Kumkum Bhagya 17th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Tanu takes Nikhil’s help to get DNA report

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The Episode starts with Abhi taking Pragya to side. Pragya says you. Abhi says you have returned to my life, but you don’t know or is just acting. Pragya says no. Abhi says I know your eyes were searching me. Pragya asks him to leave her Pallu. Abhi says it is confirmed that you need me. He asks her to tell if she was searching him. Pragya says there was no reason to search him. Abhi says your attitude separates you from other girls. He says you can’t go from my life or from here. Pragya says you can’t joke with me, as you are married. Abhi says marriage is that where we swears to stay together and says you are with me due to our connection. Pragya says you said this easily and asks if he is challenging her. Abhi asks if she is not tired of fighting with him. Pragya says you are fighting with me. Abhi says where is a love, fight happens and says sorry taking the full blame on himself. Pragya is surprised. Abhi says I have changed and asks where is she going to get mehendi applied of my name? Pragya says I stopped applying mehendi and says you are not my husband. Abhi thinks why she is lying to him. Tanu calls Nikhil on video call and asks why is he not picking the call.

Nikhil says I don’t want to talk to you. Tanu says there is nobody except you. Nikhil says you calls me to get your work done and after your work is over then you don’t talk. Tanu says you are very special to me, even though I love Abhi. She emotionally blackmails him and tells that she needs his help. Nikhil says ok and asks her to tell. Tanu thanks him and asks him to go to hospital, meet Anjali and take the report. She says if Dr. Anjali says that report is not ready then make sure that it doesn’t reach Mehra house. She says Purab and Disha are waiting for this report. Nikhil says if they get successful then you have to promise me that you will leave Abhi and come to me. Tanu says if this happens then ofcourse I will come to you. She says if you give me any news about Pragya and Abhi’s union then I will come to you. Nikhil says I will go to Pataal to get that report. She ends the call and thinks my juti will come to you. She says once she knows about the report, she will fail their planning. She thinks she is just of Abhi and will not let him become of Pragya.

Aaliya thinks where to go and is about to collide with King. She says she is going to room. King asks her to shake friendship hand with him and says then your mood will not be spoiled. Aaliya says I don’t like you and says it is better to repent rather than befriending you. She says you are so annoying. King asks her to make him enemy if not friends and smiles. Aaliya goes.

King thinks where is Abhishek and Pragya? He reminds himself of Chachi’s words. Abhi asks Pragya that she can’t refuse that Kiara is his daughter and his love is unconditional. Pragya tries to say. Abhi says there is no need to say as there is nobody here. He asks why is she hiding truth from him. Pragya says I am not hiding any truth. Abhi says I will not force you and says I will pray to God that you get strength to tell me truth or hear my truth. Pragya says how can you say that, you are married. Abhi says I am not married? Pragya says when you were married to me, you had an affair with Tanu. Abhi thinks once the report comes then everything will be fine. Nikhil comes to meet Dr. Anjali in the hospital. Receptionist sends him to her cabin and calls her. Tanu informs Aaliya about Purab and Disha’s plan and tells that she has executed her plan and excuses herself.

Disha shows mehendi to Dasi and asks how is it? She looks at Purab. Purab looks at her. King asks Purab about Abhi. Purab says I don’t know. Pragya comes there. King asks him not to come infront of him and says his wife is looking pretty. Purab says jhoota and says you are a big rapper and your wife is too simple. King says he is lucky to have her. pragya comes to king and says everyone was missing him. King asks if she was missing him. Purab thinks King is flirting with Pragya. Abhi comes and asks King why did he come? He then asks why he came late? King says it seems you aren’t happy. Tanu comes there and asks Pragya to get mehendi applied of King’s name. Pragya says last time she was allergic to it. Tanu says she will apply mehendi of Abhi’s name. Abhi asks Tanu not to apply mehendi of his name as he loves someone else. King hears them.

Tanu goes to her room angrily and thinks don’t insult my love atleast. She says you makes fun of my love and tells on my face that you don’t love me. She says don’t force me to remind you everything and you will not like it. She calls Nikhil. Nikhil is about to go to Dr. Anjali’s cabin. Tanu calls him and asks if her work is done. Nikhil asks her to enjoy mehendi function and says he wants his Tanu like she wants before. Tanu thinks once she gets the report, she will send him very far.

Abhi asks Pragya to tell him what she is hiding from him. King asks Abhi if he likes Pragya.

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  1. this movie sucks

  2. Disha and Purab is the most sickening couple ever, they reek of cloying saccharine sweetness, their interactions and intentions make me wanna puke. I haven’t disliked them so much until the moments where Disha became hellbent on reuniting Pragya with her abusive former husband… Abhi represents the percentage of men who fathered children and left them to be be taken care of by the child’s mother and return to claim paternity after all the hard work of bringing them up had passed. That’s when the man comes back into her life and try to rekindle the past romance and use reverse psychology to make her feel that it was her who kept their product of love from him deliberately and that it’s either she accepts him back into her life or he’ll drag her ass to the courts for custodian rights… I this serial, Abhi is afflicted with accurate symptoms of this malady…and what should I say about King…he’s a moron, a blind and unsuspecting asshole. If all men were like him, wives or girlfriends would shit on their heads, at least he’s beginning to think about what Chachi used to tell him, it’s about time! I’ve waited so long to get this reaction from him, I wonder if he’ll turn vengeful!! As for the slut Tanu how many times does she think she can get away from her dirty deeds? Almost all the time because of Ekta Kapoor…and don’t talk about Nikhil, how many times have Tanu used him conveniently and he didn’t even get a piece of ass to bang on??? Does he seriously believe that Tanu wants him stretched out on the bed?? He’s just as bad as the piece of ugly specimen who’s sherlyn’s lover in KB..i didn’t even know the fool’s name but never mind…you all know who I’m talking about. In conclusion, king is about to ask Abhi the wrong question, it’s not that if Abhi likes Pragya, it’s more like how long they have been pussyfooting around him in their affair!!

  3. It doesn’t take much to believe that Kiara is going through a grah in her life, so many accidents, Pragya has to do a puja to help her daughter overcome this phase of life.

    1. Hullo Naz! Good to see you and especially feisty too! According to Abhi and Kiara on twitter, the best place for Kiara will be with Uncle Melvin, the fellow who cares for Kiara at her home. I think that teaching the child some basic boundaries regarding her behaviour might serve her better than pujas!! : )

  4. Akituster, I kept my word. Awaiting ur reply for my comments And do u Really, Really sense thz serial z caving in & coming to a close. What a relief it’d b. D regret wd b only for thz forum. ?

    1. Hello Viji, your comment about the fungus on the stale food was too good! I find that the characters will always do the things that create the most victimization possible. Mainly of Pragya, but most certainly everyone who is touched by Aliyah and Tuna. I found Ishu’s words interesting regarding the possibility that Tuna’s bf has shares in Baliji. That might explain some situations but it really is conjecture. And will it shut down? I have to acknowledge that ‘intuition’ is running through quite the hope/bias on my part.

    2. There u are Akituster, prompt as expected ? !! Let’s watch & catch up later. Ciao for now.

    3. Due to that or don’t know she is in the serial but can see some diff way of treating her and Prague (actress) ,i don’t know how she even accepts this shits abhi superb nothing to say

  5. There u are Akituster, prompt as expected ? !! Let’s watch & catch up later. Ciao for now.

  6. Kumkum bhagya Will you publish the January 18th chapter summary?

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