Kundali Bhagya 23rd October 2019 Written Episode Update: Sarla gets ill after the function

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Kundali Bhagya 23rd October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Preeta is alone in the room, Shrishti comes asking if Preeta wants to say anything to her or if she has something on her mind, She asks why did Preeta go to the Luthra house, Preeta explains that she never wanted to but had to because of some situation,
Preeta explains that she got the appointment letter at the hotel, she has gotten the job at the cricket association, Shrishti explains that now she will also meet Karan, Preeta explains that when she went to the hotel, Karan was also there with Maria and she burned her hand while trying to light a cracker. Shrishti asks what did they talk on the karwa chowt day when she left running, Preeta remembers that he apologized to her that he broke her fast but it should have been the right of her husband, Preeta remembers that she wanted him to apologize to her for his mistake but he did it for breaking her fast, and she also came with the other dancers when she left the house, Shrishti explains that she felt they both would have talked and he knew that she kept the fast for him, Preeta makes her promise that she would never let Karan realize that she kept the fast for him, they both hug each other when Janki comes explaining that Sarla is ill so they should meet her.
Karina is in her room, thinking of what Preeta said that she doesn’t need her advice on how to deal with Karan, Dadi comes asking the reason she is so angry, Karina explains that she never liked Preeta coming into their home but dadi also started to like her, yet Karina proved to be true, still she tried to be steadfast but cannot understand that Preeta is the wife of Karan,
Karina explains that she did everything for the house giving her entire life to it, she explains that she wants to throw Preeta out of Karan’s life, Dadi explains that Preeta is already out of their lives, they both vow to throw Preeta out of their lives.
Preeta and Shrishti both go to meet Sarla at her bed, she is lying there, they check to see that she has a severe fever, Preeta and Janki go to get the medicine, Sarla calls Shrishti to come near her, she explains that the daughters are like a bird, they leave when they get older, who knew that something so awful would happen to Preeta, she choose Prithvi for her daughter but she married Karan, then they both start to cry, Sarla promises to stop crying as this would further increase her tensions.
Sherlin ask Prithvi about the time, She explains that she doesn’t know if Rishab has even called her, Prithvi asks how much longer she will remain in the house, she explains that she would remain there until they get the papers and would have gotten them if Mahesh had not interfered but now there is no one to stop them and even Rakhi is out of town so they have nothing to worry as she would call him really soon informing him of the good news regarding the property papers.
Karan walk by the kitchen where he sees Maira, he asks her why she is in the kitchen, she explains that she has gotten hungry, he asks why she is not eating, she shows the wounds, he explains that he will make her eat the food, he takes out the food explaining that he has also gotten really hungry, he gives her the food while also telling her of how Rishab used to pamper him whenever he got an injury so he started to pretend that he got injured even when it was just a bruise, Maira gets lost in the moment, Samer is waling when he sees how Maria is looking at Karan, he vows to not let any girl come near Karan as he is the husband of Preeta.
Preeta asks why Janki is crying, She explains that they might give Sarla any medicine but she knows why Sarla has gotten ill and it is because of her, she was fine the entire day and has gotten ill because she worries for Preeta, she was fine when Preeta used to smile but she doesn’t let anyone know if Preeta has any worries, she should have been there when Preeta mentioned that she was in the Luthra house, yet when she explained that it was a joke after only that she got relieved, she doesn’t want that Preeta goes to the Luthra house.

Precap: Sherlin asks Mahesh where the papers are, saying that it belongs to her but she does not even know where Rakhi has hid the keys, Preeta exclaims to Janki that she was really at the Luthra mansion.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Another day, another dollar. Ekta Kapoor suspends stupidity in a pickle bottle turning it into poison.
    Come on. Karina giving her life to ‘the family’. How about a wasp entering a home and stinging, stinging and more stinging so she can claim the house and pretend that she earned the house. No wonder she favours the psychopath Sherlyn. And then Maira waving her hands and fingers around obviously able to use them but claiming that she requires help, to eat. How dumb does this production team believe India’s population to be? Does India like to be insulted? Does India like to be portrayed as a nation of very dumb victims just panting for more abuse?

  2. LOL. I forgot. Preeta does all of the panting and sycophantic breathless breathing portraying ALL women everywhere as non-sensical, silly victims just waiting to be punched in the face by willing men and orgasming (at their unearned power) criminal women. i.e. Karina/Sherlyn

    1. Verma4

      Karina, please. She is really getting up my nerve with her sh/t for brains slum class . Sorry slum has more class than her. My apologies.

      1. LOL. No apologies! Too funny! I never even thought of the word ‘slum’ class. I kept thinking of ‘SCUM’ class. Like sewage pond scum. Every ‘class’ has these types of barbarians residing in their midst. These types of barbarians can only see the world through power/status/money. They are addicts and often lost their humanity with or through the first generation which gained social status. Once they became so rich that they could call themselves elite then well, there was no need for humane behaviour or a classical education which does focus on respect for others and the responsibilities of privilege. I did find it humourous when I began watching to see characters spewing ridiculous claims about their ‘worth’ when they were behaving like “slum class”, sewer pond scum or could we say ‘slum dogs’… but I do not wish to insult dogs. Dogs carry much love in their beings.

  3. How a writer can degrade to this level a lovely nd interesting series all in the bud to extend the series life . And it’s not just India that’s insulted , the world in general I watch all the way from Africa and frustrated that all series always the same ..
    My problem is why in all series , Kundali Bhagya , Kumkum Bhagya and Ishq Subhan Allah evil prevails over good . The outcome of this for the younger generation will only foster evil as these series shows.
    To prolong a plot for the series does not have to be like this, a twist with the main actors/actress can happen but Sherlyn, Karina , Rusksarr, Alia must not always win.

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