Kumkum Bhagya 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update: Aaliya hits Disha with her car and escapes

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The Episode starts with Prachi and Shahana coming to a tea shop after their cab stopped on the way. Prachi tells Shahana that today Ranbir would have beaten up by Principal, his wife and the neighbors. She says he don’t know anything other than talking. She calls him Baklu. The lady sitting there asks about him. Prachi shows his pic. The lady asks Baklu means handsome. Prachi says baklu means idiot, stupid, and all the bad words is used for Baklu. The lady says it seems she had breakup with this guy and that’s why she is angry. Prachi asks if she didn’t see his face and asks why she is talking at bakli. The lady gets angry at her. Shahana takes Prachi away from her before the lady reacts. Shahana asks Prachi what happened to her. Prachi says she will go and reply to the lady. She tells that she is angry with Ranbir and helped him for his family. She says how Pallavi, Vikram and Abhi would have thought. She says she thought about them and helped him.

Prachi thinks where is Aaliya and Disha? Where are they? Disha comes and hugs her. She says lets go home. Pragya asks what happened? They are about to leave. Pragya’s hand touches Abhi’s hand and they look at each other. Allah wariyan plays….Disha asks her to go and sit in car, as she has an urgent call to attend. Disha attends a call and gets busy in talking. Purab looks at her from the window and smiles. Disha looks at him and then turns to resume talking. Aaliya sees that and gets angry.

Abhi tells Purab that he is going home as he has an urgent meeting tomorrow in Delhi. He leaves. Aaliya sees her inner self and tells herself that Purab is slipping from her hands. She says he is with me, but not with me. her inner self asks her to keep him with her and do whatever she can to get him. Aaliya says I will do anything to get him. She sits in her car and drives car towards Disha. Pragya sees a fast speedy car going towards Disha and is shocked. Aaliya hits her and Disha falls high in the air and falls down. Prachi and Shahana are going from there and stop their car seeing Disha’s accident. Pragya is shocked.

Pallavi tells Vikram that Aryan told that Ranbir didn’t drink vodka intentionally, and drank it thinking it as water. Vikram says Aryan and Ranbir are chaddi buddies and get angry on Ranbir. Ranbir jumps down the bed and tells that he drank it mistakenly. He swears. Vikram asks him to tell truth. Ranbir says I did it mistakenly. Vikram asks him to tell everything and gives his promise. Pallavi asks him not to give promise. Ranbir says I went to Principal’s house to get something from him. He says when I entered there, I was thirsty and drank vodka thinking it as water. Vikram says he is not taking promise seriously and tells that he will talk to him in the morning. He asks Pallavi to handle her son well. Pallavi tells Ranbir that his Papa loves him a lot and asks him to sleep. Ranbir says I want to tell you something. He says you are my life’s serious human and will be my no. 1 priority. Pallavi says love you too.

Ranbir tells Aryan that although he don’t love Dad much, but he can’t lie taking his promise. He says he loves mom so much and his dad less. He says he told the truth, but they didn’t believe. Aryan asks what is his plan. Ranbir tells that he will ignore Papa in office. Prachi takes Aaliya’s car number pic. They see Pragya asking Disha to get up. Purab comes there running and asks what happened to him. Pragya says accident. He lifts her. Pragya asks them to go home. Prachi says no. Pragya asks her to take Shahana home. Aaliya comes back home and recalls hitting Disha in anger and Prachi taking the pic of her car’s number plate. Rhea comes to Aaliya. Aaliya tells Rhea that she did a mistake and the Police will arrest her. Rhea pacifies her. Prachi gives the number plate info to Inspector and shows the pic. Inspector says the owner will be arrested. Prachi tells that they shall go to hospital. Shahana asks her to think good.

In the hospital, Pragya looks at Purab. Doctor comes out and tells them that she has a head injury and will get 2-3 stitches. Purab asks if she needs to be discharged. Doctor says for 2-3 days, but she will be fine. Purab asks Doctor to treat her nicely and be careful while doing stitches. Doctor asks if you are her husband. Purab says yes, I am her husband. Doctor says I thought that, love and concern can be given only by the loved ones. He says I will take care. Purab thanks him. Pragya comes to him.

Rhea tells Aaliya not to worry. Aaliya says I did an accident. Rhea says I can handle this, tell me where to go, I will give her money. Aaliya says I was scared and left her on the road. She says many people came and was like seeing me and that’s why I drove fast. She cries and says she did a mistake. Rhea asks her not to cry. Just then door bell rings. Aaliya gets scared.

Precap: Pragya tells Purab that you said what your heart says. Inspector comes to arrest Aaliya and tells that the eye witness is Prachi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I really hate ALIA, and hate her character too ???but 1 good thing I liked about her today was she accepted her mistake ?? ?, which was quite unbelievable from her.???
    I don’t understand wat is wrong with Pallavi,??? she’s supporting her son for a wrong cause, even I have a son like her, but I would never encourage such things in my family???, nor do blunders like she’s doing with Vikram.
    One is Purab-disha indirect extra-marital affair???, other is this Ranbir and family which as Akituster always says blo*dy UNWANTED WALLPAPER of this show???.

  2. Again, what will it be? Because deep down we all know that aliya will never be punished .. Abhi devvrz sliced ​​because it is either his sister of blood or his sister of heart who will have to be saved and the other to blame .. Who to choose .. And more Rhea mingle the problems of her adult aunt .. To wonder who is the child and who is the adult between the two .. In short this series has become ridiculous .. Who only transmits the negative .. We create and sow them problem without really solving them and does not transmit a positive message.

  3. guys its a drama some one is writing it. don’t get so involved.

  4. The whole Prachi and Shahana, Ranvir plus his family seen was waist of time and crap
    Aliya will not change as seem like she will use Rhea to help clean her crime as well
    feel sad for Disha Pragya and Ahishekh seen is really becoming crap

  5. “I’ll pay them money”. Uh-huh. The theme/attitude of the elite/rich. “I have all my money, so that I do not have to be responsible ever… for my bad behaviour. My money buys me that right!!! And that’s why I screwed so many people to take their money because I am the one who should have all the money!!!”

  6. Sumeira Shah

    I have no words to say

  7. Sapphire 29th Nov 2019 – 10:06 am
    kum kum bhagya has escalted into a whole lot of SHIT, my gosh this serial started off so well just as all the others only to be the worse one on ztv now, these couples and their kids have no Scruples whatsoever all they do all day long is fight and argue with one another and the thing about it is that the main people was abhi pragya bull bull and purab ….sarla the granny and auntie and the wedding hall all of a sudden children step in causing a whole lot of tantrums and confusion amongst each other even some criminal activities were brought in concerning the behaviour of abhis sister alliya…. the story has become boring in fact all the serials have become boring and monotonous with some unbelievable storyling just repeating itself in all the serials …. when it is not abhi in a coma it is pragya then when someone aint fall off a cliff and reincarnate or someone pregnant like how tanu was for years and the belly aint growing man I could go on and on and on …..as for abhi he claims to love pragya sooooo much yet he never gives her the benefit of the doubt at any point in time especially when something crucial happens now she is not at home and it is years he aint had a woman and he getting horny he wants to make back up with her weh this is confusion another example of nonsense is kundaly bhagya man so long mahesh in a coma imagine he woke up talk a little and the back in the coma again now tell me why is it that all the evil doing getting off scotch free and the good ones being killed off….sherlyn thief the property documents and get away with it now see what ah talking about real nonsense when will these writer go back to writing and drama school and get some professional help on how to produce serials with good storylines…. BY THE WAY COULD SOME ONE FILL ME IN ON WHAT HAPPEN THE SERIAL HAMARI BAHU SILK….I SAW UP TO WHERE SHE KIDNAPPED SILK AND THE DOTISH HUSBAND AND AFTER THAT THE SERIAL WAS TAKEN OFF SO TELL ME WERE THEY KILLED OFF TOO LOL

  8. Hey there Arkituster do you watch Manmohini… girl all these ztv serials just ending the same way always….my gosh these writers just keep on killing off all the good characters now what message are they trying to bring across to the viewers….I just cannot comprehend… in todays showing it is show where Sia went in the temple and prayed to lord shiva then she brought out the idol and put it in front of the sand monster and it did help in eliminating the sand monster but then as soon as sia and ram turn their back mohini takes them from the back with two swords driving one into mohini and one into ram killings them and leaving mann to face the world and mohini wins again so why is it that the show could not end happy with mohini being eliminated also and sia ram and mann being saved ….now tell me what shit is this that these writers insist on writing these stupid storylines for all of the serials.. come on we are totally fed up of the same old same old nonsensical storylines from you writers my gosh is it every time you will kill the good characters off and seeing they are so devoted to their lord shiva and ganesha and yet though loyal they can never be saved…. writers you are sending the wrong message to the viewers and it is not a good thing …please stop all the killing off of the good characters and give us some happy endings….man it is about time and way overdue…

  9. Hey Sapphire! Good to run into you! It’s the attitude ….it would appear… in India. Karma is used to justify a tremendous amount of bad behaviour against those with less power. this only works in clans or families when OBEDIENCE to elders is demanded. Even when the elder is ridiculous, stupid or a manipulative, bi-polar nutjob (Sarla, Pragya, Preeta). Women are here to obey and please men. You are an incapable woman if you do not know how to control your ‘man’. You’ll get more jewellry if you are a good manipulator. Once you are married you are obedient to your husband and his whole family. Your job as servant is clear and you are not to have feelings, desires, talents etc. You are a woman, an animal that is meant to serve. Those who have less money than you can be treated as sub-humans. All these old ‘British Raj’ ideas are being kept alive. this show trains viewers to accept these concepts. Even if they believe that these concepts are ridiculous, the fact is that repetition and the feeling of ‘hope’, ‘trust in the future’ are taught so that people accept their role and position under the elites. Oh, Sapphire, what can we say?? LOL.
    My health is improving and I have been getting busy (finally) rejoining life. So I am here far less!! I still have to take long breaks, so then you’ll see me. But all the comments have been made… so many times by so many people… that I doubt anything will ever change. Can the quality become even less? Isn’t it just sad that a production that scrapes the gutter is a hit in rural India, especially?
    That speaks volumes.

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