Kumkum Bhagya 4th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Abhi shares his happiness with Disha and Purab

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Kumkum Bhagya 4th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi thinking why Pragya keeps King’s surname with her if they are not married, he thinks what to do, if he shall prove that Kiara is his daughter or if shall question Pragya. Pragya senses someone is standing and walking towards Abhi. Abhi thinks if she sees me then will get angry on me. Why to tell him that I came to her room for spying. Chachi comes there and asks Pragya if she didn’t sleep yet? Pragya says she came to get water. Chachi says even I came to get water. Pragya comes near the wall and thinks may be due to air, curtain shade appeared like that and I thought. She comes back to room and picks Kiara’s album. She says Abhi kicked her out of his life and recalls Abhi throwing her out of his life. Abhi comes to room and sees Pragya sleeping. Tera yaar hun main plays……Abhi covers her with blanket and thinks I am not in you family, I should be with you. I will take you to my world and will make my own family with you, Allah wariyan plays…Abhi kisses on Pragya’s forehead calling her fuggi. Allah wariyan plays still. He goes.

Tanu is waiting for Abhi in his house. Tanu asks what happened and asks if Kiara didn’t come with her, and says finally you came to know that Kiara is not your daughter, I told you that Pragya has moved on leaving you. It is good that you know it, now you will respect me a bit. She asks him to say something else he will get in trauma. Abhi says I went to Pragya’s house to know about Kiara’s date of birth, but came to know that Pragya is not married to King. He asks her why she is not saying anything and tells that her silence will turn into trauma. Abhi goes to Purab and Disha’s room and wakes them up. He happily tells them that he was at Pragya’s house and even now Pragya was having his name still as her husband. He says then I heard King and Pragya talking and whatever I heard was more like a dream. He tells everything. Purab and Disha get happy. Abhi says I don’t need birth certificate now, as Kiara is my daughter. He says I will go with the baraat. Disha says did Pragya accept this? She says ofcourse not, and says Pragya will not accept this until they find the proof. He says she still loves you and kept fast for you. Abhi asks do you want me to keep quiet. Disha says we have to chuck out plan to get the proofs. Abhi says he is feeling sleepy and goes. Pragya wakes up and finds blanket on her. She thinks Kiara covered her with blanket. She wakes her up and tells that she has cinderella play to do.

Abhi happily dances and exercise with Sunny and goes. Pragya makes Kiara ready and takes out her Cinderella dress. Kiara insists to wear it now for a selfie. Pragya asks her to go to school and makes her ready. They laugh as Kiara teases Pragya. King comes and admires them both. Oh Saathi song plays….He smiles and thinks if I shall talk to Pragya about Abhi. Pragya complains to King about Kiara. Kiara also complains about Pragya. They argue. King smiles. Pragya combs her hairs and asks king to pack her school bag. King thinks he is enjoying to pack Kiara’s bag. He packs her bag. Pragya asks him to give the bag and tells him that there are different sections to keep tiffin box and bottle. Kiara says you are not alone to get scolded by Mamma. King thinks he feels good when Pragya shows right on him. He thinks not to spoil the moment. Kiara tells that she will get her book. Pragya asks King if he wants to ask anything. King says if I would have been Kiara’s father then would I be a good father? Pragya looks on.

Pragya asks King and asks if he came to her house last night. Abhi says no. Pragya says she felt like he came. Abhi says it was not her illusion, but she really felt him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. We find Pragya walking to the kitchen for water. It takes a few moments for her to turn around wondering if someone else is in the room. Abhi ruminates about the situation, wondering why would Pragya need to claim that king was her husband. Pragya as she returns to her room, sees her photo album and reminisces. We see a flashback of the day Dadi died and Abhi kicking her out like trash. This would not have happened without Aliyah’s demanding ugliness and blame. Aliyah was and still is an opportunist who happily sees every moment as a chance to hurt Pragya…. just like the wretch Tuna fish. How ridiculous! Criminal Abhi actually wanders into her room. What a metaphor! The criminal wandering around still trying to control Pragya’s life, from the shadows. Once a criminal has picked their victim, they do not let go until the job is done. I find it creepy that KKB still claims that this is a love story. The creep is actually touching her. How convenient that the over-alert Pragya for once… doesn’t even wake up. Abhi again states, to himself, that Pragya has kept him far away from her. Wow. Well we do know that criminals lie to themselves the most. Abhi’s stellar reasoning ability remains at the age of an angry 5 year old child. 3-5 years old is when a child begins learning about personal responsibility. This is the age when a child is taught about lying or not lying. We can see that Abhi’s parenting never occurred. He, Aliyah and Tuna never received this quality of parenting i.e. Normal Parenting. After tucking Pragya into bed, this child/man decides he is in love and is able to leave the fully locked house. The writers don’t show us how, as earlier the script claimed that there was no way out for him. We all know that sure, he can decide he’s in love, but it is not real. He only does what he is told to do by aliyah. He will never have a chance to become a man until Aliyah, Tuna and Mithali are dead. Upon arriving at his home Abhi informs the waiting tuna fish that Pragya never married King. Then he happily informs Purab/Disha about his latest criminal ‘adventure’. The three, plan to make a plan to bring Pragya ‘home’. Now they need proof in order to get Pragya’s co-operation. That is Hindi for “We will force her to grant our wishes, but we will coerce her, so it will look more legal. i.e. “Let’s destroy Pragya’s life that she has built and created… then she will have to come back to me.” This is standard behaviour in some Indian families when one of their children has escaped the abuse and unfortunately have been found by their family. Yes, even years later an Indian family will do this! You see, they own the escaped adult. The escaped adult needs to be reminded of their place in life. Slave. Has Pragya stopped being a victim? We don’t know quite yet. We watch Abhi being excited and playful. Sunny shows up. Then we are back with Pragya preparing Kiara for school. She behaves like a cute brat. The problem with not correcting some of the disrespectful behaviour, is that it quickly stops being cute and becomes standard behaviour by the child. This child reminds her parents that she can do anything she wants. No parent corrects or guides the child in a playful supportive manner. Just like Aliyah’s parenting didn’t provide limits for her. Kiara respects her mother less and less. The show ends with Pragya gently questioning a very joyful Abhi (at Kiara’s school), if he had come to her home last night. More plot set-ups today. Fairly paced script (they have been getting better) but no new action. Wouldn’t expect it, as it is New Moon tomorrow. How will they choose to victimize Pragya? How many threats will Pragya face now? Chachi, Tuna fish, Aliyah (she’ll get involved as soon as she knows that Pragya may be returning) and the team of the dumbest man alive (disha/purab/abhi). I am sure that they will turn the child against Pragya. That way, she’ll lose her child or be forced to move back into the murder mansion if she wants a relationship with her child. Lovely, ‘love’ story this is. They are going to rape Pragya’s life again. The Mehra family has never loved or honoured Pragya. Not even Dadi. Dadi, was Pragya’s first abuser after her own mother. They find her production useful. She produces, regardless of the dangers, threats against her. She is a useful pawn, for them. With Pragya around none of them ever has to be an adult, responsible for their own choices and actions. Pragya’s there. They use her as the public ‘face’ to hide their own criminality and abysmal ‘defects’. Just think, soon Aliyah will have a protege. Sriti Jha has pinned the role of victim, down, perfectly.

  2. Finally someone who thinks this is wrong and abuse rather than a love story. THANK YOU SO MUCH ❤

  3. Don’t know why they cannot leave her with King, he is a really nice guy but they will make him a villian

    1. I keep hoping that Indu Dasi will find her courage and help Pragya place a large bomb in the Mehra Mansion. Indu Dasi is the only one with a heart and common sense in that house. She failed Pragya during Dadi’s death but perhaps she will connect to her sense of justice. All the Mehra’s dead in one fell swoop, excepting Indu Dasi. I bet Robin would help them, if asked. This would be a service to all of humanity, not a crime. It is crime prevention. Pragya is still Abhi’s wife/widow. She would inherit all the wealth. And she would be free to marry King, if she chose to do so. Being independently wealthy, she could make clear honest choices. Marriage is not necessary for happiness. That comes from within.

  4. Thanks Smk. I think I am the loudest voice on this (here) but believe me there are others who state the same or similar opinions. Even more so after and during the British Raj, foundational family relationships in India were built on abuse, pure and simple. This has not changed. The population after more than seven generations mostly believe that abuse is love. Perfect way to destroy the original and currently misinterpreted tenets of original Hinduism. This has trapped men and women both into seeing abuse as an act of love. India is the rape capitol in the world. That’s why this show is a success. The majority viewers think and believe this is a love story. And of course there is the whole family honour thing. If you recognize that your family are abusive criminals it is difficult to leave as they persist in chasing you down to make your life hell or to kill you if they can legally get away with it. They don’t like traitors to the family ‘honour’. This is the attitude that Ekta Kapoor is insisting must continue. Let’s face it, abused people are easily controlled and obedient consumers. Especially when they have been taught that their abuse is a good and necessary part of life. ‘Karma’ is used as a justification for wrong behaviour. “Oh, it’s her karma to suffer”, said the mother/husband/father as they stabbed the girl to death. The girl was obviously smarter than her brother. Can’t have that. The girl should be at home cooking and servicing her husband’s (and his friends) needs.

    1. Please know that this is a strong attitude in India. This is not everyone!! India does have many good people, emotional adults, peaceful, intelligent and honourable men and women bringing much needed change to these regressive attitudes. There are many courageous lighted, souls who on so many fronts are trying to bring dignity and life to the suffering peoples of India. Ekta Kapoor and the “I’m just doing my job” type of people are NOT on the team for human dignity or even individual physical security.

      1. Cathy

        And those people must come and make change especially in mass media.

  5. Good to see you Cathy. here’s a link to an article with Ekta informing ‘us’. Can you b believe this woman?

    So are you out ‘enjoying’ the snow? I am not loving it at all this winter. Counting the days to begin the seasonal (early, early spring) body detoxes. Liver and Gall Bladder Cleanse first! Do you do any of the natural lifestyle ‘stuff’?

    1. Cathy

      You have to admit we’ve had a mild winter (by Canadian standards lol) and i’m a winter girl so i’m not to unhappy, but yeah this time of year i am looking forward to longer days, Actually Akituster i am very much into natural foods and healing right now i’m day 4 of a 10 fast, water, coffee tea, salts only. i try and do a 5 to 7 day fast once a month this time i’m going for 10..my goal is to eventually do a 21 day fast, i wish i had attempted doing this when i was way younger. Oooooooo thanks for the link…and BTW how did you cope with those massive winds, still standing? 🙂

      1. Cathy, I have to agree, the winters have become very mild. My nervous system ‘shrinks’ during the cold and this increases pain levels, so my love of the outdoors has been curtailed about a decade ago. I have been told that this will normalize as I heal. Sure not seeing it yet! The wind didn’t destroy any trees and honestly, I stayed inside excepting for a few mad dashes to my car. I’m impressed regarding the fasting! Turns out that my natural inclination since childhood has been to eat only 1 or 2x per day. (This was a real problem for my parents : ) ) For the last decade they (natural western medicine) have begun calling this intermittent fasting. Because the stomach has time to heal and rest for 16-18 hours a day (you are eating only during 6-8 hours/day), then traditional fasting becomes redundant. And the article regarding Ekta? When I read the title, I thought, “Right, that’s why ‘Tuna’ exists on one of your productions”. Because the discourse of her characters remain at a 5 year old emotional level, the “passion and talent” has been relegated to an extremely immature, regressive exercise of characters brutalizing one another. Passion and talent do not have a place to appear. The vicious brutality is pseudo- ‘passionate’ I would guess. I’m thinking of the long boring monologues given by Aliyah /Tuna. Bashar Momin was passionate. The ‘passion’ within KKB has often evoked laughter on my part. Or disgust. Passionate laughter. Passionate disgust. Misused Talent. She limits the use of talent. It would appear as if the woman carefully sabotages talent in order to keep the competition controlled. It would appear that she likes her position of controlling the talents of others. That way, she should be recognized as the most talented person, in her own mind!

  6. Cathy

    I would imagine she has surrounded herself with “yes men” all kow towing and bowing to every random thought her regressive mind produces…i was startled in how much she is behind, an almost 1950’s mindset of the American woman, really it’s not like India doesn’t have professional woman like Doctors, Lawyers, Social Workers, Accountants, business owners, Sports starts etc..but this is all reduced to nothing in the “Indian serial” especially when she marries, then all of a sudden they become dull witted, stupid and lack any self esteem…Like Pragya who was a Professor (with suicidal tendencies) she was a professional woman that was reduced to being a door mat for a selfish man and his family. Or many others that are initially given strong female characters and then punished for something trivial and all of a sudden the “cop” or “doctor” or “martial arts” trained super girl gets turned into a quivering helpless mass of patheticness unable to extract herself from a brutal situation and find independence then perhaps true love..yes i know these are stories but really they do have an impact on viewers mostly younger women and it sends such a terrible message to them that this is all they can expect from life!…where ekta has the power to showcase a generation of strong young women fighting back for instance an outdated tradition or even perhaps striking out on her own, remember back in the 70’s with the shows like “Julia” “That Girl” and Mary Tyler Moore”?? this is what Ekta needs to draw from to show female empowerment.

    I did the IF for several months then started doing one meal a day which turned into a 24 hour then 48 hour fast and progressed from there…i really like fasting, it’s hard at first but like a muscle it has to be firmed up.

    1. Agreed Cathy, on both subjects. Ekta Kapoor must keep India as regressive as possible in order to protect her own position. Or her egotistical belief of her ‘position/importance’. Further, I do not believe she has any real personal creativity. She is a ‘genius’ at identifying talent and then controlling that talent. Her ‘genius’ I attribute not so much to her mind/heart but rather to her position and power. She didn’t even have to try. It was handed to her on a silver platter. I am sure that she actually believes in the stupidity of the statement “All is fair in love and war”, which I personally identify as the anthem of a coward. As well the fasting… I get it. For a number of years I used the original Master Cleanse beginning with 3 days and only once managing 21 days. In my case, the issue became the type of food I was consuming (lectin/histamine reactions) when I wasn’t fasting. The journey to find the right foods was difficult. And I’m sure you are aware of how western medicine categorizes ‘allergies’, immune function etc. Once I found the right foods, fasting just didn’t seem necessary any longer. It was later that I discovered that my personal eating habits (timing), fortunately positioned me to not have to worry about ritual cleansing. Thankfully, with so many different versions of ‘human’ we also have available so many different versions of ‘healing processes’. I am glad that you connected to yours. G’night Cathy! It’s been good catching up with you! Hope you read this.. I don’t know if you caught it last time. If you are in the Edmonton area, I will be driving up in about 10 days. If there is a way to meet in Edmonton or area, let me know. You know, a little adventure!

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