Kumkum Bhagya 27th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Pragya try to reach Neha and Tarun

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The Episode starts with Pragya telling King that she won’t let him there and it is her time now to do something from him. King says if you are doing this to return the favor then you had done it already and tells that she made him responsible person and made him good singer and saved him from the stupid girls. Pragya says I will save you from all troubles. King asks her to call the lawyer. Pragya says I have to prove you right by proving others wrong. King says you can’t do this alone. Pragya says I will not be at peace till I take you out. King jokes. Pragya smiles.

Neha asks Tarun, what she shall wear? He choose her dress. Neha says it is her favorite dress. Tarun asks if she needs anything. She says she got happy seeing him fighting, and calls him hero. Tarun asks if she likes action

or romantic hero. Purab comes to Abhi and tells that he got King’s landline tapped. Abhi asks him to get all their phones tapped. Disha comes and says you are doing wrong, first you lied to Di and now you are widening the distance between you both. Abhi recalls Pragya’s words and says it is too late.

Purab takes Disha with him. He tells her that they have to bring neha back home first. Disha says why don’t he tell Pragya di that Mitali got king arrested. Purab says we shall respect his decision. He says their love will never get less and they will unite, I have a feeling that they will unite. Disha says may be it is God’s sign and says I wish even jiju gets this feeling, he is very troubled. Tarun decorates the room with candles. Neha likes it and asks if he has done this? Tarun says no, waiter. She says ok. Tarun says I have done this arrangement. Neha says I like to tease you. Tarun gets romantic. She walks away. He holds closer for a kiss. Neha says not now, after marriage. He says ok. She asks him to sleep on couch. Tarun says ok and asks when will we marry? She says when our families agree? He says goodnight.

Abhi recalls Disha’s words and then recalls Pragya’s words. He thinks King and Tarun are Pragya’s family so Mitali and Neha are my family. I will do anything to save Neha and if King has helped Tarun then he will be punished. Chachi tells Pragya that if she really wants to save king, then she has to fight with Abhi. Pragya says Chachi….Chachi says King said that he trust you so I have to support you. A call comes on landline. Abhi sees red icon on his mobile. Pragya picks the call. The manager introduces himself and tells that Tarun and Neha came to his hotel. Pragya thanks him. The manager asks for 5 lakhs rs. Pragya says I will reach there with money. She asks about the hotel name. He tells her. Pragya gets up to leave. Abhi thinks to reach there before Pragya else he wouldn’t be able to know the trust. He recalls Pragya’s words. He is leaving the house and tells Tanu to tell Mitali that he will bring neha.

Tanu says I will come with you. Abhi says no and asks her to understand if Pragya reaches before him. Pragya gets the money and tells Chachi that she is going to hotel to get Tarun back home. Chachi thinks to follow her and thinks she must be going to meet Abhi in the hotel. Tanu tells Aaliya that Abhi said that he got the info about Neha and Tarun. Aaliya says now bhabhi will be relieved. Tanu says Abhi said that he has to reach before Pragya and says he still cares for Pragya and blames Mitali for sending King to jail. Aaliya asks her to calm down and relax. Tanu says why this is happening with us and tells that she made Abhi and Pragya with much difficulty and because of Mitali, they might come together. Mitali hears her and asks what you said.

Abhi drives the car and thinks to reach before Pragya, but safety first. Pragya thinks it is good that hotel guy called me, I will reach there. She thinks if anyone else would have known then the case would be complicated. She thinks to prove King’s innocence.

Mitali says you can’t handle your own husband and blaming me. Aaliya asks her not to taunt her. Mitali says I did what I thought as right and taunts Tanu for not having husband or children. Aaliya asks her to go to room and relax. Mitali says I will not be at peace till I get my daughter. She goes. Tanu says you should have scolded her. Aaliya says she is hurt and I don’t want to upset her more. She asks Tanu to make Pragya and Abhi go far from each other.

Abhi parks his car on the way. A man asks her not to park car there, and gives him money. Abhi comes inside the hotel and asks manager about Neha and Tarun. Manager says I have called some lady and asks for money. Abhi gives 7 lakhs cheque and asks about room no. Mohan tells the number no. Pragya comes next and asks Mohan to take 2 lakh rs and take 3 lakhs cheque. Mohan says I was betrayed, he went without signing on the cheque. Pragya says what did I do if a customer betrays you and asks him to check the name on cheque. Mohan says Abhishek Prem Mehra. Pragya is shocked.

Pragya asks Abhi where is Neha and Tarun. Abhi says they are in my pocket. She shouts asking where are they?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. They are in my pocket…lol😅

  2. Thanks for the fast update..

  3. Leisa s morris

    So pragya doesn’t remember how old neha is? Not only was she their favorite aunt she spent alot of yrs in dat family and shared alot of bdays too. On top of dat she was gone for 7 yrs. So dat should make neha pass 18 yrs atleast. Hence d easiest way to save king. Plus we gonna have king dadi sein pragya with abhi and jumping to her own conclusions although u cant blame her as she believes dat king and pragya r married. Damn ….where is d paparazzi wen u need one lol

  4. What to do? The cake decoration is back. Full on dumb greed. Nasty Mithali is back. And Aliyah has been working on appearing like she is capable of playing a long game. The pettiness of these three is the biggest reason for this show. They have successfully kept Abhi as a petty thief and insured that he remains an angry, lonely, lying abuser. He now believes that it is appropriate to defend criminals because the criminal is a part of his family. He is now a loyal dog. Purab has been turned into a sycophantic sissy. He now believes that wrong actions will bring happy results. And there are strains of country music to accompany the romance of Skinny Neha and Tarun. And now, instead of Neha’s male family members jumping on a truck with guns and batons to kill Tarun we have boy-man Abhi, typical scoundrel, deciding “Oooh I must beat Pragya! I have to prove that I am better than Pragya because I cheat and lie so of course I will win!” Dadi lost the war. The stinking corrupt always win! Aliyah won. All, so that she could remain a virgin ice-queen with access to money. Dadi was wrong. Dadi watched as Pragya’s life was destroyed. Punit and Purvi were destroyed. Bulbul was murdered. All because the man-boy Abhi is so DUMB and childish that he should be dead. And the darling Pragya? Somebody help the poor victim suffering from how many syndromes. Somebody needs to help Pragya. Secretly. Looks like Harry Potter tactics don’t always work. Just because the writers have softened the malice a little bit during the last few weeks doesn’t mean that the malice is gone. She and her daughter will never be safe until a bomb has destroyed the Mehra Mansion and it’s overdressed inhabitants. GMO treats and fake olive oil aren’t working fast enough. Oh, look. There’s Ekta, laughing all the way to her bank making sure that the public only hears about 3% of her actual wealth. She has a talent for destroying real women by dressing up fake women to make up stories about well, destroying women. She’s also gone into the business of selling diet plans. Lose 100 plus pounds overnight! Being overweight doesn’t qualify you as being an attractive human, according to Ekta. I truly feel sorry for those immature souls and children who watch this and are being imprinted with these false beliefs and learning wrong behaviour and thinking. If Mommy watches this, it must be right and safe.

    1. yes this is a win win and proof . how long did pragya try to prove Tanu was carrying someone else child and Abhi still marry her. and all the Thieving of money and Alia is in charge.

  5. so the acccident of bull bull , pragy is under the rug and john death. well well lets make more never ending and never solving stories.

  6. Leisa s morris

    Im wondering where is Raj in all of this? Probably somewhere with a mistress!!!!!! U would think with his daughter missing he would be getting some airtime but dis is one father left outta d loop hmmmm. Although neha is presumedly an adult shes still his lil girl and u would think he would b huffing and puffing bout her whereabouts. In all d yrs mitali had forgotten she had a daughter too and went about helping her sister in law defame and hurt someone elses daughter, pragya,now d shoe on d other foot she feeling distress. They do say karma is a b*t*h dont dey. I wonder if her greedy eyes will open when d thought finally dawn on her dat tarun IS from a very very wealthy family cause right now shes of d view he’s nothing and not really registering d fact dat he IS kings nephew. And king has more money than abhi.

    1. Raj is with his tuna lol. After all he is never romantic with his wife.

      1. Could it be that woman that came into Raj’s office trying to find help from all the office workers? This was early in the show (before he was jailed) and she was very attractive and Raj seemed interested in her strength and resilience. Then again when he returned to being ‘good’, sort of, he was always on the phone and needing to leave to meet someone. He was relaxed and smiling, when speaking. Mithali noticed. Mithali is masterful at meandering through an imaginary meadow of flowers, masking reality.
        I have wondered if Raj has another child by his principled, strong and confident mistress. When he was a criminal I would suspect that he set himself up better than Aliyah/Tuna and it is doubtful that he paid a penny back to Abhi. Mithali’s jewellry continued to become more expensive. Always a good choice for a husband to gift his wife when he has a mistress/sautan. Raj should have happiness. Being married to a partner like Mithali would be a curse. Or a partner like Abhi. Or like Tuna. Or like Tai Ji. And Aliyah we don’t have to worry about.

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