Kumkum Bhagya 24th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 24th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Pragya imagining Abhi playing in water and asking her to join him. She wakes up from her dady dreaming then and sees Abhi sleeping.

Bulbul brings Abhi’s family to a said spot to catch Aaliya red-handed. Daasi instead of searching Abhi and Pragya, they are waiting here to see if Aliya is involved in kidnapping or not. Mitali thinks she knows it beforehand, but if Aaliya is caught, she will also be caught, but then thinks she wants to see Aaliya caught. Puneet tells Bulbul not to worry and they all hide. Aaliya comes to the spot and calls blackmailer/Puneet. Puneet comes with mask on his face and asks if she brought money. She gives him money bag. Daadi and others walk out from their hideout towards Aaliya.

Pragya prays god to wake Abhi up soon. Abhi wakes up and requests water. Pragya gives him water. She checks his wound and gets happy.

Corporator and his goons see blood stains on ground and think Pragya and Abhi are still alive. Corporator asks them to find abhi and Pragya. They then see police and hide.

Aaliya checks photos, sees children photos and asks if he thinks she is a fool. He says she is. Daadi comes and slaps her and asks if she was behind Abhi and Pragya’s kidnap. Aaliya says Bulbul is trying to trap her. Bulbul says she knew she would tell this, so she came with proof. Aaliya asks Purab to believe her. Purab says he knew she does not like Pragya, but what did Abhi do, what will he feel if he will know she is his culprit. Daadi says even if Abhi forgives her, she will not forgive her. Daasi says even cat does not steal in her own house, but she betrayed her own brother and family. Daadi asks her to take her to Abhi and Pragya right now, else she will forget that she is her granddaughter and will punish her. Purab also says same. Aaliya starts her drama and asks Bulbul if she happy after making her villain in her family’s eyes. Bulbul says she wants didi and jiju come back and asks her to tell where they are. Bulbul says if she knows she is behind it, she must be knowing where they are. Puneet removes his mask and asks if she knows him. Aaliya says she does not know. Mitali says she knows, but then gets afraid and says she does not know.

Pragya feeds Abhi soup (surprise…she got ingredient ready in her hand). She asks what if goli had killed him. He says he ate goliyan before. She asks what???. He say medicines. She shows him knife. He asks if she is trying to kill him. She says she removed bullet/goli from his body with this knife. He asks how can she insert such a big knife. She says she removed it carfully. He starts his usual blah blah…. and says he is rockstar and nothing will happen to him, etc.

Bulbul asks Aaliya to tell the truth, opens suitcase and throws money, but is shocked to see papers instead. Aaliya says she came to find out who the blackmailer is and just wants to get back her bhai and bhabhi and says she is not involved in kidnapping. Mitali says Aaliya is a big dramebaaz. Bulbul asks who was that man whom she met at night and asks why was she at a place from where Abhi called. She says she already that he detective friend’s office is in that area and calls her associate and asks to come to the spot right now. She says they will know if she was telling truth or lie and says they will know who is behind this kidnapping.

Precap: Abhi asks Pragya if she did not play hankie pankie when he was unconscious. She says no. He says he is a rockstar and does not want to lose his dignity soon.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hasan jaldi update karo

  2. Waiting fr dat stupid aliya to get punishment

  3. wah jo koi nahi karsaka wo blbl kar dikhayi fst time aliwa iss tarah se phasi hai maja aagaya yaar

  4. Hey rawali how r u?

  5. Im fyn wbu?

  6. Wat abt ur study?

  7. Gng good

    1. Not Social Media

  8. Oh no yar…aliya escaped

  9. yaar aliya phir baach gai

  10. Aaliya escaped again… 🙁

  11. Abe yaar atleast iss hafte toh yeh track kathm karo


  13. aliya is seriously another tanveer. Always evil, never caught

  14. I think Abhi and Pragya’s exile will over only with the end of serial.

  15. Haven’t watched or read updates on this for over 2 weeks now and come back today and it’s still going 2 months into kidnapping drama…seriously!!!

  16. Awsmm job..

  17. Arre aliya ko abhi xpose karega fr sure…remember abhi heard aliya’s voice in dat building…..koi na koi connection se abhi ll realise aliya is behind all dis

  18. In tomorrow’s episode pragya is going to propose abhi… 🙂

    1. Sure hope so

  19. Writers need to end this kidnapping crap already. Pragya please confess your love once and for all as you’ve had so much time with Abhi. Why does Aliyah keep on getting away with her lies.

  20. Hope shivi Jo aapne kaha woh hoga

    1. Yah….as der has to b sum link na…..nd wase bhi umeed p toh duniya kayam hai…lyk v all read updates hoping track might get better nd moves on a faster pace….i think it v take a long tym fr abhi to realise it…lyk 2 weeks around coz writters nd director love to drag tracks…

  21. hell with this serial, enough of shitting

  22. fuuck this up

  23. stupid bulbul again plan flop…..ab bogto…bulbul knw well Aliya hw cn b she so dump.fr me it wz obivious…

  24. I read in a spoiler somewhere that Abhi is going to say that he knows Aaliyah was involved …so that will have to wait until he reaches home I guess

  25. I m fed up with abhi with one thing over and over gain I AM A ROCK STAR LOL he do not even look like a rock star he is with one style outfit all the time with one pants leg turn up and a one side red sock on two earings on some leather straps on hand come on is this how a rock star dresses come writers he cannot even sing or play a guitar what shit is this but he calling himself a rock star he never even gave a grand concert with a band backing him up I tell you really this is shit end this serial now one scene is taking tooooooooooo long to end and the acting is very poor so writers do your do and end this serial

    1. U dont like it sweetheart stop watching it na simple….i agree script nd episodes r dragged but v r abhigya fans nd plz der is nothin wrong wid shabbir’s acting….he delivers line which he is asked to……nd therefore instead of recommending to stop d show u stop watching or reading updates…u wont hv to waste ur tym fr reading all dos epi nd commenting…..

  26. Abhi and Pragya please come out of this forest or bushes or valley whatsoever it is and get back home .It is time for you all to freshen up.Time to get the show moving along.

  27. Just watch guys pragya’s love confession will turn out to be a dream!! It happens all the time!’ This is all making us keep watching this drama but just watch no confession will take place it’ll turn out to be a dream

  28. oh my god aliya how b*t*h u r the wrost charchter in this show ever.

  29. I dont want want pragya 2 propose abhi ,as if she does that Abhi may get serious and Abhi ka nok joke katham ho jayega.

  30. oh,i hate that aaliya , voh itni bhi intelligent nahi hona chahiya

  31. end this show plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. Naina202 —–Is this true.! If it is these writers are frigging mad with their stupidness.

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