Kundali Bhagya 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update: The Luthra’s are held hostage in the Luthra Mansion

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The band enters the Luthra Mansion to everyone’s surprise, they start the performance which everyone enjoys a lot, Prithvi immediately rushes to dance with them but Sameer seems a little tensed at first however then pulls Arjun to dance with them, the entire Luthra family starts enjoying. Preeta is dancing with Rishab seeing which Arjun feels a little jealous, he walks to stand behind her but she doesnot notice him at all and when she turns to see him, Preeta get really tensed but thinks of how Karan would dance with her on such songs, she is left perplexed by the memories however Arjun is still dancing, he notices Preeta is worried so leaves the dance. Prithvi lies down on the floor to dance when Karina exclaims that she feels he is the only one in the party. Prithvi instructs Vishnu to close the door, Rishab questions what the hell is he doing since this is not right and he not asked them to close the door. Prithvi turning out mentions he is the one who instructed them since they are not the guests but burglars who have come to rob them, Rishab at once asks them to calm down since they would surely get whatever they desire but prithvi explains he has still not eaten the cake, he instructs the workers to bring the trolly of cake.

Arjun rushes into the kitchen from where he takes out the water and then starts eating, Preeta notices him from the corner and seems a little tensed about his behavior, he then picks out an apple seeing which Preeta questions what is going on, he doesnot understand her question when she asks how does he know where are all the things as it feels this is not her house but instead his kitchen, Arjun tries to walk away without answering when she holds him by the hand, he feels a little emotional when removes her hand asking what happened, she demands the answer to her question.

Prithvi is continuously eating the cake when he exclaims this is really good, Raja also doesnot understand anything so prithvi explains that all these rich people are standing here, he asks why are they standing like this staring at him because when it was their time then all ate this cake so he feels that it is their time so he also makes Raja eat, Rishab thinks it is for the good that Preeta, Arjun, Kavya and Sona are not here but they would still have to take care of this goons. Raja explains that a girl is still missing from this family, Vishnu also feels they are missing someone.

Arjun mentions that he was always wrong about her, so he thinks of how he saw Rishab holding her and when she asked if he has any problem, Arjun replies she kept saying he felt wrong when he was not mistaken, Preeta calls him Mr Sooryavanshi, he mentions his name is Arjun but she replies she would call him by this name so does he have a problem. Arjun asks if she forgot that he ahs been invited to this party and so came here to the kitchen a lot of times, if she has gotten the answer then can he eat the apple. Preeta mentions that she wants to tell how he can eat anything in this party but if she sees him then doesnot know how she is going to react. Arjun thinks she doesnot want to eat this apple so goes to stop Preeta, Kavya comes running explaining that there is someone unconscious in the room, Preeta getting worried asks who are they talking about when Kavya mentions Mohan uncle, she mentions that there is also a cloth stuffed in his face, hearing this Preeta gets tensed when she asks Kavya to go and hide in the room and not come out till she comes to find her. Preeta getting worried explains something is really wrong so she needs to find about what is wrong.

Prithvi after thinking for a while explains he knows who is missing as her name is Preeta, Vishnu mentions that she is not the girl he was talking about but he is right as she is also not here, Raja also mentions that the secretary of Arjun is also missing and even he is not here, Prithvi in anger explains it is not right as how can they all leave without the noticing.
Rishab sees Preeta walking in the balcony so wonders how can he stop her because if he speaks then the goons would be able to see her, Arjun sees how Rishab is looking at her so realizes that Preeta is visible, he rushes to pull her behind the pillar questioning if she has gotten mad.

Prithvi calls Raja mentioning how he feels there is something wrong upstairs so he can go to check it, Rishab stops him mentioning there is no need to go upstairs as they all would get whatever they desire, prithvi asks if there is something written on his forehead, Sameer threatens them when Raja points a gun warning that he would pay for what he has done, Rakhi also asks them to not misbehave when Vishnu questions if they actually think the reason, they have come here is to learn manners. Mahesh threatens to make them all pay by sending them to the police, when Prithvi replies if he thinks they are stupid as it is not the case because they are professionals and have set a device which will block the signals, he tries to push Mahesh which angers everyone and they start fighting, Rishab manages to over power Prithvi who in anger causes the portrait of Karan to break, Rishab gets really angry seeing it.

Preeta manages to push Arjun away and then tries to rush downstairs but Arjun pulls her into the room questioning what is she thinking off because she cannot do anything, she doesnot know karate and also has no weapon which can be used to protect them, Preeta replies he would not be worried since it is not his family who is at risk, Arjun getting furious mentions they are also his family, she is stunned so he corrects his statement clarifying that he meant even Anjali is stuck down there. Preeta explains she doesnot want to even talk with him, he getting furious replies even he is not interested in listening to her tantrums and it would not take him a single moment to leave her, he calls her Preeta Aurora when she replies her name is Preeta Luthra, he agrees calling her as Preeta karan Luthra, she gets stunned hearing it. He asks her to now say that it is not correct when she replies that it is also her name, or rather used to be a while ago. Bani Dadi rushes into the room with one of her friend, who immediately starts praising them both thinking they are looking good together, Dadi asks how can she think of wishing them at such a crucial moment as Preeta is the wife of Rishab while Arjun is their guest, the guest hearing this apologizes.

Precap: Arjun is about to hit someone when Preeta walks in. Arjun stops and says what are you doing here. He says, there are so many goons downstairs and you are a girl. Preeta says, don’t lecture me on being girl or boy because girls are also strong as men, girls can fly a plane, can’t they fight goons?

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