Kundali Bhagya 28th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Sarla slaps Prithvi for using offensive language against Preeta

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Maira threatens to take out the eyes of Preeta if she doesnot stop staring, Preeta looks away and tries to leave but Maira stops her, Preeta asks her to leave as she wants to go to her mother, Preeta calls out to Shrishti however Maira mentions that she should cry and watch her as she wants to see her cry because after what she has done to her this is what she deserves, Preeta sits down and cries.
Karan comes to Rishab asking if he is also shocked, Rishab mentions that he is shocked but still believes that Preeta is not guilty, Karan asks him why he still thinks this because Karan married her and knows it was wrong but he did it because he knew she was the one behind the accident of their father, Rishab exclaims that what they see might be wrong and he still feels that Preeta might be true and honest however Karan doesnot believe him, Dadi also says that she has ordered the security to throw Preeta out if she is seen around the house, Karan exclaims that Dadi also sees how Preeta is but Rishab cannot see it, Karan leaves and Dadi also says that Rishab is like Rakhi and cannot see the wrong because they are really good, She leaves, Rishab mentions that he is like Rakhi who has also left Preeta to stand alone.
Maira mentions that she has married Karan but he will never accept her as his wife so she must go back to her house and take off the clothes because she will never be accepted in the Luthra family, she again threatens Preeta to leave the town otherwise she will push him so hard that Preeta will not even able to stand straight, she also threatens that she will kill her if Preeta ever comes near their house.
Maira is threatening Preeta that she must leave the town and settle with some otyher rich guy just as she tried to settle with karan and whenever she will try to do it will always be thrown out by girls like Maira, Preeta exclaims that she should stop talking however Maira says that she must listen to what she has to say, Sherlin also comes from behind exclaiming that Maira is true to force Preeta to listen.
Prithvi exclaims that he is right however Sarla and Janki refuse to believe him explaining that they know their daughter and she will never do anything like that, Janki also tries to confirm it, Prithvi exclaims that she must not believe him but will listen to what Janki will say, she says that she talked with Ganesh, however Sarla still refuses to believe him, Prithvi tries exclaiming that Preeta has once again married Karan but he along with his family still refused to accept her as their daughter in law and have kicked her out of the house, he exclaims that the entire world will consider Preeta has a mental patient because she has married Karan while being in disguise and has given a chance to the world to say awful things about her just as when they did when Karan married her and will still believe the same things so he knows that the world will believe that she has been left twice but he will accept her as he knows that she is a person with a good character but this is not what the world believes, Sarla slaps him after he mentions that the world believes that Preeta is character less.
Sherlin exclaims that Preeta is worthy of their praise, she helps her sit on the wooden chair exclaiming that she has married karan and should be with him in his bedroom but is instead thrown out of the house, she mentions that Preeta knows her and even knows her what she is capable of and can do for her agenda, Preeta is the one who knows that she wanted to ruin the Luthra family and was the one behind the accident of Mahesh Luthra but Preeta was not able to do anything, she also says that she cannot do anything against them, Sherlin also exclaims that the one who kidnapped Rishab was the father of her son, she mentions that the only reason she told her is that so she knows who is the one behind everything but is never able to do anything, she also exclaims that Preeta should go back to her society and cry on the lap of her mother as this is what she is capable off.
Sherlin exclaims that she wanted to make sure that Sherlin is thrown out of the house but instead she is the one who is thrown out, she mentions that a women who is so intelligent like Preeta should not do anything like this. Sherlin mentions that if Preeta had listened to her then she would have lived happily but she did not do it, Maira threatens that if she has a courage she should do something, Sherlin mentions that she was not able to do anything even when Sherlin destroyed the Luthra family, Maira exclaims that if she had the strength she would have saved her father, Preeta starts crying.
Sherlin orders that she leave the house and go back to her mother, Maira also throws her out, Shrishti comes and after pushing both of them away takes Preeta in the auto, Sherlin and Maira say that they both should cry with her mother, Shrishti pleads with her sister to not cry as they once again leave the Luthra Mansion.

Precap: Preeta in the wedding dress reaches her dress and is about to hug Sarla but she doesnot let her, Shrishti exclaims that Preeta ahs once again married Karan, Janki mentions that she knows, Sarla orders that Preeta leave her house as soon as possible, Preeta is not able to understand then Sarla again repeats her order in anger which shocks Preeta.

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  1. I support Sarla! Why Preeta? Why must you always do this to yourself? Have some self respect woman! Come on! Sometimes you need to let some people suffer! Let the coma guy die! Let them lose their wealth! And then drive by and rub the “I told you so” in their faces! Seriously!!! Why in God’s name do I even pay to watch this show????

    1. Lalita Bhattacharjee

      I agree. What Preeta is doung to herself is regressive! How can Karan stop so low and insult Preeta so much. I think Rishab should marry Preeta instead, both will make a mature and likeminded pair.

  2. Leisa s morris

    So after all that has happened doesnt preeta have any backbone at all. I mean all she does is cry,she has all d info yet she cant do anyting but cry. She allows herself to be pushed around by sherlin,karan,karina and now maira. Someone as educated as her should not be treated as such. I really do believe she and karan belong together,cause regardless of d fact that they are highly educated they are as dumb as a doorbell. Neither has d ability to think and act decisively. Now sarla is also throwing her out just like the luthras,so with nowhere to go wats her nxt move. Or is she gonna just sit somewhere crying. Its high time preeta gets some backbone,enough is enough writers it is high time preeta forgets all her morals and play d game just like the rest cause being a goody two shoes just aint cutting it. She has already crossed d line by marrying that gd for nothing karan now she needs to walk it and put them all in yheir place. Enough already with this helpless act and only crying inftont of the enemies.

    1. So true I agree with this!

  3. Can sherlyn just hurry up n snatch all the wealth from the Luthera’s?? I can’t wait to see karina n Karan on the road..homeless…except Rishabh

    1. Why is sherlin pregnant so long?The writer’s forgot she is prenant…

    2. Why does she have chura on for so long.
      She still looks slim trim. ๐Ÿคช her pregnancy is soap opera one.

    3. Why is sherlin pregnant so long?

  4. This series has been looping for some time now .. It’s always the same thing .. We are at how many marriage and kidnapping .. How often karan prefers to listen to maira and sherlyn .. In short, pitiful series .. And to say that ‘ he is number 1. Why ?? The bad guys always win, and the good guys always lose. And a*sh*les keep dumb .. I wish preeta was with rishab so much .. They deserve each other .. Don’t understand why they put karan and preeta .. And rishab with such an evil being like sherlyn. To understand nothing

  5. Preeta is a fool and has no self respect. She should let Karan have that evil witch. When he finds out the truth it will be his Karma. I do feel bad for Rishab but he should man up and get rid of Sherlyn he knows her truth. He also needs to be the man of the house and put his aunt in her place.

  6. that the summary of india corrupted..just like what had happed to SSR.it also shows how the wealthy people treat middle class people. hence india corrupted.
    the kumkum bhagya sould be called “jail bhagya”

    1. Lalita Bhattacharjee

      Terrible, reflects how regressive women can get in India!!

  7. The writer of this serious is obviously delusional. The same thing over and over and not once in how many years can good triumph over evil. She should get a special award for worst serial ever. ‘D Karan Luthra’ feel he is all of that but he is the most illiterate, ignorant, insensitive, pompous person that exists in zee serials. He deserves a wife like Maira.

  8. I hope the moment will come when karan starts running after Preeta. I’m waiting for that. he’s already done enough with that silly preta pretending to be alone in the world.the good people are always so powerless against those evil people. the evil people never need proof to show that what they say is true. but the good people, the so-called middle class people, always need evidence to prove themselves. what kind of nonsense is that.

  9. It’s getting ridiculous. When is Sherlin going to be caught? When is her baby bump going to show ? It’s been way toooooooo long now. Writers are dragging this for a long time and its becoming annoying. Lots of people stopped following this show cause it’s the same shit over and over. Peeta always crying. Sherlin and Prithvi keep plotting. No1 gets caught. The writer doesn’t know what he is doing. Honestly. Same bullshit everyday.

  10. Honestly, why sherlyn why can’t u just make things faster. I have just lost all my patience to see karan karina and dadi on road. A humble request for makers of this show at least kill Mahesh or make him alive. We’re done with this coma.

  11. Hahahaha,i just pity the actors and actresses for acting such a foolish story,i have long stop reading and watching because the story lacks moral and its baseless same as kumkum bhagya, no happiness in the story always evil. I have watched some indian movie all are like minds only fews fights evil,i begin to imagine if their producers,story writer and production teams are so dumb. Its funny anyways keep up your stupidity, n the main owner of the story you are so sick that you need to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

    1. True very true…most hopeless serial ever

  12. You guys are making it too boring..plz stop characterizing preeta as a very helpless bichari type lady and karan as a vulgar emotionless villain ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ฒ

  13. The way Karan treated Preeta, she should never be his wedded wife. She should break up from the so called marriage and marry Rishabh. One should marry the one who loves you not the one you love.

  14. The truth is, the series has become a source of anguish and anguish rather than entertainment. The writer is broke and has no ideas for juveniles. Everything has limits, even feelings have limits, and this writer has crossed all limits. How can Brita be accept insults from the Lutra family every time, and does Karan really love Brita? How he loves her and does not believe in her and how he loves her and always does not believe her. Unjustified contradiction from the writer, boredom and slow events. Failed writer and psychopath

  15. Soooooo boring even after long months of lockdown still preeta ji is dumbbbb bhenji type brains hasnโ€™t changed anything. Even now she has to hide and marry for whattttt when she is legally married or it doesnโ€™t work to marry legally ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜. Omg so tiring to see sala cryingggggg preeta cryyyyyyyy. Arenโ€™t you moth daughter duo get tired of crying ggggg Pls change the story or end it with sherlin and majors.

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