Kumkum Bhagya 23rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Pragya part ways, show heads for 7 years leap

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Kumkum Bhagya 23rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya coming to Police station and telling about Simonika hiding in the godown. Veer pratap asks constables to come. Dadi tells Simonika that she can’t separate her Abhi and Pragya, as they are destined to be together because of her kumkum. She asks her to wait and says Pragya might be reaching here with Police. Simonika gets shocked and tries to elope. Dadi holds her hand. Simonika asks her to leave her.. She takes gun. Dadi tries to snatch the gun. Simonika shoots in her stomach. Pragya comes there with Veer Pratap and gets shocked. Dadi falls down. Veer pratap arrests Simonika. Dadi tells Pragya that she has saved her. Tai ji informs Abhi about Tai ji. Pragya cries. She takes her to hospital. Abhi reaches there and asks Pragya. Aaliya asks Pragya to answer and says because of you, Dadi is in this condition. Abhi asks what happened to Dadi? Aaliya says Simonika has shot Dadi. Abhi asks nurse if he can meet her. Nurse says operation is going on and says they need AB positive blood. Tanu says my blood is AB+ and goes to give blood. Abhi sees Dadi from the glass and cries.

Doctor comes out and asks how is Dadi? I want to meet her once, she will be fine meeting me. Doctor says sorry, your Dadi is not in this world. Everyone cries. Abhi is shocked. Everyone go inside and see Dadi. Pragya cries. Abhi says I will wait till she gains consciousness and asks her to open her eyes and asks not to act to die. He tells her that he came to take her. Nurse says she is dead. Abhi cries. Aaliya blames Pragya for Dadi’s death. She says if you haven’t picked the call then this wouldn’t have happened? She says if you haven’t attended Simonika’s call. You would have called Purab’s help. She says Dadi went behind you and died because of you. Abhi says Aaliya is right and says I asked you not to pick Simonika’s call. Pragya says it was not her call. Abhi blames Pragya and says you have broken my trust. He says you are a stubborn woman, because of whom, my Dadi died. He says I have paid for your wrong habit, and says you have killed Dadi, not Simonika.

Pragya says I didn’t know that. Abhi says I asked you to keep my family away from danger. He says I went against my sister because of you, and says she was right that one day I will lose my loved ones. He says I have lost Dadi because of you and have become orphan now. He says whatever I am today is because of Dadi, and says I have nothing with me rather than curse and says you gave me that. Whenever I am in trouble, I used to lie down in her lap and feel peace. He says you have snatched my peace and happiness from my life and calls her inauspicious. He says we have met because of Dadi, and now there is no means of togetherness. He breaks his relation with her. He says every year our relation will have barsi with Dadi’s barsi. I will remember your name, but will forget our relation. He asks her to forget that they loved each other ever. Pragya is shocked.

Abhi says that day was inauspicious and now you will cry staying away from me. He says I have no place for you in my heart. Now I have no sympathy and love for you in my heart and asks her to leave. He shouts..at her and asks her to get out. Dasi tries to stop him. Abhi says she is dead for us with Dadi. Purab and Disha are shocked and cries as Pragya leaves. Pragya walks and comes near the mountains thinking about his words. Judaai song plays…She thinks you left him because of me…Dadi and that’s why I am settling the scores. She falls down from the cliff and closes her eyes.

After 7 years in New Delhi, Abhi is selecting his jacket and calls someone Janu, and says you didn’t choose my jacket. A little boy comes and says you can’t do any work without Chachi’s help. Abhi says it is a difficult work for me to select jacket. Boy says Jacket shall be rocking on anniversary. Abhi says anniversary? Boy says I will tell Chachi. Abhi says if you tell your chachi then I forgot then I will tell your mother that you saw tv last night. Abhi says he will get a gift for him. Boy says I will not tell Chachi as she will feel bad.

Pragya talks to Fareeda bi and says everything shall be perfect today. She says when he sees decoration, he shall be surprised.

Precap: Pragya searches for her daughter Kiara and asks her not to trouble her early morning. She removes the mask. Kiara’s face is shown.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Will this show ever have a happy ending? How many times will Pragya and Abhi ever have a happy ending? When I heard Aliya tell Abhi that she prays that God will show him that Prgaya is the cause of everything, i realised that something was going to happen again… Sigh!!!!!

    This show is constantly dragging. It can never have a happy ending. What next after this?

  2. Sarla is busy her preeta engagement, she don,t care about pragya.

    1. I have been saying this for a while now.. Funny family.. Don’t have a clue if what is happening in each other life.. While the mehra family is celebrating abhi release from jail Arora family not there and now pragya sister getting engaged no one from mehra family is there, but guess what the Luthras are there in every family function of the Arora…. Guess the writer is a confuse guy

  3. GGood buy kumkum bhagya I waste my time behind this shit to see it end this way……I am done with zeetv soaps no more. ……

  4. Where did Pragya get a daughter from. She and Abhi never consummated their marriage. So i guess she will marry someone else? And don’t tell me that Abhi ended up marrying Tanu the woman he disgusted so much? This show is so stupid and dragging. Dadi was dying anyways and didn’t want the family to know.

    1. leisa s morris

      Dey did consumate their marriage a couple days ago. Dis shoe is utter crap though…pragya just got him outta jail and aliyah has been d one to continuously cause trouble if wasnt for her and tanu simonika and her killer husband would’ve never been there. Its amazin dat aliyah cobstantly blames pragya wen she is d wring doer

  5. what an ass abhi is…he don’t deserve pragya a complete backside…the show is a total waste

  6. Good bye kumkum bhagya…… I am done with you….. Cheeee shame on the writers.

  7. There is a limit of stretching the story. Is abhi this much dumb that Everytime he doubts pragya just because somebody told him against her. It’s very clear that you don’t want to stop the serial and so twisting it all the time. People will stop watching it…

    1. leisa s morris

      Not only is he dumb but he also forgot dat his sister was directly responsible for pragya’s sister bulbul’s death yet she never blamed him and even has forgiven aliyah yet dis dumb rockstar turned his back on her ruinin dadi sacrifice to save their family.. these writers r really stretchin dat dey keep doin dis separation drama wen dey should’ve just shown dadi gettin her wish of a grandchild runnin in d house and end d series on a gd note. Smh

  8. In the precap It is implied that abhi is married and is calling is wife jaanu.. And if this is true and it may be tanu or maybe not… But the fact is Abhi is shit of a GUY.IMAGINE GETTING MARRIED AND SHARING BE THE ROOM WITH SOMEONE ELSE. blo*dy hell This place belongs to pragya, for 4 years pragya has suffered becos of the two b*t*hes his sister and his so called mistress tanu… Don’t understand this writer.. Guess his is a MCP.. a real pig since he always shows a woman as a low beaten person and the guy always strutting around.. Actually wanted to see abhi in total mess after pragya leaves him and the entire family leaving him since he is no longer the so called ROCK STAR. And if really is married whether to tanu or anybody and once he comes to know about his daughter and maybe realize his love for Pragya. Pragya should not forgive him and kick him.. Guess all viewers would want abhi to suffer becos of the way he treated pragya.. AND TO HELL WITH EKTA ND THE WRITER.. WANT BALAJI THE LARGEST PRODUCTION HOUSE TO CLOSE DOWN ONE Day becos of the way women are portrayed in all her serials

  9. they are just copying the storyline of bade achhe lagte hai…… Writers didn’t get anything new so they just killed our cute dadi and seperated Abhigya

  10. and I guess once again a memory loss..I seriously bullsh*t

  11. it is*

  12. Your Comment
    Stupid writers

  13. Bull shit. The writer is a villian in reel and real.i stop watching this. fed up of long drags. hate you writer for torturing virtuous woman portraying women in a bad light.harassing viewers

  14. dear viewers .Next time a new ekta kapoor or balaji serial crops up I condemn them.there is a complete no no from me

  15. abhi is such a selfish person ..how many times pragya saves him and his family at all he forget all that and pragya helps abhi to come out from jail but he is such a selfish person but still abhi loves pragya

  16. abhi is such a selfish person …how many times pragya ne use bachaya apni jaan daav pe daalker…..but still abhi loves pragya

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