Kundali Bhagya 29th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Karan promises to help Preeta

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Kundali Bhagya 29th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sarla again goes to the inspector, Preeta asks Shrishti if karan does not trust her even now, she explains that she cannot figure out anything as she feels that there are mixed thoughts in his mind which even makes her go into a state of confusion, Sarla goes to Karan explaining that the only way he can meet Preeta Is when he is sure that she is innocent otherwise he is not allowed to meet her.
Sherlin brings a carton so asks Rakhi if it was the same one which she desired then when she checks it, Sherlin sees Risahb and is amazed to see that he is just keeping an eye on her but when he will come to know that Preeta is in jail then he will not have to do anything but run to help her, Sherlin is walking when she is about to bump into Maira, who explains that she always takes care of those who help her, Maira goes to Karina then giving her a glass of juice she asks her to take the other one so that she can use it as a tool to patch her strained relation with Rakhi as they are also close friends, Karina takes the glass to Rakhi who gets really happy to see the concern and they both hug each other.
Rishab is amazed to see Maira as he is not able to comprehend anything then he wonders that she was the one to patch the relation between his aunt and mother then wonders what he can do, Maira sees Sherlin staring at Risahb, she comes to her asking what the matter is, Sherlin explains that she is not the typical women then explains that she will make sure that he does not remain happy in his life as he has also ruined a lot of lives, Maira is not able to understand what Sherlin is saying.
Sarla asks Karan that he will only meet Preeta if he trusts her otherwise there is no point in meeting her, Karan goes to the inspector demanding to see the evidence, he replies that he has no right as he is just a cricketer and that he cannot see the video, karan then asks who was the one to submit the video, he takes the name of Sherlin, karan tries to go to Peeta but is stopped by Sarla, however he is adamant to meet her, when he asks the reason she is sad, she explains that she is wondering if he trusts her then he explains that he will make sure that she is released from the prison and not on bail but is freed from all charges, he turns back, she pulls his hand asking why he has decided to help her, he explains that she said that she is helping him as he is her husband but he will do it because she came to his help when Dadi was injured, so now he has the chance, he turns back but Is not able to walk properly, when he leaves, Sarla pleads with the inspector to help them attain a second bail, he suggests them a lawyer explaining that he is a bit expensive however they take the number.
Karan gets outside the station, wondering what can be done, he tries to call Risahb but it is not connecting, Sherlin is looking at Risahb so when Maira asks the reason she explains that she is looking at the happiness that is before any storm, she explains the entire situation to her suggesting what everyone will feel and also the aftermaths of the scene, Maira wonders what everyone will say to her, Maira asks for karan, Sherlin replies that he will call her, just when they are talking karan calls her asking where she is, she asks him to come and talk with her in the house, she then assures Maira that Karina will take their side and will make sure that nothing bad happens to them both.
Rakhi introduces Ramona to the guests explaining that it is her birthday party, Karina talks with the guests, she introduces Maira to them then explains that she wished they would have also been at the engagement party as it was really a successful one, one of the guests mention that they heard that the police came at that Function, Karina agrees that it was because there were some burglars, they also mention the incident that took place at the Mehndi.
Karina takes Maira with her then advises that she should not think of what they are saying as it is meaningless, Maira explains that all her memories have been destroyed by Preeta.
Sherlin comes and after staring at Rishab thinks that he has only a limited time as after that he would be suffering from extreme pain and suffering, Dadi comes asking why is she giving such awful expressions, Sherlin denies everything then she says that she is not angry, Dadi advises her to stop being angry from Risahb who scolded her for filing the complaint as she feels that everything that Sherlin did for Maira was right, they both hug, Sherlin wonders what she must do to make the Luthra brothers realize that she is an honest person as all the other family members believe in her, She asks Dadi if she ahs taken the medicine Dadi denies explaining that it was because she knew that Sherlin would take care of her and bring the medicine herself.
Sarla along with Shrishti reach the lawyers office, his secretary is in the office who asks them both to take the seat, when the lawyer comes he asks if they were sent by the inspector then says that he will fight the case so they must rest easy as he will make sure that they win, Shrishti asks him for his fees, he orders his secretary to charge them half of the original fees.
Karan reaches the party, Ramona is really excited to see him, he wonders what he can do to find the video but also wonders if there is actually any video as Sherlin cannot be trusted so she might have bribed the police, he is left in sheer confusion about what he can do.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. only in indian soaps the chapti penny writers is wit there nonsence again for crying out loud shrylin is the star ok if karan know whois shrylin why dont he get some onre to inspect the video case closed not kundli baghia kum kum baghia same krap shrylin/alia

    1. Totally agree, it’s like the writers just love the crooks. They never get caught.Ekta Kapoor insults people’s intelligence.

  2. Omigawd! In the scene with Karan and Preeta (in jail cell) talking, Preeta actually did a superb job of acting! She looked real! But then the camera cut and cut and cut to a new scene and she had lost her full focus, as usual. But now I know that the actress does have it in her! Too bad she’s not able to hold that focus. And she wasn’t sycophantic. that’s a real improvement! Sherlyn’s new ‘Goth’ look is, well, appropriate to the character, although you must feel sorry for all ‘Goth’ people to have to include someone like a sherlyn, in their ranks. Interesting to find out that India has ‘Goth’ people! And Mark is correct. “Same krap/shrylin/alia” . There are so many cruelties to choose from. But KKB and KDB both stick to the same one’s over and over. Perhaps now that sherlyn is married in real life, her real life husband will complain about the filthy role she plays and insist that she quit her job or change her character. One could hope.

    1. Verma4

      May be sherlyn is the one wearing the pants in the family. Same blo*dy crap in both Ekta’s serials KKB and KDB . She needs to take a big dump to clear her shitty head. Some laxative may be order of the day.

      1. LOL! LOL! LOL! The two of us should be hired as commentators at some public show. (for me that would be ‘drag-queen reading hour’ being held at local libraries for small children and their parents… in North america) (which I personally believe is despicable and very wrong) I think that we would be great at bringing some humourous reality to such a situation! With luck, we’ll be told that we were just as b*tchy as the drag queens! (A number of my dearest friends were drag queens who were compassionate, generous and very productive in their chosen lives. I will always honour and respect them. Every community has it’s small percentage of creepy, noisy and possibly perverted people. Of course I am referring to those nasty, noisy types. They are fairly easy to annoy as extremists of any kind are rarely rational and really they have sooooo much to criticize!!)

      2. Karan you can to love for Dr Preeta πŸ’— Karan and don’t think About Maira you just stay away from there Right Now itself Dr Preeta πŸ’— Karan he likes Karan so much I like it so much I am Not seeing Face at All Never Impossible Karan you don’t look for Maira Face you can For Dr Preeta this not Aroes don’t the Change the Topic and be careful.

    2. Karan you ask to Rishab what is happened to Dr Preeta in the Jail Rishab see your Wife Sheryln She told to Arrest to Dr Preeta in the Jail so please Scold for Sheryln Right now itself Rishab you tell her to get lost Form Luthra house you don’t came to Near Rishab Karan Dr Preeta Sirihti And Sammy Karan please Scold that Maira she did Planned to call the Police I hope you try to understand that Karan please Scold for Maira Properly you don’t leave her okay you just away from there Right Now itself see Karan throw off the Luthra House Right Now itself And be careful.

  3. f**kiing boring πŸ–• sometimes i stay months or weeks without watching it wen i resume things have not moved to even the second day , u dont lose anything wen u dont watch it bcz the atories are just repeating themselves and not going on sherlyn is pregnant for two years now mahesh is still in coma janki is not regaining her memory boring asf
    kumkum and kundali are wastage of tym
    everyday ppl are at the police station Too much!

  4. May be sarla children are meant to suffer in this world like Pragya like preeta?

    1. That is exactly what Evil Kapoor is trying to sell. “Meant to suffer” ? Who thinks that they have the right to decide ‘that’, for other human beings and …accomplishes that suffering… of others…. by removing their resources, wealth and by training them to believe that they are LESS HUMAN (than the greed addicted, corrupt thieves) or that it is their duty to suffer for the sake of others? Take a look at your leaders…political, religious, the media (this show), big agriculture and big pharma and some forms of education. And to make sure it all works, the idea is to keep those “meant to suffer” as unhealthy (GMO food/western junk food/vaccinations) and in a survival state (poor) so that those “meant to suffer” do not have time or energy to see what is very purposefully being done to them. This is why not everyone is given an education. they must keep people easy to manipulate. So when you are tired at night and just want a bit of peace and entertainment then shows like these are perfect for training your emotions to become one of those who are “meant to suffer”. This show and kkb use brainwashing to teach many very detrimental (to your health,heart, mind and spirit) false beliefs. The job of tyrants has always been to seek out and create victims. It makes them rich. It makes them feel valued and important. (Yes, deep inside they have a deep belief in how worthless they are. this is what they are trying to ‘fix’. They get their power from forcing others to become small) There must be more of those who are …”meant to suffer” always. The tyrants and bullies always need ‘more’. They are addicts. The suffering ones must be taught that it is wrong to complain, as this is just their role in life. Bala… thank-you so much for introducing those three words! No one was born and was meant to suffer. the suffering is created by the corrupted humans because each one of them is a very big coward. In their hearts they are cowards who happily hurt others so that they can have more unearned wealth.

      1. Karan you tell her Rishab your wife Sheryln she planned to Arrest to Dr Preeta in the Jail Rishab please Scold for Sheryln Properly and don’t leave her okay Karan that Maira she told to Arrest to Dr Preeta so I am telling to you Karan please Scold for Maira Properly you don’t leave her Karan you don’t throw of the Luthra House Right Now itself I hope you try to understand that Karan you can love for Dr Preeta πŸ’— Karan you do look for Maira Face at All I don’t it you just leave her Dr Preeta he Karan so much you Dr Preeta πŸ’— Karan and go to Honeymoon okay Spend the Time you don’t came to Luthra House okay

  5. Yes akituster I hope her husband will talk to her to stop playing that role.
    I cannot imagine that Ekta Kapoor, who is a woman, writes films where she takes down the character of a woman. a normal thinking person does not do that. everyone wishes the best for women in this time

    1. So right Geeta! We should be wishing the best for all HUMANS at this time. Men too, have been manipulated and trained to play their role as well. This is in reference to my reply to Bala, as well.
      And sherlyn’s real husband? Obviously ‘integrity’ is not a priority in Bollywood. Some even claim that Bollywood has satanist or black arts cults within it. That wouldn’t surprise me either. I doubt that the wish for the husband to talk ‘sherlyn’ out of this role would be granted. After all, he married her, knowing what she is. he’s likely the same. anything for money. At some point I will go through a few episodes and list the false beliefs they are teaching on these Evil Kapoor shows. In the twitter world, just in the last weeks, when there were a whole series of complaints directed to Evil Kapoor, she became angry (hearsay) and blocked her account and told everyone to complain to Nagpil somebody who also blocked his account! Evil kapoor signs off, on this production. she has responsibility. I would suspect that she is making the most money out of these productions. She IS responsible. I am sure that her imagemakers or PR staff are working hard at developing a ‘new’ persona for her. Why do you think she acquired a baby? she wanted to look like a normal human.

  6. The writer made a mistake and has brought Karan and Preeta so faraway distant that now no body want to see them together until Karan is duely and equally punished . Like bring Prithvi and Preeta together after repairing Prithvi. At least he is a true lover of Preeta.This can be a big punishment for Karan if Prithvi and Preeta are together at least for some times like the way he is with Myra.

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