Kumkum Bhagya 26th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Aaliya attempts to kill Pragya

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The Episode starts with Ranbir standing near Pallavi’s bed and recalls everything. He tells Dida that he is going to room to freshen up. Pallavi gets up and asks where is Ranbir? Dida says he went to room to freshen up. Pallavi cries. Dida says Rhea is fine, don’t cry. Pallavi asks did you see how Ranbir talked to me, and says my anger was justified, Prachi has betrayed us so big and did this with Rhea. She says even you couldn’t see her truth and tells that they shall not see even her reflection in her house. Dida says you said right and tells whatever Dimpy said about Prachi. Pallavi says innocent looking Prachi swallowed my family, says Rhea is saved somehow, but how to save Ranbir. She asks her to make Ranbir understand to get over her. Dida says she will talk to him. Mitali thinks mummy ji might have thought the lady to be Pragya, due to traffic. She thinks if she was Pragya and thinks she must have taken her name. Aaliya comes there and asks Mitali with whom she is talking to? Mitali tells that just now someone called on landline and asked about Abhi, but mummy thought that she is Pragya, but I think she is not Pragya. She says she had told that she is an angry mother and wants to know where did Mr. Mehra go? She says Mummy ji told about his location. Aaliya runs from there shockingly.

Mitali thinks Abhi might have gone to Prachi and slapped her. Then the latter’s mother might have got angry and thinks there will be drama in the house when Abhi and Prachi’s mother fight with each other. Pragya is in the cab and asks about Mehra pharmaceutical company. Aaliya is coming there and thinks she might be on this route, she shall not meet Bhai.

Abhi is in the company and tells Manish that he has started this organization on Dadi’s name and it is for charity and nothing wrong can be done here. He gets fed up. Pragya is on the way to factory in the cab. Aaliya sees her and thinks she will reach Bhai this way. Abhi recalls yelling at Prachi and thinks she had done crime with Rhea. He says last time, I was hurt because of Pragya and this time I am hurt because of Prachi. She thinks I had given my daughter’s place to Prachi who is with Pragya.

Aaliya thinks she can’t let Pragya come home and thinks to kill her to stop her breath. She says I will send her to the God. She hits Pragya’s cab with her car. The door opens and Pragya comes out a bit. Some people gather there and says it seems she has died. Aaliya asks God to accept Pragya whom she had sent with great difficulty.

Prachi tells Sarita behen and Shahana that Mehra sir was very pained. She says if Maa says him something then he will feel bad. Shahana says he has scolded you and you are worried for him. She asks did you tell him that Rhea tried to kill you? Prachi says she is fine. Shahana says even Rhea is fine. Sarita behen says Shahana is right and tells that she should have told him about Rhea. Prachi says when she has seen him for the first time in an award function, he had dedicated his award to Rhea. Sarita behen asks her to stop searching her father in Mr. Mehra. Prachi says he always treated me like his daughter, no problem if he scolds me, I felt bad when he asked me to go away from his life. She says she felt the feeling of Papa from him, but now she has lost him. She cries hugging Sarita behen. Shahana gets upset with Abhi and Rhea.

Ranbir thinks of Prachi and their moments. He recalls Pallavi ending his relation with Prachi and blaming them for Rhea’s suicide attempt. Dida comes to his room. Ranbir hugs her and cries. He says you was my best friend when I was a child. He says you used to understand what is in my heart seeing me crying and asks why she is not understanding him. She asks him to understand. Ranbir says listen to me first and tells that he loves Prachi truly. He says Prachi will never do this with Rhea. Dida asks him to tell since when he loves Prachi. He tells that he loves her when he saved her from goons. She says since when. he says since he saved her from bank robbers. Dida says she heard Rhea telling that you loves her and will not say anything. Ranbir says I didn’t have any feelings for her, I wanted to stay with her so that people think we are happening people. He says it was his childishness. Dida says I am answerable to many people. Ranbir hugs her.

He tells that it was his childishness and innocence that was with Rhea. Pallavi hears him and tells that it is clear that Prachi couldn’t bear it and that’s why came inbetween between you and Rhea. Ranbir asks her to understand that he loves Prachi. Pallavi says Prachi is keeping us away from you, can’t you see. Ranbir says I can’t be away from you, you are my mother and says I want to bring Prachi here and want to be with her. Pallavi says if you care for us then you will not take Prachi’s name else will see my dead face. Ranbir is shocked. Pallavi says if you want to call me mom then forget Prachi. Dida asks her to listen. Pallavi goes. Ranbir is shocked.

Precap: Pragya meets Abhi while the electricity is off and tells that she would have heard him if he had given a good advice to her daughter, but I will not bear anything more against her. Just then light comes back and they are shocked to see each other. Aaliya comes there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Since attempting suicide is the only way parents understand their kid’s feelings in this show. Ranbeer should attempt one for himself, perhaps Pallavi will understand and come to her senses.

    1. Prajkta

      Actually, so true

    2. Exactly. So many loopholes in the story. Rhea is a spoilt child and everyone knows. Ranbir keeps blabbering about his love for Prachi but he still hasn’t mentioned to his parents that Rhea tried to kill her several times.

  2. Hmmm. Abhi, his real wife…. Aliyah, the guttersnipe criminal and THEIR victim, Pragya, all in one room again. AGAIN. Who will die? Not Abhi, he has the money. Not Aliyah as she’s the only murderer. Oh. right. Pragya, the perfect victim will be victimized again. Hmmm. Didn’t we see this before? How many times? So, if anyone has actually watched this episode, are aliyah’s lips huge and about to explode? I’m curious. But the plot? LOL. There is no plot!

    1. No no no! Another hit and miss or the storyline head to an end. They would immediately know it’s a conspiracy theory.

  3. Prajkta

    Useless and baseless…. Even if Abhi and Pragya find the truth, there is hardly any hope left for them…. This is so stupid and Pallavi, Oh God, I just hate her too much now, and I had hopes from Ranbir’s Dadi and Vikram, but I guess no one can understand facts here, all their brains work according to Aliya’s manipulation….. First Mehra family and now Kolhi family also added to the list

  4. This is a useless non sense story first. You just stop watching it for 2 years, after two years just start watching the same story will run no changes will come. May be characters will change. Because even pragya and abhi also can run this cycle story. Where ever it starts come to same point. Stupid director. No brain. Lol

  5. Same old storyline. Alya comes and brainwash puppet Abhi again, Abhi turns around and blames Pragya who will walk out limping as usual wiping her ever flowing tears. I hated old alya, but hates this new bootucks-faced alya even more. Writers always puts this cheap second class villian alya ahead of ABHIGYA who are the main lead actors. Making them look stupid and beggarly before criminally inclined alya.
    Also, all etkar Kapoor shows keeps promoting suicide and murder as the last option, never giving the villian need to repent of their wicked ways and turn a new leaf. That’s not right.

    1. Ranbir should leave the house. Just leave a note that ”since no one cares about my happiness. I am leaving. Please don’t look for me.” He should stay off everyone for at least 3 months. They will look for him and beg him to come back on his terms. He does not need to be exchanging words with his mother who is emotionally /blackmailing him. Just leave. That is the solution.

    2. You are correct about Ekta Kapoor. Her ‘creations’ are perfect reflections of her mind and heart. That’s it.
      That’s all she has. And the wealth of course, because India loves the nonsense. Btw, Aliyah is Abhi’s real wife. Has been since day one and that is why Abhi cannot be married… unless it is some whore which Aliyah pays and controls… the tuna-fish or ‘Tanu’.

    3. Don’t say that! This show is going to take a leap or coming to an end because they would immediately know it’s a conspiracy theory. Think of it!

    4. Verma4

      It’s like groundhog day, They will stretch this for another two years and then, Snap. The End.

  6. You know the movie “triangle”? kumkum bhagya is the same…
    Goons, car accidents, suicide attempts , memory loss, almost died but they refreshed him/her, goons, goons, terrorists, obvious lies but no one figures it “it feels u r watching unintelligent creatures not intelligent humans* then again….
    I can guess what will happen next, rhea will plot against her mom and will try to put meera between abhi & pragya.. eventually she will read by accident the dairy book of pragya & will come to know that her mom loved her.. then she will try to bring pragya & abhi together but an airplane will accidentally hit rhea “it seems like accident but actually aliya took revenge because rhea betrayed her yeah yeah” no one will figure hush..then abhi will cry like babies and accuse pragya saying rhea was going to get u but she died go out.. theb prachi will marry ranbir and both disappear then 50 yrs will pass then u get a new track.. abhi and pragya in grave…but they didn’t meet.

    What happens after death? Are you prepared? This life is a test. Its pleasures its joys its miseries its pains all are just a test. The day we die is the day we will be told, put your pen down your test time is up. There’s afterlife, there is day of judgment..there’s eternal heaven or eternal hell. Ever single human will be held accountable for the things s/he was responsible for, those are : faith & deeds!

    There’s only one ship heading to safety, it’s the ship of Oneness of God. One Sole Creator of the universes & everything & everyone above, in & beneath them including Jesus peace be upon him. God is not a father. God is the Creator & Controller of everything .

    The way to paradise is through getting God’s mercy because you believed in Oneness of God, took no partners in worship with God, and tried your best to do good deeds accordingly.

    Time passes by oh children of Adam, seek why you’re here in this life of time.

    Btw, Allah in Arabic = Aalaah in Aramaic

    Find any Aramaic English dictionary and translate the word God into Aramaic.

  7. Eitokpah B. I do agree about Ranbir. But in Ekta World having a brain and a heart is a disease. Your brain might work for five seconds here or there but never enough to actually function like a human over the age of five.

  8. No way this script will fit. If Abhi and Prayag comes face to face experience will let them know immediately it’s an Aliya conspiracy and the show would be heading for a end. It will have to be another hot and miss.

  9. how dare you pallavi I told you we should not talk like that otherwise ranbir he will go to room than ranbir he gets upset so fast because of you pallavi you know that you have your problem pallavi we should not go near to ranbir if you do like this ranbir he will not talk to you pallavi.
    Abhi what you told for pranchi stay away you say like that abhi shame on you I said many times we should not talk like that to pranchi you know that pranchi gets upset so fast because of you abhi than pranchi told for pragya what you didn’t pragya she will came to your house pragya gets upset for you abhi keep it your mind.
    Abhi this your daughter rhea she put the koursecene in your head than rhea she put the matchbox in the fire rhea her planned not pranchi.

  10. Candiva007

    I’m sorry but I use to like Pallavi but not anymore. Why doesn’t she want Prachi to marry her son? Why doesn’t she listen to her son when he says that he loves Prachi and not Reha? I think Ranbir should pretend to commit suicide and says that if he doesn’t have Prachi he’ll die and he doesn’t want that evil Reha, then maybe his mom would listen to him. GRRRRRRR Right now i could go online and slap her. Prachi has helped out that family so many times and Reha didn’t do a thing only to be involved somehow. Why doesn’t Ranbir tell his Grandmother that Reha was the one who paid that guy to kill Prachi?

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