Kundali Bhagya 22nd November 2019 Written Episode Update: Sarla forces Preeta to marry Prithvi

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Sarla is about to leave but Prithvi stops her then he explains that his mother is really upset but it is the matter of his entire life and he knows that there is no one better then Preeta for him, he assures that he will arrange everything and even his mother will not say anything, Sarla does not understand then he requests that she eat the sweets of the wedding as they will surely marry, Sarla has some conservations regarding his mother but he explains that she is only angry but will allow when she comes to know that he is making the right decision, He pleads with her to arrange their wedding as soon as possible rather in just three days, Sarla is stunned by this request, Prithvi explains that his mother is going out of the city but he wants to marry her as then when his mother comes back then she will not be angry with him anymore. Sarla agrees to marry them in three days, she asks Janki to follow her as they have to prepare for their wedding, Prithvi enquires if she ahs also asked Preeta but Janki explains that Sarla has not talked with anyone and Preeta is not aware of the matter, Sarla says that she will talk with he, Prithvi explains that he will wait for her call confirming that Preeta has agreed to marry him, He also sees them out of his house.
Karan is in his room, Maira comes explaining that she has made a mistake, she explains that she thought everyone in the family knew about that Preeta also works in his training, Karan mentions that he has no problem and does not care of Preeta, Maira agrees then also presents him with her ring for the engagement explaining that she was told by Karina that it is a ritual and he is going to buy the ring so she wants that it be perfect, Maira leaves while karan is still confused.
Prithvi is in his house celebrating that he will be married to Preeta, that too in just three days and all his dreams will come true, Sherlin comes from behind asking why he is so happy, Prithvi responds that he is really happy because he rejected Sarla who insulted him in the Mandap and he has gotten really happy after insulting so she should also makes her eat the sweets.
Prithvi asks Sherlin how she will go to the party, Sherlin explains that she will go there by road as she likes long drives, he explain s that he will go with her the next time even if he is not invited, she after seeing the time leaves because the luthras will have a lot of questions if she gets late so she will go after shopping so they are not curious.
She leaves, Prithvi thinks that he will marry Preeta, while Sherlin will leave for Puna tomorrow and when she will come back then will get busy in karans engagement while he will marry the girl of his dreams so he will have a blast.
Bi jee is really worried for Sarla, Shrishti explains that she will come back and she doesnot have to worry, Preta also explains that Janki is with her so they will be safe together, Shrishti explains that she is really strict and no one can harm her, BI jee is still worried, Preeta explains that she has prepared for sweets for them and so wishes that she eat it and forgive her for going to the Luthra house, Sarla meanwhile comes back saying that she cannot forgive Preeta for going to the luthra house till she agrees to marry Prithvi, she explains that she cannot marry again as karan is her husband, Sarla explains that she is still worrying for someone who is getting married to someone else. Preeta explains that she will not marry as she has accepted that karan is her husband and so will not marry anyone else.
Karan is going when he meets with Rishab, he explains that he wants him to get the ring for his engagement, Rishab refsues to bring it saying that it is his engagement and so he will not go for shopping, Rishab says that he can refuse for the engagement but cannot make other do his shopping, he asks that Rishab should not go if he doesnot want to, he ahs other people who can do his work then orders Sameer to bring the ring but he agrees.
Sarla is really angry saying that she is always thinking off the benefits of her daughters but they never listen to her as they think that she is the bad person, Sarla gets really angry and then starts shouting so is not able to control her heart beat, they all try to make her calm down but she doensnot listen forcing Preeta to agree on marrying Prithvi she then hugs her mother so that she can remain stable.

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  1. here we go again Sarla the b*t*h out of hell bent on destroy her daughter life what a drama queen (Sarla)is she is worse than shrylin wow these writers why would I want my daughter to married a reject why does this happen or the fat lady speak keep destroyeing women character and integrity A MARRIED WOMAN IS A MARRIED WOMAN WRITERS R U LISTENING DUMBOs

    1. You nailed it Mark , a married woman is a married woman .
      Or can either Karan or Preeta decide to marry someone else and no talk of divorce ever mentioned between them . The writer highly stupid and thinks the viewers are stupid as well .
      Preeta should stand up to her mother and say I remain married until divorce. She should go to her husband’s house and demand she stays there until divorce or makes an announcement as MRS KARAN There were other people at the ceremony so it can’t be denied .
      Really all a waste of time , 2years running and Sterling still pregnant and RIshab a big fool too.

    2. Beta kanoonan zurm hai Karan ne without divorce shadi Kari to wo jail jaega aur preeta ne Kari to wo bhi jail jaegi.
      But it’s Ekta Kapoor’s show jahan law and order ki to …..

    3. Today’s drama queen performance could easily compete with some of the drag queens and trans people of North america. Easily. They (the loud, noisy criminal ones) could give lessons to Sarla and vice versa. Makes you wonder if any of the writers are suffering from ‘gender dysphoria’ because the writing and performing reaches drag-queen levels. A lot of arrogance, guilt, contempt all mixed up and delivered with desperate, needy, demand to be in charge of everyone else’s life.

    4. Sarla is just a big fat fool for asking prithvi to marry her daughter when she already knows that preeta is a married woman and without thinking that one day things will change

  2. What the heck what’s rong with this lady or is true happening in India that you get married to that then mother gets you married to that is it a casino game not this then that wowww hats off it’s going to be fun when she finds about prithvi and sherry bby then I guess she will have 3 rd one ready. ?????.
    Sorry shristi you don’t exist in house.

  3. Jyotsnaaaaaaaaaa

    This annoying serial. Ekta Kapoor forgot that sherlin is pregnant. She proved biology wrong. Just stop creating content if you can’t create something good. This f**kin serial has no sense. Preeta is independent she can marry any other guy, why you f**kin dont support women empowerment. Instead you just show that they rely on some big huge magnificent rich family where the girl would get married. Just stop okay. I’m done with this sherlin being pregnant for 1.5 years. A normal human being would get pregnant twice in that period. I don’t even find writing more about this useful.

  4. Sarla and her latest bi-polar episode reminds us that guilt, not love is the main motivator in an Indian family. Let’s face it, any three year old who behaved the way that Sarla does, would be immediately isolated, counselled or taken in to a professional to sort out the negative behaviour. The child’s parents would be asked to look at the quality of their parenting. But here, the parent’s childish egos allow parents to relentlessly to use their children whenever it’s convenient. Guilt and obedience would appear to be the strongest tools that Indian parents have at their disposal. Maira is a high-class whore. Anyone who goes after a married man is a whore and likely a gold digger…like Maira. And the actress does a wonderful job of perfectly portraying the desperation needed well, to be a Maira type person. We are being told that even the educated people of India, you know, their high class and middle class people, behave this way. Insatiable greed/ego using guilt and obedience training to terrorize family members (easy and immediate victims) and especially strangers who are all begging to be victims for some Indian Mommy having a three year old style temper tantrum. Funny, how they blame all ‘bad’ on ‘Hitler’ without ever looking in the mirror to see their own disgusting behaviour. Just lovely. Well, at least Preeta’s sycophantic breathing, her huffing and puffing (I guess that is supposed to be conveying her innocence….not outright stupidity) was kept to a minimum. Who would want to be with such a ‘sucky’ loser type who never makes a good decision when it is needed but stands there and huffs and puffs her way to even more disgraceful victimhood. A perfect Indian female, take it, take more abuse and shut up. Never let the truth be spoken. Just take more beatings, especially the ones from your 3 year old idiot, mother. The writers should learn a little bit more about factual history (Hitler) versus the propaganda they have been taught. I see the writers have backed off of their high class/middle class bullshit but then we didn’t have dumb, ugly monster Kareena appear today.

    1. Verma4

      Another Sarla moment.

  5. I do not think that @ektavirakapoor look kdb ??♀️merde just look at the alchemy of preean here but your ideas are zero. I do not understand why the actors accept these betisses ???

    1. I totally agree with you. Writers don’t have any original or good ideas. Just churning out BS day in day out. The actors have all lost the charisma of their characters while the story line kept derailing. The producers should rein in this lame and embarrassing show because it’s not portraying a positive image of the Indian culture

  6. Just popped into Mylifeisdesi.com prank, describing how Korean women eat 3 spoons of rice per day to stay slim and an Indian woman has those three spoons just testing the food for quality and right preparation to be served for lunch. I replied with a question about who would you prefer as a best friend /wife? the one who cares about health and quality before serving a meal for you or the one who only thinks about herself. Most Indian women are the kindest nurturers in the world. It is amazing to witness their intelligence, efficiency and proficiency in providing for their loved ones. (one aspect of a Pragya type and some of my aunts) Just needed to leave this note because I needed you to know that I do observe both sides of a story /information. This production is focused on the negative, relentlessly. Thus my focus. I am clear that there is much good in India, needing to be supported and grown so that ALL citizens of India may live in security, with health and education and choice. This production does not support that vision in any way.

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