Kumkum Bhagya 3rd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Aaliya and Tanu plan to insult Pragya

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The Episode starts with Tanu telling Abhi that she slipped and that’s why took his help. Pragya gets sad. Hamari adhuri kahani plays…she thinks they are husband and wife. Sunny and Kiara call Abhi to know about Pragya’s pic in his wallet. Roy asks King to come with him to see something. King excuses himself. Tanu pretends to feel much pain and asks Abhi to bandage her foot. Abhi applies ointment on Tanu’s foot and recalls Pragya getting upset. Tanu pretends to feel pain. He applies medicine. Pragya looks at him. Abhi gets uncomfortable and asks Disha to apply ointment to Tanu, and says he will call Doctor. Disha asks Tanu where is she feeling pain, in the mind? Tanu thinks Abhi doesn’t care about my pain. Disha asks if the pain is less. Tanu thanks him. Kiara tells Sunny that she will go to the party and asks Abhi.

Aaliya tells Pragya that she is impressed with him and says you got married to Abhi when you were here, and then you got married to London’s rapper and became his queen. She says your progress chart is high than Abhi and says she is amazed. She asks her to give her some teaching. Pragya says everyone has moved on, but you are still there and asks her to change for good. Aaliya gets upset. Pragya goes to Suwarni Dadi’s room. Dadi gets emotional and cries, says you will not believe. Pragya asks what happened?

Aaliya tells Tanu that Pragya mata lectured her and tells that Pragya was responsible for my unhappiness, but blaming me. She scolds Tanu for inviting her for party. She says she is still the same Pragya and says she will make this roof fall on us. Pragya asks Suwarni Dadi to tell. Suwarni Dadi says Tanu is trying to take your place. Pragya says she has taken my place. Dadi says Tanu is not suitable to stay in the house, first she used to taunt us and now….Pragya looks at Dadi’s foot.

Pragya says how can this happen and says until Abhi is here, how she can harm you. Dadi says Tanu is a witch and acts sweet infront of Abhi. She says she is a witch who doesn’t leave seven houses, but attacks her own house. Pragya says Abhi won’t let anything happen to you all. Suwarni Dadi says you are bahu of this house and have to return. Pragya says I can’t return and tells that you were not there when he asked me to go. Suwarni Dadi says his heart misses you daily. She says I wouldn’t have asked if you don’t have love for him. She says I want your happiness. She asks her to return and says Abhi’s Dadi used to tell that God made your Jodi. Pragya reminisces Dadi. Suwarni Dadi asks her to forgive Abhi and kick Tanu out. Pragya says I can’t return, how to make you understand, I am helpless. Disha asks her to return. Tanu tells Aaliya that Pragya will cry always and tells that situation is changed and I am here. Aaliya says you shall focus on Abhi and not on Pragya.

Disha asks Pragya to return. Pragya says you know everything. Suwarni Dadi asks if your helplessness is bigger than our pain. Pragya gives her water and asks her to calm down. She says I will come. Aaliya tells Tanu that the mangalsutra will be heavy on her neck if Pragya succeeds. She says since Pragya came here, Bhai is confused and is getting drawn towards Pragya. Did you see how he feels when he sees Pragya and says he didn’t apply ointment on your foot. She says we have to kick her out of house, and we shall throw her in such a way that she never returns. She says time has come to recreate the past.

King and Pragya are dancing. Pragya falls on Abhi while dancing. They have an eye lock. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. And we are clear about the plot as viewers. Aliyah just stated that it is time to recreate the past. Could someone please tell her that we are still in the ‘past’. Either the lighting or the makeup is different on Tanu. It’s better at hiding the aging skin but whatever new technique she’s using isn’ working, enough. Pragya of course is wearing her matron outfit even though her ‘husband’ is too young to be married to a matron. And plot? We are reminded that Tanu is a psychopath, liar, cheat, a scheming fraud and a thief. Few little acting slips today from the actress. But there are a few slips each day. That’s likely why the actress did her ‘poor me’ stunt in the media. Perhaps the awards committee will take pity on her and finally give her the coveted award just because she’s so cute and joyful and friendly and all the bad people hurt her feelings. Good or bad publicity, it’s all publicity, to her. She knew that before she did the stunt. And she’s such a good brave little actress that she courageously even did a lesbian scene. She’s so good that she’s helping change the world! All that, has to count for votes on the award. Right? Gee. Does that kind of thinking remind you, of any character in particular? : )
    I’m sure Ekta’s having a riot watching over the playground she’s built. How can you talk about a plot when there is none?
    Thank-fully, even though there was food displayed for a few moments there wasn’t any junk food also receiving a starring role in this production. A tiny relief. For today anyway. Think about that! The stars of this show are having to compete for screen time with junk food. Wow, what a way to insult and diminish the acting crew. As if the Aliyah and Tanu roles weren’t enough, junk. Or worse.

  2. Maybe it’s a good sign that the actress doesn’t ‘do’ Tanu that well. Maybe that would tell viewers that of course the actress is not like her role. Everyone who has seen her other roles would have an answer. But that still doesn’t release from answering that her acting in the Tanu role is sometimes ‘wanting’.

  3. Fr this purpose sriti can quit just she is unnecessary knthis serial really she has been mostly sidelined in this show no.one rcognizea her role pity for sriri alwz crying like that no boldness. No. courage everything nothing is there she might quit the show instead of increases this tanu strength they might increase pragya strength nothing is there fr her except king that it this dumb also alwz believing that b*t*h do what to do now hus and wife anything can happen between them ateast stiy might quit the show

    1. The thing is without a Pragya, there is no one that the Tanu toy can seriously destroy. Mind you the writers have thought fit to have the toy now physically hurting the family members. Personally I think the family members deserve this. When have they ever told Abhi what is going on? Excepting Akash/Rachna and Purab no one has stood up to Tanu/Aliyah. No one searched for Pragya. Worse, this wimpy poor family that came into money because of Abhi…but a wimpy family produced a wimpy son. These kind of families are easily victimized by psychopaths…their own home grown one demon Aliyah and her best friend the cute kittenish demon, Tanu. As aliyah shows over and over she has to have everyone know she is wealthy and powerful. Ekta is probably working out how she can get Tanu and Pragya into a pool of jello or mud so that she can film a wrestling match between the two.

  4. shamless pragya & spineless husband made for each other jodi

  5. we already saw this kind of track in “kasam tere pyarki”….. show something new yarr!!!!

  6. So nothing new. Read in one of the spoilers that aliaya and tanu will repeat history of separation of abhigya… Gosh.. Forget the writers aren’t the actors fed up, same things again and again.. Its like failing and repeating the same class and standard fir for 4 years… No words to comment.
    Pragya instead of being strong is again shown as a bechari dukhi mild person, in fact much weaker than before.. Haha…. Pragya u were better off before the leap, at least you were strong to some extent

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