Kumkum Bhagya 29th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Rhea acts to emotionally manipulate Prachi

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The Episode starts with Ranbir thinking Prachi stopping him from touching her and Shahana blaming him for Prachi’s condition. Rhea comes there and asks where was you? He says I was here only. She says everyone was asking about you, in the party. She asks him to come to room. Ranbir says no. Rhea asks are you tired? Ranbir says yes and moves her hand from his hand. He goes. Rhea says I understand, and says you are just mine. She says you have to just love me, I am not just your wife, but going to be mother of your child. She says I have defeated Prachi, and now I am Mrs. Rhea Ranbir Kohli.

Dida feels bad for Prachi and thinks puja should have happened hearing her pregnancy news, but talks is going on to throw her out. Pallavi asks Dida if she talked to Prachi. Dida says I will talk to her, after your birthday. Pallavi asks what is her connection with my birthday. Dida says she has connection with me, and asks her to give her sometime to talk to her. Pallavi says only few days and goes. Dida thinks how to ask her to go, and thinks to care for her. Prachi comes out from the bathroom. Dida says it is good that you changed your clothes, and asks her to see all the arrangements for Pallavi’s birthday. Prachi nods her head in agreement. Dida thinks if Prachi arranges her birthday party, then Pallavi can have a change of mind. She thinks she can’t tell them, about her pregnancy.

Pallavi tells Rhea that they are same. Rhea asks Same? Pallavi says during her pregnancy, even she couldn’t sit at one place. She says I have good news. Rhea asks are you pregnant? Pallavi says no and tells about her birthday. Rhea congrats and hugs her. She thinks if your birthday was not there, then I would have thrown Prachi out. Pallavi asks her to rest and goes. Shahana comes there. Rhea asks if they have packed their bags. Shahana says bags are getting packed and says where fraud people stay, such place shall be left. Rhea gets upset. She comes to room and sees Ranbir sitting on the floor. Rhea asks if he is fine? Ranbir says yes. Rhea says Mom’s birthday is coming up and she was thinking to celebrate Mom’s Punjab’s relatives. She thinks Buji was right, Ranbir will always be drown in Prachi’s thoughts and thinks to do just as Aaliya said. She thinks I have to make you go far from Prachi, to make you mine.

Ranbir is resting on the bed and thinks of his moments with Prachi. He gets up and thinks he used to think always that you are the best thing that has ever happened in my life, your existence in my life is my good destiny or a blessing. She says when you came in my life, I understood what is happiness? He says when we got separated, I became reason of your sadness and tears. He thinks he don’t want to be the reason for their separation.

Prachi also thinks of Ranbir’s confession. Rhea comes there and pushes the door. Prachi switches on the light. Rhea recalls Aaliya asking her to manipulate Prachi emotionally, taking her baby’s name. She shouts at her and says I don’t like you, and I hate you, asks her to leave from her house. Prachi asks her not to fight with her, as she has no strength. Rhea acts and falls down. She apologizes for doing wrong with her, and for all her actions. She says I have done a lot to you.

She says I know that I had hurt you a lot and troubled you from day 1, starting from college days. She says I accept that Ranbir loves you always, and you are the one in his life. She says I was wrong and so stupid to tell that you are coming between us, but I was coming between you both. She says I thought finally I have won and has more right on him. She says then I realized that a woman’s biggest happiness is to become a mother. She says it is not necessary that the baby will get all the happiness of the world. She sits on the bed and says I want to end the fight for forever. She holds her head and says I am so sorry. She says she doesn’t deserve her forgiveness. She keeps Prachi’s hand on Rhea’s stomach, and says forgive me for Ranbir’s would be baby. She says I have never accepted you as my sister, but you used to call me as sister and told that our blood is one and we will unite. She says our blood brought us together, and I saved you from outside the hospital. She says I couldn’t see your blood flowing, as our mother is one. She says I understood this when I am going to be mother. She says a woman goes to her mother when she becomes a mother, but I have no way to go. She says elder sister is like a Maa and says everyone gave me a gift except me, and says my sister is going to give me a biggest gift of my life.

She asks her to say, if she will give her good future and life. She sits down the bed and folds her hands, asking her to go from there, go away from her, ranbir and their child’s lives, for forever. She cries and says go for my child, his future will be good when he gets both his parents’ love. She says he can get our love when we stay together, but this can’t happen until you are here. She says our childhood is spent with both parents. She folds her hands and says lets make a new start. She asks her to go. She asks her to give Ranbir to her for her baby. She asks her not to punish her baby for her mistake and not to separate her baby from his father. She says if you stay here, then you can’t be happy and even Ranbir can’t be happy and he can’t make our child happy. She says she wants to be a good mother and wants to make her baby as her (Prachi). She asks will you help me? She pleads asking her to give her, her baby’s father. She then gets up and runs to go, stops, smiles and throws her fake tears. Prachi gets emotional recalling her words.

Precap: Prachi asks Ranbir if she has right on him, then why she needs to ask for it. She asks why she has to fight for her rights. Shahana says you had fight enough for your rights till now. She says now you have to fight for your baby’s right and shall win too.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Wow. The arrogance of an Indian woman, happily lying her way into a fake happiness while successfully being a criminal supported by her loving Indian family. Thank-you India! Your instructions on how to create family and be a successful Indian woman, say so much about what you are.

  2. Pooja . No I will never watch episode on TV and zee5 until and unless this rhea go out of ranbir’s life. I already stopped.
    I stopped in watching zee5 also. I am using only you tube to watch this disgusting drama.
    I too want this trp touch the bottom .
    Many of them stopped watching only after this pregnancy but I stopped watching when ranbir married rhea. For me pranbir ended there.
    Now I am just watching in you tube. Or I will check updated in instagram or Twitter.

    1. You are no different from Prachi… you hate Ranbir but still he manages to take your heart away

    2. Yes, absolutely.
      I don’t know whether to hate him or love him.
      He will do something and steal my heart and next second will stick with rhea and hurt me😏

    3. Pooja,And I will not melt for some sweet pranbir moments also until rhea moves out of ranbir’s life. And when her rights are snatched as ranbir’s wife then I will start watch soon TV.
      You don’t be scared. Many stopped watching. I also stopped😉

    4. Sherya absolutely right..No pranbir moment either going to melt down until the rhea is exposed completely..if no , there is no logic behind suffering. Only I like commenting here and discussing how they ruined pranbir only to satisfy the writer’s obsession with rhea

    5. Perfect..wow your intuitions were far better than us..we let them make us fool..now no..enough is enough

    6. We are pranbir fans when there is no pranbir in kumkum bhagya we should not watch. Now also no importance for pranbir only devarxbhabhi is given importance.
      So let’s stop giving them trp.
      If pranbir is not there what is there to watch in kumkum bhagya.
      Now they can’t make us fool by giving lollypop 😤

  3. So Bold Prachi will restart after this now. Should I be happy or not? 🤐

    1. They are using Mugdha for their trp. She’s the sole reason why trp crossed over 2+ and landed in Top 12 after years of the trp being below. They use her for showing cringe shit of the rapist and bigamist. Rhea and Ranbir got married: Prachi 2.0 appeared and everyone appreciated Mugdha’s performance and enjoyed that phase of hers because Prachi was known to let people walk all over her. Then they started showing her weak again, RR cringe scenes and ‘romance’ was shown so trp decreased. They started focusing on Pranbir again and unsurprisingly the trp went up once again. Then RR happened again now, so trp is definitely going down. The writers know no one is going to watch it. So what are they gonna do? Make Prachi strong again just how she was earlier because that’s what the audience enjoyed right. It’s clear they just use Mugdha whenever they want then throw her to the side to concentrate on that pukeworthy cringe couple. I watched Mugdhas previous shows. Her other characters were really strong and wasn’t a doormat. Especially the one when she was in that historical show. She literally played a princess and a bandit together. And performed both roles well. She was known for her strong avatar in that show. How did she go from that to this? I don’t think she expected her character to go this weak and stupid. I hope she opens her eyes and realises what’s around her. I’m sure Dheeraj left the KDB for the same reason. Look how ruined Karan was. He was declared the worse male. I’m sure he had enough. I’m glad he left that show. These actors and actresses can do so much better. It saddens me to think they rejected many projects for this crap.

    2. AK because I think this the first time she is playing a lead in Ekta’s show so her first time of being treated as doormat

      BTW, Ranbir is as much a victim as Prachi. Both their characters were spoiled solely to glorify Rhea’s character

    3. Last year on June 18, PRANBIR got married. No one could have guessed in their worst of the nightmares that one year later PRANBIR would have been separated, Ranbir would have married Rhea and Rhea’s pregnancy track from Ranbir would begin.

      This not PRANBIR’S fault. This is product of writer’s disgusting mind and s*xual fetishes, to satisfy which, he ruined PRANBIR

    4. Even Krishna couldn’t have guessed that in mere one year his character was going to make the transition from being the dream husband of every girl to the worst husband that not even one’s enemy should get

    5. @AK
      It’s acc pretty sad cause Mugdha really loved her strong phase. We had an interview of hers after a long time in that track, and the way she spoke how everyone was so pleased with Prachi 2.0, speaking how she enjoyed it, all the praises she’s been getting. That interview was so beautiful to watch. She was so happy and jolly talking about it and even said something about how women being is bold is amazing and good defeating evil and so on. Since then we have no IVs of hers. It’s good because what will she say about this track now. The track barely includes her in it, it’s about Ranbir and that she-devil, Prachi is sidelined and always crying. Plus I don’t want to see her talking about the track you’ll see her sadness on her face. Even Krishna can’t hide his feelings. He tries to talk around it by showing his cheerful nature and giving explanations but it’s obvious from his face how he’s not liking it. The makers wasted such a perfect chemistry what a shame


    1. You wasted your 5-10 seconds of your life in stating the obvious

  5. And Prachi what an emotional fool she is, already melting by what Rehae said to her. Thinking about Rehae baby and forget about her own child. I hope to see how Rehae treat her badly during pallavi birthday maybe then she will have some senses.
    I know for sure definitely something will happen maybe that will lead to her leaving the KM.

    1. After that humiliation also she will not leave.
      I think pallavi rhea aliya who knows other kholi’s also will beat her and throw out then only she will leave km.

    2. Yes, sure rhea aliya will do something to insult prachi infront of pallavi and guests. May be that will be more dangerous.

  6. The actress who plays that witch is has extremely bad acting skills. When she was begging Prachi on the floor I mean what even was that? I know in some cases you have to go OTT in some scenes but she overdoes it and she’s like that in every scene with the worst expressions. The other two who played Riyea, they were pretty okay

  7. Honestly between Naina, Pooja & Tina who plays the “Rhea” character so well? Your views please??

    1. I liked Pooja the best cuz she was the one who aroused the feeling of disgust and revulsion that Rhea’s character is supposed to.

    2. Yes, Pooja. I really like the way she portrayed her role and am very sure the producer too like her that why they didn’t not allowed her to leave not until die minutes to when she will put to bed.

    3. In my opinion Naina. She was a really good negative character she portrayed it so well. Sometimes I felt Pooja was OTT, mostly she screamed in her scenes. And Tina is the worst Rhea don’t get me started on her. At least Naina accepted her character was bad. She said it many times, and she even didn’t want to continue playing the role seeing how bad Rhea became. And it was only the first year. Look at the character now since Naina left Rhea has gone 1000x worse. I don’t think Pooja accepted her role was negative, she once said “grey shaded” role and in an iv with Krishna he said she’s the villain in our lives and she made a face lol as if Rhea isn’t a villain but for her a grey shaded role. Tina thinks herself as a lead, and she can’t take criticism for her character🙃

    4. For me it’s Naina. I started watching after RR wedding so first Rhea I met was Pooja. But still Naina seemed original to me. She acted the spoiled rich kid perfectly.

  8. Well someone please explain to me why Ranbir isn’t concerned about the way that Rhea got pregnant? These writers left so many holes in the story that it is very difficult to keep up.
    No one cares about how and when did she get pregnant?
    And now even Dida is thinking about throwing out Prachi even knowing that she is pregnant too.

    1. He thinks this child is the product of Mahashivratri night when they were found in the bed

  9. Today when ranbir said he doesn’t want to be the reason of their separatio however he is…but this dialogue strikes me with an other theory if prachi, who’s a emotional fool character ,will say to razor that she is carrying sid’ child to hurt him as rhea is carrying ranbir’s child ..or rhea makes every one believe that prachi is carrying sides child…it would be disgusting also..I don’t know it can happen or no but writer is cringe expert

    1. If Prachi said he child is Sid’s just to hurt Ranbir she would also be hurting Dida now and most importantly disrespect her own child before it is even born.

  10. Seeing the comment speaking of all three Rheas made me doubt something. When Naina Singh was Rhea, she actually barely had any screenspace. Her character was away half the time. And Pranbir’s love story was smooth. Then when Pooja appeared all of a sudden it was like she became the lead, also with Tina. And Pranbir were sidelined and maximum ss went to Pooja and Tina. I was thinking we know that in the Indian industry the producers are prejudiced against some people mainly cos of skin colour as that’s common in India. Naina Singh said in an iv that producers from many projects rejected her cos she was dusky and she had a difficult journey. Then when she quit, the producers of this show said her career will be over etc. I feel this is why Naina hardly had any ss and the other Rheas did. Pooja and Tinas skin tone is between fair and light brown. Same with Mugdha. But Naina was quite darker than them but she had a beautiful skin tone. When I first saw her onscreen I appreciated it because we hardly have dusky actresses, producers want to ruin their faces with tons of makeup and make them look fair. I don’t know when this discrimination will stop happening in India.

    1. This could be somewhat a reason but I know this show is obsessed with this disgusting character so that’s probably the main reason I guess. Their obsession with her is next level is stupidity.

  11. We the people are so ashamed of you Indian people, you all support evil crime no justice and kkb if full of violence no truth ever came out not even for pragya and Abhi, aliya always do crime even murder and get away, thank God the rest of the world don’t live like you all2, shame on India

  12. So Rhea kept telling Prachi that a child wants the love of both parents and Prachi decide well my niece/nephew needs both parents but not my child so I should just go. Is her love for her evil twin sister really greater than her love for her own child. And what the hell is Ranbir still sleeping in Rhea’s room. Both Ranbir and Prachi make my blood boils.

    1. Fandomara , Prachi’s logic behind this is same as it is behind not telling Ranbir about her pregnancy : she is not thinking from the angle that her child doesn’t need father’s love , but Ranbir doesn’t deserve that child , after fathering a child on Rhea so she didn’t feel much hesitation in leaving

    2. I get if she left before Rhea’s emotional manipulation but it seems she is leaving because of what Rhea told her (that her child needs both parents). So Prachi is leaving because of what Rhea’s child deserves not based on what Ranbir deserves or not.

  13. So kitchen scene not today? Tomorrow Prachi leaves, Dida stops her and then precap. Can’t imagine kitchen scene after that.

    1. Fandomara, tomorrow precap scene after that kitchen scene then prachi goes to her room and will cry that while you are feeding me it looked like you are feeling or child. She cries badly pack her bag then goes out dida stops her . Then she returns to sleep then ranbir comes at night to go aarti for prachi to take eyes on her from evil people’s

    2. Where does aarti part comes in? Did I miss some new bts? I thought Prachi leaving is immediately after Rhea’s drama.

    3. You check in zee5 new bts is uploaded.
      Prachi cries and ranbir is doing aarti to take of evil eyes from pregnant prachi while sleeping. Prachi don’t know that

    4. Kitchen scenes will be on Thursday or Friday. But after tomorrow’s fight in Prachi’s room
      Prachi was not ready to fight for her child after shahana”s advice also which is good decision according to me.

    5. I still don’t understand , why she needs to relocate to Ranbir’s room to fight for her child and how can she even fight for her child when she is not ready to disclose that there IS a child

    6. Good question

    7. I just said because there was a talk in social media’s that prachi is going to fight for her child prachi 2.o is coming.
      So I said this I don’t want her to reveal the pregnancy and don’t want to fight for her or child’s rights. Let her stay there like guest of she don’t want to leave km.
      Without revealing she can’t fight yes I agree. But my point is she don’t want to reveal it to reckless people’s and fight for rights in any situation.

  14. So Prachi sleeps in her own room and not sharing the bed with Rhea and Ranbir.

    1. I still don’t believe Rhea and Ranbir are sharing even the room, let alone bed.

      So are you saying that when they all returned from hospital, after getting Rhea’s pregnancy news, Ranbir first dropped Rhea in her room, went to talk to Prachi and when she slammed the door on his face he returned to the room where Rhea is and slept in that room??

      I don’t believe it. The fact is there is no definite pattern shown of who sleeps where. We have never been shown Ranbir willingly sharing a room with Rhea.

    2. But didn’t Sanam say he was sleeping in their shared room on the bed in last night episode? I didn’t watch but from the episode scenes I saw on instagram it looks like that. He definitely wasn’t in study room. He was in the bed in the room with pinkish bedframe.

    3. I didn’t say shared room,I said Ranbir slept on bed alone in the room.I don’t think he us sharing room.

    4. May be it’s like a unsaid rule. Whoever gets to bed first sleep in the room. So if Rhea is already sleeping Ranbir goes to study room and if Ranbir is already in the bed when Rhea comes she goes to Alia’s room 😂😂😂

    5. Most likely the makers are not even aware that implying RR might be sleeping in the same room, now when Ranbir is shown trying to win Prachi back, what impact it will have on audience

    6. Basically when Rhea asked him to come to room and rest he said No, then he himself walked into their shared room to rest. This is literally insane. As long as they don’t explicitly show Rhea and Ranbir sleep in different rooms the implication is they sleep in the same room. Until today I believed that Ranbir slept in study room but last night they have clearly showed that Ranbir sleeps in the bed.

    7. Maybe Rhea now sleeps into different room. Pallavi was shown to instruct the house helper Mahua to be aware of when Rhea might wake up in the night. If RR were sharing a room then Pallavi would have said this to Ranbir

      Doesn’t it sound strange that RR sleep into the same room, yet if Rhea wakes in the night and needs something then Mahua who is supposed to be in the different room should know it and tend to Rhea’s needs, while Ranbir who is supposedly in the same room as Rhea, and the child’s father besides, will keep sleeping??

    8. Yeah. They have changed Rhea’s room but didn’t explain why.

    9. OR maybe they do have perfect idea about what people will think about Ranbir when on one side he is shown to profuse eternal love to Prachi and on the other side, shown to go to sleep into room where Rhea is currently residing.

      But this plays perfectly into their hands, it speeds up their process of destroying PRANBIR and Ranbir’s character

  15. BTW, rumours are Rhea and Alia will spoil Pallavi’s birthday preps by Prachi, causing yet another insult, but what will that accomplish??

    Pallavi will throw Prachi out ?? In front of Ranbir?? Ranbir doesn’t even know that Pallavi has asked Dadi to ask Prachi to leave. And supposedly she leaves so what next ??

    1. Aliya rhea will try to destroy Prachi’s image whether they will succeed or not we have to wait and watch.
      Rhea did in Krishna’s birthday function in km she destroyed Prachi’s image infront of pallavi and vikram if they succeeded prachi may leave may be that will happen. Or they may fail and prachi continue to live in km.

  16. Whatever is happening in kkb I insane, beyond logic and moral .everything looks so disgusting…that it nearly impossible to relate with any character

  17. Ok so as this issue bugs me a lot. I did a thorough research on all previous episodes regarding Ranbir’s and Rhea’s room.

    1) When Ranbir first moved to guest room after RR wedding, it has a pink color wall as bed frame while Rhea’s room has a black color bed frame and white color wall above the bed frame.
    Ranbir’s room remained with pink color wall in reception party episodes, Lohri night, before honeymoon track,after VP anniversary party, when Prachi sleeps in Ranbir’s room due to AC issue and so on. Rhea’s room with black color bed frame also remained that way in Lohri festival, after VP anniversary party, RR cringe in Mahasivaratri night and when Ranbir confronted Rhea on Holi day.

    2) Then Rhea moved to Ranbir’s room with pink color wall. And she was shown in that room when she planned Prachi’s murder with Alia before Sathiyanarayana pooja. Ranbir was again shown in this room after he got shot. He had the convo with Pallavi after Rhea’s fake murder attempt in this room implying he is sharing it with Rhea. Also during mangalasuthra drama, Prachi found Rhea’s mangalasuthra in the same room. Also during Pranbir anniversary Ranbir got changed in the room with pink walls implying he is still at least sharing its bathroom with Rhea because Pallavi referred to it as room of her son and DIL.

    3) Alia’s room also has the white color tiles wall but bed is not in front of that wall. That’s the difference between Alia’s room and Rhea’s old room.

    4) But when Ranbir took Rhea to her room after pregnancy news, he took her to a room with black bedframe and white color tile wall above it. So looks like he took her to Rhea’s old room. Why Rhea agreed to it without complaining as until previous night she was in Ranbir’s room is a mystery. When Prachi went to bring Rhea back to her pooja it’s again Rhea’s old room with black color bed frame and white color tile wall. So it looks like ever since her pregnancy announcement Rhea is back in her old room. But the reason is unknown.

    So it looks like when Ranbir was sleeping in the bed last night for whatever the reason Rhea no longer stays in that room. While writers made a big deal when Rhea moved to Ranbir’s room and while she stayed there, they simply moved Rhea back to her old room without actually showing it. So we didn’t realise it.

    1. They don’t want to divert their energy and brain from something that’s more important to them : How to highlight Rhea more, how to destroy Ranbir’s character more than it already is and in which different ways can Prachi be treated as doormat

    2. And of course they made a big deal when Rhea moved into Ranbir’s room to claim her rights of wife: after all it was a proud RR moment for them, how could they let it pass without making a deal out of it !!!

    3. They are kkb writers..we shouldn’t forget how they let many issues without any solution..no crimes done by evils has been exposed..so room is a thing that they nit even cared about..it is kkb where logic doesn’t exists

    4. At least now I don’t have to hate Ranbir for sleeping on the same bed as Rhea. I mean there are still other things to hate him like getting Rhea pregnant even unknowingly.

    5. That reason will be eliminated as well, eventually

    6. I prefer to get a happy surprise in future than be happy now to get my heart broken when Rhea actually deliver Ranbir’s child later.

  18. At the time of abhi’s memory loss did abhi’s dida said pragya to go out of abhi’s life. Considering peace in mehra mansion and peace for abhi ?

    1. Yes she did ask Pragya to leave but reason was valid, and strongly recommended by the doctor

      The doctor had told that Abhi should not stress to try to regain his memory so anyone who is connected to his life but now forgotten by him, should leave from his life and should not come in front of his eyes lest he finds that person’s face familiar and stress himself to try to remember where he has seen that person.

      This is very logical reason and believable too, and besides not only Pragya was asked to leave from Abhi’s life, Tanu was asked to not come in front of Abhi as well

    2. Ohk if tanu also left mehra then it’s ok.
      I thought only pragya left and here in km same throwing prachi out is going on so I got scared.

  19. In ABHIGYA’S time while the writer kept them apart almost always, Tanu was never highlighted and glorified to the degree that Rhea is being paraded everywhere, also, there were literally zero cringe scenes between ABHINU.

    Tanu did want to get Abhi, yet the writer not once degraded her character to the level that made to rape him. When Tanu claimed to be carrying Abhi’s child and the incident she linked with her pregnancy, that time ABHINU were in relationship and Abhi had not yet accepted Pragya as his wife so while that was still adultery, it was definitely not disgusting to the degree of RR cringe because even if Abhi had slept with Tanu at that time, which he didn’t actually, that would not be called as cheating Pragya because Pragya was well aware of ABHINU’s affair

  20. I think Ranbir is not sharing room with anybody.I said he slept on bed alone and was trying to sleep but he could not.
    If Rhea would be sleeping in the same room he would not be on a bed,in fact he would not be in a room.
    Even the night KM which he came to know about Rhea’s pregnancy he didn’t go to any of the rooms,he was sitting dis hearten outside prachi’s room.

    1. He could have gone to his room because he left Rhea on her old room apparently.

    2. According to the new precap Ranbir sleeps in the same bed with Rhea with only a pillow wall in the middle.

  21. I want to know one thing.In yesterday’s episode Rhea said so many things to prachi,she accepted still Ranbir loves Prachi.Rhea accepted she did many wrongs to prachi then she urged her to start new even she said that she wants her child to become like prachi and request (ask) to leave KM and prachi decides to leave,but dida stopped her so she didn’t go but

    Would prachi fall for hear fake tears????

    I don’t think Prachi would believe that Rhea has changed because Rhea can’t pretend for long in front of prachi.

    1. Rapists true color will come out when ranbir goes back of prachi often. And in pallavi’s birthday party it will come out.

  22. SBS segment at 2:30 ABP LIVE

  23. There’s nothing worth watching in the show anymore. It’s been the same nonsense for 7 months now; prachi fighting for her rights, ranbir being spineless and kohlis abusing prachi at the drop of a hat. Regular visits to the hospital and then to the police station and then hospital, the cycle never breaks. And of course numerous parties with zero outcomes. Let’s not even get started on the abundant RR cringe. It’s best to leave now once and for all.

  24. There’s nothing worth watching in the show anymore. It’s been the same nonsense for 7 months now; prachi fighting for her rights, ranbir being spineless and kohlis abusing prachi at the drop of a hat. Regular visits to the hospital and then to the police station and then hospital, the cycle never breaks. And of course numerous parties with zero outcomes. Let’s not even get started on the abundant RR cringe. It’s best to leave now once and for all.

  25. SBS segment
    Prachi sahana scene
    Prachi is regretting that she used her child for her own selfishness. He wanted to take revenge from Ranbir and therefore she used her child. No rituals have been done for me and my child and reason fir this is only me.I hide pregnancy.
    Interview of Mughdha- Prachi wanted to share good news with family but first Ranbir got married and now Rhea pregnant so she would not reveal it.

    1. Now she wants to reveal to everyone ? Or she will reveal?

    2. No Mughdha said she would not reveal as she has valid reasons now.
      previously it was for her own selfishness, she kept her child away from family and rituals..

    3. The main reason was always that that baby would be called Sid’s which was mentioned in many episodes. The other reasons were all the breaches of trust by ranbir. These writers have now made prachi the bad guy with these shitty dialogues of her “using” her baby. Consistency is non existent here.

    4. Sid’s reason was actually not the main reason. Otherwise Prachi should be thinking of not telling the moment she found out because that’s when Ranbir still to thought she betrayed him. But instead she came to tell him meaning add he wasn’t worried about it. But after seeing Ranbir marry Rhea she decided not to tell him to punish him. She later justified her decision to Sahana using possibility of Ranbir questioning paternity. But after Ranbir apologized for not trusting her that reason was also gone. That’s why everytime things get better she decide to tell and everytime she feels like Ranbir is moving on with Rhea she changes her mind to keep it hidden so she can punish Ranbir. I get now she would not reveal it due to Rhea’s pregnancy which implies Ranbir’s ultimate betrayal. But Prachi is 100% in saying that she was using her child to punish Ranbir.

    5. *100% right in saying

  26. * she wanted to take revenge

  27. Prachi always had valid reason to hide the pregnancy : it will be called Siddharth’s illegitimate child.

    Even after Ranbir’s so called realization of his mistake, there were still Rhea and Alia and Pallavi who always dances to her tunes.

    Whenever would Prachi have revealed her pregnancy , that time Rhea and Alia would inevitably have raised the hotel incidence and even if Ranbir had come to her support, it would have been dismissed as Prachi again fooled him, trapped him in her emotional blackmail etc.

    Prachi’s child would have always have bared that stain. It matters not who did or didn’t believe it, that fact that the child got connected to infidelity, even in gossip, would remain attached to that child for life.

    I have always said that Prachi’s pregnancy should only be revealed after proving her innocence indisputably in the hotel incidence.

    1. Colin, proving her innocense for hotel incident was never a thing for Prachi. That’s id’s ehy Sid’s reason was actually not the main reason. Otherwise Prachi should have thought of not telling the moment she found out. At that time Ranbir was still thinking that she betrayed him. But instead she came to tell him andeveryone meaning that she wasn’t worried about it. But after seeing Ranbir marry Rhea she decided not to tell him just to punish him. She later justified her decision to Sahana using possibility of Ranbir questioning paternity. But after Ranbir apologized for not trusting her that reason was also gone. She never actually worried about what others would say. It was always about Ranbir. That’s why everytime things get better she decide to tell and everytime she feels like Ranbir is moving on with Rhea she changes her mind to keep it hidden so she can punish Ranbir. Possibility of Pallavi saying its Sid’s child was always there, but that didn’t stop her from almost telling Ranbir muliple time until he did something to screw it. I get now she would not reveal it due to Rhea’s pregnancy (which implies Ranbir’s ultimate betrayal), but Prachi is 100% right in saying that she was using her child to punish Ranbir.

  28. If Prachi decides to fight for her rights and the rights of her child, then she should turn on Prachi 2.0 mode and not turn it off anymore. Because it turns out that when you need to yell at someone or teach a lesson, Prachi 2.0 turns on, but then, after a while, she turns it off and again allows everyone to wipe their feet on themselves. Whether it’s Prachi 2.0 or Prachi 22.0, as long as she allows everyone to humiliate herself, sacrifice herself for the sake of others, no one will respect and listen to her, and this Prachi 2.0 mode will be useless.

  29. This show is totally illogical.
    Prachi is still not showing a growing tummy, after months of being pregnant, now Rhea is getting morning sickness, which normally happens at 6 weeks…and it looks like her baby will arrive sooner or the same time as Prachi’s.
    I don’t understand how Rhea did not get pregnant with Sid at that time, but gets pregnant with Ranbir???

    1. Because when she slept with Rhea it wasn’t during her fertile window of the month and apparently when she slept with Ranbir that day matched with her fertile window.

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