Kumkum Bhagya 26th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Ranbir proposes marriage to Rhea


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The Episode starts with Rhea threatening to commit suicide and keeps knife on her wrist. Pallavi and Vikram asks her not to do this. Ranbir tries to stop her. Rhea says don’t you dare say anything. Dida says you are stubborn and taking advantage of our goodness. Rhea gets angry. Pallavi says don’t say anything. Vikram asks her to be quiet. Rhea asks Dida to stay away and says I can’t be alone, and says if I stay alone then people’s thoughts will be proved rights, that Prachi and Sid betrayed us and left. Dida says who says this? Rhea says my friends say. Dida says leave such friends. Rhea says shall I die. She tells Ranbir that he kept Prachi in his heart, but she loves Sid and not you. She says Prachi is living with Sid and you are living in her memories. She asks what I shall do? She says you don’t want to move on, and not letting me move on. She says why are you stopping me to live the life? She says I am not killing myself, you are forcing me to die. Ranbir tries to snatch the knife from her hand and says we will make them realize that they can’t ruin our lives, and we will be happy without them. She says we will not do what society asks us to do? Rhea says if he will not marry me. She says I know you will not marry me and want to give a strong message to Prachi and Sid. She says I will not change my decision and will die. Ranbir snatches knife from her hand and throws it. She picks it again. Ranbir bends down on his knees and proposes her for marriage.

Rhea drops the knife and says yes, I will marry you. She holds his hand and hugs him. Pallavi and Vikram are happy. Dida is shocked. Ranbir says make the arrangements for marriage and goes. Dida says Ranbir…you. Ranbir goes out, while sad song plays. Rhea says I am sorry Daddy. Pallavi says its ok. Vikram says we want everything to be fine. Rhea says you are good parents, thanks for saving me. Dida goes to talk to Ranbir.

Prachi refuses to believe Sid and says Rhea lied to you. Sid says Pallavi Chachi liked Rhea always and rhea loved Ranbir, and that’s why they made the plan, to oust us from their lives. He says I came to talk to you, but Sushma aunty stopped me. He says then I went to Bangalore, and then tried to called you, but it was changed. He says I couldn’t tell you that Ranbir was not like he appears. Prachi says Rhea lied to you and says that incident was unfortunate, and Ranbir couldn’t think of this even in his dreams. She says if he will do this to separate from me. She says I might agree that Pallavi aunty might team up with Rhea, but Ranbir can’t do this. She says his heart was broken, and I felt his pain in his eyes. She says my Ranbir can’t do this. Sid says we can talk about Rhea. He asks didn’t you feel that Rhea has Ranbir in her heart. Prachi recalls the incidents, when she sees Rhea with Ranbir. She says it might be in Rhea’s eyes and not in Ranbir’s eyes. Sid says forget that you loved Ranbir then you will understand. Prachi says I will not hear anything against him. She says I love him still and he is my husband still. She says he loves me equally and will tell this himself. She says I am giving him time, as Maa says that time heals everything. She says I know that everything will be fine between us. Sid asks her to sit. Prachi says I am unwell and asks him to go. She asks the hotel staff lady to take her to her room.

Dida comes to Ranbir and says don’t do this marriage. She says I didn’t tell you anything, and says Prachi and you. He says I don’t want to talk about her. Dida says how can you marry her, as she threatened to suicide. She says this is blackmailing, how can you be happy. Ranbir says he is marrying for his parents’ happiness. Dida asks what about your happiness. He says it doesn’t matter, I did everything with my choice, what did I get? Dida says happiness was with me, but you misunderstood her. Ranbir says this is Prachi’s speciality and says we can’t accept what she has done, and says may be it is her magic etc. Dida says whatever you have seen was not right. Ranbir says forget it, and says that was betrayal and this is reality. He says you shall be happy and I can’t see you sad. Dida thinks I wish, I could do something for you and says I will not agree that Prachi has betrayed you.

Sushma talks on call and says she is in Bangalore. Prachi asks hotel staff member to take her to her Badi Maa’s room. Prachi runs to bathroom. The staff member asks if she shall call the doctor and tells about the medicine box. Prachi asks where it is? The staff member says it is in the drawer. Prachi says she is fine and asks her to go. The staff member goes.

Rhea comes to her room happily and recalls Ranbir’s proposal. She thinks I am getting married to the love of my life, and says she is getting married to Ranbir, it is her dream to become Mrs. Ranbir Kohli. She asks if it is dream and dances. Pallavi comes there and says its ok. She says I know you are very happy and you have all the right to deserve this happiness, you have sacrificed much. She says I am very happy for you and says everything is happening as I wanted many years ago, and says life is starting before Prachi had come in our lives. She says I called Pandit ji and he said that tomorrow’s mahurat is good and then after a month. She says marriage will happen tomorrow. Rhea recalls talking to Pandit ji and bribing him on call to tell that the mahurat date is tomorrow. Pandit ji says there is no mahurat tomorrow. Rhea asks him to tell Pallavi that mahurat is good and says he will get double dakshini. Pandit ji says I never lied. Rhea says Lakshmi mata is coming in your house and asks him to tell Pallavi that tomorrow is the best day. Pallavi says I called the designer and asks her to select her wedding dress. Rhea says thank you so much, you always supported me and taken care of me, but I emotionally hurt you. She emotionally blackmails Pallavi. Pallavi says I can understand. Rhea says you have taken care of me like your daughter, though my own mother don’t want my happiness. She says you are my true mother, and says we will have mother and daughter relation between us. Pallavi says works perfectly, and says you are already my daughter and says your and Ranbir’s marriage is necessary. She says I am happy for you both. She says I shall go and make announcement of your marriage and shall tell everyone that Ranbir is marrying with the girl of my choice. She says she will tell Sid, and then Prachi will know eventually. She says she will tell them that her children will be happy always after marriage. She goes to call Sid. Rhea gets worried.

Prachi gets restless and walks in the room. The staff lady gives her lemonade and goes to the washroom. She picks up the things kept there and says congratulations Maa, you are pregnant. She shows her pregnancy detection strip.

Precap: Prachi tells Sid, I didn’t faint because you told me about Ranbir’s marriage. I fainted because I am pregnant. Sushma hears it. Dadi tells Rhea, the day you fall, you will get hurt heavily and that day, you can have haldi applied along with mehendi. It will act as medicine on your wound. Rhea answers back saying let me get married once, then we will find out who gets hurt.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I wish Ranbir listens to Dida. Please Ranbir, get your brain back.

  2. Now, I really want this wedding to take place, because this is the only way they can feel the difference between what they have lost and what they have gained. I want Ranbir, along with his whole family, to just lie at the feet of Prachi and ask for forgiveness. It’s not even a matter of Ranbir getting married, but the fact is that he will be married to two sisters at the same time. Both Rhea and Prachi will wear sindur and mangalsutra with his name. Which in itself is just disgusting, it turns out that Ranbir never loved Prachi, since he could easily agree to this marriage, although he could stand on her own, let this crazy Rhea do anything with her. They are all worthy of each other here, most of all I feel sorry for Prachi and her child who should appear, they suffer, there’s just nothing for it. But you can’t prove to a stupid person that he is stupid, you can’t show a blind person, you can’t tell a deaf person.

    1. Mahabubul Alam

      even i want the same.i want pallavibeaver to be taught a lesson

    2. Excellently said agree 100%
      Want Rhea to take over Kohli mansion and bring her evil aunt to rule with her
      I just hope Dida escapes first
      Don’t think she would want to part of this disgusting fiasco.

    3. Dear SF ..and YY and Mahabubul. I agree with you all! And SF, it would delightful when/if Aliyah managed to control the Kohli mansion because half of the Pallavi beaver’s pride/arrogance is based on the fact that she ‘saved’ her family from the criminal Aliyah and her business ability or lack thereof. I think it would be delightful (I would watch that episode) if Pallavibeaver was forced to wash the floor before Aliyah would lower herself to step on that same floor. Now that would be ‘karma’ in action. Of course her jewelry would fall off and the cheapest of the cheap (rhea) would be scrambling to pick it up. After all, by that time it would have been made clear to her by her darling and loving Aunt that she is a ‘tool’ and nothing more, for the psychopath aliya. (Is Rhea smart enough to figure anything out? Ohoh. Not at all) I’m sure that aliyah would insure that some boytoy would be made available to Rhea to keep her quiet. Just like Aliyah provided Abhi with a toy tuna-fish to keep him busy. Too bad, if the truly wonderful Ranbir is turned into another idiot like Abhi. An idiot who sincerely loves his wife but remains an idiot nonetheless. Perhaps then, the PallaviBeaver would remember that the whole Mehra family are dirty, lying pieces of trash. What a reminder!

    4. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👌👌👌
      Perfectly said! It would be a dream come true to see Pallibeaver and her darling Rhea as servants
      They must make Potter Vikram the Butler😂😂😂

  3. Mahabubul Alam

    i want rhea to separate ranbir from pallavi

    1. Mahabubul Alam

      that would be the best punishment

  4. So the bts the hug part is defo a dream but Prachi coming in with the yellow saree that may not be a dream. I was right I knew she was going to come to the wedding to try and stop it or reveal her pregnancy. But we have to see what really happens.

    1. I don’t think Ranbir will believe the child is his. He thinks she cheated on him. Any DNA evidence will be falsified once the evil witches get their hands on it. I really hope I a wrong about this but the bad always prosper in this serial.

    2. Yeah for sure Ranbir and the Kohlis will never believe Ranbir is the father and instead Sid is and they will insult her. Hope this angers Prachi to the core and she does something. It’s high time she changes

    3. I almost think it could be worse if Ranbir thinks the baby is his. Prachi might keep it to herself if he marries Rhea. She’ll be worried his family will take her baby from her.

  5. Mahabubul Alam

    cant wait when abhi will know about his princess actions

    1. @Mahabubul Alam
      When he hears about it no doubt he will call the one who tells him this, a liar, because of course his princess is as innocent as Cinderella or Snow-White , PEOPLE do bad things to her, she herself has a heart as pure as raindrops

  6. Last week some idiots were saying Pranbir alone can’t gain trp. It’s been a month without the leads. And last week trp was 1.7 and now it’s 1.9 just because of Pranbir 😍
    The makers know the importance of Pranbir idk why some fans can’t just accept that instead of criticising and trolling daily. But I’m worried if RR marriage happens trp will decrease. No one wants to see them!! Many fans judging by today’s bts are having a meltdown I don’t even blame them. They even brought this pregnancy track out of the blue.

    1. TRP rose only because of the leap that occurred in the show, everyone was wondering what would happen. But next week I don’t think there will be an increase in the trp, especially with these events, no one is interested in looking at crazy Rhea and others like her.

    2. True these bts have driven everyone crazy and like 90% fans think RR have married. It will probably decrease and then increase when Pranbir reunite or Rhea leaves. It’s so annoying just when the trp was doing good 🙃

  7. I’ve stopped watching this show a year ago because of the ghatiya story and script. But I do see updates sometimes. I don’t even know how people are still watching this show it’s an insult to Indian society and portrays women as weak. The character Prachi I don’t know what problem the writers have with her. Will she ever become strong? Her husband doesn’t give a damn and he can easily move on. What about her? They highlight devar bhabhi too much. Then why make Pranbir a relationship in the first place? You know what they should just keep devar bhabhi together living unhappy and get Prachi with the new guy. Prachi deserves someone like him, she should move on and focus on her child now.

  8. Okay so Pallavi tells Sid about RR that’s how Sid and Prachi reach the wedding. Prachi believes Ranbir is innocent so she will go there and will make a complete fool out of herself but in the end RR get married. I knew she would do this. No wonder why she’s in that yellow sari from bts because the wedding is the next day. The other part of the bts in red that’s a dream I presume. But Prachi saw them getting married and faints. Will anyone see her help her? Gosh they’ll insult her and accuse her of snatching Ranbir’s happiness again. Why did Prachi need to go ugh? I hope Sid just gets her out from there and hopefully this marriage makes Prachi realise Sid was telling the truth and she changes. Maybe she will send divorce papers.

    1. @ak
      Any guess as to, if Prachi is coming to Kohli house in yellow saree in reality, why in dream she imagined herself in red ??

  9. I think Prachi’s story will follow that of pragyas and Kiara’s and Sid might be like King I just wish that wedding happens so that they all learn a lesson especially Pallavi l just hate her and l hope Prachi will never tell Ranbir about the baby he doesn’t deserve to know and l also hope they get divorced Prachi doesn’t deserve this

  10. Hahaha…..Rhea thinks about Ranbir’s proposal and smiles,,,,right after she pulled out the suicide card again…..ahhh…. true love. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. @Sleepy
      You shouldn’t expect it from people like Alia and Rhea to understand concept of true love, theirs is obsession not love

  11. ummm. make wedding arrangements and order a wedding dress?? ..so you don’t have to legally be divorced to get remarried according to this serial….yeah….ok. 😕🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  12. Let’s say that Prachi and Ranbir come to court to get divorced, and then it turns out that Ranbir is married to Rhea, will it bother the judge or the lawyer? Why would the judge give them a chance if Ranbir has already made his choice and Prachi wants a divorce? It doesn’t matter if the marriage is considered legal or not, why should Prachi and Ranbir keep their marriage? And how are they going to show Pooja with her big belly?

  13. When is Pooja leaving?? Urgh
    I have nothing against her but I can’t wait to see end of Rhea’s track

    1. when actually rhea is leaving?

    2. Pooja said in an interview that the makers do not want to replace her so when she (Pooja) has to go on maternity leave, obviously Rhea’s track will have to be brought to a halt, unless the makers plan to continue working using body double of Pooja for next 5-6 months

    3. Pooja is due in March so does that mean she’s going to stick a little longer till Feb? Shikha Singh was filming heavily pregnant she left the show just a month before giving birth. Hope it’s not the case with Pooja her character is already intolerable.

    4. @ak
      Wasn’t the wedding track already being shot using body double??

      And Shikha’s daughter was born on June 16, 2020, so she too was 6 months pregnant when the shooting anyways stopped in March due to Covid so maybe she too would have left if covid had not stopped the shooting automatically

  14. If Prachi and Ranbir go to court to get divorced (which is fine0 and the judge sees that he is married to Rhea, realistically, Ranbir would be charged with bigotry, (which is fine)…. at least here in western countries, maybe not in India.

  15. If RR wedding does happen then i want a leap, after which it’s already over that Rhea has at least started torturing Pallavi.

    No matter how much I actually want to witness it, I don’t want Number of episodes consumed in it

  16. I hope Pranbir reunite before Prachi gives birth. I want to see the full phase of her pregnancy not then fast forwarding her to already have given birth. Please no more leaps.



  18. I would like to see new guy to romance prachi like Mohsin khan
    Who played k.yrkkh
    A leap without new entry is boring please guys SPT.in this

  19. I don’t even understand the concept of love in this serial at one instant they show that the two lovers are very understandable about each other then how could they believe that their partner deceived them , iss serial killer dekhkar Mera sar phata Zara hai

  20. So I have had a thought.
    In today’s episode Pallavi told Rhea that she will inform Sid about RR wedding and Prachi will know it from Sid. And Rhea looked uncomfortable.

    So could it be that Prachi in red saree is Rhea’s dream ??

    Rhea knows that Sid and Prachi are in contact, and that Sid would have obviously told Prachi about his meeting with Rhea, so Rhea knows that by now Prachi must have understood that whatever happened was a conspiracy against her and Sid so she can come to stop the wedding after hearing about it

    Just a thought

    1. @Mahabubul Alam
      A rumour.
      For one, I won’t believe that Sushma, who has lost her own daughter and on verge of losing second daughter she found in Pragya, will tell Prachi to abort HER unborn for sake of her character. And why will being a single mother make people question Prachi’s character?? Did they question Pragya’s, for 20 years ??
      And Prachi is going to be single divorcee mother not an unwed mother to bring her character in question

      For second we know for the fact that Prachi is not going to take this decision so instantaneously since we know from the bts that she will at least try to stop RR wedding.

    2. Mahabubul Alam

      https://www.tellychakkar.com/spoiler-alert/what-twist-prachi-refuses-step-back-and-live-ranbir-and-rhea-their-house-zee-tvs dont know which one is true but i can still see prachi wearing mangalsutra in abhigya coma scene which is not yet performed.aaah

    3. @mahabubul, it may be true because someone once mentioned that the summary of the one month leap is that prachi will take Ranbir to court in other for him to divorce her but he will refuse then the court will grant them 6months for them to leave together and then come back but on the process of staying together they will reunite.thou I don’t know how true it is but let keep our fingers crossed and see what will happen

    4. @Mimi
      So, Ranbir decides to marry Rhea , but when Prachi wants a divorce , he declines ?? 😂😂😂😂
      I wonder what the judge would have to say about it , that he wants to marry another girl but doesn’t want to divorce his first wife

    5. @collins, I have a strong belief that something strange will happen as in a twist will come up at the last hour because Ranbir and rehea wedding will be a invalid as he has not divorce prachi.let keep watching and see wat the writer is up too

    6. Ghazala Sadiq

      Why is Pallavi contacting Sid didn’t she perform his last rites before kicking her own nephew/son out!!!??? This serial has a real problem with characters treating their own family as dirt

    7. @Ghazala Sadiq
      She is contacting Sid to let him know that even though he and Prachi tried to ruin happiness of Ranbir and Rhea, still they will get married and be happy

  21. But it’s crazy to shoot at such a long period of pregnancy, what exactly does she want to prove by this, or do they? If they categorically do not want to replace it, then how will the issue be resolved further? Or will they bring another actress after the wedding? Well, this is complete stupidity. It seems to me that Dida will tell Prachi about Ranbir and Rhea’s wedding. I don’t think Rhea will allow Sid to be contacted at all, most likely she will stop Pallavi by any means. They certainly overdid it with all these dream sequences. Now they will definitely pull this track of misunderstanding, revenge, jealousy, apologies, until next year. And next year they will start a new love story Pranbir, but who will need it? A couple of weeks ago was video where Ranbir and Prachi, and in the background was the location of the court, maybe they have already filmed this divorce track, they will just show it later. I don’t know, it’s all so confusing. But now everything revolves around Pooja and her condition, which the writers must somehow resolve.

  22. I don’t believe this news of shifting to London, doesn’t make any sense. Prachi will never consent to go so long away from Pragya especially when she is in coma

  23. And from where did this thing about London come??

    Pragya went to London because she was living with King who was from London. Sushma is from Australia so if she wants to send Prachi away then she will send her there, not to London

    1. I don’t know if this is true but l heard that Sushma has a son in London and that’s why she is sending her there to finish the project together and be able to move on

    2. @Elsie
      Sushma had only a daughter that’s why she was going to commit suicide after her last rites when she found Pragya, whom she made her daughter

  24. Guys stop thinking and i loss hope in Ekta shows bcoz always evils get Whatever they want,there is no Exposing evils ,
    And there is no consequence for wrongdoing never.so don’t expect to much maybe this all end as a dream.
    I WONDER TO NOW WHAT KIND OF PERSON ekta IS.HOW somebody write something like this now ranbir will ply between 2 sisters WHAT A DISGUSTING.


  25. BTW, I had heard that shooting of wedding sequence was going on for a week, but here there are going to be no pre-wedding rituals supposedly, directly wedding, that too the next day. So what all were they shooting for a whole week ??

    1. It seems to me that there will be rituals, because there were photos a week ago, where Rhea has a yellow top, blue bottom, and Pallavi in a green sari, most likely that all the rituals will be in the morning, and the wedding in the evening. How can they not show all these engagements, mehendi, etc. It was the Prachi who were deprived of all this. But the actors are still posting photos from the wedding with today’s date. I don’t know why it took so long to shoot if no rituals are provided, except for the wedding itself. It’s possible that they shot a part, maybe they didn’t like something and decided to reshoot it? Maybe there was some other reason. I just don’t understand how Ranbir wanted to get married without getting divorced, what exactly did he want to show by this? I hope that if Prachi suddenly comes to the wedding, she will not humiliate himself and will not tell everyone about his pregnancy. Who knows, maybe Ranbir will decide to break off this marriage at the very last minute. Although now I really want this marriage to take place and Ranbir and the Kohli family could experience all the delights of this marriage.

    2. @YY
      As I have already said it, I am much indifferent to whether or not the Kohlis suffer for their choice, but I AM very adament about Rhea NOT getting her heart’s desire fulfilled, even temporarily, this is the only reason I am against this marriage. I truly wish it breaks apart at the last moment like last time, but it should publicly break this time, unlike the last time and this time it should be Rhea who gets insulted and humiliated in front of all the guests.

      After that Prachi may decide to leave the house for sake of her self respect, I have no problem with that. To be honest, that too will be a punishment for a Kohlis, in a way: they would be losing a good daughter in law AND first child of the next generation, in one stroke. Let Ranbir go into depression over that like Prachi did after getting ejected from Ranbir’s life and Kohli house. Let Pallavi and Vikram suffer the horrible guilt about losing a good son like Sid. Sid too, should not forgive them.

      This alternate reality is punishment/ torture to the Kohlis to similar degree as inflicted by Rhea

    3. @collins, I have to strong belief that a twist may come up and something might happen either expose rehea or prachi will claim her right as the legal wife

  26. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OeG0r4r_s4 just check link , my pranbir vidio trending at no 3 on youtube , my pranbir has lot of potential , but they are never given a chance , see the trp also incresed to 1.9 , this is tight slap to lakshmi lavanya who always speaks ill about dp cast , now what you have to say , pranbir seperation was not even hyped like abhigya still my pranbir rocked

  27. Dear Akituster, is it the one with @contact or @shaw?? Found it!! I do hope you read this post!

    1. Try both. One will reach me. I’m unwilling to say, here. Looking forward to it. Good. I’ve been checking in, to see if you saw my reply.

    2. If you have time read the article, “What works for Indian audience…” written by Ash. I made comments, there. My gosh, I can’t help myself! Your comment the other day about ‘analysis’ and not having time…
      I do understand. But so many younger thinkers are not being allowed/encouraged to carry their analysis to rational completion! These are good people! I guess my real interest remains in watching the conversation between the media giants (the producer of this hot mess) and the viewers who are learning how to ‘read the room’. And let’s face it… remarking on the details of the production can be fun as well! Especially since the leap where they changed the director and the quality of the production took a deep dive down. The hatred leveled for a bit but has been making a strong comeback, from the rare episodes that I have watched. I cannot bear the lowered cinematic quality. At least the first director provided quality cinema, acting etc., served with the ‘scream out loud in disgust’, hate.


  29. It is a habit of this show to assault ethical values. From the beginning up to now, humans’ most important values (ethically those are considered untouchable globally) abused one by one. And all those abuses are normalized. There is single sign/word criticizing or mentioning the rareness of such things.
    In short the producer/writer is a shyzophrenical enemy of humanitarian values.
    Justic, fairness, human rights are not there. There is no story, only a list of victories of criminals who are not accountable

    1. That’s the way it works when institutions become corrupt… anywhere. The institutions are a reflection of the society. Those who are capable of making changes…. don’t. it’s too dangerous or it’s too enriching to stop bad behaviour. There remain a few brave honest souls who try to fight the corruption. They generally lose especially as when the corruption has continued for longer than seven generations, which it has in India. And especially when you have players like this producer who knows the game, is being enriched by it and is easily kept ’employed’/getting wealthier by promoting and making corruption everyday, ordinary and normal. Do you really believe that the high number of students now watching are actually going to be affected by this program in a positive way? How many of them will understand what this quality of corruption is doing to their hearts? How many of them will become adversaries to the corrupt forces in their future employment/careers? They won’t have time. their priority will be to establish themselves and going along is easier and more financially lucrative. The British Raj did this with planning and purpose to India. That is a history which clearly is no longer taught. And the current phase of the program is not being recognized. Stay strong STRYwrt, keep learning because you are simply growing your own understanding. The light in your soul will continue to brighten as you discover ‘truth’. Anywhere, any country.. where there is more interest in what ‘celebrities’ are wearing than in the quality of life for normal citizens is a good sign that this process is occurring. These processes where created hundreds of years ago. The current process was formalized in the mid 1800’s and is being carried out, perfectly to plan, for the world. India’s future role is not pretty.

    2. Hey STRYwrt.. just in case, wanted to let you know that I replied to your comment for the article by Ash, “What ‘works’ for indian Audience…”

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