Do you like Namish-Meera’s chemistry in Colors’ Vidya?

Colors’ Vidya is bringing an interesting track. The leads Vidya and Vivek will be seen coming close as a result of Nanku Singh’s conspiracies. Namish Taneja plays the male lead Vivek, while Meera Deosthale plays the female lead Vidya. Their roles are very much different than what they have played before. Meera’s role Vidya is of a sensitive, dependent and underestimated woman, unlike her strong and daring character Chakor of Colors’ Udaan. Namish made the entry as Prem Pratap in the beginning. His character opens up layers. He actually plays the powerful and smart district magistrate, Vivek Vardhan Singh. The show has been slowly picking up. The leads chemistry is building up gradually as the story gets a twist.

The story brings a sweet story of friendship between Vidya and Vivek. Nanku tries hard to defame them by locking them up at an isolated house outside the village. Vivek manages to answer the villagers. His constant support to Vidya brings disgrace for her. Villagers question their relation. Nanku puts them in a fix. Vivek will be seen taking a strong stand for Vidya. Do you like Namish-Meera’s chemistry in Colors’ Vidya? Let us know your opinion.

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