Kundali Bhagya 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Shrishti found in the godown

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Kundali Bhagya 17th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Neil tells Shrishti that it was his men who told him he is some relative. Shrishti was sure she has no relation with any such bastard. Neil tells Shrishti it’s his experience that only the close relations pay to goons for such cases. He mocks Shrishti for her speechlessness.
Rishab stops Sameer near a van on street. Sameer recognizes it’s the same van, they say its possible Shrishti is still there. They hurry down to check near the van. Shrishti wasn’t in the van but Preeta finds Shrishti’s bracelet and a torn piece of cloth near the van. Karan looks into the van, they spot foot prints from within the van towards a nearby building. They look towards the single available way. Some men sat outside a building, they head to ask them. Karan spot guns in their hands and take everyone to a hiding. Rishab doesn’t let Preeta hurry inside. They divide into pairs, Karan and Preeta go inside together while Rishab and Sameer move towards the other side.
Inside the godown, Preeta and Karan spot the goons. Karan pulls Preeta behind the boxes and stuffs her mouth. They take a chance to leave the spot as the goons were being instructed by another man to keep an eye on Prithvi. They finally reach a point where Shrishti had been crying and resisting the goons. Karan was furious. Rishab drags him outside and asks him to stay calm. Karan was only concerned for Preeta’s tears. Sameer wonders why they don’t inform the police. Rishab says police is always involved in such crimes and would never do anything. Preeta cries being helpless to help Shrishti in such a situation. Karan had gone to a side. He returns with his plan on, he says they have to wait for fifteen minutes. He has called for costumes Shrishti once ordered for a party, one of a police inspector, another of a goon, a Gabbar and Preeta as Basanti. He plans to break into the godown as inspector. Neil would tremble, and hand his gun to Rishab for help. Everyone dislike the idea and calls it nonsense. Karan asks them for their ideas. Preeta suggests about confronting them. Rishab says they have guns, they are arm-less. He says there are other options as well. He then asks Karan if they have any guns. They laugh together and make fun of each other. Sameer suggests about accepting Karan’s idea. Preeta and Rishab also agree to Karan’s idea. Karan teases Preeta that he has already cancelled the costume’s delivery and demands Preeta to apologize to him. After Preeta has said a sorry, Karan laughs that he didn’t cancel anything.
At home, Sarla and Bee ji were praying for Shrishti when Rakhi and Mahesh come home. They get worried watching the house and asks what is it about. Mahesh says Karan called Rishab, then Sameer went behind and none is attending their call. Bee ji says they have gone to find Shrishti. Sarla says they found the house in such a state and Shrishti wasn’t home. They doubt Shrishti was kidnapped by Neil, corporator. Sarla cries saying she tried and stop them as Neil is a goon but none listened to them. Mahesh and Rakhi ask Sarla to call Sameer, they might require their help right now.
Sameer was changing in his costume when he gets a call from Sarla, it was Rakhi. Sameer doesn’t tell them about their whereabouts. Rakhi was concerned and says she knows everything. Sameer says there is no fixed location and they are only wandering on roads. Rakhi emotionally blackmails Sameer. Sameer says they are around 10 km away from Neil Corporator’s house, it’s a desserted godown. He says Mahesh must be really angry, she shouldn’t tell him. After the call was disconnected, Rakhi asks Mahesh to go and help the kids. She, Sarla and Mahesh leave to find Shrishti.

PRECAP: Karan comes inside as police inspector to ask Neil about that thief. Sameer signals Shrishti from a corner to stay silent. Shrishti was relieved to see them.

Update Credit to: Sona

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