Kumkum Bhagya 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi gets shattered knowing Pragya is King’s wife

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Kumkum Bhagya 17th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Purab telling Tarun that he will meet him later. Tanu and Purab come to the Police station. Constable asks if he is Abhi’s wife. Tanu tells Purab that she is getting respect because she is participant in the beauty contest. Purab says you are getting respect because of abhi. Tanu thinks she will get abhi back home. She tells Inspector that Abhi is looking strange as he is not properly shaved his beard, but cute. Purab comes there and meets inspector who is his friend. He tells Inspector Sushant that abhi is his friend and everything. Abhi asks can I use your washroom. Inspector Sushant says yes. Pragya comes inside and talks to King. King says it was not my fault, he was insecure. Pragya asks him to be silent for Kiara and asks him to let her handle this. Abhi senses Pragya’s presence and recalls their romantic moment. A fb is shown, Abhi gets romantic and asks what is her perfume? Pragya tells that she don’t use any perfume. Abhi says so it is her own smell. Pragya smiles. Abhi says I will never forget your smell. Fb ends. Abhi gets her handkerchief and asks whose handkerchief is this?

Constable says many people come here. Other constable says it can be of your life. Pragya tells Inspector that King is innocent. Inspector tells that the man with whom he had an accident want to file case against him. Pragya asks what is his name? I will talk to him. Abhi says whose handkerchief? Constable says your wife Tanu. Abhi says she is not my wife.

Lady constable tells that it is of some other woman who went to inspector Rakesh’s cabin. Abhi checks in the cabin and sees nobody. Inspector says he don’t remember his name, but he is the same man with whom King had an argument in the conference hall. Handkerchief falls down from his hand. He hears Pragya’s voice. He looks there and sees Pragya’s face as she is talking to Inspector. Allah Wariyan plays….He looks at her with teary eyes. Purab and Tanu talk to Sushant. Sushant says I am fan of Abhishek Mehra, but the case is in senior inspector’s hands. Tanu asks how much he needs? Purab says sorry and takes Tanu out. He asks if she is drunk? Tanu says she is not drunk. Purab says I will get abhi back. Tanu asks him to handle and take him out. She thinks I gave idea to Purab and asks her to smile and not to take tension. She collides with Constable and argues with her. Lady constable insults her. Tanu gets angry and asks herself to smile.

Abhi looks at Pragya and is about to come inside. Pragya asks Inspector not to file case against her husband and says his career will be ruined. She tells that they are married since 7 years and knows him well. She tells that she is not taking his side as she is his wife, but because. Abhi is shocked and stops there itself. A fb is shown, Abhi fills her maang with sindoor and asks if they separate then? Pragya asks him not to say this again and says he is the reason for her living, and says you are my present, past and future. Abhi says sorry. Pragya says even God can’t write anyone’s name in my destiny. Fb ends.

Abhi says marriage. Tanu comes and asks Abhi to come. Sushant tells Purab that he is leaving Abhi on his guarantee. Tanu asks Purab to bring Abhi out and says she will call home. Sushant gets a call and says media came. Purab says what. Senior Inspector asks Pragya to do the formalities and take King home. Pragya thanks him. Abhi thinks and a fb is shown, Pragya telling that he is her past, present and future always. He recalls seeing Pragya asking Inspector not to file against her husband. He recalls throwing her out of his life. Abhi and Purab, and Pragya and King are walking out. King informs Pragya that he is the singer because of whom all the problem started. Pragya looks at him.

Pragya sits in car tensed. Abhi tries to stop the car and shouts Pragya crying.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. And when Pragya finally has to speak to the boy, in the mans body, Abhi, hopefully she will say, “Seven years of bursi for me?? I am dead to you. Keep Cookie because that is the closest you will ever get to your daughter. That’s right, YOUR daughter. Until I see the death certificates of Aliyah and Tanu and their corpses…stay away from me and mine. You know damn well that your pimp sister and her whore Tanu will try to kill Kiara and blame me. You will believe every single word they say. You and I already know this. The whole world knows this!!! When they are both dead then you can approach me, through your lawyer, for supervised visits. You and your criminal family will not murder or destroy any more of my loved ones. Go away! You useless excuse for a man! Go ask your pimp sister and your whore for your happiness and permission to breathe. That was your choice to hand over your whole life …..and my life to them. Never again. Not for your pimp and your whore. You dance to their tunes, I don’t. I’m dead to you. Remember? That was your choice.”

    After all, being with Abhi means that you accept his whore, his pimp sister and more murder with Mithali’s help. Pragya isn’t that stupid is she?

    1. well said. sorry but Indian serials are stupid…takes forever fir evil..am an American
      and just started watching Pakistani serials and it’s way bette..full of suspens

      1. Abhifan

        Pls don’t think all the serials are stupid because I am a Indian and we need some respect I hope u understand

    2. I really wish this can come true . She needs a life without him but it might be a dream that writer is overdosed on some stupid writing. She has done so much for him yet she threw her like garbage. What is a bursi? Forgive the language barrier I don’t know Hindi . I pray she doesn’t go back to him I rather see her dead to go back to that ROCK of a man ?

      1. Barsi means rituals done for the peace of dead

    3. @Akituster, LMAS…OMG…I love you!!! Everything you wrote are my thoughts exactly…(signs)…but unfortunately the stupidess (excuse my french) will happen…

  2. Why is Abhi shocked.. He himself is married to that b*t*h Tanu….. Happy to see the promo…. He should rot in hell and suffer every day… 4 years we saw pragya suffer because of Aliya and tanu and their cheap tricks and plotting…. Now abhi should suffer for some episodes… Guess tanu will try to harm kaiara and pragya again. Abhi should see all this and should get a rude shock… At no. Point of time. Even though pragya is not married to king should she go back to abhi….

    1. Cathy

      But that’s the thing, he knows his sister and Tanu are opportunists, devious and without shame, but still he gives them more importance and respect then his own wife…we all here can write the script to what is going to happen next, Abhi will blame Pragya, Pragya will cry and quiver and not say anything,, the man that took care of her and her child will be cast as the bad guy, Kiara will be in some mortal danger no doubt she’ll be routinely kidnapped, i had a little hope something would have changed, clearly nothing will be, so what was the point of the leap. seriously.

  3. Hullo Dane..I believe that the bursi is an annual ritual recognizing the anniversary of someone’s passing or death. The day that Dadi died, Abhi furiously yelled at Pragya that he would do her bursi each year at the same time that he did the bursi for Dadi. A very clear message to Pragya, thus her suicide attempt.

  4. plz rejoin abhi and pragya as soon as possible

  5. Okrah Freeman

    As I could see that most of the readers and viewers here are staunch supporters of pragya, for the sake of her humility, respectfulness, religiousness n moral virtues which I think are the qualities of every good wife that every man dreams of, the writer should respect that and throw more light and values on it by making sure that such qualities of pragya are cherished and upheld for others to emulate and the bad deeds of aliyah and tanu to be condemned and punished to deter others as well.

  6. Please complete the serial as soon as possible
    I’m requesting you Ekta please and please fulfill your promise that you will end the serial on 28 of this month

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