Kumkum Bhagya 25th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Abhi comes to know about Pragya attending his Party

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Kumkum Bhagya 25th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya fainting. Abhi holds her, but don’t see her face. Rhea holds Pragya. Abhi beats Rohit. Police comes there. CM slaps Rohit. Inspector arrests and takes him. Rhea and Prachi take Pragya to room with Ranbir’s help. Ranbir says they will take her to hospital. Prachi says she will take her mum to home and call doctor. Rhea says she will come with her surprising Prachi. Ranbir calls driver and asks him to bring car. CM asks Abhi to thank Prachi’s mum on her behalf and says she has to go to party office. Disha meets Abhi and hugs him. Abhi gets happy seeing her. Disha says she needs to go and leaves. Doctor checks Pragya in her house and thinks Rhea and Prachi are sisters. Prachi says they are not sisters. Rhea says I am like her daughter and sits at Pragya’s side holding her hand. Prachi comes back after dropping the doctor outside. Rhea gets teary eyes and wipes her tears. Pragya gains consciousness and sits. Prachi and Rhea ask how are you? Pragya tells her that she is proud of both of them and says they are heroes for saving the people. She tells Rhea that it is getting late and asks her to go home. Rhea says I will go and asks her to take care. Pragya says Prachi will take care of her. Shahana comes home and throws water by mistake. Rhea is leaving and falls down. Shahana laughs.

Rhea asks Meera to call Rhea. Meera is applying medicine to Abhi and says I will call her. Aaliya asks her to call her now itself. Meera calls Rhea, but phone is unreachable. Abhi tells Meera that he will be fine till morning. Aaliya asks why are you explaining to Meera. Abhi says Meera takes care of everyone and worries too. He says Ranbir said that Rhea went to Prachi’s house with her mum. Aaliya thinks if Prachi’s mum got them patch up. Prachi comes out and asks what happened? They see haldi fallen on Rhea. Prachi asks Rhea to give her hand. Rhea asks her to stop pretending to be nice. She blames Prachi for making her fall intentionally. She tells her that she will leave and will never like her. Rhea comes out and is about to fall. Kids see her and calls her nangi aunty with something smeared on her face. Rhea gets angry on them. She asks driver to get down from the car and sits on the driver’s seat. She thinks Prachi made her fall so she will make her fall down too, and nobody will give her hand.

Abhi is checking something and says may be someone else is involved too. Vikram asks are you suspicion of anyone. Employee brings the list and tells that they were neither in your guest list nor CM list. He reads Pragya Arora’s name in the list. Abhi hears Pragya’s name, gets up and goes. Vikram asks employee if the address is with the names.

Disha comes to meet Pragya. Shahana says I thought she came from CM’s office to thank you. Pragya and Disha get happy seeing each other. She says she thought she will not go there, as Aaliya is there. Pragya asks what do you mean? Disha says I left, now they are happily married. Pragya says I should have been with you. Disha says I don’t want anyone to see my tears and says I don’t want to hurt you. Pragya asks about her. Disha says she works as PR to CM. Prachi comes and shows the saree, says a bit of stain is left now. Disha recalls meeting her and asks about her name. Prachi says Prachi. Disha says I am your Maasi. Sarita behen asks about her. Pragya says she is Disha Singh. Prachi and Sarita behen go. Disha asks why you didn’t give her proper introduction of mine. She asks why I am feeling that you are scared to let Prachi know the truth.

Ranbir is leaving. Vikram asks him to sit. He says you handle work so efficiently and says he will leave. Vikram shows his car keys. Ranbir sits down. Vikram talks about their company fusion. Ranbir tells him that he needs to go to bathroom. Vikram says I am waiting for you. Pragya asks Disha what happened between Purab and you, that he married Aaliya. Disha says it is of no use now. Pragya asks about Sunny. Disha asks why are you ignoring my questions and says she is ready to answer her. She asks what is happening? Pragya says I am not ready to tell you.

Precap: Abhi comes to Pragya’s house to meet Disha. Shahana says she is inside. Disha and Pragya are coming out. Pragya hides seeing Abhi. Disha comes to Abhi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Abigya are unfit to live together. Love doesn’t be this way at all. Please stop this story yaar. Just irritating to watch. Y u have given this name Kumkum bhagya for the serial. the female lead doesnt have the bhagya at all. Hardly few years they couple had been together.. wherz love in this. each one blaming the other for their mistakes. plz enough of all these nonsense

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