Kumkum Bhagya 23rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Pragya comes for Neha and Tarun’s engagement

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The episode starts when Tannu comes to the room and questions what Aaliya why she doesn’t try to solve the problem. Aaliya asks what Tannu wish; if she should tell Abhi that she disagrees with this wedding, or she is unhappy with his and Pragya’s relation. Tannu was afraid that until Neha and Tarun’s wedding ends, Abhi and Pragya may revisit their past. Aaliya says she needs some time to think for some plan. Mitali comes to the room and says they must stop Neha and Tarun’s wedding in the first place to keep Abhi and Pragya away from each other. Mitali blames Tannu for leaving Abhi free and get closer to Pragya. Aaliya also blames Mitali. Mitali clarifies that their love never let them apart, they only needed a confrontation and got closer again. Aaliya says it’s too late for the wedding

to delay. Mitali says she will surely revenge them for being helpless when she needs them.
Dadi was happy to see Pammi welcome the guests. Pragya and King arrive at the wedding and were welcomed. Dadi apologizes King from Mitali’s side. King says jail couldn’t be a better place to get sometime for himself as well. Dadi appreciates his clear heartedness, and takes him for Bhangra. Pragya asks Pammi how is Mitali, if she will come to engagement? Pammi says she was able to convince her to attend the engagement.
Pragya looks around the hall. King was excited about attending his first Indian wedding. Pragya looks around and asks about Disha then goes to look for her. King takes a leave from ladies as he needs to speak to Pragya. Dadi Masi tries to stop him but he doesn’t.
Pragya stood on the stairs being nostalgic of the days when she organized each of the function in this family. She feels peace whenever she comes here, and it seems times are still. Aaliya walks beside Pragya and says she won’t gain anything recalling the past. Pragya says until Aaliya is here, she is aware nothing would change. She wish Aaliya gets little love in her life, so that she can get rid of her hatred. She is going to meet Disha.
Pragya was walking across the corridor. She hears Abhi call someone. He was in washroom and asking for towel. Pragya notices no one was around and thinks he may be calling her.
Aaliya slips on the stairs. King holds her from her waist. Aaliya was annoyed why he helped her this way, the reiling could have supported her. Aaliya demands King to leave her now. King asks if she is sure, then drops her on the stairs. Dadis’ gather around to see them quarrel, and Aaliya walking away annoyed. Dadi thinks King and Aaliya are a compatible couple.
Abhi shouts for towel from inside the washroom. Pragya hands the towel to him. Abhi asks Sunny if Pragya has arrived, what she is wearing. If she worn Saree? Did she come with Singh? He walks out of the washroom and asks what was she doing? Pragya tells Abhi she gave the towel to him, and its better Sunny wasn’t here. She asks why he mocked Singh. Abhi decides to call King as Langoor (monkey), since they are friends and can call each other by any name.. He claims that he can even call Pragya with a lot of names as well. Pragya says it was different with her. She then advices Abhi not to speak to Sunny the way he did, Sunny is young. Abhi explains Sunny is no more a child, he is thinking about having a girlfriend. Abhi accepts he allowed Sunny to have as many girlfriends as possible, but not the one who calls him, Abhi as Superman. He says if Pragya wants to be in Sunny’s good books, she must claim to be Chuck’s aunt. Abhi at once feels uncomfortable, his towel fells off. Pragya screams at once. Abhi hurriedly dresses himself up and tells Pragya to leave now. Abhi takes Pragya to the wardrobe and asks her to select his wardrobe and help him dress up. Pragya wasn’t ready to do this. Abhi says alright, this would delay the engagement as they both took the responsibility for it. Pragya finally agrees.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. cant understand how Pragya can feel peace when she comes there. If i was in her place i would start hyperventilating from all those bad memories. She remembers organizing the functions. She doesnt remember, the kidnapping, attempted murder and insults that happened in every single damn function. In fact, i am sure this function will also have atleast one kidnap attempt again. How else will they drag one single day for the whole month or show Abhi and Pragya’s ‘cute’ romance amongst the goons. I am surprised Pragya doesnt know all the goons in that area on face to face basis already!

    1. lmao. Well they believe the viewer’s love the “cute fights” (I find it very annoying, its cringe worthy) between Abhi and Pragya so they recycle and insert those scenes into any story line. They are using the same flop recipe for Kundali Bhagya. The protagonist’s are made to seem immature even in do or die situations. Personally Abhi doesn’t deserve to get Pragya back. He treated her like garbage, threw her out, now he wants her to choose his wardrobe. He thinks King is her husband yet he still wants her to perform wifey duties. He has no morals! I got no respect for Abhi’s or Pragya’s character anymore. Stopped watching a long time ago, just read written updates and even now I skip a few days. Lets be honest one doesn’t miss much. I’ve started watching shows like Naagin 3, Qayamat Ki Raat, Nazar.

      1. same here, just reading the heading and precap is enough to know what’s going in the show. no need to read the full update coz its been the same thing since four years. I come here to read the comments honestly

    2. Tee Hee! I couldn’t help it! Tuna’s dress is better than last time, so at least we won’t be gazing at another bag dress!

  2. Omg compatible couple my foot😲😤aliyah doesn’t deserve anything good muchless king. She doesn’t match up to a single sweat bead of king’s! She should marry nikhil haha or even tuna 😝

  3. The actress who does Tuna fish really has grown up. Now instead of the 3-5 year old s*x kitten she is definitely the criminal b*tch that her role demands. A 3-5 year old s*x kitten who has been told to grow up. How many more scenes of perfectly ugly sub-humans do we have to watch pretending to be women who have too much access to, too much money… that they have had no part in earning. Get the LTM (liar thief murderer) branded on their foreheads and be done with these excuses for women. Tuna fish works hard to look like a seriously serious adult woman. It still looks like ‘pretend’ to me. The woman is good at being whatever she needs to be to suit the occasion but it just doesn’t look sincere. The actress gets a few points for an obvious effort, but… Her pigeon toed stance has not changed at all. Aliyah of course is walking around like she believes she is honestly elegant. Her small movements give away the truth. She simply waits for the right trigger to burst into her real personality. There is a difference between those born with elegance and those who are not. Aliyah will never be elegant no matter how hard she tries. The rude vulture that she is, continues to betray her performance of a normal human. And of course Pragya has natural elegance. As usual she is beautiful and engaging. Pragya and Abhi have a shorter ‘cute’ scene as compared to the three ruling sub-humans. Will the crew be able to take advantage of the two opposite sides they are building… again? Has Abhi sincerely changed? Does Abhi still have Aliyah’s slave chain attached to his private parts? And for the real story here, what will the producer and her crew come up with next? After all, this is their ‘creative brainchild’ and right now the viewers are being fed a lollipop (a party with pretty clothes) to distract from the lack of creativity. The roles that the actors are given continue to limit their work. Because viewers only have the minds of cretin like creatures, according to Miss Ekta’s mindful ‘work’.

  4. Seriously…. This is where I come when I want to have a good laugh 😂😂😂…this comical shitshow of love between two characters whose shine have dimmed to dust. How can Pragya feel at peace in the house when she experienced so much hell there?? 😭😭..as for Aliya, she ain’t worth the mud on King’s shoes, I’m hoping that she isn’t paired with King, although I know the seeds when they are planted and she falling on him is the indication that that’s definitely going to happen, no detail in these serials are for nothing and that one is definitely a seed planted by Ekta…she needed to find a man for Aliya!!! As for Pragya, reminiscing on the balcony about the past, like Rose in Titanic…seems like a joke!! Personally, I think that Aliya isn’t a good partner for Nikhil, Tuna bests suits her, apart from being partners in crime, they have spent most of their lives together to not be together till death do they part!! So…. This is a good provider for my comical entertainment and this is where I’ll be when I want to get away from the seriousness of today’s events.. Akituster…. I’m an avid spectator of events happening around the world and I’m interested in learning of the problems facing our people… I’m following the factual story of the horrendous murder of WP journalist Jamal Kashogghi and I’m wondering what the heck is happening to the minds of some people on this planet!! So many innocent lives are lost by barbarism in the Middle East and I’m not underscoring these loss of lives in any way but this murder has made me livid because of the way it was done. This does sound like a story of espionage, murder, mystery and crime thriller all in one, like a Robert Ludlum novel and being an avid reader, my mind would gravitate towards the sequence of events and think of novel status but this is just to say that in real life, something out of a novel is playing out in real life, nothing fictionalized by an author but by men living amongst us! Today I heard on Al Jazeera that this man’s body parts were found in the garden of the consulate general of SA on Turkish sovereign soil, should the general take a gun a blow his brains out as the authorities close on in him? Just like in a novel? I can’t stress enough how much I’m thinking of what this decent gentleman must have gone through during his ordeal…. I hope justice is served… I’m waiting and watching and hoping for justice for this man, his family and children and his other loved ones… Just needed to touch on something that is bothering me and I know you do keep abr*ast of what is happening in the world as well…take care of yourself Akituster and I hope you feel better as every day progresses…

    1. Hey Naz, regarding King? That other signal is the woman’s dupatta getting caught on the man’s button, watch etc. Of course, when does Aliyah wear a dupatta? I hope that King tricks Aliyah into falling in love then drops her. She’s an ice queen. She’ll shatter! Maybe Tuna will slip in the watery mess she makes and break her leg! ; ) I hope that King does that to punish aliyah! Aren’t I awful? I do have a deep personal bias against liars, real or characters, if that wasn’t already clear. Really, I like King and hope that he stays human and is not turned into a villain. But that’s the limit of this production. You are either a villain or you are a victim. There is no in-between. Sad to say, that is also a characteristic of the producer’s Sun sign. Sometimes I think that I would hear this going through her head, “Use something simple, that’s all that’s needed to fool the simple folks anyway… we don’t have to actually work to produce this, any stupid show will work. We are here to sell products and milk as much as we can so we’ll use two established stars and make two new stars, who happen to be my friends, for now. Everybody’s happy!” Although she may do well in hiding her arrogance to the public, her deep-seated arrogance prevails and is visible through her ‘creative’ work.
      Dear Naz, just too synchronistic! I am just taking a break from watching Ryan Dawson being interviewed (Historian) on a one hour and 45 minute video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9FhDIfc6uc He is being called in as an expert more and more often. I truly dislike videos for information. A transcript can be read in 10 minutes and information easily re-read. But for Ryan Dawson I am willing to do the slo-mo. This young man makes ‘facts’ come alive. He is speaking about the Khassoggi affair in this video. He is alternative, young, very casual and extremely, extremely well-informed geo-politically. Sometimes he swears. I don’t mind. I too, can have a foul mouth if needed. During the first few years I checked all of his facts, sometimes having to wait for months for further info. He is honest and intelligent. He has two videos up on the whatreallyhappened.com site right now. the video I am talking about is on at 16:00 October 23. it will explain the context in a way that fake news MSM channels will never do. Khassoggi was a CIA asset and there is far more to this story. p.s. I do visit the WRH site because it offers articles from both left and right viewpoints. Since Trump, it has decidedly taken a slightly more ‘right’ stance. I am a centrist, I would guess. Good information is good information regardless of it’s source (albeit honest). both sides hold truth. both sides are a little bit or a lot idiotic on occasion. Real truth is generally in the middle, balanced. Ryan Dawson has an incredible knowledge base. he brings the facts, history to the table. His observations are intelligent and sane. I highly recommend visiting his site/work. I also read about 30-40 other honest journalist, reporters or pundits. It required years to sift through the corporate B.S.-ers and the honest journalists. also remember that a lot of those spy and espionage novels are actually based on real life stories, hidden and disguised throught he novel. (Ha! Just like KKB) As I watch the chaos in the world my personal path forward is definitely clarifying. Sometimes I wish that I had as much patience as the universe does… rather, I will continue to work hard to regain full strength. Naz, I became visibly stronger this week! I am so anxious to begin writing! …in this ‘newly changed’ world that I am discovering. so? are you going to edit my articles before I put them up? You may have noticed that I am grammar challenged.

      1. I’m an awful critique too, my daughter tells me to be quiet sometimes when I get out of hand so I tell her that there are ppl out there who gets paid to be critical in writing or screenplays and she’s getting it for free, just be grateful!! Ain’t I right? If we accept everything without seeing where improvements can be made, won’t that be boring?? That’s how ppl can continue to try harder in whatever they do, we pay for things right?? I also hear things sorting out in my head, that’s how I’ve been able to handle the crap in my sphere of thinking. There’s only two regrets in my entire life, everything else was done with my approval so I don’t have to blame anyone for giving me wrong advice. I’m a centrist too, I look at both sides, analyze and then draw my conclusions. I’m seeing a lot of myself in your way of thinking.. I’m and Aries born BTW and I have over the years reined in my tempestuous nature and the characteristics which govern my personality to be a more mature thinker and I believe that I’ve achieved more being this way than when I was an Aries adult in the throes of maturity. I always think that there’s three sides to any true argument…my side, your side and the central truth.. What say you? As with these novels with content which is a sturdy rival to modern day occurances, I think that if a writer can get me to spill tears, make my heart race, make me blush, gets me angry, keep me up at ungodly hours of the night, then he’s done his job perfectly. Been reading books since I knew what a book was so is it safe to say that I’m an avid reader?? Yes, I think I qualify. Seriously now, writers who have written a lot of geo political stuff like what is happening in today’s world, really possess a magnitude of foresight and constructive thinking because what we’ve read many many years ago, we see it on the world stage playing before our eyes. Note the timing of Nikki Haley resignation and subsequent chain of events, I think there’s more to this story than is meeting our eyes. I ask myself the pertinent questions and I’ve come up with a good conclusion… Geo politics is a nasty nasty helluva nasty game and the ones who dare to show you your faults, end up as the target of your black heart… So… I don’t think you write bad grammar, your writing always are in sync with your thoughts and I understand perfectly what you say, even I make mistakes but then I have already posted comments and no taking back… I’m sure that you would do a fantastic job in your editorial, you write better than me…and I think your horizon is more telescopic, I enjoy your writing very much… You make me smile…. I say…go get them!!!

    2. I’m South African. Was listening to bits of news regarding Khashoggi, I find the whole story suspect. This happens on
      Turkish soil, I am very interested in 2023 and the end of the Treaty of Lausanne. The Muslim community here enjoys a lot of freedom and respect but recently incidents regarding bomb scares and an attack at a Shia mosque has created abit of tension. Something unheard of in the past. I’m sure this is another attempt by outside forces to create dispute amongst Muslims and other religious groups in the country. I’m not surprised though is was expected. South Africa’s freedom struggle has a very close bond with the Palestinian cause. We are living in very interesting times indeed.

      1. Each major religion has been very purposefully fractured. This has been planned and implemented over many long decades. Within each religion a group has been educated in a barbaric form/interpretation of the religion that demands violence, theft of resources etc. We are watching that plan successfully explode. These rogue versions of each religion are using their followers to hate and sow discord everywhere. They have become non-thinking greedy drones. The thing is to learn. There are far more decent people, peace loving people living on this earth than there are barbarians, regardless of what they call themselves today. No thinking person believes that world-wide Muslims are a threat like the Saudi version of the Muslim faith. People are finally understanding that the evangelical Christians are apostate. One of the best weapons that the Barbarians have is ownership of the media which is used to either feed you false narratives or distract you into circular non-productive thinking… like KKB.
        Everyone needs to learn more so that we can stop supporting Barbarism in all it’s forms… without even realising that we are doing so. Especially, regarding Palestine who’s people are being used as lab rats to test out new weapons. Palestine, which shows us the depth of human dignity even as it is being mutilated, tortured and murdered in front of our eyes. I am not a Muslim. I am a human and I am thankful that the world is waking up to the barbarity of our so-called leaders and elites. The good people far outnumber the barbarians. Good, decent family people need to wake up in order to insure that ALL of our children have a future

  5. Nesz totally agree she doesnt even deserve a husband which man will ever fall in love with a woman who doesnt even care about her brother😣😲

  6. Hey Naz, I just had to come back and say something about Aries people. I truly like and admire Aries people. You are right, in their immaturity they can be tempestuous. I am thinking of one particular long past employee. She was a boy-chaser, whom my staff affectionately called ‘spaz-attack’. She was so much fun! I know that you do not want to find yourself on the receiving end of an angry Aries! That happened to me with another tempestuous Aries husband chaser. But the mature Aries is powerful in their creative thinking and clear, decisive work. They do very trustworthy, excellent work. In fact, in all of the medical and alternative health professionals I have seen it is remarkable that it was the work of Aries and Capricorns that actually provided me with results. That could mean that for me personally, they were able to meet my current needs. However I see it as they made the effort to actually look closely at the issues instead of deciding (like most professionals) that if I did not fit into their particular healing modality then the problem was that I was living in fantasy land and their healing modality was perfect. It wasn’t. Once someone becomes comfortable/relies on a particular modality and cannot see beyond it’s limits then they become stuck. I admire the mature Aries and Capricorns immensely because they have the thought and natural courage to explore and test limits. They search for new answers. They are explorers, creators and not followers. We need both kinds of people to make humanity work, but I am an explorer type myself so… I love the direct, clear and let’s look at the facts attitude of the mature Aries. And when they play…oh do they ever know how to play!

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