Kumkum Bhagya 2nd December 2020 Written Episode Update: Aaliya And Rhea Demand Abhi To Marry Meera

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya crying thinking of Rhea’s words and says how you have said that I am not your mother? Prachi knocks on the door and finds it open. She shows the doll and says I have taken for you too…She cries and shows the crayons which she brought for her, when she brought for Prachi. She says I used to write these letters for you, but it used to return as the address was changed. Sarita behen, Shahana and Prachi see her crying much. Sarita behen says let her cry and take out her pain. Rhea walks on the road and thinks of Aaliya’s provocative words, and also Pragya’s words favoring Prachi, Prachi’s words that she is very unlucky and nobody will call her daughter. She stands on the middle of the road and is about to meet with an accident. Aaliya and Abhi come on the road. Rhea runs towards the car and is about to get hit, when Abhi comes and saves her. Aaliya hugs her and asks if she is fine? Rhea pushes her and hugs Abhi. Abhi brings her home and asks Rhea to sleep. He asks Meera to make Rhea sleep and then she can also sleep. He then asks Aaliya to come out. Doctor comes out and asks Vikram to keep Pallavi away from any tension, as her heart is very weak. Vikram asks can we meet? Doctor asks Ranbir to meet first. Beeji asks him not to say anything wrong to Pallavi now. Abhi asks Aaliya what does she want? He says I told you many times, not to insult Pragya and says I feel bad. He says you are insulting her since years, now you have a family and shall not do this. Aaliya says it is not like this. Abhi asks why did you do such a thing that hurts me, Pragya and my daughters. He asks why don’t she think good about his family. Aaliya asks what did I do now? Abhi says you must have said something to Rhea, you know that she is short tempered, angry etc and when you kept your hand on her shoulder, she brushed off your hand from her shoulder.

Aaliya says thank you bhai, you are sure that Rhea’s condition is because of me. She says Rhea is upset because of Pragya, whom she had started liking a lot. She says Rhea is the daughter like the daughters are used to be, but Pragya is not the same mother. She asks if any mother sends her daughter to jail. Abhi says Pragya didn’t do that, I know her more than myself. Aaliya says you don’t know her. She says we all were present when that murder attempt happened, but Pragya complained about it. She says she don’t want to enter here as bahu, don’t want to be Rhea’s mother and don’t want Prachi to get your love. She says you might say that there are many enemies who did this. She provokes him and says there was Pragya’s name in the FIR. She says they had come here and insulted Rhea. She says Prachi humiliated Rhea very much. Abhi asks when did they come? Aaliya says they had come, when you was sleeping with headache. Abhi says Prachi can’t humiliate Rhea. Aaliya says Prachi told Rhea that it is good that Pragya has chosen her over Rhea, as she is a bad girl and God don’t want to give her a mother, her destiny is such. She says she said that she doesn’t deserve a mother. He says Prachi can’t say this. Aaliya says Prachi said that Rhea is a curse and they couldn’t bear to see her out of lock up.

She says I didn’t tell you as you was unwell. She says Pragya came to PS, but she came to see her in pain. Abhi says Pragya must have come to free her. Aaliya says even the child knows that only that person can take back the FIR on whose name case is filed. She says Rhea did many mistakes, that time she didn’t know about the truth, but Prachi knew about her sister and acted with her. She says they were planning case against her and accuses Abhi for Rhea’s condition. Mitali hears everything.

Rhea recalls Prachi’s taunting words and then Sarita behen’s words. She thinks of Pragya’s warning and wipes her tears. Pallavi is in the ICU. Ranbir comes to meet her and says I was very scared to see you like this. Pallavi says my son got scared. Ranbir says you was unconscious. Pallavi says sorry for making him scared. She asks him not to leave her.

She says I was about to lose you. Ranbir says you will never lose me and tells that they will do what she wants. Pallavi emotionally blackmails him and says you was leaving me for Prachi. I never thought of this. He asks why are we talking about this? Pallavi says we shall talk straight, you can go to Prachi, I can live alone. Ranbir says I am with you. Pallavi asks him to accept Rhea or let her die. Vikram hears them from outside. Pallavi asks him to promise that he will marry Rhea. Ranbir recalls his promise made to Prachi and making her wear the ring. Pallavi asks will you refuse and break my heart? Ranbir thinks of Doctor’s words and agrees to marry Rhea. Pallavi says I knew that you love me. Ranbir says I love you more than anyone else.

Aaliya blames Abhi for the happenings and says when Prachi and Pragya met Rhea, they said that she is a bad girl, daughter, unlucky, doesn’t deserve a mother. She says this has happened because of you, if you had brought a mother in Rhea’s life, if you had a family then nobody would have interfered. She says my friend came 11 years back, who is well settled now, if you had married her then she would have loved Rhea. She says if Pragya wanted to get back, then she wouldn’t have called you Mr. Mehra. She says she wanted to hurt you and wanted to harass Rhea, so that she attempts suicide. Abhi says just like I like Rhea, Pragya loves her too. Aaliya asks him to prove that he can do anything for Rhea’s happiness, and asks him to tell if he has only Pragya and Prachi in his life. Abhi says I love Rhea and no need to prove. Aaliya asks Abhi to bring a mother for Rhea, who loves her and makes her believe that she has mother’s love in her life. She says until you get married, Pragya will pull you towards her. Abhi asks if you are mad and says Pragya is my wife and will always be, I love her. Rhea comes and asks what about me? She says if I am so unlucky that I didn’t have even step mom’s love. She says I have a feeling that I am so unlucky and you also love Prachi. Abhi says Pragya is your mom. Rhea tells whatever Prachi had said and asks if it is her mistake, that pragya took Prachi and not her. She says I am nothing for Pragya ji and not for Prachi and not for you too. Abhi asks her not to think this. Rhea asks him to remove this thought from her mind. She asks him to prove that I am the world’s lucky daughter. He says I will do whatever you ask for, even my life. Rhea asks him to marry Meera and give her a mother. Mitali is shocked. Aaliya smirks.

Precap: Rhea tells Aaliya that she will show Prachi that she has mom too, who loved her since childhood and cared for her. She says I have mom. Abhi refuses to marry Meera. Rhea decides to leave the house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Leisa s morris

    SoL everybody using blackmail ti get what they want,anything new here,apparently not,hmmm. You stay away from these serials fir a while and come back and nothing changes. Thank god I only spend a couple minuted reading updates and not watching this crap

  2. wow that’s just messed up wat kind of family does Ranbir have they care abt themselves more than their own son wow… No offense but how does Rhea have it bad so has a whole family and just cuz she wasn’t raised by Pragya she’s unlucky wat?? didn’t she try 2 steal Pragya from Prachi more than once… Rhea doesn’t even realize how lucky she is.. She has a whole family while 4 Prachi every1 hates her 4 no reason and all she had was a mom.. Prachi did say a bit too much 2 Rhea even if she was angry but I’m just saying…

    1. Oh please, Riya has never got the love of a mother and which is the major reason why she has become like this.
      It was just not acceptable that Prachi spoke so lowly to her
      Prachi really acted like a b*t*h there

    2. And Rhea wasn’t the 1 time Prachi talked
      Back 2 her she’s suddenly terrible I admit she said too much but think abt it from her perspective Rhea yelled at her mom and broke her heart who wouldn’t get mad
      Abt that plus don’t u think Rhea said too much 2 I mean srsly

    3. Yes I do think Riya reacted a bit over woth her mother and sister, but that doesn’t mean Prachi got the licence to say whatever b*t*hed words to her.
      Seriously, all this while this girl was shown to be like some great super-woman and when she has done a real big mistake, you foolish fans can’t even admit that, what rubbish?
      Seriously she was b*t*h with those words she spoke to Riya, no matter whatever you say
      Btw, y r using different names? U r trying to fool me?
      You r a making a fool of yourself just like your beloved Prachi

    4. Don’t call prachi a b*t*h it’s not her fault rhea also spoke too rudely towards her mother and sister in fact she tried to kill prachi rhea is a murderer

    5. Ok ok relax y r u getting so worked up and I’m not trying 2 fool u or anything it’s just a different name and I did admit that she said too much I’m not defending her but I’m just saying that Rhea said a lot 2 so they’re both equally at fault that’s all I’m saying

    6. Cassy Voz,
      Riya was a bad person, until she realized the truth about Prachi-Pragya.
      Yes, she spoke rudely to her mom-sis, but that was mainly not coz of but coz being manipulated by her super-villain aunt, Alia.
      But, Prachi, she really became an a*sh*le b*t*h with her b*t*hed up words towards Riya.
      In reality, Prachi became a b*t*h like her aunt Alia by breaking her own sister’s heart.
      Prachi was a blo*dy b*t*h there, no matter how much you fans try to cover up for her.

    7. Keke,
      Ok, some people do try to fool around which is y I asked.
      I got worked up coz the way the foolish fans were defending Prachi yesterday was just too much, when the way Prachi b*t*hed Riya was totally unfair.
      While everyone here was like…. well done Prachi, Riya deserves it….rubbish
      Both r at fault, but Riya was manipulated, while Prachi, she did a mistake in her right mind
      Which is why she is the more wrong one here than Riya

    8. No matter what you say rhea is the real b*t*h not prachi because a normal person would never try to kill someone just for their own needs and this time aliya didn t even tell rhea to kill prachi it was her own decision prachi just shouted at her for once and you forgot how many times she tried to hurt prachi and dont say that aliya manipulated her she is not a 5 year old kid to listen to aliya rhea is a total dumb idiot to listen to aliya every single time

    9. Cassy Vaz,
      Yes I accept that Riya was the real b*t*h until she really realized the truth about Pragya-Prachi. But you are such a blind hypocrite follower of Prachi that you can’t even see that Riya has done penance.
      Even now, she is wrong coz she is manipulated by her super-villain aunt Alia.
      While Prachi spoke those b*t*hed words in her right mind, which makes the bigger greater worse real b*t*h than Riya

  3. What a freaking joke Kumkum Bhagya has become 😂

    On one side Pallavi is blackmailing Ranbir to get married to Rhea
    Other side Rhea is blackmailing Abhi to get married to Meera
    So there is going to be 2 marriages to happen
    Super creativity Nagpal and Ekta Kapur team because, instead of one there will be double Pavitra Rishta track
    After Rheanbir’s marriage, Prachi will be pregnant with Ranbir’s child, while Pragya with Abhi’s child after Abheera’s marriage.
    Pragya will give birth to a son, Prachi will give birth to a daughter
    Rheanbir will have a son, Abheera a daughter and again the same story of accident, kidnap, fire and obsessed love with continue till the year 3000

    1. Yes now there is going to be two marriage, both Sasur ji and Dhamaad ji will get married
      Seriously, this serial has become a freaking joke

    2. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂nice one!

  4. Why don’t they think that Prachi also didn’t get father’s love? 😑

    1. Yes she didn’t but there is total difference betw mother’s love and father’s love.
      Prachi herself said that, even without having Abhi by her side, she never missed him, but what abt Riya?
      U saw how she craved for her mother, even having a big house, a big family and all the luxuries in life
      You see the difference, a mother’s love can compensate for every luxury in life, especially when it is a daughter, because, mother-daughter bond are very special
      And whatever, Prachi said to Riya really brought out the b*t*h inside her.
      She acted immature and insecure of her mother’s love, the way Riya was acting till now
      Can’t believe u people r hiding her mistake? Seriously?
      No matter what, Prachi really was a b*t*h with her attitude towards Riya

    2. Rhea deserved those words in fact prachi did not say anything wrong she was just defending her mother

    3. Madam you don’t have any excuse or point loosing a family member should mould you for d better not use it as an avenue to commit crime, people like you kip supporting evil dats y d world is like this today. Indians can’t even give a movie without evil n justice is never der,so who are you deceiving

    4. Cassy Vaz,
      You think Prachi never did any mistake, because you are her biggest foolish blind follower, who just follows all the mistakes of you beloved Prachi by repeating that Prachi is a super-girl.
      Istg, Prachi’s actions and b*t*hed words to Riya did make her blo*dy b*t*h

    5. You are the real stupid dumb idiot just like that useless rhea and yes everybody does mistakes even prachi must have done but the important thing is that you should never repeat your mistakes but no rhea has not done 1 or 2 she has done so many mistakes oh sorry not mistakes sins that she will not even get place in heaven or even hell

    6. I really wonder some people’s mind set, der is no excuse for been an idiot, those people their parents die wen dey were small are they not behaving normal. So she missed only 1 person n its a big deal,what about d 1 dat had only one person,no family no father n all that,did she misbehave, there is no excuse for bad habit or character

    7. And Kemi Madam you keep an excuse to blindly follow that b*t*h Prachi which shows how your own mindset is cheap and low

    8. Cassy Vaz
      And maybe your ancestors never taught u about the penance for sins, which shows you are as or even more dumb than me.
      Sorry, not just dumb but also blind that can’t admit that their beloved has actually committed a grave mistake.
      And please praising your beloved Prachi’s mistake everywhere, which will eventually show everyone who is the real dumb here

  5. Y did riya only think about herself what about prachi is away from Abhi for twenty years also

  6. Rhea & Alia are bad person on that serial !!!! Whoever like them, they are blind to cover their mistakes

    1. Yes Kiren rightly said there is only one person over hear who is supporting that stupid and dumb rhea rest all of us hear are on prachi’s side

    2. Cassy Vaz,
      Wow, if you have problem with me then talk directly to me. You have indeed shown u r like your beloved b*t*h Prachi.
      Taking actions behind someone’s back, if her mother was with that b*t*h Prachi then she would have received two tight slaps on her cheeks for those b*t*hed words
      I maybe dumb but atleast I know what is right and wrong, not dumb and blind who follows whatever mistakes and also hypes the mistakes as a glorious act of that b*t*h of a kind Prachi

    3. Have you ever guessed the number of slaps your goddess rhea has got on her cheeks by pragya if not than try to remember Kate because you yourself will become like rhea one day that you are supporting her like this

    4. Yes I do remember and I have not considered Riya goddess like you do for Prachi, but a human who does mistakes but repents and also does penance for it. But you seem to have forgotten that after Riya realized all her mistakes, she apologized to Pragya and even tried to sort out her relations, which would have succeeded if that super-villain writer man’s super-villain Alia would been a more realistic villain, not a super-villain
      In case of Prachi, it is not the same, she has done something which is absolutely unjust to her own sister by saying those b*t*hed up words and that happened because Pragya never seemed to have given enough slaps for her own beloved b*t*h daughter.
      Pragya has this wrong pride that her daughter Prachi is always right, which indeed shows the reality of those foolish and over-proud parents who think their children are always right, when it’s their foolish pride.
      Oh please, Pragya thinks Prachi, was raised by her so she is always right but Riya by Abhi so a bad girl, seriously, that b*t*h mother’s pride would have completely broken into pieces if she had seen what her beloved b*t*h daughter cheaply said to her sister
      I really don’t mind becoming like Riya or even if I’m like Riya, coz my parents have taught me to repent and do penance for my mistakes, not to go and b*t*h people and break their hearts, thinking it to be my right as Prachi did with Riya
      But maybe, Cassy Vaz, your parents forgot to give you those enough slaps on your face that you can’t even differentiate what is just and unjust.
      I maybe a bad person , but I won’t become a b*t*h like Prachi which I’m thankful of
      And I don’t want to reply to people like you anymore because the mistake is not with you, it is with your parents as they have not given you proper moral lessons of life
      I don’t have time to teach you that. You just keeping praising that b*t*h Prachi and also become like her one day
      Because such immoral people are the ones who are ruling the world right now with their sins

    5. Who are you to talk about my parents and say it’s their mistake and yes I will become like prachi because it’s necessary to teach spoilt brats like rhea and you a lesson maybe even your parents have showered you with luxurious things like rhea and that’s the reason you are taking her side maybe even you did some bad things in your life just for your own needs I agree prachi should not have said so much but what about the pain rhea gave for her mother what about all the things rhea did to prachi if you compare both prachi has not even done the half of the bad things which rhea did to her people like you who take side of bad our bad themselves madam Kate worship your goddess b*t*h rhea and become a b*t*h like her one day that’s all what i need to say now bye

    6. Cassy Vaz,
      Thanks for your blessings Cassy. May you and your parents too be blessed with some brains so that they may teach you some good moral values and not allow u to turn an a*sh*le later.
      Good bye

    7. Oh hi miss Kate you again thanks for asking blessings for me and my parents and I will pray that you stop supporting criminals and learn to use your brain and see the reality of the world so that you don’t turn out to be a b*t*h like rhea and I hope your parents also don’t turn out to be as foolish as abhi because if they do they will be your puppets now never see you again in a hundred years byeeeee

  7. These comments are more interesting than the actual show🤣🤣🤣what I lean from the series so far is evil always win…and if u want something… emotionally blackmail somebody🤣🤣🤣 not just Prachi being the B***h but the entire Kum Kum bhagya ….this show is shot since bulbul died..imagine sarla not meeting her daughter and grand daughters…wat happen to that???did pragya automatically don’t have a mother?🤣🤣 If pragya is back why she didn’t go meet her mom?? What kind of daughter is pragya??? What’s is she teaching her daughter??? To abandon their mothers???? Hmmmm

  8. Now I see why this show and kkb have such high trp people are condoning the evil that takes place in these serials smh I’m sorry for these fans that see nothing wrong in Aliya and Rhea rolls and spineless Abhi this crap stay on while good shows end…..but I agree with @Abs the comment section is more entertaining than the show that’s the only reason I come here I like the critiques

    1. Sam,
      I would never say that Alia is not criminal, of course she is the super-villain. If, Abhi is spineless then Pragya, brainless b*t*h because it was her hide the truth.
      Now, you understand why these serials get high trps, because these ladies are always shown as sinless, spotless idols and their blind devotees just hype their mistakes
      Yes Riya was a big b*t*h all this while, but when Prachi spoke those b*t*hed up words she became even more cheap and worse blo*dy b*t*h

    2. Sam
      I meant it was the goddess Pragya’s idea to hide the truth.
      I don’t understand why you guys just find fault with the men of the show, like seriously, the major reason behind all the mess is Pragya not even Abhishek

  9. So looks like another forced wedding BUT don’t worry, Prachi will switch places of Rhea….it’s an old, repeated story….nothing to see here people, please move on….LOL.
    I love the comments and I feel bad for people who believe that the writers of the show will actually be creative and not use old depressing re-runs of repetitive, negative and extremely boring story lines.

    1. First you go and check out your morals Helen and Hena, the same person using different ids to fool around by making a fool of yourself.
      And please do build a temple of Prachi placing her as a goddess of your values.
      Our Country does need more such blind foolish devotees like you
      Bind worshipper of that blo*dy b*t*h Prachi

  10. Prachi needed to act like a b*t*h to Rhea as she is a wicked spoiled brat, Aaliya’s mini me. Abhi is a bad husband and bad father. He let Aaliya rule and ruin his house, as she is a murderous psychopath who hates his wife. Now Rhea was raised by the her and has murderous psychopath behavior. Prachi told her what she needed to, after all she tried to have her killed several times. You cannot be nice to a killer! If Meera agrees to marry Abhi she is a fool, she will have a unhappy life as he will never love her. Rhea is what twenty so she is going to make her father live an unhappy life, how immature and selfish. Her married life with Ranbir will be be unhappy also as he will never love her either. His mother is a b*t*h just like Aaliya so Rhea will fit in fine. However I can see that family not being as happy anymore because I think Beejii kinda agrees with Ranbir. It is time for Aaliya to get some real karma.

    1. Rhea deserves everything prachi said to her. That rhea without shame has tried to defame her character, kill her and attempt to kidnap her. Some fool is laughably giving excuse that at that time she didn’t know prachi was her sister, yet after getting to know prachi was her sister she still went ahead and plotted successfully to turn kohli’s against prachi in the hospital after her suicide with aliya’s help including those lies she was asking her friend to rehearse to say in front of dida to turn dida against prachi when she was still in hospital with burns.

      She also has not admitted to abhi all the crimes she has done against prachi, then even plotted to have prachi kidnapped and forcefully married to that creep sanju. She has done enough even after getting to know prachi is her sister. Yet some delusional haters are calling her a b*t*h and sympathising with this nautanki rhea. Rhea had everything in her life, including a father, a big family, a life of luxuries where she was pampered and given what she wanted, and even two women who rallied after her and acted as mothers to her.

      And in return despite having all that she is acting like just because her birth mother was not with her, and the guy she desperately wants and claims to love doesn’t love her, even though she even tried to defame him with fake molestation and only took interest in him because she was jealous of him speaking to prachi in college and that she herself rejected him many times when he liked her just because she wanted to use him first to break prachi’s heart, proving she don’t actually love ranbir, she thinks she has a worse life than prachi who had nothing but her mother, and who experienced so much humiliation.

      Rhea deserves to be said even more by prachi as rhea is a criminal. She even put fake molestation on a guy just to get his love too for goodness sake. So anybody who defends this girl and calls prachi a b*t*h seriously has twisted morals themselves. Now classic baby rhea wants who thinks she should always get what she wants now wants a new mummy and bringing sautan in her own mother’s life. What a disgrace and what a load of BS if anybody defends her on the basis of her just growing up without her real mother.

    2. Helen and hena I totally agree with both of you’ll but madam Kate is blind who is supporting the real b*t*h rhea

    3. Sorry Sleepy 😳, I wasn’t replying to you. You never said anything wrong. You are 100% right with your views.
      I was just reply to blind cheapster thinking devotees of that b*t*h Prachi who have commented below you. Sorry it came as a reply for you

    4. Cassy Vaz,
      I am not as blind as you coz u can’t even see it is the same person who has written the two comments. That shows how dumb and blind you r
      Well, keep saying I’m a b*t*h, who will support for the b*t*h Prachi, which will show everyone here who is the dumb and blind follower of that b*t*h Prachi

    5. Excuse me Kate but you yourself have proved me that you really are a blind and dumb person because I did not call you b*t*h as you have written in your comment but anyways everyone over hear is supporting prachi and as you know majority always wins

    6. Cassy Vaz,
      Yes majority wins.
      And you would have also heard about when one sheep jumps into a ditch, all the other sheep follows it and jump into the same ditch.
      Here the majority is that the blind followers who don’t even know the difference between right and wrong
      When one b*t*h Prachi has done a grave mistake, her blind dumb followers glorify it , follow her and jumping into the same ditch

    7. Finally someone knows what they talking about Aliya needs a rude awaking. Someone needs to slap her few times

  11. The only serial where i can see so many comments written against balaji and happyy seeing tht😂😂😂😂bahutee khushiii hotii he hume…yee kyaa krree he bhaii sasur or damaad ki shaaddi khi ek hi mandap me naho jayer😂😂😂😂

  12. The Reality is that many of the blind foolish devotees can’t even imagine that their beloved Prachi has actually done something absolutely cheap, low and b*t*hed up mistake.
    The fans just blindly praise her even for her mistakes.
    The show is so toxic to the minds of the viewers that people are refusing to see what is right and wrong.
    I agree with what someone who said earlier here, the show is doing the same thing which the RSS government is doing to the citizens of our country
    And to all those cheapster thinking blind devotees of Prachi
    You can b*t*h me for pointing your beloved Prachi’s mistakes
    But that won’t change the fact that indeed she made a Great b*t*h of herself with her b*t*hed up words to Riya

    1. So true. They just don’t have the heart to feel what Rhea must have felt.

    2. Thanks Ruhi ❤

    3. Thanks Ruhi,
      It’s good to see that at least one person who has the eyes to see what is right and wrong. Btw, Hena, you called me psychotic and said that I can’t debate on attempted murder vs wrong words right?
      Here is my argument:
      Riya was a attempted murder, cheapster, liar and no matter what else, but my faith teaches me, a single sinner repenting for his/ her mistakes is worth than a 100 people who sin thinking that it is their right
      Same goes here Riya was wrong all the while, but in her heart she repented deeply for her sins. While, Prachi, she has this big egoistic pride that she has done the right thing, while her b*t*hed words makes her 100% b*t*h
      Tanu, you said that Prachi is not dumb like Pragya right, yes she isn’t but she is a big a*sh*le herself

  13. Kate I am Helen, not Hena two different people open your eyes. I wrote my own comment. You seem to be a little psychotic and hateful yourself. You are defending so called wrong words vs attempted murder I do not think you can defend that Kate.

  14. Dear Kate..
    Dere was a Time..Rhea was so wicked to prachi..pple lyk u we’re adamant den..but prachi’s single word to Rhea hurts u??..u are an idiot sorry to say..stop blabbering rubbish..nd keep in mind dat prachi is not dumb lyk pragya

    1. Hena and Tanu,
      Yes I agree that I maybe an idiot and psychotic, but maybe not as much as you both are. Just ponder on that

  15. Wow, what do these writers want to potray? If thus us how the wtiters live their lives its nonneed to push it on the audiance, coz no man should behave like a spineless man, befire his sister or insecure patents. I thought ranbir will be diffetent, he did nit even leave the hoise he was blackmailed into marrying that selfish girl called rhea. Abi we know he has been protrayed fir a long time as spineless, the viewers are starting to hate his character, why cant he ask, pragia and her family, why cant he see through aliyah coz anyone can do that, even his daughter has become like his sister, but he cant even notice that, why did he stop work to watch the saggar rubish carty on or bring up his child with confidence and with good manners, but nayeee,
    The insults rhea said to het mum was enough to provock prachi to react, wht cant ge ask the police to investigate who signed the fir?
    Anyway i readthe episode, its the same with every series, karan will die, preeta marry reshob, karan come back reshob become bad man and so on and so forth. No good staff in their lives, may be the writers dont want to help shspe up the society coz their lives are like their series and they feel everyone lives like that but no, the world had mived on writers only you write like this, Nollywood has better movies villans and vudu dont win petiod, it teaches people honesty.
    Being grateful.
    Anyway lets stop here no point commenting.

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