Kundali Bhagya 1st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Manisha’s grappling continue

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Preeta gets away from Karan and asks why he called her as fat? He asks if it matters. Preeta says it matters, for reasons unknown to her. Karan looks into her eyes deeply, walks closer and says he knows; she must question her heart for this. Sameer comes to take Karan as Rishab is calling him downstairs. Preeta turns to leave but Karan holds her back. She manages to leave anyway. Sameer playfully chases Karan to come downstairs. Karan comes to Preeta and asks if she got reply from her heart?
In the room, Rakhi was ready and comes to Mahesh. He complements her dress color and asks if she remember the day they met and married later? Rakhi remembers how they met each other when Rakhi demanded a lift. She tried to make an impression that she had a goon boyfriend, but Mahesh proposed her in the

car. Mahesh tells Rakhi that she always lied to their children about their love marriage. Karan, Sameer and Rishab come into the room. Rakhi asks the children not to tell this truth to Dadi, she was really strict and completely against love marriage. Karan teases he will tell her tomorrow about it. Rakhi says tonight, she must only focus on Manisha. They were all determined to defeat Manisha today.
The family welcomes the guests. Preeta and Shrishti stood for welcoming the guests. Shrishti decides to teach them good lesson. Manisha comes there and has an argument with Preeta and Shrishti. Preeta replies Manisha straightforwardly. Karan Luthra must be in love with Manisha, but they aren’t. She won’t bear all this misbehavior from her. Shrishti was happy that Preeta diverted Manisha’s mind by keeping mentioning Karan. Rakhi and Kareena come to welcome Manisha as she has arrived. They discuss may be Shrishti is deliberately misbehaving with Manisha so that she isn’t suspicious. Manisha goes to meet Rakhi and Kareena but Shrishti makes her fell off into lady’s feet. Dadi was happy that it was a good beginning. Manisha blames Kareena, Rakhi was also worried that Kareena would now scold Shrishti but Kareena doesn’t. She advices Shrishti not to behave with their daughter in law like this. She takes Manisha along. Shrishti was shocked and asks Preeta to pinch her. Preeta pulls her ear. Sherlin passes by Shrishti who greets Sherlin. Sherlin clarifies she won’t be impressed by Shrishti’s buttery talk. Shrishti asks what about treating her the same was as Manisha? But negates the idea as Sherlin is pregnant. Sherlin insists she isn’t pregnant. Shrishti says then she must make Sherlin fell off, people will hold her straight to hospital and truth will be revealed.
Karan complements Manisha. They share kisses with everyone on cheek. Karan notices Preeta was jealous. He tries to wipe the lipstick mark from his face using Preeta’s pallu, she was visibly irritated. Manisha meets the guests and goes aside. Preeta sends Shrishti to keep an eye over Manisha. Manisha comes to the room furious over Preeta’s attitude.
Prithvi was flattered by Preeta’s photo. He gets a call from Manisha who curses Preeta. Prithvi notices Sherlin was also calling him repeatedly. He says Sherlin must have to speak to him about something important, she must cut the call. Sherlin was irked that Prithvi didn’t attend his call. There, Sherlin watch Preeta busy on phone and thinks Prithvi must surely be talking to her.

PRECAP: Prithvi arrives at the party. Karan murmurs he has come as an uninvited guest. Prithvi says he heard what Karan just said. Karan replies he wanted Prithvi to hear what he said.

Update Credit to: Sona

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