Kumkum Bhagya 18th January 2019 Written Episode Update: King gets doubtful about Abhi and Pragya

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The Episode starts with King thinking about Abhi’s words. He asks Pragya why she is happy. Pragya says she talked to Kiara and she asked me to tell you I love you.. King looks at her surprised. Pragya says I wanted to give call to you, but she asked me to give you message that I love you Dada. King smiles. Abhi is looking at Pragya. Purab tells that even King is looking at Pragya. He asks him to dance with Pragya. Abhi says I wonder why King never fall in love with her. She is so good. Purab says it is good. He announces couple dance. Disha shows her mehendi. Purab smiles. Abhi holds Pragya’s hand and takes her to dance. They dance while the song Pal bhar…..Tanu gets upset. King gets doubtful. King comes to Pragya and takes her to dance with him. Pragya looks at Abhi. King imagines dancing with Pragya. Abhi gets upset and unplugs the music system. King asks who has stopped the music and even DJ escaped. Abhi says Pragya danced with me nicely. Dadi calls pragya. Abhi thinks she is not King’s wife and he is acting. King says Abhi has wife, but have an affair. They go to drink. They ask each other if they are hiding something. Abhi asks if he wants to ask him something. King says even you want to ask. Abhi says we will decide who will ask first. He tosses a coin. King wins the toss.

Abhi says can you bear the truth. King asks him to say truth and asks do you like Pragya? Pragya hears him and gets tensed. Abhi smiles. Pragya comes to King and tells that Chachi is calling him and asking him to go and meet her. King says whenever we have a drink, you interrupt us. He goes. Abhi says you sent him as you don’t want King to know about us and I shall not know about you. Pragya scolds him taking King’s name. Abhi says I will drink more and if you don’t want me to drink much then tell me the thing which you are hiding from me. He asks her not to worry and says I will behave better than King.

Purab comes to Disha and gets romantic. She warns him teasingly. Purab says you don’t have guts. Disha hugs him. Purab asks if we shall go to room. Disha says he is looking like King of romance and kisses on his cheeks. Purab says you have changed a lot. Disha says which one you want? Dasi calls Purab. He tells Disha that he will reply her later and goes.

Pragya tells Disha that Abhi is drinking much. Disha says only you can handle him. Pragya asks why you are not listening to me. Tanu says you don’t have no right on him, he is my husband and asks why did you talk to Disha. She says he will listen to me, but who are you. Pragya asks her to stop him.

Nikhil comes to Dr. Anjali. Dr. Anjali says if I have an appointment with you. Nikhil says no and tells that he wants a straight answer from and threatens her politely. He asks which report is she making for Mehra family. Doctor recalls Disha’s words to keep it confidential and tells that she doesn’t know. She silently presses the security guard button. The security guards come there and holds him. Dr. Anjali takes his pic and says if you do anything then I will complain about you. Nikhil says sorry and leaves.

Abhi drinks much. Tanu comes to him and says it is enough. Abhi asks with which right she is stopping him. Tanu says I am your wife. Abhi asks her to call Pragya.

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  1. Leisa s morris

    Im just wondering is d doctor goin to call purab and disha and tell dem bout her encounter and send nikhil pic for dem or just leave it at dat. If so wat was d reason for takin his pic? Seein as dey said to keep it confidential it should spark some question as to how he knows and a normal person will call and try to warn or find out if dey told anyone else but alas dis is zee tv and d writers can never put an intelligent spectrum wen creating their storyline so as usual it will end right there just like robins brother murder, kiara attempted kidnapping and murder, and pragya near miss with chandelier and kitchen fire.

    1. And those are just the accidents in Delhi! What about the Mumbai history?! I am wondering. Is it standard in majority Indian homes to teach ‘eavesdropping’ as a necessary skill for survival? It is the constant eavesdropping that seems to keep the criminals in power. And if this is the case, then why don’t the other characters check for eavesdroppers? Just another distraction to keep the plot as a non-existent possibility in the minds of the viewers?

  2. Lovely! King foils The Abhi/Purab plan of isolating Pragya to be only with Abhi, on the dance floor. As usual, rather than being an adult, speaking like a man, Abhi offers only that which he is emotionally and mentally capable of doing. He plays a game. He has learned from his ‘owners’ (ALiyah and Tuna fish) well. He never has to grow up! He has money. So what happens when he meets a real man who has more money than himself? King asks the question, “You like Pragya?” Pragya overhearing, does her slow blinking of the eyes thing. Although she remains the most sympathetic character (most often), the slow blinking thing has become more than tiresome for the last few months. A ‘catch all’ device which is bcoming to obvious and overused. It appears that the hospital has installed security measures. It’s a Delhi hospital so they don’t have the record of the Mumbai hospital where the Mehra family would already be known as criminals. It was nice to see a professional hospital., actually existing in the KKB version of India. I liked that Tuna-fish was humiliated. It should have been loud and public. The episode again, faster paced, but only dribbling out drops of plot. Will this ever change? I burst out laughing at my own silliness. Let’s hope that Pragya does not forget that Abhi is a dancing monkey, who only follows the orders of Tuna and Aliyah. Sure he manages to escape here and there (whenever he is convinced that he loves Pragya) but the fact remains that his owners always pull him back. He does not love Pragya. He loves the idea of escape from his owners. Pragya is the excuse, nothing more. But he will never escape Tuna/Aliyah. He is not man enough. To destroy the two hellhounds.

    1. You have no idea how much I HATE Pragya’s slowly blinking eyes… Ever since she married Abhi a decade ago, she mastered the art of doing her slow motion eye blink, it’s irritated me like an itch! How the heck Sriti does it, amazes me, do you think that it’s a personal trait of Sriti or do you think that it is a requirement of her character? That action is disliked by me more than Disha’s cloying sweetness.. Anyways, Akituster, how are you dear? You know sometimes I don’t feel like posting comments at all right! However, I do come up just to read comments, they are more interesting than the serial on the whole.

  3. Pragya is the most ungrateful and shallow woman in soapland. She lived for years in King ‘s house, seeking protection from an abusive husband and in laws, he gave her a respectable status in his home and social circle, brought her daughter up as an ideal father would…Abhi don’t even have the value of the dust under King’s feet because he wasn’t a good husband and safety provider for his wife when Pragya held that position…and she kept her past a top secret from him. How did King ever believe that it wasn’t important to know Pragya’s history in order to build a relationship with her? Isn’t it wise to confess and try to move on? To wipe the slate clean? King now realizes that everytime he and Abhi sits down for a drink, Pragya comes and pulls them apart? He was supposed to be wondering about this after the second act…but no, writers have to keep him dumb to a certain extent, it gives them more fodder to write. Nevertheless, it’s a start that King is beginning to smell something fishy and it isn’t Tuna!! Chachi’s words will come back to bite him in his ass soon… Can’t wait for the I told you so scenario.

    1. Ha! Ha! Ha! Tuna will always be ‘fishy’! I think that the writers purposefully keep everyone very dumb. It’s a standard procedure to dumb down people. Keeps their conversation and thinking limited. And Pragya’s blink? Too contrived. But that is what I mean when I point out when cast is ‘tired’. That’s one of the hints that Pragya rather the actress is getting bored/tired. The enthusiasm for their individual talents, lessens. You would think that this occurs in every type of employment. I like King! I would like to see how he handled more plot, more scenes. It would appear that he is being held back, like the B-line of hors d’oeuvres at your party. The ‘conflict’ between King and Abhi appears a little tawdry. I don’t believe a real man in the real world would have missed so much, regarding his boss/love interest. King obviously see’s that Abhi is being the powerhouse, rude, uncontrolled beast. Abhi doesn’t need alcohol. He’s beginning to show similar signs of/to Aliyah’s favourite behaviours. And Tuna’s behaviours. Tacky? Tawdry? I did have a giggle, over Aliyahs performance. ! You know how I’ve noted in the past how sometimes when an actress generally, loses it for a moment and is gazing at Shabir… not Abhi. Well, today the editing room let another one go. Aliyah was facing King. And it became personal. The editing room doesn’t do that on purpose do they? You’d think they would correct that! Always glad to see you, when you comment and heck, I know you are reading! Sometimes I’ve been sure that I’ve heard you sigh and roll your eyes!

  4. Acknowledging ur agreement Beyhan, to my comments ystrday ? . Well, “If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” “The Dance of Disastrous Death” is going on in KKB as is usual in every othr function of theirs ?. So whn is d chandelier going to fall ? ?? Don’t wanna miss it ??. Jokes apart Abhi’s behaviour is so obnoxious, tht itz crass, condescending chauvinism, bordering on tht of a painfully intolerable pest. And why z Pragya watching over/fussing around him & playing d wifey role, whn socially perhaps evn legally he’s married to d ever present othr woman in ur life from d very beginning? Isn’t he who we call as d double-faced two-timer? So Pragya blink hard releasing ur eyelids from paralysis. Know tht whethr Abhi z takn r nt, he wz till now, never yours fully or faithfully. He z d ‘I, me, my, mine’ fellow who always hoarded d bunch of murderous criminals at whr he calls his home. As is always d case in these situations in most stories, let d writers Play d card of Mother Sentiment, BUT, with sm sense & substance. Add sm spunk to Pragya’s spine. And let her make a decision like Shabhana Azmi did, in d good Hindi film ‘Arth’. Go ahead. Go on. A lot are waiting for tht.

  5. I really, really hate abhi, pragya should get away from him as soon as possible, king is a deserving hubby & father, kiara would be, safe & better with him, abhi get lost, plz go away

  6. Kumkum bhagya Are you going to publish the 19 January chapter summary?

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