Krishna Chali London 17th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Veer meets Krishna

Krishna Chali London 17th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer getting into an argument with Dr. Batra. He says I m Veer Sahay, no one can bring me down, whenever you look at the sky, you will see my name written, within six months, you and your London will call me back, its my promise to you. Batra says okay. Veer says James, you can have another cup of tea with your useless friend. He leaves. He thinks of minister’s words. He calls minister and says I accept your offer. Minister says thanks, I will send you the address of the trustee, you can meet him tomorrow. Veer checks address of Shukla Nivaas. Dubey says I have reached home, Krishna is adamant that she will stay there, just explain her to come back home. Lali asks him not to worry and take care, she will explain Krishna. Shuklain gets sad while making Bhendi dish and missing Radhe. Bela says even I don’t like eating anything. Lali says Radhe liked Bhendi a lot. Bela says we can feed this Bhendi to poor people, he will get peace. She hugs Shuklain and consoles her. Krishna comes there. Shuklain makes her out of the house.

She says so you have come to have food, go and cook for yourself, don’t dare to enter my kitchen. Krishna cries. Shukla asks what are you doing. Shuklain says stay out of it, you brought this girl home. He asks have you lost your mind. Shuklain pushes Krishna. Krishna falls down and sees Veer coming. She gets shocked seeing Veer. Everyone looks at him. Veer also gets shocked seeing Krishna and Shukla. Dubey treats people. Batra comes to meet him. Dubey welcomes him.

Batra says I had come to meet Krishna. Dubey says yes, I m Krishna’s father, have some water, some bad incident has happened with Krishna. Batra asks what incident. Veer recalls Shukla’s words. Shukla asks everyone to go inside. He says you must be Dr. Veer Sahay, minister has told me, my younger son has…. Veer says you got late in apologizing, you should have apologized a long time ago, let that be, you have opened a hospital while selling grocery. Shukla says I have four petrol pump also, what do you mean.

Veer says I know how smart you are, if I had known that I had to come here and meet you, I would have refused, I m not sorry for wasting your precious time. He says Krishna, I m happy to see you again, you were on the ground, like sad heroines of old movies, who have lost everything, I didn’t think I will meet you again here, you came here mid semester for holidays, you are very capable, you are a district topper, where is your husband, Radhe lal Shukla, did you leave him in London. Shukla says he is my fav son, what nonsense. Veer asks is he making the board of Radhe Krishna hospital, anyways its not my concern. He goes. Shukla says I don’t understand, who is this man. Batra says its sad, can I meet Krishna. Dubey says you can talk to her and ask her to complete her studies. He calls up Krishna.

Shukla asks what was he saying, do you know him, did you meet him in London. Krishna nods. Shukla recalls Radhe’s words. He asks is he the same professor, Radhe would call me often and tell me that he troubles you a lot. Krishna says yes, we had a problem in London. Veer says minister, I will not work in that hospital, don’t call me again. Shukla says Dr. Veer Sahay…. Minister calls him and asks did Veer come. Shukla says yes. Minister asks why was he angry. Shukla says its something about the past, don’t worry, I will find a solution. He scolds Krishna and asks her to join the hospital. He says its your responsibility to convince Veer to join the hospital, I m much broken, its your job now.

Krishna meets Veer and says this hospital is the last hope, please join this hospital. Veer says Shukla and his family have done this with others, I don’t help anyone. Batra says you will fight against Veer if London medical association calls him back, please sign this Krishna. She gets thinking.

Update Credit to: Amena

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