Kundali Bhagya 14th January 2019 Written Episode Update:The court begins the hearing of Rishab’s case

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Kundali Bhagya 14th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Karina says that she is the one who agreed to marry Karan and then when they found that she had a boyfriend she charged him with murder and locked him in jail, Rakhi’s say that she must say the truth and protect her child, Manisha replies that she will make him spent the rest of his life in jail, Karan says that she will say lies and never the truth, Manisha replies that she will not listen to anyone and will only be against them, she also insults Preeta from trying to convince her to come on their side,
Manisha leaves and Kartika sees Rishab , the inspector agrees to let him meet with his family saying that there is still time , everyone hugs him, Sherlin comes and asks if he is okay, He gets emotional after hugging everyone. Shrishti is also not able to control his emotions and goes to hug him, Prithvi get angry seeing this and is about to go and separate them both, Preeta gets away and asks if Rishab is okay, he says that he is absolutely fine, Karan also hugs him asking if he is okay.
Prithvi thinks of what he will do if he goes to meet them all, The inspector thinks that Rishab is a family and and that is why he is so loving, he say that Rishab loves Preeta and that is why he is so happy after talking to her. Prithvi is walking thinking that they must both get away from Preeta because she only belongs to her, he accidentally knocks something when Rishab asks him what he is doing here because he already came to meet Billa, Karan gets shocked and asks why he came to meet the culprit, the inspector says that they must take Rishab away, everyone also follows them.
Preeta is about to leave when Prithvi stops her and taking her to a corner says that he met Billa because she means a lot to him and he cares for her so he tried to help her, he boasts about himself saying that Sarla thinks that he is very good at convincing anyone, he does not know why she thinks like this but he tried t use this to help Rishab, he questioned Billa asking him the name of the person who hired him and every time he took Rishab name.
Karan comes informing Preeta that their case number has come, She leaves hurriedly, Prithvi thinks that this is how to take revenge, he has done all that is necessary to bury his enemies alive and now no one can stop him.
The court hearing begins where everyone takes their seats and so the hearing begins, the prosecutor comes and says that Rishab has been charged with murder of his partner. Prithvi
Prithvi is at the back bench and is very happy to be away from his enemies.
Rishab is blamed for killing Rithwik, he says that there is a thing that is needed to kill someone which is a reason since Rishab is a nice person having no motive to kill Rithwik at any given time so it cannot be him, also Rithwik was his partner and he treated him like a brother, he had also given him a lot of money.
The prosecutor says that Billa has himself said that Rishab was the one behind the accident, they both get into a heated argument and the prosecutor says that Rishab was continuously on the phone with Rishab meaning that he was trying to kill him, The defendant says that this cannot be the reason as he had also called Karan a lot of times the present day.
Manisha comes and says that she will tell how someone is paid to kill.

Precap: Manisha is yelling that Rishab is the one behind the murder of Ritwik, Karan gets angry and tries to suffocate her so he is also arrested.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Can you believe this shit

  2. I don’t know how people can watch this nonsense. So much of dragging of same stupid track and always making Prithvi the winner. Like seriously, his track is going on more than one year. Repeating the same thing over again and again.
    I think people should stop watching this nonsense and do something interesting that could benefit them instead of watching crap.

  3. They need to get to the point and make the story interesting sometimes. They drag all the serials to the extreme and instead of an of enjoyment to look at a serial it’s mostly tiring looking at the same thing dragging on and on and on and on……………..I even curse sometimes with disgust

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