Kumkum Bhagya 3rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi confronts Tarun for eloping with Neha

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Neha and Tarun looking at Pragya from far. Neha sees Pragya’s hairs ,moving with heavy wind and runs to closes the window. She comes near Pragya and then closes the window. Tarun tries to make Pragya drink water. Pragya gives him an angry look. Purab tells Disha that Abhi gets angry hearing about his past and says he might get upset with you. Disha says you had said that their relation started with arguments and says she wants Abhi’s love for Pragya to come infront of everyone, and she wants even Pragya to see his love. Tanu claps and says I salute your blind love for Pragya. Disha asks if I am blind or you are blind? Purab says leave it. Disha says we did a mistake by letting Pragya go. Tanu says that’s why I was against to let you stay here. Purab asks her not to say

anything against his wife. Tanu says you have tied your husband with your Pallu who is taking your wrong side. Purab says she is not wrong. Tanu says your wife have forgotten her value. Purab says Tanu..Disha says let her take out her anger on me, then she will leave Pragya. Tanu says she loves Abhi and will not leave them if they try to separate them. She says she will not let Purab and Disha stay together. Tarun tells Pragya about his true love. Pragya says someone is hurt because of your true love and tells that Mr. King is in jail because of Tarun. Tarun says Bhai doesn’t know anything about Neha. Pragya asks him to come to Police station. Tarun says I can’t come with you, as bhai will get me arrested and Neha’s family will get her marry. They go away from there. Pragya shouts asking them to open the rope.

Disha asks what she said? Tanu repeats again. Disha says our relation is strong, but your relation is fake and it is because of a need. She asks her to stop calling need as love. She says if I had seen even a bit of love in your eyes, then I and even Pragya would have told you that you deserves Abhi. Tanu says I love him, but you can’t see. Disha says you feel proud that Abhi is with you and keeps him as a trophy, but don’t love him. She asks her to leave him alone and let him leave happily with Pragya. Tanu asks them to remember this day and says you will not get your happiness. Disha says until Purab is with me, I don’t need to get scared with you. Tarun tells Neha that they can’t wait here anymore and shall leave immediately. He says I will call mom here and will ask her to take Pragya from there. He says I don’t want to stay away from you. Abhi comes to the farm house.

Pragya sees him and asks him to open her rope. Abhi asks who tied you? Pragya asks him to open the rope first. Abhi says why am I feeling that you are not requesting me. Pragya says please open the rope….Abhi says ok and asks her to tell what happened? Pragya tells him that Tarun hit him with a rod and then she fainted. Abhi says why did he hit you? Pragya says he thought I will not understand him. Abhi says it is good and says you have stolen my keys, and mechanic and shop keeper was laughing at me and said that a girl fooled me. He says you got punishment for fooling me. He says I will deal them with my way. Pragya asks him to open the rope. Abhi asks her not to scare him and says I will win this challenge. Pragya says how? I have reached here first. Abhi says you don’t have them and says I will do the work fast. He calls Neha. Tarun and Neha see Abhi. Neha says we shall leave from here. Abhi calls her Babli and asks her to come. They come out holding each other’s hand infront of Abhi. Abhi asks Neha to come home and holds her hand. Neha is still holding Tarun’s hand.

Abhi asks Neha to come with him. Tarun asks him not to take Neha home. Abhi asks who are you to interfere between us, she is my niece and asks what is your relation with her? He asks her to come and asks Tarun to leave her hand. Tarun is still holding her hand. Abhi asks him to leave her hand else he will punish him right here without any Police intervention or court decision. Neha runs from there. Abhi asks Tarun how dare he to make Neha elope? Tarun says she came with her wish. Abhi takes out handkerchief and wipes his sweat. He asks him to tell this in Police station and says Neha is a minor. He says king is waiting at the Police station. Neha comes to Pragya and asks her to make Chucks understand. Pragya asks her to open the rope. Neha says Chucks is very angry. She opens the rope.

Tarun says we both love each other and eloped with our wish. We didn’t ask anybody before eloping. Abhi says you have to listen to me. Tarun says I will not let you take neha from here. Abhi says you will stop me? Pragya comes there and asks Abhi to listen. Abhi says I have promised Mitali bhabhi that I will take Neha home and will not let anyone come in the way. Tarun says I am not standing on the way, but standing with Neha. Abhi says your future will be decided by my family and asks them to come.

Tarun tells Neha that they shall create love moments for Abhi and Pragya to rekindle their love so that they understand their love. Pragya makes Abhi eat something. They share some good moments.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Well, that was like a cold shower, when you are used to hot water! The Tuna fish is back! Obviously, it’s the same night because she is wearing the same dress and she is in full form. That is, a beaker filled with bile, bubbling and frothing over… but gently, like the new ‘lady’ Tuna is desperately trying to be. Which she’ll never be.
    Disha and Purab need to watch out for themselves and the safety of their child. Especially if Aliyah chooses to help the Tuna. Abhi gets to be a man for a few moments. And Pragya? She’s tied up as usual and has been neutralized. The ones who hate her do this to her. You know Tuna, Aliyah, Mithali and the assorted goondas and now the people who love her do this to her as well. Perpetual Victim. Everyone seems to accept that ‘truth’, excepting Disha. Will Pragya be able to return to the state of ‘adulthood’ that King has provided for her? Or is she willing to accept, yet again, the treacherous enforced victimhood provided by the Mehra’s Malicious Manipulators. Get Neha and Tarun married and then Run Pragya, Run! Get away from the murderers. Rescue King. He treats Pragya like she matters.
    And maybe Pragya will start wearing non-matron type of outfits.
    The actresses natural grace would make the clothing thankful, that it is being displayed and enhanced by that grace.
    What is wrong with Mithali? All she cares about is money/status. She doesn’t care about her daughter, she thinks she owns her daughter. Tarun’s family has more wealth than the Mehras. Where’s the problem?

    1. tarun relationship is a secret. And king is married to pragya. that will be the problem. and for Tanu there are trying to keep her in the show. And for Purab he is the man but he forget about bull bull accident. hummm. and Abhi daughter . well it is being stretch out

  3. Cathy and Naz, Omigawd. Too good! The 2nd or 3rd time that I had read one of Cathy’s comments, I had an intuitive flash, “I’m going to meet this woman”. With intuitive flashes I tend to file the information and let it be. Then when we played with the Fantasy Production I felt strongly that, omigosh, I am going to meet some of these people. The more the merrier. Well, Cathy, I am more motivated to solve my tech issues and be connected! You could be my reason for my first long drive and visit! And everyone else… I will continue to leave up to the universe, which works in ‘mysterious’ ways. Anything is possible. (Even, Miss Ekta, becoming an adult thinker…tee hee)

    1. Cathy

      That would be awesome!!! and hilarious…Naz!! we should get the rest of us “know it all females” and head back down to Mexico head to Cancun get spoiled at the Moon Palace and write our own show.

      1. Cathy that an awesome idea . I am in.

  4. I just have this to say Ekta “never argue with stupid people they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience”. Oh and sometimes it is pleasant to come across people more stupid than ourselves we love them at once for being so. Get the point???? EKTA MAM!!!!!

    1. “…they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience”.

      Jayashree, isn’t that exactly what Miss Ekta is doing presently, through KKB? : )

  5. Zo made me smile on her last comment yesterday, you know when ppl don’t have much to comment on, the weather becomes a topic of conversation!! AKITUSTER… I’ve been to Canada twice, Toronto ie.. I stayed at the Hilton on my first visit and OMG… Niagara Falls at night is a sight to behold!! Going into the Falls on the Maid of the Mist was an experience to remember,i still have my blue raincoat 😂..anyways, Cathy… You took me back to my geography class with the mention of the Chinook winds, I did study north America geography but more precisely, the wheat belt, the manufacturing industries around the Great Lakes and the fishing and lumber industries of British Columbia. I did visit the community of the first natives, what an interesting trip it was, still got pics. It was then that I learnt that they don’t pay taxes and have much more importance than that of the average Canadian citizens. I enjoyed going to Niagara by the Lake… Sigh!! Maybe I’ll go on another visit in the foreseeable future… Yes, both you and Cathy should speak in privacy, people meet for a reason and both of you are fellow Canadians…I’ll join you both for a fruit drink…in spirit!!

    1. That sounds great Naz! If Cathy and I are able to meet we could get you face to face with a laptop or on one of the other devices. I still have to learn how to use my iphone. If you think I have trouble here understanding the way things work, well my iphone is exactly like running into Tuna and Nikhil in a dark back alley… scarier than hell! And although things continue to change, the indigenous population of Canada remains suffering, like all colonised countries.
      Perhaps if Cathy and I are able to meet it will be a beginning…
      I really want to meet everybody else! Marie, Jodi, Kalika, Zo, Leisa, Ishu, Geeta, Sapphire, Alka, Leila, KKB and everyone else who’s name is not in instant memory! The persons from Nigeria and the Carribbean (I lived in Jamaica for several years). And you too, Jayashree. In my imagination you are holding a glass of red wine. Red wine is fruit juice. It counts!

    2. Cathy

      The Natives were treated badly and cheated out of their land, sadly this is a shameful dark past Canada has, but we did try to make things right with acknowledging the wrongs done and financial reparations made, but i don’t think that made things right you can’t take that kind of pain away…Oh i would love to go back and see the falls haven’t been back since i was wee girl…Naz if you ever get back to Western Canada go to the badlands and see all the Dinosaur bones and the weird Hoodoo formations..Banff Alberta, totally tourist but absolutly beautiful especially Lake Louise.

      1. Neato Cathy. One of my habits before my injury was to drive to the Badlands, watch sunrise with a cup of coffee, read the paper after and then drive back to make it to work. Yes, I was/am an aggressive driver.
        And yes, the link to Bashar Momin is welcomed. I will start watching it.
        Krishnadasi came out in 2016. The episodes currently listed don’t seem to include the very first episode. But my skills at finding things on the internet are likely very poor. I hope you enjoy it. I loved the pace, the story and the style offered by the producer.

  6. Can Tuna get more delusional than this? Yes, she can but for now, what a loser she is. When a woman has to force a man to love her, then you know she’s not worth even a pinch of sugar in his eyes. Tuna is frustrated immensely when she can now vow to not let Disha and Purab remain together, she could have done this before, all the years living in the same house with them but it’s her frustration of not having the man she wants, is what’s triggering her pre menopausal anxiety attacks….i like the conversation between the three characters though but somehow Disha doesn’t come across as forceful as I’d like her to be, she comes across more like a wet blanket…. As for the Tuna salad..i ran outta adjectives… I’ll pretend seeing her today was a bad dream..

  7. Pragya has to realize she keeps giving everyone chances whether it’s Tanu Abhi Aliya etc and it gets her nowhere,the more chances she gives to them the less respect they will start having for her.they will begin to ignore the standards that she has set because they will know another chance will always be given.They are not afraid because they know no matter what she won’t walk away They get comfortable with depending on Pragya’s forgiveness. What Pragya is not realizing is that she should never let anyone get comfortable disrespecting her. At some point she will realize that she has done too much for someone that the only next possible step to do is to stop leave them alone walk away. It’s not like she is giving up and it’s not like she shouldn’t try,it’s just that she had to draw the line of determination from desperation. What is truly hers will eventually be hers and what is not no matter how hard she try will never be. When they laugh at her for being different she should laugh right back at them for being the same. Tanu knows that Abhi will never love her she is not even a prized possession she is just a white elephant that no one has any use for. As for Aliya she is a psychiatrist sycophant who needs to be done away from the face of this Earth she is of no use someone should book a passage for her to Mars. Did not mean to comment again…

    1. You would have hoped that Pragya would have learned that about herself with the time that she had with King. Possibly because it was so entrained in her brain that it was her responsibility to make sure that everyone else was happy that she was unable to let go of the basic training. Sarla admitted a few times that she was physically violent with her children when they misbehaved. The justification being that more love was being created. No. More obedience was being created. This obedience attitude, especially entrained through violence with small children is very difficult to let go of and heal. Obedience with a smile. It can become the child’s whole identity and often is the place where a victim in their healing truly gets stuck. Indian culture, along with some others in the world are masterful at training their children in this manner. Very Sanskari, you know.

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