Kumkum Bhagya 26th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Abhi meets Disha at Pragya’s house

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Kumkum Bhagya 26th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi thinking if Pragya had come to the party then she must have come with Disha. He comes to Disha’s office and asks where is she? An employee gives her the address of Prachi’s house. Abhi says I know. Disha says you don’t want to tell me. Prachi and Sarita behen come there. Prachi asks Pragya to have medicine. Sarita says daughter becomes mother if mother is unwell. Disha says Prachi is like you. Pragya looks on. Sarita behen says she is her carbon copy. Disha asks why are you hiding about Prachi that she is Abhi and your daughter. Pragya tells that their family is small and they are happily living. She says if Prachi comes to know about Abhi then she might go to him and says if Abhi comes to know about Prachi then he will try to take her from her. She says she don’t want neither of them to know about the truth. Shahana comes there. Disha lies that Pragya don’t want to give interview about saving CM. Shahana says Maasi is great. Pragya says if I lose Prachi then I will lose my life and don’t want anyone to see her. She says as you know then don’t tell anyone especially your jiju. She says she don’t have strength to fight anymore and says love is powerful, but made her weak. She says she lost from her love. She requests her not to tell anything to anyone. Disha says you don’t need to tell, I know how it feels leaving our family. She says everything was snatched from me, but I won’t let this happen with you. She feels bad to ask her and says I am also with you in your world.

Pallavi asks Vikram not to let Ranbir do work. Beeji says he went to play cricket and scolds Vikram. They ask Vikram to go and have food outside. Ranbir thanks them and leaves. Vikram feels pain. They get concerned for him. Vikram asks if you are acting now or then?

Abhi comes to Prachi’s house and thinks why did Disha come to meet Prachi’s mum. Shahana sees him. Abhi asks her to call Disha. Shahana says she is inside. Disha and Pragya are coming out. Pragya hides seeing him. Abhi asks Disha how is she? Disha says she is fine. Abhi asks her to come to his house. Disha says I can’t come, you know the reason. Abhi asks if a sister can’t stay with her brother. Disha asks him not to force her. Abhi says I went to office and got this address. He asks her if she saw Pragya. Disha says she saw her in the party. Abhi thanks God and tells that he wants to apologize to Pragya for the mistake which he did 20 years ago. He tells that he saw Pragya, but she didn’t talk to him. Pragya gets emotional hearing him. He asks her to tell Pragya that he is repenting Disha says you have realized your mistake, it is a good thing. She says Pragya di was not wrong, she was influenced with King and went to give money to the kidnapper. She says that matter was small.

Abhi gets angry and says how can she say that the matter was small and tells that he asked her not to give money to kidnapper, but she went against him. He says the matter is not small as he lost Kiara because of Pragya. He says she had kept him away from Kiara for 7 years and then took his elder daughter among the twins. He sats he wants to meet his daughter. He again starts blaming Pragya for Kiara’s death and tells Disha that the matter was never small. Disha says I agree that the matter was not small, I didn’t mean that. She says you are taking wrong meaning of my words. Abhi says even I cried for Kiara, she was my daughter too. Disha says sorry and asks him to calm down. He says forget about whatever I told, I will not apologize. If she meets me then she will talk the same and asks her to forget about the conversation. Pragya hears everything. Abhi comes out and thinks they were not wrong, but the time was wrong. He gets teary eyes. Allah wariyan plays….

Disha says sorry to Pragya. Pragya says he is still upset with me. She says he said right that Kiara died because of me and our twins separated. Disha says you didn’t do any mistake, whatever you did was to save her and asks why you are blaming herself. Disha gets emotional. Pragya asks why Purab married Aaliya, you both loved each other a lot. She says jiju and you used to love each other, but couldn’t stay together. She says jiju couldn’t trust you and I couldn’t trust Purab. She says she will leave now. She comes out. Prachi talks to her and says I never thought you are my Maasi. Disha kisses on her forehead and smiles.

Precap: Pragya tells Prachi that Disha is her Mami also. Prachi asks about Mama. Pragya says you have all the family. Prachi asks about her father. Later Prachi tells Disha that she got the lift. Disha sees Purab in the car.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. So Abhi continues to be written as the same a**hole that he has always been. He blames pragya for Kiara’s death, never thinking to blame the whore Tuna-fish who initiated the kidnapping. Just because Abhi is so stupid doesn’t mean that the viewers can’t see through this. And Pragya? Still thinking like the demoralized woman she has been written to become. A loser. She continues to accept blame for things she never did. Greates example of destroying a human, Indian style. Think the ultimate criminal Aliyah who created all of the criminal situations. Very Indian thinking. Abji still will not acknowledge the 100% reason that Pragya found herself in impossible situations. That would mean that he would have to look at his own actions. And we will not acknowledge that the whore Tuna-fish, the “I wish someone liked me” Aliyah, the greedy and lying Mithali etc. etc. All failed humans. All ugly. Abhi remains another failed human. The mehra’s are cowards, liars thieves and murderers supreme and the writers have Pragya feeling guilty and the cause of grief. The criminals won. They destroyed Pragya from their constant battering. The stupid Abhi is a part of that. He will never be a real man because he doesn’t know how to think beyond a childlike level. And obviously, India loves Ekta Kapoor so much that they are just fine with this being broadcast all over the world teaching the world that Indian men are useless, stupid and dangerously criminal. Indian men only do what their whores and mentally ill sisters, mothers, daughters tell them to do. Therefore most of the women in India behave like the Mehra murderers. They want stupi, very stupid, child-like men to fully control. Great message for the world. Great Message that Ekta Kapoor sends out daily. And what do you know, Pragya and Abhi were in the same house. That’s love Indian style according to Ekta’s creative team. Bringing Pragya/Abhi ‘closer’ and nearer to meeting. I truly hope that the dusripedi fails. But it won’t. Too many Indian women viewers love Ekta Kapoor and think that she teaches the truth through her work. What does this say about India in general? It is not flattering.

    1. What can be expected from the creative talent of Ekta Kapoor who clearly hates heterose*uals, and values much more, the what? 2% of the population that is not heterose*ual. Ekta Kapoor behaves like a woman who as a girl was rejected too often by men and now thinks it’s o.k. to punish the many men who rejected her and the many girls/females who laughed at her as a child. People complain about heterose*uals who disregard the LGBTQ community. What about a member of the LGBTQ community using their position of power to batter, and maliciously punish the heterose*ual community? Why is India allowing itself to be battered by this angry, punishing excuse for an adult woman? Could someone please chain that Johar (?) character to Ekta Kapoor for a few days? That gay man that Ekta seems to want to own so desperately. Miss Kapoor might actually feel some happiness for 5 minutes. Maybe India and the world will get some relief from Ekta’s punishments.

  2. Just dropped into KDB, same thing… this is my comment for KDB.
    Repetition is the best tool to teach people and children. Thank you again Ekta Kapoor for teaching your viewers, mostly women in India and people across the world that Indian women are either very stupid, greedy fashionista’s, really, really dumb, greedy criminals who are perfect matches for their very dumb men who can’t do anything without permission from their mother, sister or daughter. Obedience is the game here regardless of how criminal and stupid the action might be. Thank=you Ekta Kapoor for today’s lesson in how utterly useless…except for exploitation… Indian people are. Ekta Kapoor and her many political and corporate friends love it that Ekta is helping the exploitation of India to race forward with ease. Making Modi and friends even richer while promises of bettering India fall by the wayside. Ekta does a good job of keeping regular Indians mesmerized by bullsh*t, so that she and her rich friends can keep getting wealthier through the misery of India’s people.

  3. So, after 20 long years of separation, Abhi still carrying around feelings of unforgivness in his already stony heart? 20 years wasn’t enough to mellow his heart a tiny bit towards Pragya? He’s still blaming her about Kiara without trying to see from her perspective? This man is a total jackass… Maybe he thinks this would bring Kiara back… Another thing, what is wrong with Pragya’s brain too? She still thinks that Prachi is underage at 20 years old, that she fears Abhi will take her away from her? For goodness sake, Prachi’s a grown woman, if she finds a husband, she has to leave Pragya anyway…and all those months Prachi bonded with Abhi, if Pragya had concerns of a day like this, why the heck she came back to Delhi or Mumbai or wherever… Are there no other universities in India where Prachi could have studied? Well, we all know of Pragya’s lack of dissuasion,its pathetic! She couldn’t even muster enough strength to encourage Prachi to reapply elsewhere!! Such is the stupidity of these writers… Now that Disha is back in town, maybe we’ll know now what caused her separation, where Sunny is and why did Purab feel so compelled to marry the overbearing bad woman called Aliya!! These writers minds are sick sick sick!! Right now I don’t even care if Pragya and Abhi ever meet, the thrill was lost a long time ago… They are always in close proximity, Allah warariyan permeates the air, they can smell each others presence but still can’t come face to face…before I’m done, if two people love each other, I mean really love each other, they can recognize each other from miles away, even when faced with their backs to them but this couple is literally back to back to each other and still can’t recognize each other, how illogical is that!! Hi Akituster, lol… Everything in one conversation… Keep going…like the energizer bunny!! Chat soon again..

  4. On the account of Deshi and Purab. I think Aliya somehow drunk Purab and climbed into his bed. Has become pregnant and has shown the rights. Disha could not forgive Purab and left. And Purab was forced to marry this witch because of a child.

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