Kumkum Bhagya 5th December 2018 Written Episode Update: King’s strong belief on Pragya makes her touchy

Kumkum Bhagya 5th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chachi asking King to do something else everything will be ruined. King shouts calling Pragya’s name. Pragya wakes up and thinks why Mr. Singh is angry. Tarun comes to Pragya’s room and tells that mom don’t want my sangeet and marriage to happen. Pragya says she will talk to her. Tarun says mom told King that Abhi was in your room last night. Pragya decides to tell him about Abhi and thinks it is already late. King calls pragya again and again. Pragya and Tarun come there. King asks Tarun to go to his room and asks Pragya what Chachi was saying. He tells that she said that Abhi came yesterday night and was in your room with my Kiara. You haven’t informed his family and that’s why Aaliya and Tanu came here. Chachi thinks now I can break Tarun and Neha’s marriage. King asks Pragya to say, but then tells Chachi that he is very disappointment with her. He says it is elders’ work to stop the youngsters from fighting and blames her for doing tamasha. He tells that he scolded Pragya as he wanted to see her reaction. He tells that he will not believe on her. Pragya says Chachi is doubting on her and she has a reason. King says I will never believe and shows truth on Pragya. He asks her not to tell anything else Chachi will get a chance to break Tarun and Neha’s marriage. He says Pragya respects you so much and you insult her always. Chachi says Pragya brought stranger man in her room and made him sleep and says you are insulting me rather than insulting her. King says it is enough, and says I will forget our relation and says you are staining their relation. He says Abhi and Pragya are just friends.

Chachi says you can’t see their illegitimate relation. King says you don’t want to know the truth, wants gossip and nonsense and asks her to let the family stay as family. He tells that when I called Purab, he told that Abhi is missing. He says when Chachi told me, I understood that Abhi must have called Pragya and she went to pick him. He tells Chachi that she fell down in his eyes and says if you tell this again then I have to take any action, I have full truth on Pragya. Pragya says I want to tell something. King leaves. Chachi tells Pragya that she has trapped King fully and that he blindly trust her. Pragya says she really wanted to tell him something. Chachi asks her to tell. Pragya says whatever I tell you, you will use that to break Tarun and Neha’s marriage.

Abhi thinks his daughter didn’t have the name Abhigya, but he got the daughter. He thinks his daughter was snatched from him and he missed all the beautiful moments. He thinks now he knows the truth and wants to spend all time with her. He says I will go to my daughter. Tanu comes to Abhi and says she brought medicine for his hangover. Abhi says this hangover is old and he will end it forever. Tanu asks where is he going? Abhi says Pragya…Tanu asks him not to insult their relation and says this is not done. I will not let you spoil our marriage. Abhi says which marriage and says it is just one sided. He says we have no relation between us, and asks her to talk about his relation with Pragya. He says it is blossoming like a plant and I don’t want any negativity now. Tanu thinks what he was saying. Abhi comes downstairs. Dasi asks Abhi to have breakfast and sit. Abhi thinks you have to tell Pragya why you kept my daughter away from me. He sees Disha talking and thinks with whom?

Disha talks to Kiara and asks her to come there. She tells that she will help her do the homework. Kiara says first dance. Disha says first homework else my Di, your mum will scold me. Abhi hears her. Disha says I will make Kiara meet her Papa. Abhi hears her and says you would have told me before doing this. Disha asks what? Abhi says that kiara is my daughter and says I am upset that neither you nor Pragya told me this, and kept me in dark. Disha says I wanted to tell you. Abhi says I never get angry and says you also took me for granted. He says I thought you as my friend and you hide this from me. Disha says I just know that Kiara studies in Sunny class. Abhi asks when did you know that Kiara is my hospital. Disha says in the hospital.

Abhi asks her not to lie and tells that you know since many days and that’s why you used to call her often. He says I felt many times that Kiara is my daughter, I asked her why she is copying me, she said that it is in her blood and she is not copying. He says I didn’t understand that she is my daughter. Disha says when Kiara fell down from stairs, I went to drop her and saw Pragya’s pic there. When she asked her, Kiara says she is her mum. She tells that when she wanted to tell him, Purab stopped her and then she couldn’t tell him. Abhi says I came to know myself and tells that he wouldn’t let her go away from me, but you both…He gets upset with Disha. He says past time cannot be back, but I have to do something. He says I will go and talk to Pragya asking her why she did this. He asks her to promise that she will not call Pragya and tell her that he is coming. Disha asks him not to go angrily. Abhi says I was waiting since 7 years and goes. Pragya thinks of King’s trust on him and thinks I will tell him everything.

King tells Abhi that the pain gets from the loved ones. Abhi says there is nothing left to be fine. He says now there will be fight for the rights.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Abhi is stupid, waiting for seven years indeed when he was the one that threw Pragya out of the house. Nonsense serial

  2. It’s called “It’s not my fault and I am a bully” amnesia…..LOL

  3. Ekta kapoor has an insurmountable amount of power to change India. She brags that she is modernizing India. Her friends seem to be conveniently actresses who are in her hit shows or reportedly ineffective gov’t officials (guess that she wasn’t really there to govern but rather to use her position for personal benefit) who also were in her hit shows at some past time.

    Tuna fish worked very hard to have a lower tone of voice. Her lips are full on pumped up today.

    Disha, in fact no one, reminds Abhi that he kicked out the jinx Pragya and called her dead seven years ago. Even if she wanted to tell Abhi, she couldn’t. She was dead.

    Abhi is beginning to behave like the brute he really is. Just because he can be ‘good’ on occasion does not mean that the crazy, dumb, self-centred brute part of him disappears. Abusers don’t change. Very rarely, with conscious effort perhaps, but unlikely. Would you let your children play with a reformed pedophile? Of course not! Will it be your child that the ‘reformed’ pedophile reverts back to his original behaviour. Brutes and abusers can pretend for years that they are normal. Until a crisis comes. That is the test. Abhi fails that test every time. He always returns to his abusive brute nature. And to the delight of the tuna fish and the kardashion vampire Pragya always pays the price. It is Abhi’s very nature and his stupidity that the fish and the vampire have been able to use all these years for their own benefit. Abhi is a stupid rich man with two ***** attached to each one of his testicles. These two ***** have the longevity of an Ekta Kapoor, because she needs India to remain the same. Just like the two *****, she will not interfere with her income stream. Too many parties and dance sessions with her ‘girls’ to take care of and call that a heavy ‘workload’. Who’s the real brute and abuser in this scenario? 10 million viewers? 10 million little Pragya’s to abuse, lie, sell cheap harmful products. 10 million Pragya’s to constantly entice and to keep them caged where they are, never knowing that there is more to life than physical, mental and emotional brutality.

  4. or maybe he has what is called …”I’m clueless and I will always blame you” syndrome…..LOL

  5. the only help for both illnesses is a new writer for this painfully dull and repetitive series…..

    My solution is to not watch the series (haven’t been for a few years) but I like reading the comments. they are more entertaining and full of life

    1. I totally agree with you. I have not watched this series for 2 years, but reading the comments is entertaining.

    2. O.k. Tango and Crystal, does that mean you two haven’t even been watching the fish lips constantly changing?! : ) I keep wanting to stop and just read. On the other hand I am wondering if the director is ever going to come back from holiday. The director even, right at the leap, did some wonderful subtle cinematic work. That’s been gone, for awhile. The tuna fish does demand far too much time… or whomever is making that choice for tuna fish. I really like H. Hasan’s updates but he/she can’t be expected to relay all the details. And it is in the details you see the degree of brutality, become boring. That’s far more than sad. Brutality normalized to keep the 10 million Pragya’s in line. I have wondered, is that 10,000 televisions each with five Pragya’s sitting and watching? I do miss the early updates where H. Hasan would use the most delightful adjectives for the two ‘antagonists’. First Alia was the master, now it’s Tuna fish.

  6. Dear Naz, in reply:
    I’m so sorry Naz, without context I do not recall, what I had said. The simple answer would be a sinus headache. I don’t believe I’ve ever written about the sphenoid bone. Western medicine does not accept that the sutures in the scalp and other structures are mobile. For those who have suffered injuries involving the sphenoid, western medicine only offers treatments for other issues. I would like to believe that it is changing but even if they allow their knowledge base to be upgraded it will be decades before it hits the mainstream. There is too much profit in people becoming permanently ‘ill’. That is why osteopathy was never allowed to flourish in North America. Osteopathy and many other very successful natural treatments were ridiculed and destroyed (late 1800’s , early 1900’s) in order for an already rich family to develop medicine out of the chemicals leftover from the oil industry. There was no where for the oil companies to dispose of the poisons. So the poison was turned into medicine, medical schools were opened to teach future doctors to use only the poison rather than use remedies which had worked for thousands of years. Western Medicine does have a place. It is excellent for trauma. But the diseases caused by our lifestyle are all preventable. Take the poison out of our agriculture and our food heals us. If osteopathy had been encouraged there would be no ‘Big Pharma’. If western doctors had been taught physiology as affected by nutrition and diet there would be no ‘Big Agriculture’. If people were encouraged to grow up emotionally there would be no ‘Ekta Kapoor’.
    I would strongly suggest that the sufferer find an osteopath with proper training. I’ve noticed that some colleges are offering a 10 month training course for osteopathic therapists. My therapist has a full seven years worth of training. Also a cranial-sacral therapist may be able to help. I would choose someone who is highly experienced. Depending on how often you travel, I have recently learned that there is an osteopath on just about every street corner in Scotland.
    I do have the info/facts to back up what I am saying. It has been many years since I have been teaching this info. I could offer more in a private conversation. I need to put up that website before I go into the details. Truly hope that this helped. And please remember that the current rich people are working hard to bring back feudalism, for the new ‘tech’ world, where each one of us is Pragya. The plans are nearly complete. Ekta Kapoor is part of that system, keeping India emotionally injured. It’s easier to control those who are injured,

    1. I will do a little research on the histamine factor, it’s all about pointing in the right direction to my friend, at least the trail will lead somewhere…. When in desperation, every little bit counts.. I haven’t seen Cathy on any forum, maybe she’s a little too busy at this time of the year… So, how have you been dear Akituster? I imagine the cold weather is as beastly as Tanu these days… Do you think that the man child has discovered he owns a pair of testicles? I’m noticing he’s becoming more vocal and for the right reasons….i enjoy seeing Tanu squirm under her personal insults, it must be a hellish place to be when Abhi reminds her of her place and position in his life and their sad marriage.. I’m disappointed in King’s stance on this issue based on Chachi’s complaint…a lot of people do find themselves in situations like this, maybe denial is a way of not wanting to confront what you already know….it is really laughable for King to not see how close Abhi and Pragya is…..this is why I have a problem with these writers at times, logic and detailing seems to escape their thoughts a lot of times and they expect us to just accept it.. I could never understand how KKB could have so many positive fans out there, maybe in rural areas people would digest its contents but viewers like the more progressive thinkers, gives thumbs down!! Sometimes I don’t feel like commenting as I’ve exhausted my vocabulary assessing Abhi, Pragya and the two sluts, I’m here though, the comment section is never boring …i have noticed a lot of the viewers not making any contributions…i guess this forum experiences the four seasons….although many viewers have managed to remain a constant, there are those who take the sabbatical and make their contributions based on the sensationalism on any given day.. Have a wonderful day today dear… Chat soon ☕☕

  7. Naz, if your friend has no injury they could possibly be suffering from a histamine overload in their body. This can be corrected through a change in diet. A lot of good information, diet plans etc have become very difficult to find on the internet. Google works hard to prevent good information/solutions being found. The same groups who control Google etc. are also the same groups who are in the business of denying all humans their birthrights… so they can tell themselves that they are somehow special. If it is a dietary or histamine issue I found that the book ‘Eat right for your bloodtype’ by Dr. P. D’Amao( ?) was an excellent resource. I did go to an Ayurvedic Hospital in India for some months. The diet offered for my body type made a huge difference to one of my issues. Coincidentally the Blood Type Book for me, the remedies…. matched perfectly the suggested diet from the hospital. Or find a GOOD ayurvedic doctor! Being a Vegan (who cheats with yogurt 3/4x /year) I, of course, adjusted the book’s diet to suit my needs. You lose all your extra weight if you are overweight (and a host of physical issues) when you eat organic high quality food which is appropriate for your body type. Many of my students and clients found this to be true.

    1. Thank you so much Akituster, as always, your knowledge and information are always appreciated by me, believe it or not, I’ve learnt a lot from you since we started chatting.. We did discuss the sphenoid issue some time ago when I referenced the sufferer as having massive headaches where the feeling of a drip coming from the cranial sac down to the nasal tract was discernible as a tap having a leak… The use of Ayurveda isn’t much popular here, I’m sure in the wider sphere of medical science, this type of healing and its benefits could put pharmaceuticals companies out of business, that’s why Ayurveda wasn’t able to be the solution to a multitude of medical problems, it’s the politics in almost everything today that has caused the more healthier alternative to be not be as practiced as it should have been. I have a dear friend in India, I met her on one of the forums in 2016, she has somewhat of a medical issue and enrolled in an ayurvedic program in Kerala where she stayed and partook of the sessions in strict conditions..she felt a wealth of difference after her sojourn there in her entire well-being and advised me to try it in my country but that’s the problem here.. I don’t think I would find a genuine practitioner in this field here so my choice of treatment for my lower back issues right now is only at the physical therapist, mind you, I’ve gotten some improvement and I’m trying the gym these days, stretching my sore muscles to a certain level is proving to be somewhat beneficial to me… My cell battery is depleting.. I’ll pick up where I left off in another comment…

    2. Maybe try an older experienced massage therapist. Or a very good chiropractor who uses the more gentle techniques. Sometimes practitioners (of any type) don’t notice some foundational issue like your sacrum being forward or too far back. Many issues just have one single trigger point and when that is balanced (could take a few treatments to keep it happy in the healthy position) everything else will fall into place. And it is about finding the right practitioner. If your current practitioner is simply maintaining the issue or preventing it from becoming worse, they are missing something and it’s time to do a search. this can be a costly and physically frustrating exercise, but returning to normalcy is worth it. Every human body has the capacity to become fully healthy. It is only a lack of understanding or a lack of information which delays healing and returning to balance. Unfortunately, that ‘lack’ is purposefully kept ‘big’ for majority population of earth. Thankfully there exist very good practitioners out there who have developed their skills on their own through experience and their gift of innovative, questioning thinking and a natural gift of healing. I hope you connect with your healer soon. And yes, I do remember that conversation! I am planning on returning to India in 2021. That’s the goal. I would love it if you joined me! (Where’s Cathy? And other KKB friends) The first 3-5 weeks will be to attend a traditional Indian Ayurvedic Clinic… not the overpriced tourist ones. The food was just too good. You walk out so refreshed, healthier, acclimatized and there is opportunity to meet the most wonderful people. Being acclimatized you are ready for a great explore! Omg! You do this all on your cell? can you type that fast on the little tiny keyboard? aaargh I am a dinosaur with these crazy devices. And I truly don’t get the reasoning behind all the different ‘formats’…still. double aaargh!

  8. I would be even more annoyed if I actually spent an hour watching this series instead of the few minutes it takes to read & realize what an utter waste of time it would have been. Hey, I have an idea!! Why don’t the writers have an outcome that is totally unpredictable??? Like Ahbi growing some cahoonahs and actually standing up for what is decent and right?? Too much to ask??? I think so.

    1. Agreed Tango, agreed! I watch my annoyance levels as well and often note that it shows in my words. And I think that the writers should be given drugs. a good hallucinogenic might just kick start the creativity.

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