Kumkum Bhagya 9th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Prachi seeks Rhea’s help to expose Tanu

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The Episode starts with Tanu asking Pragya to bring her bridal clothes to her house at 11 am, as the mahurat for marriage is 2 pm. She tells that she has met Singhania and getting the papers done for the closure of the case, asks Abhi to do the work on time. Prachi thinks of Ranbir’s words and cries. Rhea comes to her room and sees her dupatta on the bed. She realizes the cloth on Ranbir’s hand was her dupatta and shouts Prachi. She tells that you have lied to me. Prachi asks what did I lie? Rhea says you say that you want to have a fresh start. She asks her to tell about her dupatta. Prachi says sorry. Rhea asks for ruining my life. Prachi says I can’t think of this and asks her to trust her. Rhea blames her for romancing with ranbir just before the 2 days of her marriage. She says you want to ruin my life and tells that she has noticed that you does something that makes Ranbir roam around you. Prachi says why will I do such thing being your sister? Rhea asks if some romantic movie is going on. Prachi says he was hurt. Rhea says you create such situation to show that you care for him. Prachi says she wants her to stay with Maa and Papa and wants her family. She says we can’t hurt others due to our differences. Rhea says you have hurt me and wants you to leave this house after Ranbir and my marriage. She says you want a happy family and that’s why go away from here. She says if you don’t go then I will go with Ranbir, and Dad will come with me and Mom will stay with you, and they will separate. She asks her to make some excuse and leave from there. Prachi asks why is she saying this, even she loves her Papa. Rhea says if you don’t go then I will go. Prachi promises her that she will go away from Maa, Papa and Ranbir. She thinks of Abhi and Pragya. She cries and reminiscing Abhi, Pragya, Rhea and Ranbir’s words.

Rhea thinks Prachi can’t back off her words now. Pragya asks Abhi what they can do in Judge and Lawyer’s presence. Ranbir asks what is the problem? Abhi says we can’t stop the marriage. Pragya says Abhi will be released on the condition of the marriage. Prachi comes there. Aaliya says we can’t do anything and recalls Tanu’s threat. Pragya says we can either make Tanu confess or her husband and we have to make Judge see the truth, and he will stop the marriage. Aaliya says it is do and die situation for us. Prachi says we can’t afford to lose. Pragya says we have to think how to expose Tanu. Abhi says if we can’t do then? He asks Pragya to talk to him and goes. Ranbir looks at Prachi. Rhea notices this.

Abhi tells Pragya that she stopped him when he tried to answer Tanu. Pragya says it is for good. Abhi says I want to clear something and tells that there can be nobody better for him than her, and tells that he can’t live without her. Pragya says we will stay together even if we have many misunderstandings. Abhi asks her to promise that she will elope with him if they couldn’t stop his marriage with Tanu. He says he wants assurance and peace from her. Pragya asks him to calm down. He says we will take our stuff and leave, if we can’t stay together then we will run from here. Pragya promises him. He hugs her. Prachi hears them and prays to God not to separate her parents and not to let Tanu win. She thinks she has to do something. Tanu thinks she can’t wait more for the morning. Someone knocks on the door. Tanu thinks she shall not meet Pradeep. Somdutt comes there and tells about his problem, asks for the money. Tanu asks him not to expect more from him. She takes him inside the house. Somdutt asks her to give money else he will go to Abhishek Mehra’s house. Tanu asks are you threatening me and tells how dangerous she is. She takes the knife and is about to stab him, when Pradeep comes and stops Tanu. He takes Somdutt with him.

Tanu calls Police and tells that the thief who came to her house, who had stolen in Abhishek Mehra’s house, and tried to molest her. She tells that he wants to go to Abhishek Mehra’s house and told that he will tell him that she is already married to Pradeep. She tells that Pradeep was also with him. Inspector checks and tells about his Police record. Tanu says he can murder me. Inspector says we knows how to handle such criminals and says that he is coming there. Tanu says whoever comes between us, have to move away from our way.

Prachi comes to Rhea’s room and calls her. Rhea comes there and asks what is she doing here? Prachi says if it was not important then I wouldn’t have come. She asks if she wants to teach a lesson to Tanu. Rhea says there is a problem due to her. She goes on to say that her marriage can’t be grand due to Tanu and doesn’t think of Abhi and Pragya. Prachi is surprised and thinks she is so selfish. She tells that if they prove that Tanu is wrong then Papa will get rid of her. Rhea says then her marriage can be grand. Prachi says Maa and Papa will not separate. She tells about hearing Abhi and pragya’s words. She says I need your help. Rhea says if Tanu aunty marries Dad then Dad will elope with Maa and my marriage will halt. She asks what is her plan? Prachi says she wants to prove Tanu’s lie using truth serum. Rhea goes to talk to someone about buying truth serum. Pradeep comes to Tanu and asks what was she doing? Tanu says you was not trustable. Pradeep says if I had no stopped you, then you would have murdered him and went to jail. Tanu says I hate you. Pradeep says I hate you when you overpower me, don’t forget who am I? Tanu says you are not trustable, I am done with you. Pradeep says you can’t and you know why? He sees Police coming there and sees Tanu. Tanu smirks. Pradeep slaps her.

Precap: Pragya tells Tanu that if she thinks Abhi is marrying her by his choice, then she is wrong. He’s marrying because she (Pragya) told him to. Pradeep warns Tanu that she will regret for her betrayal. He won’t let her marriage happen. Someone knocks the door.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Well u guys everything is done this is going the Pavitra Rishta way on Zee Tv confirmed that Ranbir and Rhea will marry and Prachi will move on a girl confirmed it on instagram… Pranbir is done 4 well it’s been cool guys but now I’m never watching this show Rhea won it’s over and my hearts broken Ranbir and Rhea r togethor great Pavitra Rishta version 2

    1. Who is this genius that got accurate spoiler on instagram ??
      I still don’t believe it will happen…….. They are probably setting Rhea up for a grand fall , by making her selfishness more and more blatant and visible

      Also , in case you have forgotten , in Pavitra Rishta , Ovi was mature and understanding enough to know that her relationship with Arjun was not working and she let him , and that relationship go and brought Arjun and Purvi together. In Pavitra Rishta , Arjun and Purvi were endgame and Ovi being mature made it possible for them to unite eventually , even after separating.

      In Kumkum Bhagya , Pranbir IS the endgame , whatever may the situation be atm and since we know Rhea is not understanding like Ovi , and there not being any chance of turning into understanding person , if she does get married to him she will not leave Ranbir even after understanding their relationship is not working , so that implicitly implies that she will not be able to get married to him , at all.

      Because, when all is said and done , PRANBIR IS the endgame , however it gets achieved. Because even if evil successively wins in Ekta Kapoor shows throughout their lives , in the end she does show it defeated by good. Like Anurag and Prerna united in the end in Kasauti 2 , despite having spent more than almost 85 – 90 % of the story separated from each other

    2. I saw that 2 that girl said that zee tv personally told her and 2 c it on June 18 if we think she’s lying… she sounded so confident ig this rly is going 2 the Pavitra Rishta way

    3. Lol , it might be publicity stunt……who is this person that Zee TV personally give them reports on coming twists……. Search on Google and you will find such ‘confident predictions and spoilers’ in abundance
      Also , June 18 ??

      It’s just 8th today , I doubt they have even started shooting for scene that will be aired 10 days later

    4. She mentioned that they finished shooting he wedding track already i dunno but wat she said rly shaked me if it’s true i’m so done and does zee tv rly give personal updates like that??

    5. Hey Em, I’m with you on that 100%, if you would still like to read a good kkb plot written by someone with sense then go ahead and check out “the game of destiny” on Wattpad. I kid you not it is an amazing and absolutely incredible story of what this story should have been. You’ll love it

    6. 💯 agree wid ur wrds 🥺 it’s all ovr 😭 Pranbir is no more 😭

    7. I was going to say the same…and I guess Prachi is gonna get pregnant with ranbir child ..

    8. No Prachi isn’t gonna get pregnant her and ranbir had boundaries they’re nothing like Arjun and Purvi they know their limits but still I can’t believe this the vamp is gonna marry the hero have the makers rly decided 2 kill the show I hope they know that the Pranbir fandom aren’t exactly gonna take this lightly they’re pretty aggressive

  2. Hey em I’m with you on the 100%, if you would still like to read a good kkb plot written by someone with sense the go ahead and check out “the game of destiny” on Wattpad. I kid you not it is an amazing and absolutely incredible story of what this story should have been. You’ll love it

    1. Sweet_Shadow

      yeah have read it, pretty good
      but if ur a abhigya stan then you might not wanna read it.

  3. SERIOUSLY??? So everyone is molesting tanu n the police believe her?? Reah is worse than aliyah and I hope prachi doesn’t leave just bcs reah told her…no please don’t be pragya’s duplicate in everything…fight for ur rights n love.

    1. Rhea has asked Prachi to leave AFTER her i.e. Rhea’s marriage with Ranbir , so that will not come to pass at all if the wedding itself doesn’t happen

    2. I love your confidence Collin 🤣🔥 I really hope you’re right coz they’ll be completely dooming the show if the separate pranbir, I’ve seen the pranbir fanbase is alot more aggressive than abhigya and they will force the show to cancel online if the don’t get a sensible pranbir reunion

    3. whoa rly they’re that aggressive well we can only hope at this point

  4. You know what.
    I think even Tanu may become the person to expose Rhea……I will tell how.
    So Prachi and Rhea are thinking of exposing Tanu by themselves…… if they succeed then Rhea might boast in front of Tanu that she became the one to finally expose her. Tanu , in retaliation and in part as revenge against Abhi Pragya , to show that their perfect family is not so perfect and one of the their daughters hate the other , might reveal Rhea’s wrongdoings and schemes against Prachi.

    Don’t forget that Tanu was there when Rhea was proudly retelling Alia about how she made Prachi’s MMS with Parth to separate Prachi and Ranbir. She also knows that Ranbir and Prachi love each other.

    She might reveal all this to cause disruption in Abhi and Pragya’s lives and to give them sorrow about their quarrelling daughters. Sure it will help Prachi in the long run , but as immediate consequence Pragya’s heart will break at this revelation that Rhea has not accepted Prachi as her sister and is still scheming against her , which is more significant and important from Tanu’s perspective

    1. But there is leap year coming and Pragya to be drown in water which will lead to Abigya separation and remember they have given them ultimatum which means they should change there story line.so Ranbir and Rhea wedding might happen and Abi will marry Tanu.if it is so then there is no meaning to the title of the show

    2. Mimi , who gave this update of leap year and Pragya drowning ??
      I don’t think these teasers from questionable sources have any meaning…… no channel will reveal upcoming twists like this , they need suspense to keep their viewers hooked.

    3. @colins,i saw it on Instagram

  5. Nd how many man does tanu need?? Abhi, nikhil,pradeep n back to abhi..for money or whatever…such a despo!!

  6. Great.This serial is so giving me Pavitra Rishta vibes.All are the same.Different versions of the same crap.Yarr I started watching this show just for Pranbir and they are doomed.I seriously love this character Ranbir.The only non toxic male lead to ever exist.And they are breaking his heart.Agar Ranbir ko uska pyaar nahi mila na,to Ekta ko meri aur sabhi Pranbir fans ki nagrat zarur milegi😠

  7. I don’t understand one thing

    Why is the burden of stopping this marriage is thrusted only on Prachi’s shoulders ??

    Why is Ranbir expecting that Prachi should first ask him break his impending marriage with Rhea , THEN he will do it ?? Is he going to break this marriage only for Prachi ?? Does he not want it break for his own sake , as he does NOT want to spend life with Rhea ??

    Why can’t he himself take the initiative and inform everyone in no nonsense terms that he doesn’t love Rhea and this marriage has been forced on him by his over possessive mother. Here his life is at more stake than Prachi. If this marriage happens then he is going to be stuck with overbearing and obsessed girl for life.

    Ranbir’s life is going to be ruined more severely than Prachi’s because of this wedding. So he needs to stop this marriage for HIS OWN SAKE , without Prachi in consideration at all.

    1. I AGREE WITH YOU! Ranbeer is literally getting ready to marry the person who had defamed the one he loved multiple times! I can’t get over how he’s basically marrying Rhea to get a reaction out of Prachi. Not to mention he is marrying the one who tried to murder Prachi! I definitely am doubting Ranbeer character at this point! The writers had put a major flaw in the show by going this track because in reality a character like Ranbeer would NEVER marry the person that tried to kill the love of his life.

    2. Collin you’re absolutely right, I’ve noticed this is a trope in this show that the woman had to move mountains and seas to stop a wedding from happening as if it’s her that is minister of marriage affairs, can we be serious here

  8. Malavika

    I knew it beforehand that Ranbir and Rhea would get married for now. Just like Kasauti Prerna married Bajaj, Anurag married Komolika.

    1. I think… Before Prerna marrying Bajaj and Anurag marrying Komolika ; Prerna and Anurag themselves were married already so their respective second marriage had no meaning and they were still a couple by marriage.

    2. Did you remember when ranbir was going to get married to prachi in the temple but at last he backed off at that time little bit of sindoor had gone on prachi’s head through ranbir

    3. @Neha yes I remember , but I doubt whether Ranbir himself would remember such a detail from a month ago , and Prachi doesn’t know about it at all , so if she is determined to stay away from Ranbir she will deny it.

      Most importantly , I don’t think what happened in that temple counts as marriage , because as far as I remember that sindoor fell from the plate into Prachi’s head , not from Ranbir’s hand , so Ranbir did not ‘apply’ sindoor on her head , even accidentally.

    4. I don’t know what to say but in some serials it is also counted as marriage but it is KKB
      Just I want prachi and ranbir together

  9. Malavika

    RANBIR-RHEA WEDDING IS CONFIRMED and destined to happen … like it or not

    1. No we don’t like it and not believe it either. LOL

  10. It’s legit an insult to Ovi for being compared with Rhea….Rhea is worst version of Aliya… I’m still so mad that Pragya, Ranbir and Prachi herself forgot/forgave Rhea for whatever she has done till now.. even attempt to murder.. like hw the hell can you just let it go… don’t tell that she didn’t know it was her sister so and all…so what!? What if Prachi wasn’t her sister..then also Pragya would have forgiven her…I legit watch this only for Pranbir scenes.. I actually do watch only prabir scenes and read the episode here… I’m glad I don’t watch the episode on… because my leftover last few brain cells might actually die lol…
    If Ranbir and Rhea get married…I really hope he will become Purab 2.0…i really don’t want that to happen… honestly speaking Ranbir’s character is much better than other male leads of ekta kapoor serials…but these writers are now gonna ruin it ….
    I really don’t want Pranbir also to reunite at this point… cause Aliya,Rhea and Pallavi are gonna make their lives miserable… after Rhea is exposed. Nd that Stupid Pallavi realises Prachi is good…then They should get back together!!

    1. @Shraddha I also think they’d have a hard time if the reunite now, but I believe they should now and elope together, as long as Ranbir knows about the stupid deal he will get prachi to go away with him, that is the only way they will be together. As for abhigya they can hang🤣

  11. To be honest, we understood Ria is a very bad character but I couldn’t find a reason why Ranbir is marrying with Ria. He knows everything about Ria’s attacks on Prachi. If you were rejected by the one you loved your reaction cannot be to marry with her evil sister immidiately, in reality an honorable man never think to marry with his ex’s sister. To stay single is a resonable choice. How can a person marry with the one who doesn’t love. To force Prachi to confes is not true

  12. I’m sorry to say this BUT this whole show is crap,crap,crap. The mere fact that Tatu is winning and Abhi them is just worth nothing is stupid beyond words . Rea is soulless and pathetic to say the least. There is no love or compassion in this series. India is one evil country. Not one telenovela is wholesome. Not one show India shows how a family can co exist and live in peace. I guess with plus 1billion people in that country you gotta kill,destroy someone to get on top or you will die. Sad really 😞

  13. This show has gone from one extreme to another, I am still waiting to see a husband a lover stand up for truth and the rights of the one they say that they love. Abby has no back bone he lean on his wife who for me thinks not with her brains but with emotions and gets nothing done she come across as a weak Patectick individual who is always willing to hand over her man to this woman and tells she is working it out and time after time she is kicked. Her story line leaves much to be desired, this writer never had a good love relationship or understanding of marriage and its unique qualities she has messed up a beautiful story and now the young generation are following the same steps……..HELP. Now after all those silly moves bam the table turns the enemy hands are tied you are exposed and another drama is created or prolongs in the same chain of thought…….Ranbir on the other hand needs to stand up like a man and stop letting his mother rule his life for this stupid , rude and spiteful girl.

    1. You explained everything excellently. Hats off for you

  14. This show is so depressing it has lost all perspectives of love and only evil wins with wicked people. Can’t believe that Pragya so weak.
    Hate this show

  15. I had said that Prachi will be ready to go away as now she has became a robot who works on Rhea’s command….
    But about marriage I am sure that marriage will not happen as first marriage is always happened of the main leads only….
    In Abhigya’s case I had not seen their story but till I remember Abhi and Pragya only married each other there were chances when marriage of Abhi was happening but at last moment only Pragya stops the wedding….I think that Prachi will stop Rhea and Ranbir marriage or she by mistake will drink truths and herself spoke all the truth in front of family or Ranbir…….

  16. @Ishana , THIS.
    First marriage is always happened of the main leads only.
    Sure , if they want to prolong the show they were show rifts between PRANBIR , and Prachi will go away , BUT that time they will have an anchor of marriage to eventually bring them together again.

    As I have said time and again , PRANBIR IS the endgame , whatever route it takes to get there.

  17. Sweet_Shadow

    ok guys i [email protected]!#ing quit
    If rhea and Ranbirs wedding happens
    i will throw them in a volcano

  18. Karina.0301

    I really wonder why RHEA asked PRACHI to leave after her marriage as RHEA will actually go RANBIR’s house then there is no need to make PRACHI go out of her home plus IF she getts married to RANBIR then there is no use to send her out.She must actually say her to go out and come after her marriage if it was in this case then there is some use. So this states that RHEANBIR is not going to succeed .

    1. There’s legit reason behind Rhea’s insecurity. As we know , Mehras and Kohlis live side by side so even after getting married , Rhea and Ranbir will be like neighbors to Prachi. Ranbir and Prachi will meet each other , see each other , interact with each other everyday……… what if Ranbir couldn’t control his feelings and went to Prachi even marriage , as we see even Purab going to meet DIsha now and then.

      So better to remove Prachi from in front of Ranbir’s eyes AND his life. And best way to achieve it is to make her go away.

      This is the reasoning behind Rhea’s demand

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