Kumkum Bhagya 7th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Pragya gets to know about Abhi’s decision to marry Meera

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The Episode starts with Sarita behen telling Pragya that all relations are not same, says you don’t say anything, but Prachi understands everything. She says Rhea doesn’t understand even after you made her understand. She says it happens when there is so much love. She says Rhea can’t make herself understand her love. She asks did you talk to Mr. Mehra. Pragya says I couldn’t speak to him. She says Rhea was very angry yesterday. Sarita behen says I had difficulty in understanding Mr. Mehra and your relation, but now I understand. She says you are lucky to get Mr. Mehra as he loves you a lot. Pragya tells that Ranbir loves Prachi so much and their Jodi is good. Sarita behen tells that their Jodi will be set, when your Jodi is set. Pragya reminisces Abhi telling that he wants all her life. Sarita behen asks her to marry Mr. Mehra again and wait for his proposal. Pragya says I need to talk to him and hugs her. Sarita behen asks her to talk to him. Pragya goes to get her phone. Shahana comes and asks why are you showing dreams to her, as Mr. Mehra don’t love her. Sarita behen says he loves her and will propose straight on her face. She thinks although he was far from Pragya, but kept her closer to his heart.

Prachi comes to the hospital. Ranbir looks at Prachi. Main Kamli wale…..plays…..Prachi looks at him. Ranbir cries and wipes his tears. He hugs her. They sit on the sofa. Prachi says everything will be fine, I know you are scared for your mom, but once she gets fine, then everything will be fine. Ranbir says I am not worried for today, but about future. He says I have to fight for my love with my family, which I can’t do. Prachi says love is something which you shall not try to get. He says he is feeling helpless. Prachi asks him to listen to his mom and do whatever she is saying. She asks him not to think about the third person. Ranbir says if I shall not think if the third person is my life. Prachi says mother’s love is unconditional and asks him to promise that he will obey her. Vikram comes there and asks Ranbir to come. Ranbir asks Prachi to wait there. Prachi says I will meet Pallavi aunty. Vikram asks Ranbir to stop her and handle the situation. Beeji looks at Prachi and recalls everything. Prachi goes inside the ward and says hi, I came to know about you today. Pallavi asks who asked you to come here. Ranbir comes there.

Pragya gets Abhi’s message asking her to meet at the hotel behind her home as he needs to talk something important and urgent. Pragya thinks he is worried as Rhea might have told him something. She thinks what it could be…and thinks to call him at the same number. She calls him, but his call can’t be connected.

Mitali calls Raj and tells that it is an important thing, which Aaliya will only say. Dadi asks what is the matter? Mitali says the same thing. Rhea comes downstairs and hugs Dadi. Dadi says I am happy that you came back home. She says so this is the big thing and says I got Pragya’s grah pravesh done, and she fulfilled her duty and brought her home. She says when I called Pragya, she said that she is taking Prachi to the PS. She says your mother and sister loves you a lot. Rhea says I don’t have any mother or sister. Meera comes there and asks do you called me? Aaliya says yes, and says her conversation is related to Abhi, Pragya and Meera. Pragya thinks to call on the landline number. Aaliya tells Dadi that Bhai took Rhea out of the PS and not Pragya as he can’t see her in pain. Rhea says she came to jail to see me in pain. Dadi says you have a misunderstanding. Aaliya says the matter is about happiness now. Pragya calls on the landline number. Mitali picks the call. Aaliya takes the receiver from her hand and keeps it improperly. Pragya tries to speak and asks Mitali about Abhi. She then hears Aaliya telling Dadi that the matter is about Rhea, as Bhai is marrying Meera. Meera smiles. Pragya is shocked. Aaliya congratulates Meera for becoming Bhai’s wife and Rhea’s mother. Mitali congratulates Meera. Rhea asks can I call you Mom? Meera smiles. Dadi tells that Abhi’s wife is just Pragya and tells Meera that she has no problem with her, but Abhi can’t be happy with her. She says I will talk to him. Mitali says what you will talk? Raj says Mitali told me everything and that’s why Abhi took this stand. Aaliya says Bhai himself has proposed Meera for marriage. She says Pragya had come here to put Rhea in problem. She says Bhai and Pragya’s relation have faded away and died. She says Meera has brought up Rhea so what is wrong if Bhai is marrying Meera. She says we will celebrate Bhai’s marriage happily. Pragya hears everything on call and cries badly.

Abhi is on the way and thinks Pragya must have some solution for this. Vikram calls Abhi and asks him to go to the conference. Abhi says not today. Vikram tells that Pallavi is in hospital since last night as she got heart attack. Abhi stops the car. Vikram says she is operated, but Doctor said that her heart is weak. Abhi asks Vikram to tell the hospital name. Vikram asks him not to come there and go to the conference. Abhi ends the call and calls Beeji. Beeji says they are in city hospital. Abhi says I am coming there. Prachi says I insisted Ranbir to meet you. Pallavi says its ok. She calls Ranbir near her. Prachi says I am happy to see you. Pallavi asks happy to see me in hospital. Prachi says seeing you fine. Pallavi asks Ranbir to take out this cheap ring from his finger and asks Prachi to stop all that. Vikram comes and asks Ranbir and Prachi to go out. Doctor comes there and says let me see, what the problem is. Abhi thinks to meet Pragya later and thinks to meet Pallavi first. He sends message to Pragya. Pragya is still crying.

Precap-Abhi invites Pragya for his engagement.Pragya says I will come.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I don’t like this pallavi even a bit why does she want her son to marry someone he doesen’t love why doesen’t she understand that ranbir will never ever love rhea because he loves prachi and ranbir is just rhea’s obsession and nothing else rhea only wants him because she doesen’t want to loose him in front of prachi and now she wants to seperate her own mom and dad wow I have never seen such a daughter like rhea first she wants to snatch her sister’s love and now she wants to snatch her mother’s love

    1. U
      Ya u r exactly correct.I love Abhigya’s pair and abhi is also stupid he should have not cometed her daughter’s every wish and now bcoz of this he is in problem.Abhi should think of his love and try to bring his family closer.

    2. U can comment on how U feels.But Remembered that is how the Characters have to Act.The Director is the Person behind the Scenes.

    3. Norman Santos

      I agree that the director is in charge of the story lines but how long will evil triumph,it’s time to end all this hatred and bring peace to Abhishek and his family Aliyah has a hateful evil character teaching Rhea to live by her evil standards, Director stop making Abhi to be an idiot.

    4. Anjali Basumarary

      Abhi just think about Rhea not Prachi Abhi think Pragya why in 20 years not searching he and Rhea than he also didn’t search his wife Pragya and prachi. Rhea real mindmaster should be out that she is trying to kill prachiand whatever done with Prachi and Rhea should be in jail and Abhi should be ashamed

    5. I agree

    6. 1. Abhi should know Ranbir love Prachi
      2. Rhea tried to kill Prachi
      3. Aliya is behind every thing

  2. Abhi always magnifies and complicates the problems as being a stupid man. Now Pragya will be in action and she will go to police station and will identify all mysterious. Maybe Abhi will learn the truth and the secrets that Pragya requested to hide from Ranbir at the hospital. That may be a slap on Ria’s face leading to confese Alia’s function

  3. Ananthalakshmi Reghupathy Sarma

    Ananthalakshmi Reghupathy Sarma
    Abhi always listen to fake people only he never trust good people like PRAGHYA his own wife All fake’people like Aliya, Rhea, Meera brainwash Abhi n make him to believe fake people (ARM) means Aliya, Rhea n Meera.

  4. Kkb always have more antagonist(villains, evil b*t*hes) than protagonist they are the leads of the show they hold more importance to production house than the “heroes” they have belittle Sriti and Shabir the only two to me who have acting skills the veterans in the business the ones with the most chemistry now we are and have always been watching the Aliya show a uglier Aliya (no disrespect to whoever her name is) but the Aliya show none the less and her merry men or minions (Rhea, Meera, Pallavi and Raj wife) thank God for you fellow commentators that actually keep this forum interesting and for the patience of H Hassan who put up with writing this crap everyday…..now the only ones I could stand to watch is shahana and Aryan who they barely show now

    1. Funny, how Aliyah show mirrors the real life Ekta show…. complete with tawdry female ‘minions’ following the same type of antics as aliyah and her crew.

  5. Rhea is a b*t*h. I mean how come a person can be so damn selfish?? For your silly obsession you want to destroy your family? Spoiled rich brat!

    1. Your right rhea is a total spoilt and selfish little brat who only thinks about her own happiness whether it comes to Abhi’s love pragya’s love or ranbir’s love she wants everyone’s love but she doesen’t understand that even prachi did not get a father’s love but still she is being so stubborn

  6. I dont blame her abhi is d most dumbest person he dont deserve pragya pragya is good for him how can your daughter run your life he only trust his so called sister hop this marriage will not hold.he shows dat he love rhea more than pragya and his other daughter very sad story she will run her mother father and sister hapiness so sad

  7. Ohh gosh, where do I start? Let me start by saying that I watch KKB anytime there’s a blue moon…that being said, nothing has been changed in this fictitious world and as a constant, KKB is keeping up with making sure that viewers end up suffering from high BP. Scriptwriters here are hopeless, they don’t see life in KKB with wide telescopic lenses, there’s no progression in thoughts, the characters live in a never ending cycle of ignorance, mental torture and illusion. How much longer will botoxed lipped Aliya continue to hold Abbi by his balls? How longer will the clown Mithali continue with her absurd unladylike and ridiculous antics? Would a man find this an attractive quality in a woman? Is this what the Indian people enjoy as comedy? If it is, then their serials aren’t catered for wider logical thinking people outside of India. The last episode I saw, Rhea is pathetically begging her ball-less father to marry the spitefully naive Meera.. The actress is overacting in her scenes, it would take less effort from a sensible Rhea to persuade her father to move on with Meera in life, instead of prancing like a horse to get her point across. As for Aliya, no wonder she can’t hold on to a man, her toxic aura is enough to keep them away from her… I can’t bear to watch this churail (Manmohini character) who took the role from Shikha Singh, no apologies at all from me, I needed to say that. It’s always said to be careful what you wish for ehh!!! I can’t stand to watch the drapery on her body, fashion went haywire here, nothing she wears looks good on her. With not a hair in movement except her fabricated curls full of hair spray and extension..is she relatable to anyone at all? I can understand Meera, she’s been waiting for Abhi since the brat Rhea was a baby, she’s hopelessly naive but at least she knows what she wants. I thought she would have turned villian with Pragya’s entry, I think the writers forgot about her in a way..maybe having two female villians wasn’t a good idea…who could forget Tuna?? Watching Rhea rant and grunt about her hatred for her sister and mother was bewildering.. Is her mother and sister really that bad? Sigh!! Then there’s Pallavi, the once clownish wife, mother and bahu, suddenly she’s a serious Indian woman, putting her feet down on who her immature son should marry..immature for sure because he also doesn’t possess the balls to make it on his own without mummy’s input. So, Pallavi has bigger problems now, than fighting with her saas for bangles and jewelry, she’s on a mission to dissuade the relationship between the two immature lovers.. Let’s wait to see what happens in the next few months. Abhi looks handsome, I must say.. Sriti is beautiful as ever, always… I’m sure when she meets up with Abhi, she’s going to be mysterious in her not wanting to talk to him, she will or will not divulge what she heard about him and Meera getting married, then the story will drag on till she blurts out what she heard..who knows!!! 🤔..and the show must go on…

    1. Hullo Naz… and to think I contacted you about 12 hours ago! As usual, I enjoyed the read!

  8. Abhi happens to be the dumbest lead actor ever. He can’t even stand up for himself or stop a marriage he doesnt want but he just wants to sit there and wait for pragya to sort out his problem. It would even been better if pragya got married to someone else..this whole story doesn’t make sense..it takes ages for abhi to trust pragya when something goes wrong but whenever aliya sells anything, abhi like a fool believes her starts doubting the person he calls his wife..abhi as it is even pragya came back home..nothing would change..the dumbness in abhi’s character character is really getting out of hand

    1. King must come back and get married to pragya then we will see what abhi does

  9. If you’re rich you can play the world

    1. Only because ‘good’ people have been trained to not protest. If ‘good’ people began to protest the world over, the current, corrupt, sadistic ‘rich’ nonsense would end. Shows like this are meant to keep your anger directed to… nowhere. Keeping the current corrupt system alive. Twisted but very effective control of the population, to keep the corrupted rich in power. How are you enjoying your lockdown?

    2. Started an M Sc , spending the time between studying and the fulfilment research & Ekta Kapoor! Cannot complain 🙃

  10. This time Pragya will turn back to protect her children from Alia

  11. As far as I am concerned there is no love between Prachi and Ranbir because their story is just a repeat performance of what happened with Pragya, Abhi and Tanu. It is one of this “same plot different characters” cliche. That story is stale.
    Unless Alia dies (it would be unconvincing to show a reformed Alia), Pragya would never enjoy her life.
    Even silly Mitali had the guts to insult Pragya. I doubt KKB has anything of worth to offer viewers.

  12. Please I need a video with English version I really miss watching plssssss😪

  13. Asshole ekta kapoor bas gand hi dikhati hai
    blo*dy lesbo

    1. Just, must agree with you!!

    2. I agree with your first descriptive word. This ‘woman’ is a disaster for all humanity. I don’t think her s*xual orientation is the problem. She would be the same, regardless of her orientation. Your creative product is a reflection of your own heart. This program and KDB are honest reflections of Ekta Kapoors heart. That should be frightening enough.

  14. will causes a great mess again. The writer has portrayed Abhi as a person with double personality. he cares everyone who is out of his own family sensitively with a high empathy, while in the case of his own family he turns into a dumcoof person with zero apriciation although he was tutored by his grandmother about how to behave to his own family. Now he has learned Prachi is his own daugter and instead to meet he,r he is dealing with some irrelevent socondary issues such as marriage, visiting Ranbir’s mother. In short he is not deserving a family. He will die in pain while people that he keeps araund him live a life in joyce by spending Abhi’s money. The single unique way to escape that end is Pragya. She must handle Abhi’s life to save her childrean, Abhi and herself too

    Abhi’s fake marriage proposal, as his usual actions, will causes a great mess again. The writer has portrayed Abhi as a person with double personality. he cares everyone who is out of his own family sensitively with a high empathy, while in the case of his own family he turns into a dumcoof person with zero apriciation although he was tutored by his grandmother about how to behave to his own family. Now he has learned Prachi is his own daugter and instead to meet he,r he is dealing with some irrelevent socondary issues such as marriage, visiting Ranbir’s mother. In short he is not deserving a family. He will die in pain while people that he keeps araund him live a life in joyce by spending Abhi’s money. The single unique way to escape that end is Pragya. She must handle Abhi’s life to save her childrean, Abhi and herself too


  17. My sis saw this show when it started and stopped as she could not stand the annoying story line. I just watched it a few weeks ago as I was ill and could not go anywhere in Lockdown. This is the worse Soap ever. The writers and directors are the worse ever.Ekta Kapoor needs to wake up from her dream that she is this great maker of story lines. KumKum Bhagya is the absolute worst soap ever. And the costumes worn by Rhea, Aaliya and Ranbir’s mother? Did they pick it out from some garbage bin?

    1. The most horrendous dresses ever! As if made from decorations fabrics ! 😂 I would not like to comment on the hair and makeup !

  18. All right, Leisa, I did watch the episode.
    The dramatic music and Rhea’s black nail polish during Meera’s acceptance interfered with my surprise at seeing Meera’s nose. Boy, did this actress ever have some work done during the Lockdown! What can you think about a woman who is so desperate that she wants a marriage with a man that she knows loves his WIFE. This Meera character easily qualifies for the Scum Squad… aliyah, rhea, pallavi and mitali. Now with their fifth member… no longer a squad. All, weak ugly women with money. Believing that their clothing and ‘plastic facial enhancements’ will somehow buy them into being ‘good’.
    Abhi gets sucked in again by his sister. i.e. Abhi appears to be becoming more stupid with age. Rhea really thinks that she is far more important than she really is. The new actress, fits the role quite well! Much better than the previous actress who was a commercial for a porn site and loved every moment of her new found fame. Meera with her new nose (should we be thanking the actress for rearranging her face, so it would be more acceptable and easier to look at?) No. I’m not being rude. Why else would someone have their face re-arranged?
    So good women are poor and evil women have rich, very stupid husbands. Yet another ‘false belief’ being indoctrinated upon the viewers.
    The director/camera work shows some skill during Ranbir’s reflections with Prachi. It’s a tried and true method so not particularly exciting. Their sadness as well as the unspoken obedience to stupid people was not endearing for me. And India which has become an international medical destination can’t handle a heart attack, as yet. Please.
    Even though they changed the actress for aliyah, the wardrobe people are STILL worshiping the Kardashion family. So the best of India worships a well known family of low-level women with money. A family which has publicly broadcast how many men it sleeps with and has been called in the media as “mattresses for sports teams and musicians”. Combined with the reality shows about the rich bollywood wives… one must truly wonder about wealthy Indian women. There are predictions about Mumbai being washed into the ocean, in some future. After watching these women, one begins to wonder if they are the reason that begs the ocean to give Mumbai a cleansing salt bath. Not that I personally would wish for a disaster! But the prediction does make you wonder.
    And of course Abhi needs Pragya to save him… all the while as he continues to allow his family of witches (misspelled on purpose) to hurt and make murder attempts on Pragya’s life… while she is perpetually trying to save her beloved Abhi. Nice. Nothing has changed.
    Leisa, not much has changed. It is a relief to not see Shika Singh flow her particular deep-seated hate. It was too realistic to have been just acting. That actress had a strong source of it, in her being. You can see it in her eyes, whether she’s acting or being herself. Didn’t get to see Mitali today. I find that her role, in the past, would generally indicate what is coming next. And what is coming next? More of the same. This show is locked into repeat mode. As it is still filling the producer’s bank account, why would they change tactics and actually try to create a real story? Abhi and Pragya were finished with the 20 year leap. How can they make magic when they are never together? Ekta kapoor is devoid of ‘magic’ herself. She and Shabir’s real life wife couldn’t stand the ‘magic’ that Sriti Jha/Shabir A. were able to create on the screen. They have killed that magic. How very typical of rich Indian wives… so we are being told by this program.

    1. This is savagely hilarious that I laughed with streaming tears 😂
      OMG you should be hired for your spontaneous humorous narrative talent !
      I wish you happiness & delight in your life , you’re one light spirit .

    2. I have to admit… I was shocked at what the actress who plays Alya looks like. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t judge a person’s beauty because I feel that there is beauty in all kinds of faces and body types. HOWEVER, I watched an episode for the first time in years. I didn’t realize the original actress who played Alyia was replaced. When I saw this new actress, my first thought was what has she done to her face?? It doesn’t look real. Her nose look so weird and her face and lips hardly move when she talks. It wasn’t until I saw tears come down her face that I realized she was crying. It’s like her face is completely frozen. Does she believe that this new look is an improvement? I feel bad when people alter their natural looks for non medical reasons. They all start to look that same. Oh well, to each his own

  19. Dear Zara… thank-you! Actually H Hasan in the early years of KKB was wonderful with the comedic… sarcasm. I used to love her updates! Still do. But her bosses made her stop. btw… although I am following the rules of the Lockdown (I’m not rich, so would not consider disobedience) my years- long health research tells me that we are in a social behaviour reset. Unfortunately the knowledge of so many trustworthy science/medical professionals is not being allowed on the media. Their reports and protests are taken down within hours while the fear propaganda continues. Very much like the template for KKB’s ‘story’. Congratulations on your studies! I truly hope you find some of the censored information about today’s current events. Then KKB can be used as one of several gauges to visualize what the global social engineers are planning.

    1. Thank you 😊, and I do absolutely agree with you , it is one coerced restitution no doubts!

  20. Kumkum bhagya serial is mostly seen only evil winning!!! only sometimes good wins…what’s the use of waiting for long hours or days for good winning and breaking in just 2 days ??? And then always evil wins…. this is making more irritated with this serial…. This serial crossed 1000 episodes and in that 750 episodes will be on evil side only …what’s the use in it??

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