Kumkum Bhagya 24th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Mitali accuses Pragya and holds Abhi’s responsible

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The Episode starts with Purab telling Disha that Mitali called her an outsider and not a family member. Disha says Mitali Bhabhi is tensed and that’s why said this. Purab says she said clearly and we are not her family, we are here as our house got burnt. Disha says Mitali raised her hand on Neha and it was wrong and she will take a stand for her. Purab says whatever it may be, but we will always be an outsider. Abhi might think me as a brother, but I will be remained as his friend, I can get love, but not respect of a family member. Abhi hears them. Disha sees him and says jiju. Abhi slaps Purab and he falls down. He says you called yourself as guest so I slapped you. Purab says I was explaining to Disha about Mitali bhabhi’s words. Abhi says you must have told her that Dadi used to say that

friendship is more strong than blood relations. He scolds him and reminds him of their friendship and says you used to scold me like a brother etc. Purab apologizes to him. Abhi says sorry for slapping him and says his all relations are connected by the heart. He says I love you a lot and is scared to lose you, if you go far away from me like Pragya then what I will do. He asks where is Mitali? Disha says she is in room.

King comes home. Pragya asks where was you? She tells that Abhi came to their house and asked about Tarun. King asks why? Pragya tells that Tarun eloped with his niece Neha. King is shocked and asks what did Abhi say? Pragya says nothing. Chachi says he warned and threatened us, he even insulted Pragya. Pragya says he didn’t insult me. Chachi tells that Abhi threatened them and told that if he comes to know that anyone of us is involved then he will not spare them. King gets angry and says he will go and talk to him. Pragya says he was tensed about his niece and that’s why he said that. Chachi asks him to go and insult his family. Pragya asks why she wants to make two families fight. She tells that when Abhi came here, he was not angry and someone said bad things about Neha and her upbringing which forced him to get angry. She asks King if he believes him. King says yes. Pragya says we shall search Neha and Tarun now.

Mitali thinks what did you do Neha? She gets angry and worried for her. Aaliya tells Tanu that after whatever happened between two families, Abhi and Pragya will visit each other house. Tanu tells Aaliya that she feels that Pragya made Neha eloped with Tarun. Mitali hears them. Tanu says she feels that Pragya doesn’t want to come here and wanted to take revenge for her insult. Mitali falls in her words. Aaliya says bhai loves his family a lot, and pragya loves him too, and she will not do this. Tanu says I have watched Khoon Bhari Maang in which Rekha took revenge on her husband. She says Pragya is on revenge mode now and haven’t forgotten how Abhi insulted her and I feel King is also involved in her revenge. Aaliya asks her to shut up and says Pragya will not do this, as she loves bhai a lot. Tanu says I said what I thought right. Aaliya says she is an emotional fool and weak, but love is her strength. She says don’t know where is Neha?

Tarun and Neha come to a small lodge. The man asked for their ID. Tarun says they don’t have. Man asks them to give 500 Rs extra and says you have eloped from home and came here. Man looks at Neha. Tarun gets angry on him and says if he tells anyone about them or look at her then he will not spare him. Man says I will not tell anyone and thinks if I give their info to their families then will get good amount. Abhi comes home. Mitali asks where is Neha? Abhi says she was not at King’s house. Mitali blames Abhi for throwing Pragya out of the house, and insulting it and says this is the reason she got her daughter kidnapped. Tanu says even bhabhi feels the same. Aaliya says she didn’t feel, but heard us. Abhi asks what are you saying? Mitali says Pragya took King’s help and made her daughter eloped and says this all happening because of you. Disha asks her not to blame Abhi. Mitali asks her not to take his side and taunts Aaliya and Tanu. Aaliya says enough and says don’t think of their silence wrong. Tanu taunts her. Mitali says I am a mum and will ask question and demand answer. She asks Disha why she is feeling bad and says you might be feeling that I am accusing your sister. Abhi says Pragya didn’t do anything. Mitali says Pragya made a plan to use Tarun and insult us infront of everyone. She says you couldn’t do how to love and she couldn’t do how to keep the love. Abhi looks tensed.

Mitali says Dadi lost her life because of Pragya. Abhi asks her not to involve Dadi in this situation. Mitali says I will and tells that she will go and bring Neha back. Abhi says I asked Pragya, but she didn’t know. Mitali asks him to be strict with them and says once I come to know who is supporting them, I will not leave them.

Inspector comes and arrests King for helping Tarun eloping with a minor girl Neha. Pragya is shocked to see King arrested and taken away by the Police.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. No words are left to describe this shit of a serial. Once again pragya is being blamed. These blo*dy Mehras need tanu and aliya to mess their life and don’t need pragya.. I don’t know why pragya is shown so meek. She should stand up for king and teach the Mehras a lesson along with king especially aliya, tanu, mitali and abhi.. Pragya should drag the Mehras to court for defaming king, also complain against the mehra as they were trying to marry Neha ya babli whatever though she is a minor. Pragya should also take abhu to court for marrying tanu without divorcing her and if my memory is right Dadi had made a will where pragya was the custodian of the world property and if abhi had to sell or take any decisions regarding the property he had to take pragya permission.. She should blo*dy well bring the mehra on the road. No woman with a little self respect will tolerate this nonsense however much she may love anyone. Pragya should realize that she should first learn to respect herself then only will others respect her. Unless she stands up for herself the blo*dy leeches, the mehras will keep on sucking her blood. And once again the enquiry of pragya attack is left midway and the killers are on the roll having a hearty laugh. Also read somewhere that king will now become negative… So welcome aboard the Negative gang… But if his negativety is to teach the mehras a lesson that should be good, he Should also reopen the attack case of pragya… But he should not harm pragya infact he should now openly protect pragya and Kiara

    1. Loved this comment. True true so true. But the thing is anything sensible won’t happen in this show, how much ever we shout out to them.

  2. Relationship rights. Boundaries. The idea has been thrown in. We are shown a few seconds of what could have been a great drama (Neha biting Mithali and running away). We are told that the man who is trying out adulthood came to Pragya’s home and had a shouting moment regarding Tarun. Another drama avoided in the script. And then the Dynamic Duo of all Disasters are shown to us. Of course they are wearing the same clothes. And then of course Tuna blames Pragya for being a low-life person, when we all know that the only low lives are The Tuna, Aliyah the Mistress of Doom… and lo and behold (surprise, surprise) their very own version of Renfield (Dracula’s assistant who ate flies and walked around just like Mithali walks around). The Tuna sure is being written up to be dumb, then dumber and is this, today, the dumbest that we will bear? She projects all of her own psychopathic thinking onto Pragya. Real winner, here. They package up all the very worst of Indian women (all women, really) and put an aging pretty face on it and call it Tuna.
    Hey, Zo! It would appear that Miss Kapoor is listening to the viewers. But the joke is on us! Like a typical 5 year old brat, Miss Kapoor has decided to make Tuna even more dumb. Just as a parent chides their brat and the brat in their childish arrogance decides to punish Mommy by doing even more of the bad behaviour. Chee. Chee. Chee, Miss Kapoor. Aliyah, today is still shown as being slightly smarter than the Tuna. And worse, Mithali has become Renfield to the two vampires.
    And Alka, I liked your comment!

    1. Oops my error. I did not know that an episode had been broadcast on Saturday and the dramas actually existed. My apologies.

  3. Here we go again blaming pragya I think tanu set dat up

  4. Pragya is being thrown around like a rag doll once again,some calamity always befall the poor girl. She needs to move on in life with someone who respect her,not someone who do not trust her and will throw her out at someone’s behest When someone treats you like you are just one of many options,help them narrow their choice by removing yourself from the equation. Sometimes you have to try not to care,no matter how much you do.Because sometimes you can mean almost nothing to someone who means so much to you,it’s not pride-its self-respect. Don’t expect to see positive changes in your life if you surround yourself with negative people. Don’t give part time people a full time position in your life . Know your value and what you have to offer,and never settle for anything less than what you deserve,one thing I learned in life you can be important to someone,but not all the time. Isn’t it pathetic how we waste so much time on certain people and in the end they prove that they weren’t even worth a second of it. Pragya needs to stop living in the past and move on,she has to remember fools will try to take a knife and stab her in the back which have happen so often to her BUT being the wise person she is she will take that same knife cut the cord and set herself free from the fools. She has to realize she cannot be so nice apologizing when she didn’t do anything wrong and for making unworthy people a priority in her life. Bad relationship is like standing on broken glasses,if you stay,you will keep hurting if you walk away you will hurt,but eventually you will heal. For me real love isn’t just a euphoric spontaneously feeling-its a deliberate choice-a plan to love each other FOREVER. Jezz I am at it again sorry but Ekta needs to pull the curtain down on this series whilst she still has some amount of decency left in her,women are not toys right Ekta Mam?????

    1. Agreed, Jayashree. Relationship is either a conscious choice or takes the form of fulfilling each others needs only. That works for many and love can grow. It’s the unconscious needs that bring the problems. Those who move through ‘the eye of the needle’ and I believe that can occur several times within a lifetime, will find beautiful new patterns to explore and more depth, full ‘love’. Fibonacci patterns.

  5. And please don’t start judging me because I said what I had to say sometimes I tend to put my foot in my mouth.And in case anyone start judging,step into my shoes and walk the life I am living and if you get as far as I am just maybe you will see how strong I really am. I am always being picked on for the wrong reasons I am not here to attack anyone just stating my opinion and it’s free so people keep smiling for there are no charges to a smile.

  6. Mitali is paying for her evil ways. She always aided and abetted The two [email protected]%#$ in their evil. Pragya has been blamed constantly and always been humiliated and illtreated by the foolish Abhi.

  7. No matter what happens pragya will never learn to respect herself. Abhi has insulted her and chachi nd yet she is defending him, impossible. Then comes that creep tanu who is all busy blaming pragya, which she actually should be telling to herself. Aliya is unnecessarily roaming around in the show. And please don’t even get me started on abhi. That miserable excuse of a human being… Knows only to blame others, shout out nonsense and finally self defend. Nothing else. Why is he even the lead of this show? Better kill him, pragya will find some peace with her own family. Amid all this blo*dy mehras and dumb pragya, king is stuck helplessly… Pity. I hope they don’t spoil his character. Please don’t break his heart or turn him negative. He is such a sweet heart. All I want is for him to survive among these mad people and come out safe and happy.

    1. Good one, Ani! As in it could be a ‘challenge’ type show. “Can you survive the Mehra’s??” . New serial… Watch good champions try to stay alive once they enter the Mehra Mansion! Featuring a whole aquarium of tuna, shark (you know who), octopus (Mithali… her hands/ears are all over the place), and the piranhas on the periphery. Nibbling away, inducing guilt and shame, weights and chains around your ankles so you will drown! Can YOU survive? : ) Ooh! The images!
      Pragya might find peace but happiness of her own… not her daughters, but her own. Who knows? In all of Pragya’s responsibility for everyone else, she never learned to be responsible for herself. She was trained to be an anger-eater. She was trained to have no boundaries. In a society which does not support her. One hopes that with all her intelligence she will recognise that. Many don’t. Gee, now that drama could spawn a number of stories.

      1. Humm you are so right. lets see. I think the writer is confused more that ever after all we are telling the story line. and showing how stupid the story had become. So how and why ABHI marry that fish? I want a flash back of that and the king finding our Pragya.

      2. Haha. Lol. That was real funny. Surviving the mehras!! But imagining it makes me shiver. I can’t even think of sharks and octopuses (good comparison) around me.
        And pragya, she is brought up that way. In fact, many are. It just doesn’t dawn on them though they are capable of understanding. Society, ppl who spread this, to be blamed… Or wait, is it enough if I just blame people like Ekta?

  8. Leisa s morris

    Ok first of all isnt it ironic dat.neha had to fall for someone from pragyas new family thereby Intertwining.dem again. Ok dat said mitalli knew her daughter had loved tarun way back and had sent her to a hostel to keep dem apart but she didnt tell d family instead came and tried to force her daughter into a marriage she didnt want and then sayin she shamed dem hmmm wat did she expect. My other thing is this both abhi and king r suppposed international stars in their own right yet no media personnel was able to link these two to pragya after having such a highlighted joint career opportunity wen abhi and king signed contract to perform together. Either these journalist r real unprofessionals or quite lazy as not to do their homewrk on these supposed stars. Pragya had been known as abhis wife yet on her return as kings wife no hoopla hmmm. Ok lets give d journalist a pass for then,wat about now dat king has been arrested for allegedly helping his nephew run away with abhis neice? Any journalist worth their pound of salt in real life will put the two together by using pragya as d common factor. “Ex wife of abhi mehra pragya ,new husband king accused of kidnapping abhis neice “should b d major headline in d newspaper/tabloid. Afterall these r two high class entertainers and no journalist can miss this important factor but then again we r dealin with reel life and ektha where jounalist dont even remember abhi had a first wife named pragya who he credited dozens of times to his success and change in life. So its left to b seen whether ekta will let journalist do their job and bring to light abhi and pragya’s preexisting relationship or will continue having dumbass journalist who doesnt have gd memory or do research to give their profession credibility, thereby keeping the truth bout pragya and kiara hidden from all. Nxt ting tanu is pushin for dis battle between abhi and king in hopes of widening d bridge between pragya and abhi but if journalist do their job she will b makin it easier for d truth bout kiara to come out bet she didnt think bout dat though. All d ting aliyah says bout pragya she knows her well dat she will never do anyting to hurt d family as she loves abhi yet mitalli has forgotten dat

    1. Remember, it is Ekta’s world. All women are either stupid or evil or both. Men are ineffectual dummies. Everyone who is a professional (teachers, journalists, police, doctors etc) are dumb and corrupt. Everything runs around fast in a circle. No one will ever be allowed to leave the circle. Ever. Although, once in awhile you may become rewarded by wearing some pretty clothes. If Ekta likes you.
      This is Ekta’s mind and the limits it has embraced and solidified into rock hard reality. This is it. This is the size of her ability. It doesn’t get better, as I have been reminded.

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