to stop it, Preeta questions where is her daughter, the nurse doesnot understand when Rishab mentions she came with a man, the nurse points them to the cabin of the doctor. Karan opens the door when Preeta rushes inside questioning what has he done to her daughter, Kavya calls Preeta from behind, they both rush to check if anything wrong happened to Kavya, she replies that she is a brave girl. Preeta goes back to him questioning why did he dare touch her daughter, Rishab also comes to stand in front of him questioning what does he think of himself as he would have to pay for what he has done, Karan replies even he would make sure that they pay for what he has done, Rishab doesnot understand anything that he is saying.

The doctor enters questioning what happened, Kavya informs they both are her parents and he is her father Rishab Luthra while she is her mother Preeta Luthra, they both questions if Kavya is fine, the doctor replies that she suffered a serious injury on her knee which might have cause serious problem if not for this man. She asks if they were coming from the office, Karan replies they were at the market. Preeta once again confronting him questions why did he not tell them if he was coming to the hospital, Karan replies they both followed him with immense speed and even then, reached the hospital twenty-five minutes after him, he saw that their car was stuck in traffic and therefor brought Kavya to the hospital after seeing her injury. He asks if she thought how she would handle if anything harm came to her daughter, he replies he would not have to come and save her if they were good parents, he says he has an advice for them so they need to be good parents or at least good at something.

Karan is about to leave when Rishab stops him mentioning he is a really difficult person because he thought that he had kidnapped his daughter but it all was different when he came to the hospital, he thanks him but Karan replies that his image of both Rishab and Preeta is not good at all, either in his mind or heart. Rishab asks if he has a daughter, karan nods in disagreement when Rishab replies he thought it was the truth since he brought her to the hospital after leaving everything, karan replies he also realized how he entered their life unknowingly but even he cannot understand it, they can call it destiny because then there would b reason but he hopes to find the reason that he met them both, karan leaves while both Rishab and Preeta are in shock. Kavya informs there is not any need to admit her to the hospital since she needs to go back home, kavya asks if he can give the person who brought her to the hospital some bonus, Rishab asks if she would like to become a chartered accountant but she says she wants to be a cricketer, Sameer calls Rishab informing he has arranged the auction, Rishab appreciates that he is following up on everything.

Kavya mentions that she doesnot want to go to school, Rishab questions where does she want to go to when she replies she wishes to go back home, Rishab and Preeta leave while karan comes to look at them both.
Shristhi entering the room questions Sameer why did he not tell her that the auction is tomorrow, he replies that he told her but she would have forgot it, Shristhi replies that she accepts she forgot that tomorrow is the death anniversary of karan but could he not inform her about it, Sameer turns to leave apologizing and he accepts that it was his mistake, Shristhi exclaims it was the biggest mistake of her life when she married him, he coming back exclaims even he made the same mistake, she threatens him to come back as she is going to teach him a lesson.

Karan is about to enter his car when Anjali stops him questioning what happened to him, she has been restlessly trying to search him and even filed a missing person’s report but she could not locate him, she questions what is wrong with him as he has changed ever since he recovered from the accident, he has been different so questions what has gotten into him, ever since he woke up he has been taking the name of Preeta. Karan mentions that he hates the name of both Rishab and Preeta, Anjali replies that she is going to call Nidhi as she saved him from the accident, Karan replies it was never an accident but he pushed into the Dam so it in fact was a murder, and that too by his wife Preeta and his elder brother Rishab, the two people he trusted and loved the most in his life were the ones who deceived him and he at the night of the party said that all the bad people would leave their house, he realized he was the bad person as they threw him out of the house after that party, both Rishab and Preeta got married and even have a daughter whose name is Kavya which he suggested, they took everything from him but now he is going to take revenge from them till the time he feels he is relieved, he exclaims he is a stupid person as he tried to find out what was the reason they killed him, he questions what was his mistake but Anjali replies he did the right thing by finding out the truth, he lost his sleep but they would also make them pay as they have to be punished which they are going to do, Anjali hugs him assuring everything would be fine.

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  1. Karan is one of the dumbest characters I’ve ever seen. Not only was he able to be convinced thst his older brother who loved him dearly and spoilt him rotten wanted Jim dead but he also believe that his wife would betray him with said brother smh. He has always gone against preeta but to think this boy his brother is just nonsensical especially with his brother wishing he came back.

  2. Kill Bill pandey

    Just here for rishta pair and for Karan I feel he is not worth it for preeta @writers better you put preeta loving rishabh as her real soulmate not Karan he is always thinking out of nothing lol character

  3. This is Ektha Kapoor remember, everything she ever does is utter nonsense.

    1. Kundali bhagya is no longer kb.. Because there is too much new.. See Nia sharma play a role in it.. The series should have ended with this track.. See no one comments the series anymore.. I think Deeraj Sir was fed up because his role was getting ugly. because a husband is supposed to trust his wife.. But he doubts and worse we could convince him that his wife could do wrong and harm.. He believed.. And that’s what happens.. He thinks that his brother and preeta wanted to kill him.. In short.. Honestly.. It’s like kkb since the departure of sriti and shabhir.. The series no longer makes sense.. Two sisters, one of whom is obsessed with the husband of her sisters.. Including aunt Aliya who no longer has a house squatting that of her niece’s family.. And who is not good advice for her.. In short

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