Kumkum Bhagya 8th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Pragya have an argument

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The Episode starts with Pragya telling Abhi that Rishi is innocent and ask if he didn’t think before beating him. Abhi says I just slapped him twice or thrice and he fell down, it is not my fault. Pragya scolds him and the Police. Abhi says I saw Rishi going out from office and Priyanka was scared and her face was spoiled and clothes was torn. She says this is not happening with first time, I met Priyanka and knows what she can do. Abhi says Priyanka is innocent. Pragya says Rishi is guilty. She says this means Priyanka fooled you. Abhi says he was talking about justice to Priyanka. Pragya says Rishi shall get the justice and says it is because of the wrong perception, one gets separated from others. Abhi says enough and goes.

Rhea asks Priyanka if she loves someone and that guy rejected her. Priyanka asks do you love anyone? Rhea says I don’t love anyone, but guys’ love me. Priyanka says I am not doing anything, but doing what others is making me do. She says love is good, but it is not certain that everything is good in love. She asks Rhea to keep her boyfriend away from middle class girls and says that guy, whom I loved loves a middle class girl and I just gave a strong reaction for his actions. Rhea thinks of her words and thinks Ranbir has a class and don’t like middle class girls. She thinks Ranbir gets irritated by Pragya and loves just me.

Ranbir thinks why Prachi don’t go off my mind? Aryan comes and asks him to fight boxing with him. Ranbir asks if I am thinking much about Prachi. Aryan says yes. Vikram comes there. He says you will lie? Ranbir says mummy says lie. Vikram says your mummy is a good boxer and takes Ranbir with him. Aryan goes through window.

Pragya asks Inspector to take Rishi to hospital and says she don’t want any stranger’s help. Abhi says I have seen with my hands and says Priyanka is innocent. Constable asks Abhi to move his car as Commissioner came. Abhi says I am talking and asks him to park his car to other place. Inspector requests him to go. Pragya thinks I have to fight with him again, now this is the fight of truth and lie. Abhi leaves from there and thinks of Pragya. Pragya cries and thinks of Abhi. Abhi talks to the moon and says who is Rishi, she shall not fight with me for him. He says we shall talk about ourselves and not him. He thinks even he was very angry, thinks to meet her and talk to her nicely. He hopes she is there itself. Disha calls Pragya and asks her not to hide anything. She says she talked to Sarita behen and she said that you went for dinner with Rishi. Pragya tells her about Priyanka accusing Rishi of molestation. She says Priyanka’s chacha is your jiju. Disha asks did you meet him? Pragya says we had a fight here, he fought with me because of Priyanka. Disha says I am reaching there and asks Driver to take her to Police station.

Abhi sits in his car. The song plays……Chadariya song plays….He thinks of Pragya’s words. Pragya cries. Vikram asks Pallavi if Ranbir drank beer or not? Pallavi says yes. Vikram scolds Ranbir. Ranbir calls Beeeji. Beeji asks Pallavi why she told Vikram today. Pallavi says yes, but…Ranbir asks why did you tell him and says beat Papa and love me. He says I am a complete Punjabi. Pallavi says you will be beaten by me. Beeji asks pallavi to make kheer for Vikram and cheer him. Ranbir says this is not fair, you made them fight. Beeji says the more they fight, the more they love.

Rishi is taken to the hospital by the Police. Pragya comes out and sees Abhi standing. Abhi holds her hand.

Precap: Abhi tells Disha that he thinks that even now Pragya is wrong. Abhi asks Meera to see Pragya’s pic.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I think this serial should be renamed as “Flashback humari bhagya ki”?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️,,most of the episodes are run only on those?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️
    And even the Ranbir’s family scenes are unwanted comic relief???
    Aryan’s character has been completely degaraded???,,,his only need is for making Ranbir realise his attraction towards PRachi..his character has much more value b4???
    The makers do not know how to carry on a plot,,even if they are trying to save the trps they should do that in a proper manner???

  2. Leisa s morris

    Of course he thinks pragya is wrong. After all everyone else is right except d woman he says he loves wholeheartedly. Aliyah was always right,tanu was right,mitali was right,Rhea right so y d hell can’t Priyanka b right? It’s not as if he has been proven wrong in d past. It’s not as if others hadn’t used his kindness to get their way and it’s not as if he’s never had someone obsess with another day dey would lie, steal ,kill or even try to destroy dat person just to have dat person. Nooooo he’s not gullible he’s just stupid

  3. Acc to abhi , pragya will always be wrong…then why he wants to stay with her…why he says that better pragya would have taken rhea with her so that she could her gud upbringing…. Why he didn’t stop her when she was broken and was leaving his house…why why why Mr mehra….what’s your problem… How can u be so immature even after 20 yrs and becoming a parent to 20 yr old psycho girl…that’s why she is also immature…. His whole family is like that….poorab, abhi, aryan, priyanka, rhea, ranbir….all r soo boring these days…if they dont have any plot to follow then the hell this show is running… Why channel needs to call them up to close their crap…??????

  4. Pragya as usual creates her own problems. Why didn’t she tell Abhi about Priyanka’s bribery? Why didn’t she tell Abhi about Priyanka’s incessant visits to her home and demands trying to control Rishi? Why didn’t she tell Abhi that Rishi is the son of Sarita Behn and is not a criminal like every member of his family? The writers (Ekta Kapoor) have to make their characters all stupid because they are not capable of writing adult plots or adult conversations. Ekta Kapoor claims that this is all her viewers want. Stupidity. Really? She is implying that Indian viewers are dumb. So, are Indian viewers as dumb as Abhi and Pragya? Ekta can’t be right, can she?

    1. Verma4

      Pragya likes beating around the bush. They will never talk about the elephant in the room. Abhi is such an arrogant fool. Oh ! poor Priyank, the victim. What’s with Ekta fetish and prejudice against middle class. Please Rhea look at yourself in the mirror again for god shake.

    2. Ekta’s trying to convince herself that HER personal behaviour isn’t LOWEST, LOWEST class, that is criminal, lascivious, lustful and so greedy that it is impossible to describe. Because she has money, she and many other elites like to call themselves ‘highclass’. they are not.
      Money does not automatically give you class. Most elites have no class whatsoever. But…everyone who knows they have no class at all…but do have money… this is the only way they can feel good about themselves. Putting down others. which of course shows even more…that they have no class whatsoever.

    3. Leisa s morris

      Because dats how d writers have it. After all in real life he would’ve already told abhi all day but for dis to drag certain tings needs to b hidden

  5. man like Abhishekh Mehra cant change as they think they can control everything and everyone, I pity Pragya who is all the time thinking that Abhishekh is God in front of her
    Priyanka and Rhea are all psycho same as Abhishekh Mehra

  6. This is so silly you would think he had learned and changed on thinking and trust. It was his fault for marrying tanu who he knew tried to kill his wife and family members. He had never stood for pragya but only wanted her for comfort. His daughter is spoilt and ready to ruin peoples lives. His sister is cunning and also supported the lady who tried to kill family members. This show has no logic no justice for pragya.
    Her whole life wasted protecting him and he still never trusted her.

  7. Can someone please boycott this and kundalu bhagya?

    1. Of course… Sry i watched its repeat telecast…???????????????

  8. Leisa s morris

    Because dats how d writers have it. After all in real life he would’ve already told abhi all day but for dis to drag certain tings needs to b hidden

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